Tori Spelling’s Yo Gabba Gabba Gang

01/06/2012 at 10:00 AM ET
Courtesy Tori Spelling

Razzle dazzle! It looks like Tori Spelling‘s tots are ready to party Yo Gabba Gabba style.

On Wednesday, the actress shared an adorable shot of her kidsLiam, 4½, Stella, 3½, and Hattie, 3 months — decked out in knit hats that are sure to make DJ Lance Rock proud.

“Is that Liam, Hattie, and Stella or Plex, Tuttie, and Foofa from @yogabbagabba,” Spelling Tweeted.

Lucky for you (and your mini Gabba fan!), the beanies ($28) are a part of Neff‘s Yo Gabba Gabba collection, which also feature fun styles of pals Muno and Brobee, too.

We bet fellow celeb cuties Kingston and Zuma Rossdale will snatch up a few for themselves soon. Last year, we spotted the brothers sporting sneakers from Vans‘ super cute (and recently updated!) Gabba collection.

— Anya Leon

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Shannon on

Cute. The girls look just like Dean.

alysia on

Hattie is starting to look a lot like Stella. Adorable kids.. Tori and Dean make such cute kids. I hope they have one more boy.

Melissa on

What an adorable picture!

Alison on

I agree, Hattie looks just like Stella!

Liam is a cutie, I hope Tori and Dean are working on number 4!

Mia on

The girls look identical – just like Dean! — their son looks a little more like Tori’s side.

Crystal on

Hattie looks just like Stella! Cute kids!

Sus on

All 3 kids are beautiful! Tori is such a great mama!

Janie on

Really, Alison? Working on number 4? Geez, cut the woman some slack as she’s still breastfeeding her 3 MONTH OLD and probably isn’t even ovulating yet! LOL

All three children are adorable! Liam is too cute!! I have four small children and haven’t heard of Yo Gabba Gabba–my kids don’t watch much tv so I’m assuming it’s a tv show?

Sarah K. on

Cute picture! That’s definitely a keeper

gigi on

love her. love them. love their show!

Sarah M. on

Janie – It is a tv show. Probably the worst kids one I’ve ever seen! I bribe kids to get out of that show!! Be glad you’ve never seen it. 😀

Cut pic of the kids!

B.J. (the girl) on

Yo Gabba Gabba is a great show. I don’t even have kids and I know all of the characters! It’s a good way to introduce kids to music and beats. This picture is just plain adorable 🙂

Amanda S on

Wow Hattie looks just like Stella! They are all so cute. I wish there would be more photos of Dean’s son too. He seems like the forgotten kid because he’s so far away, he’s hardly ever mentioned!

Siera on

@Amanda S. I agree that Dean’s son with his ex-wife isn’t mentioned or photographed as often as the rest of the family. However, from what I’ve heard Dean’s ex isn’t too keen on her son being in the public eye as much as they are.

Anonymous on

Janie- Not to mention the fact that Stella’s birth three months ago was via C-section. Not only is getting pregnant so soon after major abdominal surgery risk no matter what the mother’s history is, but when you consider the fact that Tori has had THREE C-sections and that she’s 38 (meaning that she’d be considered “of advanced maternal age” and would be at higher risk of pregnancy complications than younger women), a pregnancy at this point could have disasterous conseqences for Tori (and her child)!

In my opinion, she needs to give her body time to recover before she gets pregnant again (if she does at all. She said before Stella was born that basically, if her doctor told her that her uterus couldn’t handle another pregnancy due to all the C-section scar tissue and stuff, she and Dean wouldn’t go for a fourth. So who knows!)!

Anonymous on

The kids are adorable, and Hattie DOES look a lot like Stella as a baby. But there’s something about her that also reminds me of Liam as a baby. 🙂

Ali on

Liam looks JUST like Tori’s brother Randy! So funny! I think Tori should do whatever is best for her life…whether that means having another child down the road or not regardless of her age. I feel like 38 isn’t that advanced in age although I DO understand how strenuous three c-sections are on a woman’s body. It is possible that she might want to just stop while she is ahead and be grateful for the kids she has! I think 3 is the perfect number of kids! I had my tubes tied after my third child because it just felt complete and I didn’t honestly want a larger family then that. Other people feel differently. It’s so personal in the end.

Anyways, I like Tori despite the negative comments about how the relationship with Dean was started. She seems fairly normal for a woman who was raised in the environment she was brought up in and she genuinely seems like a hard worker and that she LOVES being a mom…which is quite lovely to see.

Anonymous on

Whoa, Stella looks just like Ella Wahlberg. Crazy resemblance!

Jen on

Oh wow! You can tell by little Hattie’s eyes that she is going to look just like Dean. They are all adorable!

Sharon on

while all the McDermott kids are adorable…Liam is my favorite – always was. There’s just something WAY TOO CUTE about him!

Amanda S on

and does anyone else think that Liam looks just like Tori’s dad? So neat that he’s named in Aaron’s honor and his smile is so similar to his grandfather.

Cammy on

How cute is that!

Anonymous on

Oops, I just re-read my comment last night, and I meant to say that Tori made her comment about not being sure if she’d go for a fourth was made before HATTIE’s birth, not Stella’s! *facepalm*

Cass on

Aww 🙂 those kids are soo cute.
I dont think they’ll have a fourth.
Dean has a son, Jack, whose 13 or something from a previous relationship so Dean has four and I’m going to assume that Tori considers Jack just as much her child as he is Dean’s.
I have three children and always wanted four kids but my husband already had a daughter from his first marriage and so we had three. I consider my step daughter to be as much my daughter as she is my husbands and I love her like I do my biological kids.
Tori and Dean are great parents.
Hope all goes well for them.

ClaireSamsmom on

So cute! My kids loved the Yo Gabba Gabba Live show….and so did we! It was alot of fun! Tori & Dean have a beautiful family!

Eliana on

Beautiful kids! Baby Hattie is adorable!

Brooklyn on

Cute picture! I agree with others that Hattie looks a lot like her big sister!

Maria on

I don’t like Tori- she is annoying and unattractive and so is Dean- and I don’t like her show and I think she shames her kids and that is unappealing to see