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01/05/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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Sarah K. on

Boring playgrounds? I’m sorry but what happened to children using their imagination to have fun? Suddenly slides and swings aren’t cool enough, so kids would rather sit at home…right…

Kristen on

Seriously, boring playgrounds? When I was a kid we just played in the yard, we didn’t even have a swingset but yet we survived. Now we want to blame playgrounds for a generation of lazy kids?

mary on

Boring? I think this is an excuse to make parents “feel better” and not take the “blame” or “blame” their kids for inactive children. Once parents and kids start taking the initiative to get off their butts, and away from electronics long enough to do some actual play, then maybe we will see an improvement on laziness. Like stated above, imagination is a huge start! We didn’t have a swing set either nor a park nearby and all had a blast growing up!

ecl on

If you read the article, it says that adults are so concerned with making playtime safe for children that they restrict their movement. There is much less climbing, swinging on monkey bars, etc. so that no one will get injured, ever. It even says that parents ask schools to restrict the movement of their children to keep them safe.

I once had another parent come up and grab my kid to stop him from jumping off the curb at the playground. She was worried he would fall and get hurt. But, you know, it must be kids and their imaginations that are to blame. Not a really annoying generation of helicopter parents that don’t let their children fart without putting on a bandaid.

Naughty Cal on

I agree with ecl. It’s hard for school-age kids to play on structures more appropriate for preschoolers. And as for the “go outside and use your imagination” argument, a lot of parents don’t let their kids do that either, as they are so worried about kidnappings and pedophiles. They bring up, “When I was that age, I got to do all this,” but now they’re so fearful that they won’t let their own kids have the same experience.

Janna on

@Naughty Cal — Bingo! You hit the nail right on the head!

Everyone wonders why kids don’t act the way we did when we were kids, but they don’t LET their kids act that way!