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01/03/2012 at 12:00 PM ET

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mary on

Ok I am sure I am gonna here about my opinion. But here is goes. I don’t get the ‘holier than thou’ attitudes. Yes I understand but not quite understand the take on artificial insemination debate the Catholics and some other religions have.

I believe that the priests and pastors are to guide you not condemn you when you fall. Cause after all we are always going to fall. No one is ever going to be perfect. ONLY GOD is perfect.

I am Lutheran and I personally do not believe you will go to hell or the unknown if you don’t do good works, Whatever.

I believe and my parents whom one was a dr and the other also worked in the medical field that GOD gave us these unique brains. That are fascinating to look at (really) and fascinating to learn about. Any way, He gave us this unique ‘organ’ so that we may learn and concur from the evils in this world. I am not talking about people’s evils but the evils of sickness, cancer, parkinsons, MS, infertility and a whole slew of other debilitating diseases.

It’s kind of a shame they acted so gosh darn quickly about getting rid of her but not so quickly when their priests were harming children.

Robyn on

I read about the firing of the woman after IVF last week. I have to say, while it DOES suck that she was fired just for getting pregnant, she signed a contract so since she breeched the contract, they were within their rights to fire her. Again, it totally sucks.

eternalcanadian on

While it is rotten luck this person got fired for using artificial insemination (and being single and female to boot), the fact remains a contract clearly outlining “dos and don’ts” was read and signed by this person. That contract was broken thus the termination of the employment. That’s the way it goes.

What I would like is for that kind of contract be equally applicable to both genders as right now it does seem it focuses on women teachers and not the men teachers. So if men teachers are single and get someone pregnant or if they use artificial insemination with their partner they also get fired.

Lesson to everyone: Read the fine print when you sign an employment contract.

Jillian on

So, she knew what the contract said and violated it and when she was punished, she is suing for money……. Hmmm, great teacher. Glad she isn’t teaching my daughter. I would never agree to a contract I couldn’t follow or didn’t believe in, but I would NEVER violate it and then sue. That is a bad example to set for your children.