Roselyn Sánchez, Eric Winter Welcome Daughter Sebella Rose

01/04/2012 at 02:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

It’s a girl for Roselyn Sánchez and Eric Winter!

The couple welcomed their first child, a 6 lbs., 14 oz. daughter, at 4 a.m. on Wednesday, Jan. 4, their rep confirms to PEOPLE.

“Welcome to the world beautiful Sebella Rose Winter! Mami and Daddy adore you!” the actors Tweeted in matching statements.

“This joy is overwhelming. Thanks for all of the well wishes!”

The Without a Trace star, 38, revealed her pregnancy in August and celebrated her baby shower in November.

“I can’t wait to see Eric with a baby,” Sánchez, who wed The Mentalist actor, 35, in 2008, says. “I just know he’s going to be the best father ever.”

— Liz Raftery

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Brooke on

Such pretty names coming out today. I prefer Sibylla but it is lovely nonetheless.

Julianna on

With such gorgeous parents, I have no doubt it’s a beautiful child. And a different name too! Congratulations to Roselyn and Eric on the birth of their daughter!

t. on

Any idea on how it is pronounced?

Shannon on

Lovely name! Congrats!

Jesse on

I think it’s pronounced like Isabella minus the “I”…

Jenn on

Wow – that child is going to be GORGEOUS!! Both Roselyn and Eric are major hotties.

And on top of that, mixed children of Hispanics and Caucasians tend to come out very cute.

ana on

Lovely! Congrats to them!

Anna on

Is it wrong that I want to be the product of these two people? Their daughter must be gorgeous.

bellabryan on

If she’s sticking to the Puerto Rican pronunciation, the name will be pronounced as Sah-be-ya. Congrats! 🙂

Jen on

I’m sure the baby is gorgeous! But I’m not digging the name. For some reason it reminds me of the word “sebaceous.” Eek.

Eva on

The problem with the letter S in a name is that the kid might be born sick, or it will have many obstacles in her life, accidents and even death at a young age. Sorry but that*s how it is folks!

Brooklyn on

Not too keen on the name, but congrats to them!

springbeanqueen on

@Eva – you are an odd little duck…

Anna on

Eva, wtf??? That’s the craziest thing I’ve ever heard.

Shenae on

Eva, what in the hell are you talking about? That’s one of the dumbest things I’ve ever heard!

shid on

I’m pretty sure Eva said that in jest…. seeing how folks love taking digs at baby names.

Diedre on

I don’t usually respond to the post but, in your case I will make an exception. Your comment is the most ignorant, uneducated and mean spirited that I have read in a while. I wouldn’t wish ill on anyone’s child. I will be sure not to name any of my children with the first letter being “E” because I see where that got you.

Brooke on

Eva – using your logic, your name starts with “EV” meaning you are destined to be evil!!

Bree on

@ Eva clearly she is not going to be born sick as she is already born. I hate to poke holes in your theory but as someone with not one but two Ss in my names (Sabrina Louise) I have never had any issues with my health, never been in any accidents, never broken any bones, only had one very minor sprain and less than 20 stitches total in my entire life. I have also had it pretty easy in life. Sorry but I just don’t believe that having a certain letter in your name dooms you to any particular fate.

Congrats to Roselyn and Eric, love love the name!! Can’t wait to see pictures of this beautiful little girl 🙂 This is a family I would love to have a play date with (My daughter was born two weeks before Christmas), they seem like such a nice couple.

CCH on

What a goregous name…congrats to them!

RKF on

Why do people always say “Wow- she’ll be such a beautiful child because her parents are soooooo beautiful.” Different parts of genetics from both sides dictate looks, people. I’ve seen plenty of beautiful people with unattractive children, and plenty of unattractive people with gorgeous children. Pet peeve over. 🙂

On that note, Congrats to them! Very sweet, feminine name!

DawnMiller on

What in the world kind of voodoo nonsense are you talking about? “S” is not only one of the most popular letters for starting names, it’s also a common letter in many, many names. By your logic, if S equals Sick, then E must equal Excerebrose. Seriously, if only people like you would use your highly wasted time on something productive, what a different world we would live in. You not only are an idiot, but I feel like I have lost points off my IQ just reading your moronic and nonsensical post. Drop the crystals, stop seeing the mediums and get a life.

Elizabeth on

@Diedre–I feel like I need to step in and defend level-headed E names everywhere. Most of us are really quite normal and lovely! 🙂

Reese on

Eva, that’s interesting. I’ve heard if you have a “v” in your name, it means you’ll have a venereal disease at least once in your life.

boohoobytch on

voodoo is exactly right @ Eva – you need help and prayer hun and stop moonlighting with satan and you’ll be ok…that said, the name is pretty and congrats b/c they’re a beautiful couple

J on

Oh good Lord Diedre. That line is always funny, “I never ever comment but I will just this one”. Please…

Boohoobytch, you need help.

ELC on

You go girl! Nice picture-all the best with your new addition. Its an interesting name.

Tee on

Aw, so happy for them! They’ve chosen a beautiful name for their daughter!

Anonymous on

Finally a name that makes sense!! No more Zuma, Apple or ….Bingham….

Eliana on

Love the name they chose! She’s going to be a gorgeous little girl! Congratulations to Roselyn and Eric; welcome to baby Sebella Rose!

Jae on

I’m so happy for as a fellow Boricua (Puerto Rican)I’m so happy for her. I love the name she gave her baby, cuz some of these celebs be eff’n their kids up with some of the craziness they be naming them. Like Mariah Carey & Nick Cannon as an example: Morracan or however the heck you spell it. Like really you named him after a floor tile uqqhhh. @Eva you seriously need to see a freakin shrink or a vatican you devil, voodoo worshipper.

Leah on

If the article is quoting the spelling right, I don’t think the name is pronounced as “Isabella” minus “I”.

“Sebella” should sound more like “Sybl-la” or “Si-bella”.

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Mira on

I don’t like the name at all. It sounds like “cebolla” and is the run-of-the-mill made up nonsense.

Olivia on

Horrible first name

amy on

can’t wait to see pictures of the baby! she’ll be gorgeous like her parents!

Lady on

Love it, I’m sure she’s gorgeous like them!

kk on

funniest comments in this thread, ever. i about died laughing.

kk on

Congrats to Roselyn and Eric! Although I can’t shake the thought of Sabella being similar to Cebolla… I keep thinking of an onion… lol

Sarahsoda on

When the venereal disease comment came up I spit my coffee out I was laughing so hard.

Congrats to the parents I am sure she will be a lovely young lady.

Diedre on

@J, I am sorry that you are so limited in your vocabulary and comprehension that you failed to read my comment thoroughly and understand my point.

All children are a blessing and @Eva should not project any ill will toward an innocent child and a couple being blessed with what I presume to be a beautiful, healthy baby girl.

I wish you good luck in the new year and hope that you change your vocabulary so that it doesn’t include such childish, vulgar language.

This is a site discussing children and parenting by the way.

Jorja on

That name sounds like a disease or something. Or a vaccination. “I’m getting a dose of sebella today”. Or “the doctor disgnosed me with sebella”….not feeling that name at all!

I agree with the person who said unnatractive people can have cute kids and attractive people sometimes have ugly kids. I’ve seen it first hand. My one ex friend is so ugly (I liked her for her personality) that her own father used to say she was. Everyone thought she was, even me. She has the most beautiful daughter! My cousin is absolutly beautiful and her kids are all really ugly.

Susan Albert on

Congrats to the family. I have liked Roselyn and think she is beautiful ever since I saw her on Without A Trace. Love the name.

Hi on

Jorja – You seem nice.

Jorja on

I am nice thanx. I know you dont mean that….but really I am. This friend of mine had literally no friends because other people didn’t want to hang out with someone ugly. I did. She had a great personality. So yes, I am nice. Its what is inside that counts. She was the best….however I am not going to lie….her physical appearence was not good!

And as for my cousin…doesnt mean I dont love her kids, but I will NOT sit there and say they are beautiful or cute or adorable….because they are not…and I do not lie.

Of course I dont say things like that to their faces, because it might hurt their feelings. But I know it on the inside….just like everyone who sees someone ugly wont say it but thinks it. Its human nature.

Jennifer on

Sebella is a pretty name. I am sure she will be pretty like her mom.

Reese on

Jorja, I’m sure you’re just beautiful.

Emily on

i throught it was protunce Se-Bella lol (sorry my spelling is terrible!)

Anonymous on

Jorja- That’s horrible that your friend’s father said she was ugly. No parent should ever say that ABOUT their own child, let alone TO them! And for what it’s worth, I am a firm believer that if you are beautiful on the inside, it doesn’t matter what you look like on the outside!

Jorja on

Yeah that was mean for him to do. He shouldnt have said it…but he had every right to think it because quite frankly it was true. She was..well, ugly. I mean, I like people for whats on the inside too. Thats why she was my friend. But if I was a guy, I would NOT be attracted to her.

The whole point is, when she got pregnant, I thought oh lord, what is this kid going to look like. Wouldnt you know, she is absolutly stunning. So the whole thinking beautiful people will have beautiful kids and ugly people will have ugly kids, is NOT true AT ALL!

Mamie on

Although Sebella does sound like a disease (and the spelling is atrocious), I think you need to stay away from that hoodoo you’re practicing, Eva. When Ron Burgundy said that San Diego is German for “a whale’s vagina” I bet you thought you were watching The History Channel instead of Anchorman.

phillygirl on

Not crazy about the name, but that little girl is going to be gorgeous. Both parents are sooo good looking!!

guest123 on

that kid has the best bday ever!

Tiara on

Such beautiful parents! I know this child will be beautiful as well! Congrats!



guest123 on

Nancy, you are so far off!



Cebolla on

Nancy is right. Hispanic is not a race.

J on

Beautiful people do not equal beautiful babies. Take a look at a LOT of the “beautiful” celebrities…EX…Angelina and Brad…the 3 kids they have together are rather ugly if you ask me. Surely the oldest. I am not saying they wont grow up and be better looking though. More examples….
Kate Hudsons son Ryder
Rumer Willis
Adam Sandlers kids