Beyoncé & Jay-Z: ‘We’re In Heaven’ After Daughter’s Delivery

01/09/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
Kevin Mazur/WireImage

Their careers are demanding, but Beyoncé and Jay-Z are taking a moment to bask in the joys of becoming new parents.

“We are happy to announce the arrival of our beautiful daughter, Blue Ivy Carter, born on Saturday, January 7, 2012,” the couple said, confirming the news in a joint statement Monday.

“Her birth was emotional and extremely peaceful – we are in heaven.”

“She was delivered naturally at a healthy 7 lbs.,” the statement adds, dispelling rumors that the birth was by scheduled cesarean.

“It was the best experience of both of our lives,” continue Beyoncé and Jay-Z, who has already released a song devoted to his baby girl.

“We are thankful to everyone for all your prayers, well wishes, love and support.”

Following Knowles’s highly publicized childbirth, rumors swirled about special perks she received at New York City’s Lenox Hill Hospital, including having a floor to herself.

“The suggestion that the couple paid $1.3 million to rent an entire maternity floor is simply not true,” Lenox Hill Hospital Executive Director Frank Danza said in a statement Monday.

“The family is housed in an executive suite at the hospital and is being billed the standard rate for those accommodations. Our executive suites are available for any patient, including the food service and amenities provided to the Carter family.”

In response to reports that Beyoncé and Jay-Z’s presence has stopped visitors from being able to see relatives and even disrupted a father’s visit with his newborn twins in the neonatal intensive care unit, Danza says such stories are untrue.

“We have made every effort to ensure minimal disruption to other families experiencing the births of their own children over the past three days,” he explains.

“No security plan that we or the Carters’ security team put in place would have prevented or delayed families from gaining access to the NICU, and to date, no families have complained to the hospital about being denied access to the NICU.”

— Dahvi Shira

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Me on

Sounds like they’re trying awfully hard to hide something. Even Brad and Angelina didn’t have births this publicized. What makes this baby so special that an entire wing has to be closed off for them, and not allowing other parents to see their babies?

They have really shown their true colors over this and i am disgusted with them. They’re lucky I didn’t have a baby in that hospital at the same time and they refused me visitation. Sounds to me Ike they think this baby is more important than any one else’s child.

I will never support their careers again.

Tracey on

@Me I believe the article is refuting everything that you just said. Of course celebrities get a bad rap over everything it’s a little disheartening that people can only see the negative in everything, particularly with the comments on this website.

But congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z I’m sure their baby will be loved and blessed.

RKF on

Just because Lenox Hill made this statement does not make it true. It’s called saving face to lessen the (deserved) criticism.

Abby on

@Me – let’s take a second and figure out who to believe: the guy who complained to the media about being barred from seeing his babies only after the media speculated such a thing would happen, and didn’t complain to the hospital…or the couple?

The bottom line is, either you have to accept there is three sides to every story – his side, her side, and the right side – or you have to sit back and accept that you weren’t there and have no right to be so vitriolic for no reason at all.

It’s easy to find out if, in fact, Lenox charges $1.3 million for executive suites – Google it. They can’t lie about that, it’s too easy to poke a hole into if untrue. EVERYTHING else is just hearsay.

Janie on

ok, I just listened to the song and teared up! The newborn cry at the end is so precious. The first moments and days after a baby is born (especially your first) is such an amazing, wondrous, special time. I wish them all the luck!

How did so many untrue rumors start? So many inaccuracies…the name, c-section birth, rented a whole floor, no wonder they are so private.

Mia on

So happy for both of them + the song is such a sweet gesture of love.

Happy 2012 to the Carter family 🙂

Meela on

Isn’t it odd that Jennifer Garner has been pregnant for what seems like FORVER!

Beyonce pops up at an award show holding her belling and poof the baby is here now!

I hope that whole hospital story is false because that would make them the most obnoxious people on earth!

How many other babies were born that same day in the same hospital and they too are worthy of celebration.

Shannon on

Oh please. The PR spin won’t work. This woman’s pregnancy was too suspicious. And naming your baby after your CDs is just silly!

Shannon on

This is really strange. They’re usually extremely private about their personal affairs. They didn’t even acknowledge their own marriage for years. Something aint right.

JMO on

It’s a cute song but I thought the cry sounded so fake at the end. And I never really bought into those rumors about the hospital and the dad trying to see his kid. They’d have major lawsuits if stuff like that happened. I still think this was the fastest pregnancy though of any celeb!

manda on

Why are people so negative and bashing this lovely couple??

I don’t get it..

Congrats Beyonce and Jay-Z!!

That song was really touching, about his daughter

Anonymous on

Shannon- I’m thinking they felt they sort of HAD to announce it in order to set things straight after all those ridiculious allegations that were made.

Anyway, I love the song, and was especially touched by this part “Last time, the miscarriage was so tragic”. It would definitely appear that Beyonce and Jay-Z’s journey to parenthood has been more complicated than we thought. No wonder they want to scream about their accomplishment from the rooftops now! 🙂

noe on

A majority of you have been so negative when it comes to these two. Whatever the truth may be, let them enjoy their time as first time parents. A lot of you have nothing better to do than to believe the media.

Indira on

The song is really very sweet, especially the cry at the end, which i think is real. Be funny if the song became a hit!

Sfmom on

I was pretty peeved when I read that other parents experienced problems while trying to visit their babies in the NICU…and even moreso when I read the reports that she had an elective section at 37 weeks…which is a practice that outrages me in general (ie – the NYC designer section trend)…

I hope she did have a healthy, natural birth and that the reports of all this ridiculous diva behavior (closing off floors, barring other parents from the NiCU, etc) are exaggerated and wholly without merit.

But I also find it a wee bit interesting, given the fact that these two are extremely savvy business people and know the danger of bad PR, that now they’re issuing statements (totally against type) and also, suddenly talking about a previous miscarriage?

Tell me, when you heard that didn’t it make you totally more willing to overlook the over-the-top shenanigans we’ve heard about the last few days? As someone who’s experienced three miscarriages, it certainly tugged at my sympathetic side…it puts them in a different light and from a PR standpoint, it’s pretty darn brilliant.

Not saying that’s what they’re doing, but it’s a thought…

I’m glad their babe is here and ostensibly healthy and bringing them much joy. I just can’t get over what a circus the whole thing has been…and I’m still not convinced it wasn’t a surrogate. 😉

I’m hoping beyonce will be a bit more outspoken about birth and motherhood once she’s recovered and enjoyed her babymoon.

hahahahaha on

The baby is 2 days and there is already a song featuring her cries? Gosh Jay-Z, i’d think you want to stay by your recovering wife’s side instead of running off to the studio, after all, you tried so hard for the baby and she’s finally here. Or is that story of the miscarriage and false starts just a big marketing ploy? Funny how what should be the most private and precious thing is what they’re making the most public. I bet in the first interview they’ll claim to want their kid to grow up with a “normal” life.

Micheley on

Congratulations to both of them. I personally believe that Ivy Blue would have been a better choice, but it wasn’t mine to make. So to each their own. 🙂

Ali on

I think this baby girl boom means that Jennifer Garner is having a boy! Just a guess! 🙂

Congrats to Beyonce & Sean Carter on the addition of Blue Ivy to their family!

Mia on

I wonder if the miscarriage reference was to his experience with an ex a long time ago – or in reference with him + B now leading up to their healthy daughter.

So ecstatic for them – together 10 years + now a baby = LOVE.

They are still pretty private about their relationship as a couple/marriage..etc…but I think a baby is a different story that you want to share with everyone – I’m sure they’ll still keep their private lives private with the new addition.

kimmie on

“I’m hoping beyonce will be a bit more outspoken about birth and motherhood”

Sadly, no one will believe her no matter what she says.

Lady on

Soo much hate because they are a great couple who stays out of the trashy magazines & has been together forever, rare in today’s society. I see why there are so many jealous people, what a shame.

The song is beautiful & I’m very happy for them. Congrats to the Carter family, Jay, Beyonce & baby Blue!!

Elisa on

the name is ugly… seriously where are the normal names?

J on

Manda and Noe, where are you when other celeb families get trashed here.

Wow, took all involved a couple days to get the stories straight I guess. Some things are most likely exaggerated but some things just still seem off abuot this whole thing.

Ashley on

Wow just heard some of that song and it is obnoxious—-just like this couple. It’s very hard to listen to! And once again, Blue Ivy? LOL, how ridiculous!!!!!!!!

AmandaC on

I wish they’d of names the baby “Heaven” instead of “Blue”

lm on

Sounds like they’re trying to spin things in a positive direction after all of the negative publicity. I don’t believe them.

m on

Welcome to the world, Blue Ivy!

Side note: I always thought the surrogate rumors were far fetched, but this seems to validate them in a way. Everything that is stated regarding the birth almost sounds third-person. And there’s no mention of “mom’s resting comfortably”…not that there has to be, just that there’s usually something about the mother in these announcements. Either way, the most important thing is they now have a beautiful, healthy child, which is amazing.

Tara on

This kid will be running wild and addicted to drugs before she is 16.


I cannot believe the amount of negativity on this post. A healthy baby was born; whats there to be angry about? So you dont like the name – name your own kid what you’d like!

Saying negative thing about celebs doesnt make your life any better no matter how much sucks. I find negative posts are by negative/miserable people who come on here to make themselves feel better.

Julia on

@OKAY exactly!!

Cassie on

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z on your precious baby girl! Enjoy the journey! NO doubt this baby girl is coming into a world of love 🙂

Everyone should step back a moment. Who cares what THEY named THEIR child. Who cares how she came into this world. Why can’t we all just say our well wishes and move along? You wouldn’t say any of these mean things to their face so why do you feel like a hero saying it on a message board?

Perhaps the face they are being more public with this news is that they are too darn happy to contain themselves! It sounds as if it did take them some time to get to this day and you shouldn’t rag on them for wanting to be excited about it. Funny how everyone seems to know anything and everything about everyone based on what they read from gossip sites, papers, magazines etc … unbelievable.

The world is coming to such an unkind, negative, and hateful state…it saddens me.

Just My Opinion on

Congrats to the Carter Family!!! You just can’t believe everything you read folks.

pry on

I can’t believe that people are still talking about “fake ” pregnancy , didn’t you see her pics on a BATHING SUIT ?? Geez move on with this subject already.

Sarah K. on

“This kid will be running wild and addicted to drugs before she is 16.” Rude and tacky, Tara.

I see the conspiracy theorists are out in full force. You actually believe that the Carters paid the hospital to shut down an entire floor and stop parents from seeing their children? Ok… You do realize that guy got paid to tell that story to the media, right? It’s pretty easy to figure out whether or not he complained to the hospital if that had happened. Yet, it seems that no one complained that they couldn’t see their baby.

Lenox Hill has dealt with celebrity births before and had suites available for families that want privacy. But, someone random guy runs to a tabloid and people believe him? Lol it never fails.

Brooke C on

I am on the conspiray bandwagon as well. I think they made a point to say that the baby was born naturally, because the rumour was that there was a c-section.

Beyonce is performing in 5 weeks at the Grammys, and she needs to make sure that she is thin and ready to go. What better is you never had a baby in the first place.

Julia on

@Brooke C could you explain me this, please?!

Vida on

Brooke C get a life!!!!Tara be careful of what you say about other people’s kids because the same may come through for you..Idiot!

lm on

Sounds like they’re trying to put a positive spin on things due to all of the negative publicity. I’m not buying it.

Brooklyn on

I don’t know, I don’t know what to believe!

Elisa on

the thing about the weird name is that this poor child will suffer with other children laughing of her… you know how children can be mean! my cousin was called a wale once just because she was a little overweight!

other than that, it’s awesome that the baby is healthy! by saying that the name they chose is ugly doesn’t mean I don’t wish the best for them!

Maria on

I guess she didn’t have a c section after all? I wonder if that is the truth? anyway- it is her own private business for sure. But the song Jay Z wrote is beautiful- I teared up listening to it!

MollyF on

Welcome to the world Blue Ivy. Welcome to the hate and negativity of tons of people who have nothing better to do. I hope you don’t hate like a lot of people here do.

Sasha on

@Tara, just beacuse you were running wild and addicted to drugs before the age of 16 does not mean that will be Blue Ivy’s fate.

Congrats to the Carters

inyy on

Blue Ivy it’s a beautiful name, i loved it! so cute calling your daughter blue *-*

mg on

whatever. these 2 are so full of themselves.

idiotsgetalife on

I dont know why idiots blame Jay and Bey for the lies folks make up about them. I see why their private. This baby is a big freaking deal or we wouldnt be talking about it, just like Brad & Ang. Since WE wasnt there and the hospital has given us the FACTS and the Carter’s have released a statement this should put the nonsense 2 rest surrounding the lies from unreliable source sites such as MediaFakeout.

skunknuggets on

Who really cares? Maybe Jay-Z recorded most of the song ahead of the birth so he may not have rushed off to do it right after the baby was born. Who cares if they want privacy? Lots of other celebs do similar things.

Loa on

I used to be suspicious about this pregnancy but it all kind of makes sense to me now.

Of course she would keep the pregnancy private if she had a miscarriage before. She wouldn’t even admit to being married, so she wouldn’t admit to losing a baby. They were always going to keep it under wraps until she felt comfortable enough to admit the truth.

As for her not looking pregnant enough to give birth by now, most women dont look like they’re smuggling basketballs in their tummies. My boss is due in late march, early april and she is the tinest thing with her bump. And she’s not faking it, I see her everyday.

Not to make this a rambling statement, but she was pregnant when she was making her record and worked hard to get the music and video’s out before she had to stop working to announce the pregnancy and focus on the baby.

I feel bad for indulging the conspiracy theorists, especially if there was a miscariage involved. Thats incredibly devestating and a private woman like Beyonce would keep it to herself, so the fact that we dont know anything about the pregnancy was by design by a woman who controls her life to the fullest.

I’m very happy for her and Jay, and I hope they have lots of happiness being first time parents to their new baby girl!!

Anonymous on

Everyone else has pretty much said it all when it comes to the crazy conspiracy theories, but I want to add one other thing. Why would Beyonce be staying in the hospital if she’d used a surrogate?

Stella Bella on

Hey, they aren’t “over the moon”! Instead, they’re “in heaven”! Ten bucks says this starts a new trend in celebrity baby announcements. Expect future parents to be in heaven as well.

Congrats to the Carter family on their new addition!

katryne on

do they mean “naturally” naturally or “naturally” vaginally. It irks me that those two are thought to be interchangeable.
nothing wrong with either, I just suppose that vaginally means through your vagina and naturally means with out meds through your vagina.

Janna on

katryne – maybe they mean naturally as in “none of your damn business”

liz on


Mia on

Still can’t believe they named her Blue…Ivy…..but huge congrats to them!

Leanne on

Of course, as a human being and a mother I am thrilled for Beyonce and Jay-Z. But I do believe there are some things about this pregnancy and childbirth that don’t add up. They’re the power couple in the entertainment business today, so they were well equipped to direct and produced this show as they saw fit. Little Blue Ivy is entering a world of love and privilege that is her birthright. And if surrogacy was the route to parenthood, especially after the pain of miscarriage, that, too, is their right. Sarah Jessica Parker and Angela Bassett, among many others, have happily and successfully chosen this option. I pray that Blue, Bey and Jay will all live happily ever after!

Melanie on

The first thing I think of when I hear this name is smurfs! surely they could have picked a beautiful girls name for her, Blue isnt even pretty for a little girl, hell it isnt even a name!

diamond on

i cannot believe that Beyonce had her baby and that she named it blue ivy thats a real cute name toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

amc on

theyre full of it. sick of seeing their pr people on here.

Tiernee on

Jay-Z has been the most disgusting thug on earth, well next to Snoop. Beyonce has to be the most disgusting woman on earth, considering she is usually nearly naked onstage. Can’t stand either one of them. I feel sorry for their baby. She is going to grow up with two of the most narcissitic parents on earth. Oh wait a minute…they couldn’t be that way if people didnt keep buying their records!

phatgurl on

Everyone has a right to their privacy….for those of you saying that its suspicious how would you feel if every moment of your life was being invaded by prying eyes and cameras…..please let the happy couple enjoy the birth of their healthy daughter in peace…..and if you have a problem with them spending 1.3 million to give birth to their baby in private then work as hard as they do to be able to spend money any how u want to…..its their money and their lives…….butt out and look after you own affairs…

Richy on

Blue Ivy sounds like a stripper name. What is there next child’s name gonna be Green Envy? Smh I wish They told me I couldn’t visit my new Born Baby I would would of told Jay- Z to his Face that his baby ain’t nothing special, And I’m going to go see my child now he can move out of the way or he wouldn’t be seeing another day on this earth. Smh The tought of them They Disgust me.

Ivan on

@ – Anonymous on January 10th, 2012

Beyonce’ would stay in the hospital in order to make people believe she was having a baby. Hello? That would be the only way to pull off the ruse. Having said that, I’m highly skeptical that a Jayonce’ surrogate even exists. on the other hand, I completely believe that patients and their families were inconvenienced.

Money talks, and BS runs a marathon. I could see them paying off any disgruntled patients and hospital personnel just to quell the noise about their selfishness.

Cyndy on

They went out of their way to hide the surrogate. This is beyond ridiculous ! Beyonce is a phony.


An ex-fan

Nik on

Wow, It is some HATERS on the blog… Sad to read all the negative comments when none of yall know either of them personally, ONLY what you seen or heard on TV, internet, etc. Who talks about kids? Yall some mean azz people… Name your kid what you want, like they named their kid. Didn’t your parents teach you, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, DON’T say anything at all. Oh, yall missed that lesson!

Taylor on

beauitiful name and i hope to c pics soon


Catherine on

What a menagerie of haters, idiots bored out of their minds, jealous, nosy jerks. It is none of my nor your business if a giraffe was the surrogate; for idiots that believe Bey was never pregnant. The long, short, & in between is IT IS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS NOR MINE!! It never ceases to amaze me how jealousy can make people be so ugly! God help some of u! God bless Bey, Blue & Jay & may u continue to be as happy & uplifting & entertaining for those of us who know we don’t know everything or r so paranoid about things that are NONE of OUR BIZ!!!!
Get a life, u loser haters!


Hello, out there, we fail to see these two people as human beings like ourselves. The world is full of hate envy and jealousy so we need to start loving and appreciating each other. What these parents did or is doing is none of anyones business we need to let God judge and not us they are human beings like us and if they want to have a baby, anyway it takes that’s good for them. Love you both and the baby

Congratulations!!!!—Way to go baby blue and family

Bella on


Shiwana on

Beyonce just tell the truth!!!

James on

To all you people out there calling others haters because they believe they used a surrogate, and lied about it; who are you to criticize? Just like you want to believe a folding belly is a real pregnant belly they have the right to disagree. All they are upset about is the lying and pretending when other celebs that use surrogates are open about it and she is not. Even if one was to say she’s small for that many months, that’s not the issue. It’s her fake folding belly and the fact that you only see those early pics and no other during the 4 months she claimed to be pregnant for. I suppose you believers also want to tell us that the fake pregnancy belly Arnold wore in the movies twin showing his belly without a shirt on is also real. Of course she stayed in the hospital it is her baby carried by someone else and there is nothing wrong with that they don’t have to lie. Just like you have a right to believe what you want so do we so don’t be rude folks. Notice she said it was peaceful, of course it was she didn’t have to push the baby out of her. If I had money and I didn’t want people to know I was using a surrogate, I would go to great lengths to hide it too. If she wants it to be so private tell no one and let them speculate about it. You can’t be a celeb and expect things like this to be private.


I still can’t beleive after all this time that people are so disrespectful towards this couple. I don’t blame them at all for having some privacy. With all these negativity and bitter, hating ass comments. I know it’s everyone right of freedom of speech, but really people, REALLY! No one cares about the baby at all. All the media and discaring people care about her giving birth by c-section or locking down a floor in the hospital. REALLY! Let’s be real here, do you honestly think that they went as far as to lock down a floor so people couldnt get to their newborns in the N.I.C.U! Yall know if that was to REALLY happen that man along with other folks would be sueing the PANTS OFF OF BEYONCE’ AND JAY! We would see faces and names of every person on that floor including the staff. I mean they not at the hospital now so we would be hearing things. You have to know if you on top you will be talked about and if you flop same thing. Lets congratulate this couple that they were finally blessed to have a baby of thier own. They deserve some privacy. So the hell what he back at work. Beyonce’ had the baby not him. She needs rest not him. I mean he has a empire to maintain. He was their for the birth and remained by her side after. Yall know damn well Beyonce’ got more then a little help around their mansion. They probably getting on her nerves already. Infact I know the help is getting on her nerves. I remember those days. But all in all people act like Jay committed a crime by going out to WORK! I tell you. I read a comment that talks about him making a baby right after the baby was born and saying he should be with his baby instead of the studio making songs…CAN YOU SAY STUUUUPID! This man has a smile on his face the size of a whole watermelon, lol. Leave this happy man alone. Hating for no damn reason. I’m not even gonna address the rest of the RETARDED comments. DAMNED IF YOU DO! DAMNED IF YOU DON’T! CONGRATULATIONS TO BEY AND JAY AND PRECIOUS BABY BLUE! MUAH!

Tamika on

Trust me when I say, that pregnacy never happened.

TKC on

@ Tamika – You know? Really? Why don’t you explain to everyone how you know and what you know since you’re the expert?

Congratulations that they have a new baby girl and that she’s healthy! No matter what the truth is, that’s to be celebrated!

Anonymous on

James- Some of us didn’t see a folding belly, but rather just her dress bunching over a bit in places as she sat down.

James on

@Anonymous… then you need glasses or you are living in denial. Dresses don’t bunch over a pregnant round belly. Say whatever you want to make yourself feel better. Seeing is believing!