Lily Allen’s Daughter’s Name Leaked – By Grandma

01/04/2012 at 08:00 AM ET
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After giving birth to a baby girl on Nov. 25, Lily Allen has kept details regarding her daughter under wraps — but a loose-lipped grandma has spilled the beans on the new addition’s name.

The songwriter’s mother, Alison Owen, referred to her granddaughter as Ethel Mary to a pal on Facebook, reports The Sun. When asked for confirmation by PEOPLE, Allen’s rep did not have comment on the name nor the birth.

For her part, the “Smile” singer Tweeted, “Thank you for all the flowers and lovely messages everybody. very touching indeed. nuff luv x x” a week after delivering her baby girl.

Allen wed Cooper, a painter and decorator, in Gloucestershire, England last June.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Simon Perry


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You Can't Call It "It"! on

Aw, cut grandma some slack! The full name was actually leaked on Twitter weeks ago by a friend:!/matt_holmes/status/140429782138634240

Brooke on

Absolutely LOVE Ethel Mary. What a lovely old fashioned name.

Kate on

I’ll cut Grandma slack but not Mom! Ethel? Did she give birth to an 89 year old. Stop trying to be creative, innovative and original…this name sucks.

Mel on

lol kate I totally agree!

Kaylie on

It been a while since I truly hated a baby’s name, but wow that is just horrendous.

Vanessa on

All I can think of is Big Ethel from the Archie comics

Kim on

I like old fashioned names like Margaret, my grannie’s name, but I think Mary Ethel sounds better than Ethel Mary. Oh well, not my kid.


Wow, some of u are just rude. Maybe its a family name, maybe she liked the name Ethel. Its her baby not yours, and im sure not everybody likes your choice of your baby name.

Betty Finn on

Maybe you posters above think she should’ve follow what’s trendy and named her daughter Riley or Sophia … but I LOVE the uniqueness of an old fashioned name. Ethel Mary is very pretty and classic.

seila on

couldn’t she picked a better name? god.. luckily not ny kid.

Arun on

Sophia is trendy? It’s a classic name. That being said, I think they chose a beautiful name.

Donna on

She will hate her mother when she’s older. Why didn’t she just name her Grandma?

Amy on

It would be cute if they called her “Ettie”

Amy on

I’m happy she had a healthy baby but I can’t say I love the name Ethel.

Kiff on

Not a fan of Ethel at all, its not one of those names that will ever grow old gracefully like Elizabeth, Grace, Charlotte etc which are old fashioned but still pretty. Ethel reminds me of a toothless old woman in a rocking chair who s hard of hearing lol but to each their own I guess, maybe she’ll get Ettie as she gets older?

Mouse on

Wow – what a lot of judgemental people on here? If she and her husband like the name, what does it matter to you? It may not be your cup of tea, but perhaps your child’s name (if you have a child) might not be hers!

I applaud her for picking something classic and lovely that she likes. At least it isn’t following the celebrity trend of very strange monikers like “Audio Science” or “Pilot Inspektor”. It’s a old-fashioned, classic english name that she obviously liked and wanted to name her child.

Can’t we just be happy for her that she had a happy and healthy baby after all her misfortunes? Why judge?

heather on

Kate, how is it original, creative or innovative if it’s a common name for 89 year old women like you say? didn’t think so.

heather on

i’m not sure how People figures the name was “leaked.” Just because Lily didn’t make a press release or tell People Magazine personally, doesn’t mean other people weren’t suppose to talk about it, especially the Grandmother. give me a break!

Julianna on

Finally the baby’s name was revealed! It has uniqueness, I have to admit.

granny to 3 on

Like the Mary, but HATE the Ethel….poor baby!!!

thesolean on

that name is to die for. i loooove old-fashioned stuff and to donna one day some one will call her grandma

Julianna on

Well it seems to be a growing trend among celebs to name their babies grandpa and grandma names. All.I can think of us frumpy Ethel on “I love Lucy”.

auroramia on

You people are so awful. It’s not you kid! It’s not even you’re place to judge. I think it’s beautiful. I had to 2 Ethels in my life that were angels on earth. Maybe the name has special meaning to her.

Shannon on

After all she went through with her pregnancies, nitpicking about the baby’s name seems silly.

ana on

All the best to Lily and the baby, but I have to say – Ethel goes in the same category as Edith, Enid and Agnes – old fashioned names that should never come back into fashion again!

Anonymous on

I had my baby boy in the same day. Name Ethel does not sound bad at all: old english and unique. Congrats!

smalltwnfashion on

I would rather have a ton of little Ethels, Dorothys, Joans and other old-fashioned named-girls running around than the horrid kreeatyv crap/McWhatever/boys names that most people seem to give their daughters.

Mya on

Hate her Mom? Ugly name? Ah I see it’s just another day in the comments section.

Ethel isn’t your every day kind of name but it’s absolutely lovely and if the kid doesn’t like it she can always change it when she’s 18.

How many of YOU have done things to YOUR kids that they can’t change.. ear piercing and circumcision to name a few. I know plenty of guys who downright hate their parents for doing that last one to them so trust me – a name is hardly worth freaking out over.

Trazey on

How can you “leak” a person’s NAME? She’s born, she’s a human being, she exists!

Pamela on

Ethel is a fine name.

And yes, Sophia is a trend. It’s also a real name, but NEVER was a popular or well-used name until very recently. Baby Name Wizard’s website has a tool that maps a name’s popularity through the decades. To give you an example, the name Ethel was #8 in popularity in the 1890’s. Sophia was #161. So they’ve flip-flopped! Maybe antique names will be making a comeback!!!

Olga on

I think Ethel Mary is a beautiful name! Much better than today’s Jaydens and Makynzies.

Jenn on

I don’t love the name Ethel but I am with some of you. It’s better than Madison, Kaitlyn/Caitlin/Katelyn, Kylie, Miley, Kaylee, Bailey, etc.

Denise on

She will hate her Mom. My Aunt’s name is Ethel & she’s 74 and still hates her name just as much as when she was younger. She always asked her Mom how she could look at a little baby & pick such a horrible name.

boohoobytch on

if she’s lucky, she’ll find a man named “Fred” to marry and they can watch “I Love Lucy” reruns…congrats on the baby

Pauline on

I laughed out loud reading Kiff’s comment. What a horrible name for an innocent baby.

LoveCrazyBeautifulLife on

I could have sworn that they named her Minnie, that’s cuter. But, anyway, congratulations.

Whitney on

I think the name is old but I am sure she will make it work for her… My friend is named Lois… LOIS!!! She is a young gal (late 20’s) and we call her Loey… so it works for her.

Sarah on

What I don’t get about the name bashing thing is this: how do you know she didn’t choose the name to honor a relative or friend or someone close to her who has died? Many people choose to name their babies after others who have been meaningful influences in their lives, particularly those who have passed away.

Imagine honoring someone with a name – one of the nicest honors you can give another human being – and then getting trashed for it? That’s just tacky. It’s one thing to say you don’t like a name, everyone is entitled to an opinion, but why not leave it there? Is your life so empty that you must fill your time bashing others?

librababe on

hmm i didn’t expect a name like that at all!

Lindy on

That name should have been the top name on the ‘Bad Baby Names’ list. Its right on up there with Blue Bear and Sparrow Midnight. She will probably do an interview and say the baby is named after ‘his’ mom and ‘her’ mom. Bet $5.

And Pamela, this is NOT 1890.

tlm on

I realize it’s her baby and she can name her anything she wants to ……… but really …… Ethel???????? Believe me that child will hate that name and will be made fun of as much as if they named her Xavierette or Hortense. How can you do that to a sweet innocent little baby????????

Misty on

Who cares what she named the baby? She suffered enough heartbreak when she miscarried, now she’s got a little girl to cherish. Ethel is hardly the worst name ever….although it does remind me a little of the Ray Stevens song “The Streak”, where the old man cautions “don’t look, Ethel!” – but those are good memories, my late dad loved that song. 🙂

RKF on

Ethel Mary? That’s awful. Is it now considered trendy to name your child after a geriatric? There are some beautiful “old fashioned” names, but this definitely isn’t one of them.

J-Nelle on

First celeb baby name I’ve truly disliked! Love Lily and so happy for her though x

Ashley on

LOL @ Pamela saying this name was popular in the 1890s. that is really not helping this arguement. It’s their child and they can name her whatever, i just feel bad for her when she starts school. Kids can be cruel and she will be teased for this name. I hope they come up with a nickname or call her Mary.

Ariana on

That is a horrible name. For someone who wanted a baby so badly, she now hangs a name like Ethel on her. She may as well have been naming a heifer out in the pasture.

Leslee on

English names tend to be more traditional but it still doesn’t make it seem like a wonderful choice from my perspective as a casual reader on the net. Perhaps named for someone, you never know.

It did occur to me though, one of the people that has made me smile most was named Ethel, Ethel Mertz. I Love Lucy has made us all laugh and I can’t help but hope this baby can bring those smiles to her mother’s face daily. I doubt it will via working the chocolate line with Lucy or some other shenanigan but bringing giant grins all the same.

Lily on

Ethel…perhaps not what I would name a girl but in the paper the other day was The Great Osiris Johnson–boy, born to _________ and _______. Of the two, I’d rather be Ethel. (No, I’m not making it up.)

Pamela on

Lol sorry I offended anyone by my comment?! Ashley, I wasn’t contributing to anyone’s argument on here, I was just commenting.

Melody on

Perceptions of names can change over the years. While Ethel might have been most popular in 1890, there’s a good chance that in 10-20 years time, it will become a more popular or common name, and the perception will shift from that of a ‘geriatric’ to a lovely, classic name. Think of names like Violet, Ada, Ava, Eva, Minnie, Lottie and Sophia, which have all become popular recently, despite being more common in the late 1800s to early 1900s.

Names like Ethel will stay classic; names like Peanut and Mackynzie will probably fade out into a fad that people will groan and say, “Oh, that was so 2010!”

I think it’s a cute name, and can suit a little girl just as well as an older woman. I know a 24 year old called Agnes, and it suits her perfectly – she’s spunky and arty and it just works!

And guess what – old people weren’t always old! If anyone here has watched Downton Abbey, you’ll see Mary, Edith and Sybil; ‘old-lady’ names on fiery, classy young women. We only know the names as old because our generation was born when their generation was old. Why not move into the future with a new perception of what a name can mean?

JustMe on

Love the name 🙂

Brandy on

“I’ll cut Grandma slack but not Mom! Ethel? Did she give birth to an 89 year old. Stop trying to be creative, innovative and original…this name sucks.” – Kate

Seriously, Kate? “Creative, innovative and original” do not refer to a CLASSIC name. They would refer to something STRANGE and unusual. Perhaps you need an education.

kendrajoi on


auroramia on

Well Said Melody

Nat on

Ethel Mary was my nana’s name. She passed away about ten years ago now… but, I think it is a beautiful name! Congrats and best wishes Lily!!

J on

Sounds about right. Lots of Grandmoms can’t keep their mouths shut when it comes to grandkids. Not sure if that is worse or how some refer to their grandbabies as “my babies”.

Ttlm, how do you know the name will be picked on. Very sad how simple minded a lot of you are trashing decent names. It sure beats naming your baby Pilot Inspektor.

Marie on

Nice name. Nice to see a traditional name brought back. Very lovely

ladyofargonne on

“Leaked” would mean someone was interested to start with. What’s next? What she named her dog?

Lindsay on

Fanny was also once a popular name, just sayin’. Yes, names make cycles (I have seen a ton of little boys named Henry running around), but some of them fall out of favor and stay out of favor for a long time because that name now refers to a body part or reminds people of an old lady or brings to mind a TV character or causes people to think about a song about streaking.

The fact is, Ethel is an uncommon name as evidenced by the fact that it has not been in the top 1000 girls names since 1975 (when it was #890) or the top 100 since 1939. Furthermore, most people consider it weird. This makes it a very difficult name to take onto the playground. I hope for the child’s sake, Ethel is starting to lose some of the stigma and she will have minimal teasing from her peers, who may not be familiar with I Love Lucy.

And to Sarah, I knew a boy whose grandfather was named Ariel. Fortunately, his parents had the sense to honor his grandfather by giving him Ariel for a middle name. He was still really embarrassed by it, but he just didn’t tell a lot of people. There are certain things you just should not do to children.

Amanda K on

So happy for her! After her past losses she must be so happy to have a baby in her arms. I haven’t heard the name Ethel in a long time either. I like it a lot better than Harper or Mackenzie. The Ethel has character.

christy myndzak on

Mya…….if a guy is mad his mom got him circumcised he has issues its for health and hygiene reasons..and he should be thanking her..he was able to lose his virginity..Most girls i kno who take care of themselves and are quite sexy wont touch a dick that isnt..

Maybe if the guy is amazing,hot and very clean..but most still prefer a man circumcised..

JMO on

I do think of a 90 yr old when I hear this name. My grandmothers name was Agnes there is no way in hell I’d honor her and use that name. Luckily my other grandmother’s name was Anna May so I can work with that if need be!

I agree some names should not come back! But it’s not horible and after everything she’s been through I think the name really doesn’t matter just as long as baby girl and mommy are doing well.

Eliana on

Very happy for Lily that she’s got her sweet baby. I agree with those that think Ethel’s a pretty awful name; seems much too harsh to me.

LaLa on

Eww she couldn’t come up with a better name than that?!

Anon on

People are so judgmental. She’s British for one, so an old English name is not unheard of like it might be here in the States. It’s good that Lily doesn’t follow the trends and her daughter won’t be one of 10 Maddies or Rileys in her class. It’s a strong name and hopefully when she is older she will love her name and be just as strong as her name. And it is definitely more original than Kate. When you have a child, then you can choose your own name and hopefully not have to face the hateful comments those on here.

And P.S. if you have ever seen colored pictures of Vivian Vance, she was beautiful, not frumpy.

Anonymous on

Mya- Ear piercing is something that can’t be changed? That’s news to me! If a girl whose ears were pierced as a baby doesn’t want to have pierced ears as an adult, all she has to do is stop wearing earrings. The holes will grow closed and she will no longer have pierced ears. Simple as that.

Also, when it comes to circumcision, it can actually go both ways, so to speak. I’m sure there are men out there that don’t like the fact that they were circumcised as infants. But sometimes, when boys are left “intact”, circumcision becomes neccesary later in life. Given the fact that the procedure is a lot more painful for older boys and men than it is for infants, chances are those men wish they HAD been circumcised as infants. So when you think about it, there are pros and cons to both sides of the issue.

Anonymous on

Now as far as Lily’s baby’s name goes….I think it’s a lovely name! And I don’t quite get the argument that she’ll be teased on the playground. Why don’t people get that no name on this Earth is tease proof? Seriously, kids will find a way to tease ANY name!

Also, considering what Lily has been through to get this baby (a miscarriage AND a stillbirth), I think tearing apart her name choice is downright cruel!

jessicad on

I like the name, but I’m a fan of classic or older names. My daughter’s middle name is Evelyn, after her Great Grandmother, some people think it’s boring or old but it has meaning to me and that’s all that matters. Hopefully Lily won’t read all these awful comments, she’s been through enough and it’s really sad to see how insensitive and hateful some of you can be.

Sarah on

These boards are so tiresome and negative it is not to be borne. This lady has lost two children and was blessed with this little girl. Enough already.

Michele on

Poor kid.

noam on

i actually went to middle school with a girl named ethel (this was in the early 2000s). her dad was a visiting professor and they’d lived all over the world. she was very tall and sophisticated. and that’s what i immediately thought of when i heard the name…funny how that works! i’m sure this little one goes to school with will associate the name with HER rather than a frumpy great-grandma character, because that’s what they’ll know.

anyways, this is all just a rumor. they haven’t confirmed anything, so for all we know, the kid could be named troubadora snickerdoodle or something like that!

Paige on

I like the name. It’s actually kind of pretty. It’s nice to hear of a celebrity naming their child something more traditional than some of the more outrageous or unique names.

amy on

the name ethel SUCKS!

K on

good lord, you people are freaking ridiculous!

Yoli on

Congratulations, enjoy your beautiful baby. I am sure she will rock her name.

kiki on

Why is it such a big secret? And why do celebs think it’s cute to give the poor infants such gawdawful names? Ethel? Seriously? Even if she grew up to look like a supermodel, that name will never be cool. Yeesh.

Amanda on

Actually, Christy, over 80% of the world’s men are intact and have no problems. As long as the foreskin is not forcibly retracted during infancy or childhood (when the foreskin is fused to the head of the penis like your fingernail to your finger, and forced retraction tears the skin and causes adhesions to form…which is the number one reason why men or boys need a circumcision later in life), less than 1/1000 men need to be circumcised.

We are one of the only countries that treats the foreskin like a disability, like a ticking bomb. Cleanliness and hygiene are ridiculous reasons to subject a baby to unnecessary surgery. How about we teach our sons to wash themselves instead of amputating part of their sexual anatomy? Girls have way more folds and creases and produce far more smegma than boys, yet we don’t cut off parts of our baby girls.

And a man doesn’t have “issues” if he’s angry at his parents for having him circumcised. He’s rightfully upset that his body was permanently altered without his permission, based on bogus claims by people who make money off of circumcision. My son was born perfect, no disassembly required. If he decides that he doesn’t want his foreskin someday, he can choose to have a circumcision. It’s all about CHOICE…the choice of the owner of the penis, that is.

And believe it or not, 9 out of 10 women who have been with circumcised and intact men prefer intact men. The foreskin is useful and necessary. Even the American Academy of Pediatrics does not recommend routine infant circumcision. And neither does any major medical organization in the world. Don’t believe me? Visit the Whole Network or Educate yourselves. 🙂

Chrissy on

That is an old-fashioned name, and not one of the prettier ones (sorry to any Ethyl’s out there, just my opinion). I was hoping grandma was using a code name. Or maybe Lily is a big I Love Lucy fan?

Sarah K. on

I can’t say I’m surprised at some of these comments. After everything Lily has gone through to have a baby, do you not think she would put some thought into what to name her? Lily and her husband obviously like the name and it may have special meaning to them. And fyi, all of those old ladies names Ethel did start out as babies. So clearly, someone thought it was a good name.

Oh and Denise, if someone actually “hates” their mother because they think their name is too old-fashioned, that person is petty and childish. You can always change your name if you don’t like it, but who would hate their mother over that?

Emily on

Aww sorry I really don’t like this name. I expected Lily to go for something along the lines of Charlotte or something else traditional but timeless. Ethel is too ‘old lady’ for me and I can’t see it on a child. A little dissapointing since I was so excited about this pregnancy. But it’s not my child and I doubt she would like what I would choose either. Congrats Lily! x

B.J. (the girl) on

This is so ironic, just last night I was googling like crazy to find out Lily’s baby’s name. And today, I told my mom that Ethel was the kind of name that will NEVER come back into style. I’m very happy for Lily and her family.

AJ929 on

My Great-Grandmother’s name was actually Ethel Cooper, so I happen to love it! Maybe the name Ethel has special meaning to her, as it does to the members of my family.

Andrea on

Earlier today I was shown a photo of a coworker’s new granddaughter named Luna Moon Sprout. Seriously.

Anyways, a person should define his or her name, not the other way around. I’m sure little Ethel (and hopefully lil Sprout) will cope just fine!!

Kit on

I have an aunt named Ethel. She is a tiny, vibrant little lady with a killer smile and amazing dimples. She is vivacious and funny and absolutely lovely. So when I hear Lily’s baby name, I think of her, and it makes me smile. I think it’s wonderful.

Melissa on

Hmm.. last time I checked, the baby was Lily’s. Sooo, she can name it whatever the heck she wants.

When it’s your turn to pop out a baby, you can play the name game all you want.

JMQuinn on

Urg. No wonder they kept the name under wraps. Ethel Mertz! Lucy would have been much better.

Janne on

I’m assuming that the majority of these readers are from the US. Please try to remember names are different in the UK. It’s not old-fashioned at all. It could very well be a family name. I like it.

sal on

I adore old fashioned names! I am so over names like Emma and Bella, they are everywhere! I love names like Caroline, Rose and Yes,even Ethel, lol

RachelJane on

Ethel is old-fashioned in the UK too, in fact one paper said that only 3 babies were called Ethel last year, so it’s very uncommon too. But it’s not a weird name, or a made-up name/spelling. I’m really not surprised that Lily’s gone for a name like this, although I’d maybe have guessed as something ‘prettier’ like Effie.

Also to the poster who talked about the male Ariel that they knew, Ariel is a male Hebrew name – the former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon for example. It’s also a detergent in the UK!

ethel on

My name is Ethel..

holly on

get realz peplz give granny some slack
propbly lost her memory for a bit!:)

g on

My grandmother is named Ethel and it wasn’t one of the names we considered for our daughter (who ended up having the old-fashioned name Clara) because like others, it’s hard for me to relate that name to a child. But, it’s not “awful” and to me, is better than made-up names like Pilot Inspektor for sure.

holly on

ethel mary?

KatieJ on

English names tend to be more traditional. I don’t think Ethel is a terribly uncommon name in England. And Ethel is way better than Pilot Inspektor, or Apple.

meme on

wow, some strong opinionated people on here. Gees, the name is hardly that bad. It is a name we have all heard of, which I prefer than some out there name. The little girl will grow to her name, and it won’t even be thought of any more. I hope she is the sweetest, cutest little Ethel around, and that is what people will start associating the name with, instead of an old lady.

daria on

names are personal. there are no names that are universally liked, or else we’d all have the same name. i hate my name, although others tend to like it (not the name listed here, which is my middle name). congratulations to lily and her family!

kendrajoi on

Lily can be forgiven, MAYBE, because she’s an eccentric celebrity. But not you “normal” people. Anyone who thinks this is a good name for a child in this day and age, you need to have your head examined, STAT!

Tara on

All of these immature rude comments are just a testament to the world that we live in. GOD help us all!!!!!!

ron on

Sorry, that’s a very unappealing little old lady name: Like Pearl, Agnes, Gertrude, Hazel, Florence, Ida, Olive, Ivy, Flora, Mabel, Mrytle, Winnifred, Hilda, Enid, Ruby, Agatha…. Good Lord, I can just smell the moth balls and picture the balls of yarn near swollen ankles and orthopedic shoes. Most times it’s not the origin or meaning of the name but simply the way it sounds to the ear and that that entails. As a singer Lily Allen should be more in tune to that, at least. Yuk!

melissa on

I was expecting her to go for an old fashion name. I actually really like the name.

Sophia on

I’m all for “grandma” names having a comeback, and most I love, but I just can’t like Ethel. As long as Lily and Sam like it though! Welcome, Ethel Mary!

A. on

Sheesh, this site is filled with so many a**holes. There’s nothing wrong with not liking a name, but there’s no need to get so rude about it. I love old fashioned names. Ethel isn’t my favorite, but it’s most certainly not the worst. I like it better than all the cutesy/trendy names you hear all the time like: Hayley, Kaylee, Riley, Madison, Kylie, Bailey etc…I’m not a fan of those names or any other type of names associated with them. I don’t want children, but if I ever change my mind my kids are getting good and strong old fashioned names. But really, people are entitled to name their kids what they want.

Anonymous on

I think the important thing to remember about names is that how we percieve them is how we’re used to them being used. For example, my dog’s name is Maya…which is also a not-so-uncommon name for females of the human variety. But because I associate the name with my dog (and she’s the only Maya that I personally know), seeing/hearing it as a person’s name seems almost weird to me!

By contrast, someone who knows only humans with the name Maya probably isn’t going to find it odd at all! Same goes for “old lady” names. If we know only old ladies with a certain name, of course we’re going to associate the name with old ladies. But if we know mostly young kids with that name, then we’re probably going to associate with young kids.

Terri on

Well…if she likes it.

Sam on

To all the morons saying she will get teased on the playground – if she has any of her mothers spunk she will give as good as she gets and won’t let them give her crap.

KRS on

It’ll be the sons and daughters of some of the witches on sites like this that are the future bullies of the playground, I think. Sure, kids will tease her for her unusual name, but only if they’ve learned how to do that from their parents. And there are TONS of parents/future parents like that here! Come on ladies, set a good example!

Jamie Pfent on

Honestly people, names go through cycles all the times. If 30 years ago you had said you were thinking of naming your daughter Sophie, you would’ve gotten “But that’s a Grandma name!” comment. Now there are dozens of little Sophie’s running around and it’s a very “in” name. Will that happen to Ethel? Eh… probably not but it’s merely following a trend of classic and yes sometimes “Grandma” names that are coming back in style like Alice, Amelia, Lydia, Lila, etc… Many years from now we might see a sprout of Tiffany’s and Stacy’s popping back up from new parents naming their babies after beloved Grandmothers or Great Aunts.

There’s always going to be someone out there that has a negative association to the name you pick out. We got told more than once that our girl’s choice for a name (Veronica) was an “Old lady” name but I’ve never seen it that way at all. It’s all in a matter of opinion.

Regardless I’m very happy for Lilly Allen who got “rainbow” baby. Ethel would never be a favorite of mine but I can think of much worse and the more I say it the more it doesn’t sound too bad really.

Pandabear on

Wow, Amanda, that was quite an angry rant there that I am not quite sure has to do with Lily’s baby or the baby’s name. These comments never fail to surprise. OK, then!

Jennifer on

Horrible name. I tried reading it the other way around and it still sucks.

Jess on

Geriatric? All the Ethels of the world were once babies, then toddlers, then teenagers etc before they eventually became lovely old ladies.

One day, the Hayleys, Kaylees, Rileys, Madisons, Kylies, Baileys, Jaxons and Apples of this world will become grandmas and grandpas, and the youth of 2070 will thing those names are geriatric names.

m on

You people seriously have nothing better to do.

JavaJunkie68 on

I like her name…better then Apple, Blu, Buddy Bear Oliver, Pilot Inspektor Riesgraf Lee, Zuma Nesta Rock Rossdale, Bronx Mowgli Wentz, Jermajesty Jackson, Nicolas Cage named his son Kal-El — after Superman’s real name, Penn Gillette named his first daughter Moxie CrimeFighter Gillette, Robert Rodriguez has kids named Rocket, Racer and Rebel & lets not forget Moon Unit Zappa! Some people love them, but some don’t…@ the end of the day it’s what Lily & her hubby like?love…I’m so HAPPY she has a baby to hold in her arms FINALLY!!!

JavaJunkie68 on

oh & one I forgot..Shannyn Sossaman & Dallas Clayton: Baby son Audio Science…REALLY?!?!?

Kim on

My aunt’s name is Ethel Mary! Love it.

Animasch on

Ethel? Ethel is an old lady name, but at least its a name and not a color! “Blue Ivy” I mean wtf are they thinking naming their kid a color.

cj on

So happy for her to finally have her baby! yes, the name is ‘large’ and old, but she’ll grow into it. much better than knox, apple, moses, sparrow and a ton others.

Lucy on

I think the name Ethel Mary is adorable!!! I like it a lot more than Blue Ivy, which sounds like mold to me.

tori on

Happy for her but the name is horrible and I can’t think of any child who would want to go through life being called it!!!Sorry but that’s a fact Jack!!!