Beyoncé and Jay-Z Welcome a Daughter

01/08/2012 at 11:00 AM ET

Beyoncé and Jay-Z are now Mom and Dad!

The singer, whose pregnancy was closely watched and the subject of various rumors, delivered a baby girl in New York on Saturday, according to her hometown paper. Mom and baby are doing fine, the Houston Chronicle reports.

Sources tell E! News the little girl’s name is Blue Ivy Carter.

Apparently, she’s a looker. “The most beautiful girl in the world,” Beyoncé’s sister, Solange Knowles, Tweeted Sunday morning.

Friends of the superstar couple also used Twitter to offer public messages of congratulations:

“Welcome to the world princess Carter!” Rihanna Tweeted Saturday night. “Love Aunty Rih.”

“Welcome to the world Blue!” Gwyneth Paltrow wrote on her Twitter page Sunday morning. “We love you already.”

Russell Simmons also acknowledged the new parents on Twitter: “congrats to my good friends Beyonce and Jay-Z,” he said.

Beyoncé, 30, checked into Lenox Hill Hospital on New York’s Upper East Side on Friday, a month before her previously stated due date in February.

On Thursday, the singer was photographed out in the city covering her baby bump with a black blazer and a flowing scarf.

Despite buzz that the singer had given birth to a baby girl over New Year’s weekend, Jay-Z and an “enormously pregnant” Beyoncé were spotted enjoying a dinner on Dec. 31 at Buttermilk Channel in Brooklyn, N.Y.

The first-time mom announced she was expecting at the MTV Video Music Awards in August.

Reps for the couple did not respond to requests for comment.

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JMO on

Some sites list her name as Ivy Blue and others Blue Ivy. Really hope it’s Ivy and not Blue bc I think these odd celeb names for babies is just getting ridiculous!! I think Ivy is sweet if that’s her given name but Blue?? ummm okay!!

congrats nonetheless!m…M

Nelly on

Congrats to the couple..

brie on

what a horrible name. BLUE!!!! really???????????????

pammy on

Congrats. Maybe she can marry Blu Bear or is it Bear Blu- when she is older. Horrible name, even for a rich kid.

Kayla on

It’s an interesting name for sure.. but I like the meaning of it. it sounds a little funny Blue Ivy… I kind of like Ivy Blue better..

Kayla on

oh and by the way Congrats!

cynthia on


nature on


klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them!

I really wish they had gone with Ivy Blue, not Blue Ivy, though. Ivy Blue is pretty, unlike Blue Ivy.

Brandi on

Congrats Beyonce and Jay-z!! Love the name…

Jessie on

Congrats to them! I thought she was due in February though. I wonder if that was a ruse or if the baby was early?

Allison on

Congrats to them, but another ridiculous Hollywood name.

Addison on

Congratulations Bey & Jay & Welcome to the world Princess Carter! Ivy is for the roman numeral ‘IV’ which means 4. Bey’s birthday is 9/4, Jay is 12/4 & they were married on 4/4.. Did I mention the Beyonce’s last album title is ‘4’.

I personally think Ivy Blue sounds better than Blue Ivy, but what did you really expect? lol.

I also hear they rented the entire 4th floor of the hospital for 1.3 MILLION. Sheesh. We probably won’t see pics of that little one until she’s 5.

I bet she’s beautiful!!!

Jules on

Congrats to the new parents! Not crazy about the name, but i’m sure shes a beautiful little girl!

Lady on

Congrats to Beyonce & Jay! I’m sure baby Blue Ivy is beautiful, I know the name has special meaning to them!

Tee on

I mean, Blue Ivy would not have been my first choice in terms of names. But as long as Mommy, Daddy, and Baby are happy, that’s all that matters.

I’ve been waiting a long time for Beyonce to be pregnant and have a child because I know she’ll make an amazing mother. So welcome to the world Blue Ivy Carter!

Niko on

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z, but “Blue Ivy”? Damn, I’m bummed out by it coz I really love this couple. Sad thing is “Ivy Blue” is actually one of the best names for a baby girl. Not tongue-twisty or too bizarre, common, popular—its just perfect!. But its plain bad the other way round, sorry. Its like naming a baby girl “Red Velvet”. Then again, being a really good friend of Gwyneth Paltrow’s, I can’t say that I’m terribly surprised. Naming your baby a color or a fruit is never a good idea. I’m disappointed:-(

anm on

What the the article didn’t mention she had a scheduled, C-section.

Meaning behind the name:
Blue is is obviously, if you’re a fan of Jay’s music. His album is called Blueprint. Ivy in Ivy contains the roman numeral IV as it’s first two letters, which we all know is the number 4. Beyonce’s emphasis on how 4 was very important to her. Her mother’s birthday on the 4th, She got married on April 4th Plus her album’s name is 4. Now, Why they would name their child after albums. I thought Jay Z was going to name is Daughter Brooklyn. I expected something a little bit different from the two of them. Anyone else?

I mean, it sounds like the child’s going be sponsored by Crayola. It’s an limited edition crayon. I personally wouldn’t have named my child a name with two colors in it. If you think my option was ignorant you should have seen the twitter topic #namesbetterthanblueivy last night. But, anways rants aside. I can’t wait to see pictures. — but, it won’t be for awhile we know how private she is.

JMO on

Gotta love twitter:

Ivy Blue backwards in Latin is Lucifer’s last name. “Eulb Yvi”

I also hear that the IVy is for “4” Beyonce’s lucky number and the Blue is for Jay-Z’s favorite color?! Well that makes it all better now *sarcasm* 😉

My on

Congrats to Be&Jay.Finally ur lil princess has be born. The name I love it. Unique names is what it is rather u r a celebrity or just an average person. Actually to JayZ I named my baby girl Histori u said the name in one of ur songs. Imma name my daughter Victory and imma name my son Histoy well I named my daughter Histori and alot love it and alot hate it. Its ur baby congrats. Can’t wait to see her.

Melissa on

Blue Ivy is growing on me, although I like Ivy Blue better.

@Jessie-Other sites are reporting that she had C-section, which when it’s scheduled most celebs(and a lot of regular people) have them around 37 weeks, so it is possible that she was due early Feb.

anm on

#notetocelebrities Don’t take name advice from Gwyenth. P. She named her child Apple. -end of Story.

crg on

I agree about the name- if you’re going to name your kid a color, at least don’t follow it with a noun. Ivy Blue would sound soooo much nicer- I hope this is misinformation!

Shawna on

Wow, do you realize how ridiculous you all sound pretending you know the meaning of the baby’s name? You don’t know the family, you don’t know why they chose the name they did.

Shannon on

Poor little rich girl. What a horrible name! But what do you expect from two narcissists?

Niko on


“Ivy Blue backwards in Latin is Lucifer’s last name. “Eulb Yvi””

Is that really true?

Some internet buzz……

RT @ErrthangRegula: Beyonce’s baby’s name is Blue Ivy —> BLUE= Born Living Under Evil, Ivy Blue backwards – Eulb Yvi is latin for “Lucifer’s Daughter”

RT @JordanMeehan: If you really think Eulb Yvi is Latin for “Lucifer’s Daughter,” you’re an idiot and should off yourself to save us from your unintelligence.

RT @Bolton_Crown: Lucifer’s daughter and Blue Ivy are trending… Is Jay-Z finally admitting he’s Satan?

RT @xDearDominique: Yiv Eulb .. does NOT mean Lucifer’s daughter in latin. Some people will believe anything without doing research first… Smh.

I don’t understand Latin so I don’t know what to make of all this. IF its really true, Beyonce & Jay-Z should just switch it around. It sounds way better as “Ivy Blue” anyway.

Terri on

Congratulations to the happy family!

Ali on

Please, please, please tell me this is a mistake. It HAS to be Ivy Blue. Blue Ivy?? Really??? I am normally not one of those people who gripes about what others name their children but this is just horrible! BLUE??? I read on E! that it was Ivy Blue and thought how pretty it was but Blue as a first name? Eeeek! That is just awful! 😦 Bummed at the name but congrats to them!

Janie on

I like Blue as a middle name but a first name? And for a girl? There are just so many things wrong with it…

At any rate, a healthy baby was born so CONGRATS to the parents 🙂

meghan on

What a great name… for a dog.

Jane on

eek. blue could be so lovely… but i always associate blue/blew & it kind of ruins it for me. ivy is a great name, though.

drewsylla on

I have always wanted to incorporate Blue into a child’s name since I read “Gone With The Wind”. Bonnie Blue Butler….in case you haven’t read it…and it was published in May 1936.

Donna on

Well, I read that her name is Ivy Blue and maybe they are just calling her by her middle name, “Blue”.

Of course my information could be wrong. Maybe we will never know. I still don’t know if Britney Spears calls her first son by his first name “Sean” or middle name “Preston” because everything you read shows one or the other. This baby’s name may have the same confusion unless Beyonce clears it up for us.

Congrats to the new parents. One privileged child and family, and yet there will be lack of sleep even in their household for awhile. Haha!

dd on

Well they can’t use “her hips were too narrow” excuse for the c-section! Wonder what the “problem” was.

Crystal on

Welcome to the world Blue Ivy! I do like Ivy Blue better but not my kid! 🙂 I’m sure she is a beauty just like her mama! I know they are over the moon over their little princess. She is the princess of hip hop! Lol! Can’t wait to see her. Congratulations Bey and Jay on the birth of your daughter! Many wishes as you guys watch her grow!! :)))

Juanita on

I’m surprised the c-section was not scheduled on January 4th, since the number 4 is so meaningful to them.

Alexandra on

@JMO: That is ridiculous…did you ever study Latin? I did. And I can assure you there are no such words as Eulb and Yvi.

Congrats Beyoncé and Jay-Z. I think Ivy Blue sounds more harmonic, but it’s their choice ^^ Hope momma and baby are doing fine 🙂

What of it? on

I feel so bad for these people. First they’re hounded by rumours it’s a fake pregnancy, then it’s claimed the child is named satan’s daughter.

I wish Jay-Z and Beyonce much love and joy on the birth of their first child. Welcome to the world baby Blue. Make it beautiful.

RKF on

Absolutely asinine name, and I’m disturbed at the fact her “entourage” tried to prevent doctors’ from entering her floor due to “security.” So, apparently her child is more important than the safety of other patients? Typical diva behavior of hers. And before you berate me, this information is DIRECTLY from Lenox Hill Hospital, and various workers there who were unable to perform their jobs.

ron on

If this little one is “the most beautiful little girl in the world” she sure won’t be taking after her dad. I’m sure everyone will be holding their breath hoping to God that she doesn’t end up looking like a female Jay-Z. OTOH, they can easily drop some of their millions on plastic surgery when and if the time comes. (Remember Bruce Willis’ daughters who look like him?) I hope for Blue’s sake she strongly takes after her cute Momma, but there’s no guarantee. Beyonce will be a neat mom, though. Blue is lucky that way.

Catca on

I’m just trying to figure out how a couple welcoming a beautiful little girl inspired such a bizarre series of posts…

Ellie on

Poor kid. What a horrible name!!

soph on

What does the publication date have to do with anything, drewsylla? Bonnie Blue was a nickname given to Eugenie Victoria Butler because of her blue eyes and the “bonnie blue” flag of the Confederacy.

Angel on

I think People magazine messed up. Both Good Morning America and the Today show reported the name to be Ivy Blue this morning. I think it’s a beautiful name – unique but not too out there. Congratulations to the happy couple!

kjc on

I think Blue is an adorable name, but agree with most that I would prefer Ivy Blue. It just has a better flow to it! Congrats b&j!

Melody on

First of all you folks making negative remarks needs to chill. Blue is a lovely name no matter what way the name is whats important is that the family is healthy and that mom, dad and baby are doing ok. Praying many blessings to you Beyonce and Jay-Z on your wonderful gift from God.

Mia on

Ivy Blue Carter is a great name – I’ve heard reports via E! that it’s both Ivy Blue and/or Blue Ivy…..really hope it’s Ivy Blue Carter.

Congrats to them + the whole family!!

Not the kind of name choice I was expecting from them – but it will be exciting to hear more updates.

Tee on

Now there is word that the baby’s name is Ivy Blue! At any rate, congrats to the family 🙂 And why are people so negative about a CHILD!? What a mess.

Marissa on

Angel, E! News has been the outlet reporting the name, and when they first posted it, it said Ivy Blue. They then corrected it to Blue Ivy. So it depends when the outlets that are linking to them picked it up. That being said, PEOPLE doesn’t post rumors unless they’re sure of them, so I’m going to assume it’s Blue Ivy rather than Ivy Blue (although I agree, Ivy Blue sounds MUCH better).

Shannon on

He named his daughter in honor of his ex, Blu Cantrell (singer). Wow.

Janna on

@Marissa — Of course they do!! This baby’s parents haven’t confirmed anything, yet here is an article. To me, that means it’s still a rumor.

Brooklyn on

I REALLY hope her name is Ivy Blue and not Blue Ivy. In MY opinion, Blue is a horrible first name for anyone.

B.J. (the girl) on

I hope it’s Ivy Blue (and not vice versa), what a cool name!!

Tigerlee on

Congratulations to the new parents! I happen to like the name Blue.

Lenox Hill is the chosen hospital for many celebrities and for lack of a better term VIPs like Senators, etc. because they have a standard of procedure for keeping nosy, destructive people out.

If her baby is in NICU and I’m not saying she is, they not only limit visitors to only 2 adults at a time so usually the mom and dad, they also limit personnel, particularly non-essential personnel. So all these so-called friends and “personnel” who are outraged because they couldn’t get in, were there to be trolls and not because they were needed.

JMO on

Alexandra no I didn’t say I took Latin I just was talking about what was trending on twitter!

I heard Gwyneth Paltrow confirmed it’s Blue Ivy (again what I on internet buzz no idea if that is true). I really do hope it’s IVY which I find kind of cute! Guess we’ll have to wait to here it from Beyonce herself!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them! And I wonder why Beyonce had to have a C-section a month early? I hope everything is okay!

Shannon- And you know that how?

Ness- Or maybe they’re just trying to protect their baby girl? By closing down the wing, they also insure that over eager paps can’t get in there!

Anonymous on

Janna- I agree with Marissa. Obviously PEOPLE has reason to believe that the reports are accurate. Otherwise they wouldn’t have posted it. They’ve been known to sit on unconfirmed baby announcements for weeks before posting them, so something must have them convinced that this one is true. 🙂

Bree on

My dog is named Blue! Def would never name a child that! Really thought they would have chosen a nice name for their child, guess I was wrong!

Indira on

They take their love of a number a little bit too far imo. The name seems really juvenile, I don’t know where people come up with these names. Congrats to the couple and the mega-fans that were going thru contractions with bey.

Rachel on

So Blue Ivy eh? Only a true Kentucky Wildcat fan would name is daughter “Blue” — go Jay-Z! ;P (just kidding, even though for some reason Jay-Z does show up to a lot of UK games…)

I too prefer Ivy Blue, but either way, congratulations to both and may God Bless them with a wonderful journey through parenthood.

Barbara on

Congrats to the new parents…as for the name yeah I cant really be one to say its a crappy name my sons name is Castle…

biddie on

sounds like a mutant plant… she should become an X-Men

Leslee on

I’m with you, Tigerlee. I really do think that this is being overblown and a lot of the people claiming hardship probably were not.

I am sure many staff were put out by having their ID scrutinized and restriction of phone use etc. I also complain when I am carded when writing a check 🙂

I can understand other patients not feeling too wonderful about the extra security but it may be for the better for them. Papz and deranged “fans” could easily wander in causing problems, or worse. Inconvenient PITA for sure but maybe a blessing in disguise.

Leslee on

Crazy how one pregnancy has become the topic of so many rumors, wild outlandish stories and full blow conspiracy theories. Now, people are ceasing to play the Beatles backwards and have turned their attention to some new Rosemary’s Baby.


soph on

“They take their love of a number a little bit too far imo. The name seems really juvenile, I don’t know where people come up with these names.”

Ivy is “juvenile”?

Indira on

Soph- the given name is Blue Ivy. yes, that seems very silly to me. So would Purple Violet or Red Daisy. And yes that thought logic in choosing Ivy because it has the roman numeral four does seem juvenile and trying too hard to me. IMO, the whole name sounds disjointed.

Anonymous on

Leslee and Tigerlee- Agreed. When Angelina Jolie gave birth to her twins, the situation was very similar to Beyonce’s in terms of who was allowed in the area of the hospital she was staying and such. I remember reading that hospital employees had to undergo certain security scans (I think finger print scans may have even been one) before they were allowed up on Angie’s floor.

Yet virtually no one complained about that or called Angie a diva. In fact, there were lots of comments (both here and elsewhere) from people saying they completely understood the security measures. So I don’t get why Beyonce is getting such a different reaction for doing basically the same thing.

Also, a previous poster said that Beyonce and Jay-Z apparently rented out the entire fourth floor of the hospital. Now, obviously we have no way of knowing how true that is, but if it is, then no other patients would be on the floor, so personell having trouble getting to her floor would be a non-issue!

Anonymous on

As for the baby’s name…I prefer Ivy Blue over Blue Ivy, but I don’t think the latter is THAT bad of a name. And if the baby girl’s name IS indeed Blue Ivy, she can always go by Ivy later in life if she doesn’t like Blue. 🙂

I also don’t get the argument that blue is a “color” name, so people shouldn’t name their kids that. Violet and Amber are also names of colors (granted, Violet is also the name of a type of flower and Amber the fossilized resin of trees)…but people don’t bat an eye when people name their daughter’s one of those names!

J on

Oh good Lord.

Jorja on

Oh boy. Now before anyone cries racist toward me (cuz I am not), this is a horrible name to give to a black child. Hello….blue gums. Its a very common bad slang term for an african american. Its a racial slur that means N word.

Maybe a blue eyed child could get away with it. Her parents’ money could not buy her a nice name, thats for sure.

Mira on

Well-put, Indira.

Blue Ivy meet Maroccan Scott. Friggin’ hilarious. If only Gwyneth had gone with Green Apple.

soph on

I’m aware what the given name was. The name Pilot Inspektor is juvenile. Blue Ivy is rather demure. I don’t see how choosing a simple and classic name like Ivy because it has IV in it is “trying too hard” when they actually could have called her Four, a la Harper Seven Beckham.

Kat on

My daughter’s name is Violet and her uncle calls her ‘Purple’.
Baby Blue’s name is just a name. I don’t really like my name so I shortened it. Whether or not I go by my full name is neither here nor there, and really doesn’t affect anyone else. Beyonce and Jay-Z’s daughter is their daughter and if they wanted to name her Humperdink, or Shabooboo, or Mollycoddle, it’s their business and not the concern of any of the people passing opinion on whether or not they like the name Blue Ivy.
Do you seriously think the new parents are going to jump on CelebrityBabies and see whether people like their choice? Yeah, I didn’t think so either.

Jessie on

Even if she was due the beginning of February, she’d only be 36 and a half weeks at the max. No reputable doctor would do a c-section of convenience that early, most want to wait until 39 weeks nowadays. Of course, she could have had some non-life-threatening reason they wanted to delivery early, or February could have been a ballpark and maybe she was really due towards the end of January. If I was a celeb I’d probably fudge my due date a bit too so people wouldn’t be expecting it when I went into labor!

Jillian on

For those of you saying the name is juvinille, what do you mean? How is a name juvinille? Also, I haven’t read anything confirming the reason behind why they chose this name, so how can people bash th reason for it? Curious……maybe I missed their explanation. Either way, I don’t like the name

terralynn on

I have to say that though I was a fan of Beyonce. I read an article about the delivery that made me sick to my stomach when it came to the way they went about things. I am also might I add the mother of 3 premature babies. 2 of which were quite sick and in NICU for 7 weeks. IT mentioned that they paid mega bucks to have floor or wing shut down at the hospital they had her in. And parents in the NICU were being stopped at times from going into the NICU because of security. ok she had a baby. A lot of us do. But what kind of selfish person would stop family members from seeing their own children just so they can have “PRIVACY” ..Sorry opt for homebirth if your wanting that. And if she asked for an elective C Section at only 36 weeks. That makes me mad to. No normal medical professional would deliver a baby at the very least 38 weeks these days. 39 is preferrable. I had a ton of complications. And they still didnt want to induce our baby to give her a better chance. So my thoughts is she might have given the public the wrong due date to throw them off t track. Anyways Ill post the article and you can see what I mean

Mia on

Still hoping it’s Ivy Blue – but there are a lot of color names – Red (often a nickname for Reginald), Green/e can be a last name, Amber, Violet, Black/White/Brown(e) are common last names as well.

I believe Gray/Grey has been used as well.

naomi on

what a joke!!! if you have money lets all just have our kids early.celebs make me sick with their vanity.

Mamie on

Ivy is lovely. Blue, Bleu or Blu…Oy! I know too many people with dogs named Blue. I am, however, glad they didn’t name her Sasha Fierce (Beyonce’s alter ego) or some such BS as that. And never let Gwyneth Paltrow help you pick out your child’s name! LMAO!

melissa on

The page is not found on the website and either way… don’t believe everything you read. She was full term and only said “I’m due in Feb” to get people off her back. Yes, she wanted a c-section but she was full term. No danger was involved and I highly doubt she told her parents or anyone else not to see her. She saw her sister on New Years Eve

Reyesphile on

The name associated with the movie “Poison Ivy” 🙂

claudiazz on

Hey they could have named her Yellow Snow

Leslee on

Now a VH-1 personality is getting more rumors going. This is just really sad, something as beautiful as a child being born is being trampled on. I can only imagine how mothers that need egg donors or surrogates are feeling about now. I’m very sorry for all of you that face those challenges and have to listen to all this garbage.

So many of these stories have differences in them, which suggests that they are not entirely truthful and may be terribly exaggerated. What scares me are the “hospital employee” sources selling off info, which speaks to being careful about which employees are where. It’s a violation of HIPPA for all of us, even us lowly folks. It still bothers me whether one of these crazy people or very intrusive and determined papz will make their way in there, somehow slip past security. If someone is convinced enough that there is a “surrogate” they could very well go hunting down every postpartum woman in the place.

Lillian on

If Beyonce delivered full term then that would make her five months in august, which is when she reveled it. That seems to make sense given thats around the time most celebs revel their pregnancies. I was really hoping her baby would be named Ivy Blue it just seems to flow better, but either way congrats to Beyonce and Jay-Z. I can’t wait to see the baby!

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z 🙂 I personally don’t like their choice of a baby name but it’s their choice not mine 🙂

Lady on

It’s starting to grow on me & i’ve never seen so much hate for a child, really sad how the world is today. Not even Brad & Angelina’s children get this much grief…..

Congrats again to the Carters, can’t wait to see Blue!

Christina on

Congrats!!! Horrible name by the way.:( I dont care what the signifigance is. That kid has to live with that name for the rest of her life now. What is it with celebs and these weird names???

Katie on

Have you looked at her Australian interview? If not and you are curious, google it. Her stomach is plump and when she sits it deflates!! Now, after seeing that video,I do believe it was a fake bump. Plus I hear she rented out the entire maternity wing of the hospital. Maybe to keep photographers away from the surrogate mom? ANyway, no need to lie how you got your baby. But naming her Blue? There are many other prettier names out there! Blue is ugly.

Ashley on

Absolutely Heinous name, but with those two, what do you expect? Blue…..give me a break. Poor little baby.

J on

I had no idea Beyonce and Jay were fans of Blues Clues.

At least now she doesn’t have to strap on a pillow everyday. Can’t wait for her bikini pictures next week with her just as thin as before the “pregnancy” saying how she really watched what she ate and worked out hard to lose the baby weight fast. *rolls eyes*

J on

Oh please Lady. Poor Suri Cruise gets random photos takes and there is worse trash talk on her. People aren’t liking the name, not the baby.

Purple on

Too bad they weren’t twins…Black and Blue would be soooo cute. Good grief!

Amy on

Brie…how can someone whom is named after cheese call a name like Blue horrible? Why does everyone Troll this site to say negative things?
Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z on the birth of their happy and healthy baby girl… Tough to be positive I know.

Hea on

@ Amy – haha That thought crossed my mind as well. Perhaps the person always wanted to be a blue cheese rather than a brie? No, just kidding.

Lucifer’s last name… Who cares, really? I read on some site that the baby’s name was Blues which I thought made more sense for a pair of musician parents…

kasia on

if names goes in that order, i feel sorry for a girl. if it’s ivy blue – sounds really cute 🙂

Bree on

Amy & Hea- Wow, y’all are smart ones! My name(you know, the name on my Birth Certificate) is BRIANNA, my NICKNAME is Bree. My parents had common since!

P.S. Not a troll. Have a nice day.

Karen on

Katie, I agree with you. I’m not convinced. And why name a baby girl Blue? That’s just like saying “we wish you were a boy”….but with their money, their next baby probably will be a boy.

Brianne on

who runs the world?… people with money.

Gaia's mom on

Silly, silly, silly. Blue Carter?

Simone on

What a bunch of internet bullies!!!funny how people grow balls behind a computer screen…”with parents like these” what is that suppose to mean? Futhermore there have been more ridiculos names out there than Blue Ivy..Welcome to the world baby girl, hopefully your parents will groom you on how to handle haters because there are plenty of them in the world!

Sarah on

I’m really not one for conspiracy theories about a woman pregnant, but after that Australian interview video… I’m sorry but it is SO incredibly suspicious, even for a Beyonce believer like me. For whatever reasons they had, I think it’s really unfortunate they continue to try to conceal something like this. I’m sorry but the bikini photos from the beginning of her pregnancy really could be a pushed out belly…

Seriously- just watch the Australian video if you have doubts.

To the name- who cares. A healthy baby girl! No matter where she exactly came from. Congrats, I say!

TJ on

Blue Carter? YUCK

Bella on

Beyonce and Jay released a message confirming the birth and name. They also said she gave birth NATURALLY so stop bashing her for a c-section that never happened! Congrats to the happy parents.

Purple on

UMMMMM Where’d you get your incorrect info???????????

“Beyonce has C-section, gives birth to Blue Ivy Carter”

Mia on

From Jay, Bey + Baby Blue

Shannon on

His CD is called the BLUEprint. Hers is called 4 (i.e., IV –>Ivy). Poor Blue Ivy, named after some CDs. This is what happens when you’re friends with Goop! rotflmao

Rachael on

All is have to say is really?? They had nine months to chose a beautiful name for their child and this is all they could come up with. I imagine they will have a nickname for her, which is what she should’ve been named in the first place?!

Congrats to them both, I can only imagine what my family would’ve said if I told them I named my baby a primary color…

Anonymous on

Christina- Not neccesarily. It IS possible for adults to legally change their names, you know!

Bella- Wow! I wonder where the C-section nonsense came from, then? As for the surrogate thing (this isn’t directed at you, Bella, but rather is a general thing), what in the world would Beyonce have to gain from faking a pregnancy? Okay, maybe she could “gain” keeping her great body. But that pales in comparassion to what she could LOSE if she DID fake a pregnancy and then it somehow got confirmed: Fans, people’s respect, possibly even her career.

Why would she take a risk like that? It just doesn’t make sense to me. Also, apparently no one ever stops to think that maybe Beyonce DID have a fake bump on during the Australian video (which, just to be clear, I don’t think she did. I’ve watched the video and didn’t see the “bump collapse”, just the folds of her dress moving, and with her money you’d think she’d buy a much better fake bump than that!)….but it was to make her look bigger than she actually was at the time rather than because she actually wasn’t pregnant!

Anonymous on

I just read a post on PEOPLE about Jay-Z’s latest song, which is about Blue Ivy. It’s cute, but what struck me the most is that the lyrics reveal that Beyonce had a miscarriage at some point before this pregnancy. That makes me feel downright horrible about the fact people (both the media and the general public) seemed to be constantly on her case about having a baby. It seems pretty clear now that they were trying….but it took awhile to happen.

This is why, in my opinion, people shouldn’t play the “is she or isn’t she?” game with celebs (unless, of course, it’s painfully obvious that a celeb is pregnant), and one of the many reasons why the media needs to seriously lay off on practically hounding female celebs of childbearing age (or male celebs married to women of childbearing age) about when they’re going to have kids!

Hoopla on

Reminds me of the Batman character Poison Ivy’s nicer sister.

DawnMiller on

@MY – You need to stop having babies and go back to school. Seriously, I know people who speak English as a 5th language better than you do. You are an idiot.

Ellen on

I heard on the news that a man from Brooklyn who was trying to see his baby twins at the hospital was turned away 4 times by Beyonce’s security. I think that is disgusting. Poor man just wanted to see his babies. Who does she think she is. Her baby is no more special than anyone else’s.

Kylee on

I have no more respect for this couple!!!! To Think they actually kept people from seeing their Children in the hospital just because of who she is. But really Who the hell are you? Your baby is no more special the anyone elses kids and iam sure it’s noooooo cuter thanks to Jay Z lol. You should have had you kids at home you selfish B***h!!!!!!

breanna on

i bet she is the most beautiful thing in the world. im so happy for the couple and it really sucks that there is terrible rumors being spread. i wish the best for baby blue you a lucky babygirl !