Jillian Michaels: I’ve Been Matched with a Little Girl

01/01/2012 at 04:00 PM ET
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Jillian Michaels is only an ocean away from motherhood.

After announcing in 2010 that she would be focusing her efforts on starting a family, the former Biggest Loser trainer began the adoption process in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

And while she has finally received her referral, Michaels’ future daughter awaits the day they are reunited — in Haiti.

“I’ve been matched with a little girl,” she tells Access Hollywood Live.

“I went over to visit orphanages and I ended up falling in love with this little girl, and by the grace of God, I got matched up with her.”

However, while Michaels, 37, is elated that her dream of being a mother is quickly becoming a reality, she admits it is still too soon to celebrate.

“I now have to get her home … it could take up to a year to get her home,” she says. “Anything can happen and fall through or fall apart, so it’s kind of premature for me to say it, but that’s where it’s at.”

Should the adoption go awry, Michaels warns, “You’ll know why I’m devastated and not coming out of my house for months.”

— Anya Leon

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Kaylie on

Congrats to Jillian!!! Aw, I hope everything works out for her!

Nahla on

GOOD FOR YOU JILLIAN! so happy for her:) 🙂 🙂

Erika on

Congratulations to her! I think she would be an amazing mother. I hope that it all works out and she can bring her daughter home as soon as possible!

Donna on

Wishing Jillian all the best as the adoption of her new daughter moves forward. As an adoptive mom myself, I know how hard the waiting can be. I hope she’ll have her new daughter home with her very soon.

Lisa on

Is she the one who said she refused to ruin her figure by becoming pregnant, or am I thinking about another fitness person?

leogane on

i feel bad for kids from haiti who get adopted by people who have no connection to haitian culture.

karla on

So now perhaps she can adopt a husband to go with her child…wow..

Ella on

Lisa, we talked about that on the CBB FB page today. That was not what she said – here is a good link about it: http://www.momlogic.com/2010/05/jillian_michaels_pregnancy_does_not_ruin_your_body.php

s.t. weston on

Why are celebrities going outside of the U.S. to get a child? Aren’t there plenty of adoptable children in the U.S.? I don’t get it!

Mia on

Lisa- she did say she didn’t want to get pregnant because of what it would to to her body, but not because of weight reasons. She has medical conditions that would make it hard to get pregnant, and she didn’t want to put herself through fertility treatments.

Leogane- so it’s better for a kid to spend their childhood in an orphanage in a 3rd world country than to be adopted by a parent without a connection to Haiti? That makes *perfect* sense. There are plenty of ways to teach a child about their culture without actually having connections to it.

lika on

god help the child.

Melissa on

So very happy for her!! I hope it happens.

Kris on

It was not Jillian who said she didn’t want to have children because it would ruin her figure…although other people said it, which I think is absolutely terrible.

Jillian has said very openly that she has had problems and cannot have children of her own. And even if that was her reason, it’s none of our business…


Siera on

@karla. So now a woman has to be married to adopt a child?

b on

@Leogane, The child is from The Democratic Republic of the Congo, not Haiti.

And, although I know there are children here in America waiting on adoption… at least this child will have a chance at a good, safe life.
A life where she will not have to worry about FGM, rape, and hunger every day of her life!

God Bless you Jillian and good luck!

Frederick on

Excuse me, someone is annoyed because people with no connection to Hatian culture adopt the children “vacationing” in the orphanages there??? Really? So where are all of the Hatians to adopt these kids?? Should the children just sit there because oh gee no Hatians are adopting them. What a mean comment. Anyone can go out and read about and learn another culture.

Heather on

I don’t understand why when we have so many children in the US that need to be adopted why people go to other countries to adopt. SMH!

Sarah on

Isn’t she gay (or bi-sexual)? Either way, I’m thrilled for her, just pointing out that may be why she chose not to have a husband or get pregnant on her own. I don’t get why people feel the need to criticize someone’s happy moment. Who cares why she adopts? It’s a win/win situation for her and the child.

lynn on

She went over and chose her child-wth? It’s not like adopting a dog from the pound. I’ve been waiting to be matched for over 3 yrs-not Haiti. I did not go to this country and “PICK” a child. Glad she is adopting, just don’t like how she is announcing it-makes it seem like she is shopping for a child a child over others.

Sorry to naysayers-but first choice should be married couples. A mom AND dad are best if possible. Just by opinion.

francesca on

You need a husband you selfish woman! And why a haitain? Trying to be Angelina?

Meredith Berlin on

Karla-Just because she is not married doesn’t mean she can’t be happy. She is allowed to adopt even if she is not married.

Amanda on

Good for her, I hopes everything works out. I never understood why it takes so long though for everything to go through. I wish that parents who adopt could have their child much sooner!

Jen on

The reason people choose to adopt outside of the US is because our system here is A MESS. Perhaps people should educate themselves about the issue before criticizing someone who is giving a child a good home. Anyone who chooses to adopt is opening their heart and home to a child in need.

Siera on

Wow. Why so many negative comments? Did Jillian Michaels hurt someone’s feelings on this comment section?

CAL on

um Lynn are you kidding me?!?!

“I went over to visit orphanages and I ended up falling in love with this little girl, and by the grace of God, I got matched up with her.”

Some of you people are cruel, why does it matter where she got a child to adopt, why does it matter if she has a husband, this child is going to have one awesome life, better than they would in an orphanage. Stop being so bitter people (not all of you of course)

Siera on

@francesca. A woman doesn’t “need” a husband to raise a child. Just because a child is raised in a single-parent household doesn’t mean they will grow up to become some menace to society. Build a bridgem and get over your ancient way of thinking, it’s not very becoming…

Liz on

Why doesn’t she have kids of her own? Oh yes she said birthing children would ruin her body. She’s so self absorbed!

Aura Lee on

To all of you who are asking why would she adopt internationally? It is so much harder to adopt American children. Didn’t you hear the story this week about the Native American girl who was taken away from her adopted family because her bio-dad suddenly changed his mind? When you adopt internationally there is very little chance of birth parents on a whim deciding they want the kid back and ripping your child out of the only home she ever knew.

Also, the process of adoption in the US is lengthy and expensive, much more so than when you adopt abroad. Plus kids in American foster systems are much better off than kids in orphanages abroad. We adopted a Russian girl and are in the process of adopting from China. We tried to adopt from the United States but it was so difficult and we were denied for ridiculous reasons and told to reapply.

Marissa on

Liz, as has already been discussed on this post, NO, she did not.

kimberly on

Lynn,You are so way off base. I am from a family with 2 fathers and I can say that I had more love from them then most of my friends did with their families. Not to mention my fathers are still together after 25 years. Most of my friends married parents are no longer together and they have caused damage to their children with their divorce. What Jillian is doing is great. Congrats to her!!!!! Lynn get a clue.

Carolyn on

I am glad that she is getting a girl for her family. But why is it that people who can afford to adopt children go out of the US. There are thousands of children and babies who are available for adoption. Shouldn’t we take care of our own first.

jm on

Haiti = a Caribbean country

Democratic Republic of Congo = a central African country

It really makes me sad that more than one person on this board doesn’t know that. 😦

Andrea on

Congratulations to her! 🙂 Adoption is a beautiful gift for both parent and child. That little girls life has changed for the better thanks to Jillian! For those who cannot have children naturally skip the money wasting and medicine and please consider adoption! 🙂 Adoption for same sex couples should not be permitted though.

Kim on

To all those people out there who object to international adoption and point out all the children here that need adopting… Yes, that makes sense because there are many, many, many children in foster care waiting for forever families.

But it is not that simple. Many of these children in foster care are part of sibling groups and maybe she cannot take on a sibling group. Many children are older. Yes, she could adopt an older child but maybe she does not want to. It is her choice. You cannot fault her.

Any child that is adopted is a lucky child. Her daughter will be blessed with a mother who loves her and a mother who worked really hard to get her. Biological children can never say that their parents had to be fingerprinted and studied like an adopted child can.

Also, Yes the child is from Congo. So what if Jillian has not connection to Congo. Is it better to have cultural awarness or a parent? Should this little girl sty in an orphanage just to have cultural awareness? Look at Guatemala’s orphans. Once they got to have forever families and now for the sake of keeping their culture they are children on the floors of state run orphanages who are starving and neglected.

Erika on

The reason people are assuming she’s adopting from Haiti is because the article says “Michaels’ future daughter awaits the day they are reunited — in Haiti”. If you saw that part, you would probably think the child was from Haiti.

Lyne on

To – kimberly on January 10th, 2012 – Please tell your Dads they did an excellent job in raising you! Now if only closed minded people can OPEN their eyes, heart and minds, maybe this world would be a better place.

DeeJason on

I am never surprised at how incredibly mean people are online. My husband and I always wanted to adopt, it wasn’t a body image problem, it was a passion for helping a child who needed a family and home.

There are so many children in Los Angeles adopted from around the world, that I’m sure that a smart woman like Jillian can introduce any culture to this child to keep authentic experiences from the child’s country of origin traditions.

A decision to adopt is a personal decision. I was involved with a local organization in Los Angeles and worked with them and I have friends who made their decisions while visiting foreign countries. The devastation and poverty they witnessed impacted their decision making process. Any parent will tell you that raising a child isn’t for status or headlines, it’s a lifelong commitment.

Good for Jillian and the little girl, I hope that it all goes well and that she builds her forever family soon. Good luck!

goldenlifeinfl on

Congratulations! Adoption is awesome ❤

JD on

As a person who is familiar with the adoption process,foster parent process I want to say this.For those making comments about her not matching with a Haitian child,culture and all those things are quite ridiculous.

So many children need someone to love them,care for them throughout their lives.They could care less what your race is or where you come from as long as you love them.When a child in an orphanage turns 18 yrs. of age they are basically homeless.Assuming that only another Haitian can love and care for a Haitian child is ridiculous and would really cheat a lot of kids out of love and stability.

Thank God for the people in this world who’s love has no boundaries.A child who has no one in this world has different priorities than those sitting around making judgments about things they don’t experience.

Yordanos on

Why must the child come from the U.S? American lives are not worth more than anybody else’s.

Tammy on

Who cares what her reasons are? It’s her business and she has the means and desire to give a child a better life than what they have presently. Wish her luck and or just shut your mouth

Gumpy on

I am sorry, but I am getting pretty fed up that these so called “Stars” are able to make a decision to adopt and then almost immediately they have a child while people with a middle class income desparate for a child are on wait lists for years and years and are left hanging. This is for babies born in the states and babies born overseas. Double standard and that offends me.

Anonymous on

I love Jillian Michaels so much! Good luck to her and the little girl is very lucky should everything turn out well with the adoption.

i need a name on

Good Grief – I am sure many a child would be fortunate to have someone who is willing to do the work, spend the money and risk the heart ache (if they are not able to receive a child). An adopted child is more ‘work’ than just having sex if you want a child.

Cory on

Why don’t these people adopt our children from America, just like Sandra Bullock, for instance. We have over 1 million starving and helpless children right here in America!

Michelle on

Just a bit of info for those asking why adopt outside of the US when there are so many children here in need. I have a nephew adopted from Romania, not because my sister wasn’t interested in adopting here, but because the adoption process is so difficult here that it is actually easier to adopt a child from somewhere else.

meghan on

Gumpy, do you have brain damage? Jillian has been going through this process for over a year and in this post it clearly says that the little girl is not with her yet. She is waiting, like everyone else who adopts. Doesn’t sound like preferential treatment to me. I doubt she is that famous in the DRC.

Gumpy on

I really don’t. The fact is she announced in 2010 that she was interested in starting a family. She started touring homes some time after that. Then suddenly she finds a child and I will tell you that it will not be long before that child is living with her.

Also, I am not only talking about her, I am talking about the huge number of stars that have been adopting lately. Every time you turn around there is another one with a new child they adopted. It is not right when there are middle class people waiting for YEARS for a child because they don’t have the right name or right income.

Donna on

there is the American foster care system to adopt from…why can’t more celebrities follow Mariska Hargitay-Peter Hermann’s example and adopt from one of the many foster care facilities there are.

Amy on

All the best to her and I hope the process goes faster and more smoothly than she can imagine!

mary on

God help the child if they start to become overweight. This is coming from the same woman who said she would never become pregnant herself because she wasnt willing to put her body through the risk becoming fat. And yet she is fit to raise a child. I understand the need to be healthy but at the same time at what point do we go overboard and start having demented senses of what is important. YOUR BODY WEIGHT IS NOT THE MOST IMPORTANT THING ABOUT ONESELF.

Melanie on

Again, Mary, she did not say that. Check out the link posted at the top of the comments.

Danielle on

Some of the people on here sicken me. It does not matter if it’s 1 or 2 parents, if it’s same sex parents, or if it’s a straight couple. A child needs a loving home. A child just needs someone, period. If someone is willing to open up their heart and home, let them. There are so many children out there who need that. Quit focusing on the gay or straight part and focus on the important part, THE CHILD!!!! Take a look at Kimberly’s post, it is so true. Congratulations, Jillian!!!!!

LaLa on

Awww this is making me cry! It’s good to hear something good for a change!

amsjll on

A child from any country without a home is a child in need of loving arms to wrap around them. Anyone who would say one child is more deserving of that love than another, based on the country of their birth, needs to do some serious soul searching. You go tell a foreign child, look them in the eyes, that they dont deserve it nearly as much because of the soil they are on. Its simply absurd.

Anonymous on

meghan- Right on! Not only that, but other celebs have stated that it took them awhile to become parents to their adoptive children and/or otherwise alluded to the fact that they didn’t get special treatment. For example, Sheryl Crow has said both of her boys’ adoptions were procedeed by several attempts that fell through. Angelina Jolie has said that it took her nearly a year to adopt Pax (the process was begun shortly after Shiloh’s birth), and the adoption agency she used explained that the only reason it wasn’t longer than that was because, since Pax was an older child, most of his paperwork was already complete.

And Meg Ryan has said that she tried for YEARS to adopt stateside before finally making the decision to adopt from China instead. I think it’s also important to remember that most of the time, we only hear about a celebrity adoption either right before or right after it happens. So unless the celebrity decides to share the information, we have absolutely no idea how much time they spent waiting for that child.

Now that I’ve got that off my chest, I hope Jillian’s adoption is successfull!

Kara on

Speaking as a child was adopted internationally, reading some of these ignorant comments are truly hurtful. I respect that everyone has the right to have an opinion but unless you go through the difficult experience of adoption, please do not launch such hurtful comments towards Jillian or anyone who decides to adopt internationally.

The fact that she is doing it is admirable. Celebrities don’t get preferential treatment. Perhaps they don’t share that they are going through the process because they do NOT want to get preferential treatment because of the press or get asked about it every five minutes by the press. It is their right to go through the process privately and in their own way.

My parents chose to adopt internationally because it was a dream of my mother’s ever since she was a young adult. She wanted to help out kids who may not have a chance just because of where they were born. Being born in the US gives every American an immediate advantage. My birth place would not have given me a shot and I would have been shunned for being a “bastard” child, not to mention a female. It was a personal choice to adopt internationally for them.

Moreover, it is very true that adopting domestically is EXTREMELY difficult. International adoption is much quicker and easier (even though it is NOT easy or quick) and there is less of a chance that the biological parents will try to get their child back.

I feel so lucky to have such a diverse upbringing with multiple cultures. To say that Jillian won’t understand her child because they do not share the same ethnicity flabbergasts me. All of my friends have always told me that they WISH they were as close with their parents as I am to mine. My parents understand like on one else and have taken great strides to understand and help embrace my biological and cultural ethnicity. Love is love, and I feel so blessed to have been placed in my family.

It doesn’t matter WHO adopts and HOW they adopt. It just matters that these kids have a chance. I give my appreciation and support to ANYONE who chooses to go through the adoption process (international or domestic) as it is terribly lengthy, expensive, and emotional.

I apologize for being so long-winded, but please have some respect for Jillian and all of the other people who are trying to become parents in this way. It’s a personal choice that everyone should respect even if they do not understand or agree with it.

Susanna on

Man, a lot of you are a bunch of meany-moms. Just be happy for her and her child, for pete’s sake! I really can’t believe how many of you sound so completely bitter and self-righteous.

The facts are: She wants a child. There is a child who needs a mom. She is adopting that child. The end.

Really, do you have to make this more about her sexuality, adopting in the US vs. other countries, pregnancy, being a celebrity, etc….

All I can say is wow. And I really hope some of you start to see the good in this world rather than dissecting a simple news story about a woman who wants to love a child.

Anonymous on

Another thing: What is it that so many people have against international adoption? Do you honestly think that kids in other countries should just be left in orphanages to die of famine, dehydration, or disease?! Or, if they survive, to very likely end up on the streets (or worse, if they’re girls, sold in to the sex trade) once they age out of the orphanage?

Why are their lives less worthy than the lives of kids here in the states?

leslye on

what is it with celebrities that they can’t adopt children in the US that need a good home and why not adopt all the children HERE In the US that need a loving home with someone that could give them everything. Do they really have to go out of the country and I get it there are a lot of children in Africa and other countries but so many children here need the same.

Anonymous on

Donna- Not that it really matters, but I doubt that Peter and Mariska’s daughter was adopted through the foster care system, since she was a newborn when they got her (their son Andrew probably WAS in foster care when they adopted him, since he was already three months old).

Anonymous on

Kara- I could have saved myself the trouble of posting my first comment if I’d just waited a few minutes and seen yours…because you basically posted the exact same thing I was trying to! I think yours is, so far, the best comment on here!

Tim C on

She always seems angry. Many years from now there will be an unflattering book. Can you say Mommy Dearest?

Gabby on

Kara-God Bless you for your wonderful perspective and for taking the time to share your thoughts!

To all the people who have made judgmental and narrow-minded comments about “not adopting from the US when there are so many children in need”, the fact that you would make that comment tells me you’ve never tried.

Private adoptions in the US have become BIG business, and in many cases, end up costing more than international adoptions. Laws vary from state to state, but it some states, it is possible for the birth mother to come back 90 DAYS after placement and change her mind. So, just imagine your phone ringing and a social worker telling you to bring your 3month old to the courthouse.

Adoptive parents have to be “chosen” by a birth mother based on a portfolio about their family (think home, money, physical appearance etc – all that weighs in, it would be naive to think it doesn’t). That may not be the procedure for every private adoption but it is for a great many of them.

My family was told by two domestic agencies that if we were not willing to have a completely open adoption (meaning birth mother has full access to child), they could not work with us. No thanks! Again, this is not always the case, but there is a lot to domestic adoption that you need to understand before you go making broad-based negative comments.

Oh, adopt through the foster care system, you say? Understand that a great many of these children have been subjected to unimaginable horrors – it’s why they end up in foster care. And I absolutely, vehemently, believe these children deserve a loving stable home and desperately wish each and every one of them could find a forever family.

But foster-to-adopt is often a long, arduous, painful journey and not for everyone. Far better for a family to be honest about their strengths and weaknesses and if they feel they cannot make the commitment to be in a foster-to-adopt placement for the long haul, regardless of the sacrifice it requires, then don’t start the process.

There is much to adopting domestically that you need to understand before you throw rocks at a person who is willing to travel to another country and adopt a child that NO ONE in that country desires to nurture and raise and call their own.

Congratulations Jillian!!

Kara on

Thank you, Anonymous. But what you said was so beautiful and so true.

I would like to ask though for every single person who is questioning and judging people who adopt internationally, have you ever even considered adoption? Have YOU adopted? These people, celebrity or not, are making the conscious decision to HAVE A CHILD. Their method may not be your choice, but they’re choosing to give these kids a better life.

Many adoptive parents are well-prepared to love and raise these kids because they have consciously thought about having a child and adopting a child. Not to mention the serious amount of scrutiny and investigation that they must endure during the adoption process so the adoption agencies can be sure that these individuals are choosing adoption for the right reasons.

There are so many kids all over the world who need homes. Don’t judge celebs or any other person who has been through or is going through the adoption process. Some of you are judging them and saying that they should adopt kids in our own country who need them. But what are YOU doing to help all of these kids right here in our country who you say need more love than international kids? At least these people are giving these kids a home and unconditional love. Every human being needs love, no matter where they are from.

All that I am saying is that before you judge others, you should look at yourself in the mirror and ask what YOU are doing to help others in this world. Instead of spreading negativity, try spreading acceptance. You might feel better after.

Grace on

Really,Andrea? So not only should people not try to have their own biological children,but gay couples shouldn’t be allowed to adopt either?

If someone wants to try and have their own children with the help of medicine, that’s perfectly fine. Adoption is a very personal choice and although I advocate adopting and want to adopt myself one day, it’s a very personal decision and it’s not for everyone.

Also,I know plenty of gay couples who would make excellent parents and who deserve to be parents,some much more than straight couples that I know.

AA2010 on

“by the grace of God” = $$$$$$$$$$$

Jacqi on

I am adopted (65 years ago).. and proud of it.. and proud of my adoptive parents. I have never looked for my biological even though I have their names on the birth certificate…

There are so many babies and children to be adopted here in the states..

I just don’t understand.. these people that go off to foreign countries.. no matter how hard it is.. perseverance for a loving person who wants a home… if I were a bit younger, I’d look into adopting a “child”… not an infant…

God bless our adoptitees in the USA

suzy diamond on

Where’s a FATHER? These celebs look at adoption like we look at picking out a new puppy. It’s NOT about the child, it’s about the CELEB and what makes THEM feel good. This woman doesn’t even want children the “old fashioned” way because she’s AFRAID she’ll ruin her figure. TRUE! She has made this statement. So, I have to ask myself how “genuine” is this?

Melanie on

NOT TRUE. Learn to read.

Marky on

jacqi, you may be an adult adoptee, but that means you understand only a part of the adoption equation. Most of these celebs are just like any adoptive family; they go through the process, hope they get picked (which they may not, since a bio mom nay not want the notoriety for their child)._ what you don’t realize is how hard it is waiting to be approved, hoping the ones in charge say you are okay, then the waiting…..it took years for Sandra Bullock, 3 years for Denise Richards, years for Nia Vardalos.

We did both domestic and foreign adoptions, and nothing was easy either time. The domestic adoption took 4 years, we had already adopted a child from Korea, and no one was against the adoption, not even the child’s great-grandparents@ Just red-tape!

As for those older children some of you talk about so freely (if you’re deciding what someone else ought to do); you have no idea what these children have been through, and you don’t know what to do to make certain that not only you and that child are okay, but your own children are safe.

We went through one situation that ended in unspeakable horror for our family, when we tried to adopt an older child.

It is soooo important that you make no judgements regarding how someone else builds their family. You have no idea what might, or might not happen, and how hard that may be for the children they already have. Some situations turn out well, but some….not so much.

Please, just offer your congratulations, and save your judgement for whenever you serve on a jury.

Cyndi on

Another celebrity adopting a child outside of the USA…YAWN…who do they think that they’re impressing ? Really sad that the USA is good enough to put money in the pockets of these people, give them their celebrity, but then they can’t even try to help a child in the USA that needs a home. Whatever, truly , a bunch of LOSERS…

Lily-Ann on

In my honest opinion, i believe she couldn’t have children, because all the damage she did to her body. She worked herself too much, and pushed her body when a body should not be pushed that hard. I also believe she injected hormones into herself, steroids, high levels of testosterone, amongst others, to help her along the way.

My sister in law is a fitness trainer, and she now looks quite masculine like jillian, and can’t have children because of the trauma she made her body go through. Not saying, that all people can’t have children due to extreme fitness regimes, just saying its pretty common. But even if that be the case, i’m still happy for her, and wish her all the best.

sw on

1. It doesn’t matter where the child comes from. A child who needs a home is a child who needs a home.

2. Gay, straight, married or single has no impact on your abilities as a parent.

3. Please stop referring to the children “of her own” adoptive parents may or may not have. This implies that our adopted children are not “our own,” and they most certainly are.

And, yes, I “know what you mean,” but I am not sure the beautiful girl by my side does when you say, “Oh, how nice you adopted when you also have children of your own.” (phew. thank you for listening to all of my pet peeves at once.)

SP on

All I have to say is congrats to Jillian and shame on the rest of you that have nothing but negative things to say about this joyous thing that she has embarked on. It’s sickening that the first thing most of you think and say is something negative. Do us all a favor and keep your ignorant mouths shut.

Abbie on

I think people need to stop criticism of a person opening their heart to adoption. Especially if you have biological children and you have the nerve to say that a women should only look in the US to adopt because so many kids need homes here.

Why didn’t you adopt instead of having children naturally? There are so many children in need of homes, isn’t it selfish of YOU to bring another child into this world?

Think before you speak people! A child in need of adoption, is a child in need of adoption!!!! It doesn’t matter where they are they need a home! People are so high and mighty these days, it makes me sick.

Sue on

First, anyone who has never adopted, or tried, probably has no idea of the process involved, whether it be within the USA or internationally. My daughter was adopted from abroad and although I initially knew nothing of her culture I made it a point to learn and carry on with traditions of her heritage.

It does seems many celebrities (and people in general), think it’s rather easy to “just adopt” but it’s not. Also, when people say “she couldn’t have a child of her own”, what exactly does that mean? Although my daughter was not from my womb, every part of her is “my own”.

Good luck to Jillian, I’d like to think positively that she will probably a loving and stable home (as I don’t see Jillian much in the celebrity limelight like some others).

gottabelieve on

She is the dumbest broad on the block. I keep watching her on these shows, and it’s like nothing but empty attic space in that head of hers. She only got where she is because of her physique and attitude.

suzanne on

Congrats to Jillian! I am an adoptive mom and my child was born in another country. People assume that there is an abundance of children available for adoption in this country. What they don’t know is that most of the children in foster care are not legally free to be adopted, and the main goal of foster care is reunification with the birth family.

I’m sure Jillian has put a lot of thought into her adoption and it is not anyone’s business to question it. If you think it is, then everyone who chooses to give birth should be questioning themselves as to why they chose to give birth rather than adopting domestically. You would never criticize a pregnant woman for giving birth rather than adopting, so why critize an adoptive parent on where their child is born?

Marcus on

s.t. weston

At the end of the day every adoptive parent is different, and it’s is not our place to judge them on what is right for their family. You say she should adopt from USA. Why? Why choose a child that has food and water over one that doesn’t? And what makes you think, you have the right to tell her what is right for her? What she can and can’t deal with, live with as a parent?

People think I am harsh when it comes to adoption, cause I refuse to adopt children with great physical, and mental disabilities I just simply couldn’t care for them as they should be taken care of, so at the end I would be hurting this child more then helping them, but you, you are 100 times worse.

Tell her she should be ashamed of wanting a child out of a different country. Not your place to judge her and tell her she should be ashamed of her choice and her child. Shame on you for being so rude to her about her choice. You think that because you have a computer and an internet connection you automatically have a say and you don’t

samantha on

Why is it that people have to go to other countries to adopt a child? There are so many children in the United States that NEED a forever family!! Are the requirements less elsewhere or is it cheaper?? What’s the deal?? I’m frankly sick of hearing about celebrities adopting children from foreign countries!!

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I don’t know if you’re currently partnered or not ( not that it makes a whit of difference ), but I am oh-so-happy for you and hope you have loved ones to celebrate with and lean on while this process takes its course. I find it brave you chose a child from Democratic Republic of Congo; there are many cultural differences and internal strife, and to remove a female child from that situation is a very loving act.

For all your drill-sergeant TV persona, I know this bundle of joy will turn your personality into a big bowl of mush. Loved and cherished children do that. And I’ll keep a candle lit that things go smoothly for both you and her. I know you’re over-the moon; 95% of the people here are for you too.

As always, ignore the H8, and give love back. And bring her to Palm Springs – she’ll be the Princess!!

CT on

To ST Weston

How do you know she did not try to adopt in the US? I personally know many who wait for years trying to adopt in the US and never get matched to no fault of thier own. I encourage you to educate and inform yourself about the complexities of the adoption process. It is difficult and complex.

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There are very few babies available for adoption in the U.S. and the wait time can be as much as a decade with a real possibility that you will never be matched with a child. Jillian is around 40 – she may not want to wait years for the baby. Sandra Bullock I think said she had to wait close to 5 years before getting matched with Louis.

There is a lot of judging going on without bothering to find out what the real situation is. To judge others based on assumptions is more than a bit inappropriate. And say you’re just stating your opinion if you want, but it doesn’t change the fact your opinion is based on an ignorance of the facts.

Suzanne, people do criticize pregnant women for giving birth rather than adopting domestically if they got pregnant using fertility treatments. It’s very sad how little women support each other and how quick we are to judge one another.

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I wonder how U.S. children in need of a good home feel when they see in the news that children from other countries are being adopted and brought here to be taken care of. It would make me feel unlovable if I were one of those children. Folks, please look in your own back yard FIRST!

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I wish her the best, but I still think, there are many children here in the USA, that need to be adopted too.

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Um, really leogane? “i feel bad for kids from haiti who get adopted by people who have no connection to haitian culture.”

You know who I feel sorry for??

Children in Haiti who are languishing in overcrowded orphanages!

What a ridiculous comment.

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There are so MANY children here, in AMERICA that are starving and need homes.. I just find it outrageous that all of these celebrities feel the need to go to these other countries to adopt..We should take care of our own first! It must be a major culture shock for the children that are taken from the enviorment that they know and brought to a foreign place.. That has to be un-healthy for a child.It is hard to even have respect for people who do this..

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I’m sorry….all those who are so concerned about adopting American children vs. International children….how many children have YOU adopted or fostered? And those who are so upset because you think celebs get special treatment…..who cares?! Its about the children, not the parents.

And those who’ve made comments about Haitians not adopting Haitian children…..have you been to Haiti lately? Or EVER? If you had, you would know that there’s a reason it’s called a third world country. 4 of my children were born in Haiti and when I used to visit them during the adoption process, I saw mothers & fathers bring their children to the orphanage, crying their eyes out & hearts broken because they could not feed that child & they knew their child had a better chance at life if he/she were adopted. They were willing to sacrifice seeing that child ever again just so their child could have life.

To me, that’s a sacrifice I myself am too selfish to make. And since the earthquake, the country has not recovered, it has not rebuilt, so much of the money that was donated has never even reached the people. The adoption system for people who are adopting internationally is horrific, and I’m not even sure there’s a system in place for domestic adoption/fostering in the country. So please quit judging the Haitian people & please quit judging whoever(celebs or average person) who adopts internationally.

Humans are born with an innate need for love & nurturing. They are not born with an innate need to be born/adopted into a home with a certain number of parents, or parents who look like them or have the same cultural background.

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Let me guess. All of you here judging Jillian are “church-going” people too, right? Gimme a break, leave your judgement at church and leave Jillian alone. If you haven’t walked in those shoes, you have no right to judge anyone and their decisions.

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Interesting there’s no mention of her girlfriend…hmmm.

In all serious-ness I wish Ms. Michaels and her “future daughter” all the best with many blessings.

Linda on

I adopted domestically and didn’t find the process all that difficult. I first tried county social services in my previous home state and was told they weren’t taking applications. I then did some research online and found a private agency that was happy to work with me. They did the home study and connected me with several lists of waiting children. I found my daughter in the NorthWest Treasure book.

That was 15 years ago and, while there are days I would pay Gypsies to take her away (as would the parents of most hormonal teens), I couldn’t imagine life without her. My biggest hurdle was NW Airlines plane breakdowns and stranding me for 24 hours on the way for our first meeting. I was the screaming hysterical mother in the airport begging them to get me to rural Montana to reach the child I had never seen except in photos.

Years later, I contacted county social servies here in CA and within 2 weeks was attending an orientation meeting and registering for the 6 week adoption class they require. At the end of 3 months, my paperwork was done and I was looking at children of all ages waiting for a family.

The moral of the story is to not give up at the first turn down. Most states will reimburse you for fees paid to private agencies when you adopt a child from the foster system.

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Karla, and maybe she can stay barefoot in the kitchen while she’s at it! A woman doesn’t have to have a husband to be a good parent. Get out of the cave….or let your Neanderthal drag you out by your hair. Congrats to Jillian!

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That’s great news! I hope she is able to bring her daughter home soon. I adopted overseas, too (China), and it was a nail-biter waiting to go get my child after the matching process. Thank God everything went OK. My daughter has been with us for 7 years now, and she is the joy of our lives.

Best wishes to Jillian and her new daughter.

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Come on people… it doesn’t matter where the orphanage is or how the adoption came about. All that matters is that this young girl gets to grow up with a mother’s love. We should all be happy for that.

open minded on

WOW! I sometimes think people must just post things because they like to see what stirs up from it.

I’m still sitting here jaw dropped that anyone can write, “i feel bad for kids from haiti who get adopted by people who have no connection to haitian culture.” Seriously? Let’s ask some children who spend their lives in a Haitian orphanage, which I’m sure every child has a room of their own, toys galore and not to mention awesome school opportunities, yea lets ask them if they would rather stay there or be adopted by someone who doesn’t have a connection to their culture? I’m still laughing over that one.

Maybe if it didn’t take so long and hard to adopt in the US more would do so. Lets face it if you want a child you don’t want to wait years. We are not a patient culture, we want things sooner than yesterday that’s why there are so many fast food places, who wants to take time to cook a meal?

Anyone can be a great single parent! You don’t need anyone else to make you feel special. It’s nice, but then again lets look at the divorce rate….and why is everyone so concerned about adopting all the US babies first? We are all Gods children and I’m pretty sure there’s no label on your butt when your born in the US that says “You are a superior baby because you were born in the US.” I haven’t found the label on me yet and I was born here?

What an amazing world this would be if people could learn to encourage and repect one another instead of hate, cut down, criticize, belittle, and just think you are all of that and then some to give your crappy two cents worth about someone who you don’t even know! Just because you go to the orphanage doesn’t mean your picking out the baby like a puppy in a pound. What about the parents who meet with several teen moms who are giving up their baby? Are they pound picking as well? Aren’t they checking out what the mom’s look like? Please people I think if you have the means to go somewhere and see if there is a “connection and bond” with a child why wouldn’t you do that? I don’t think it means you’re going to take the “pick of the litter!”

My friends adopted a brother and sister from Haiti who have to be on meds for bowel disorders and they knew this before they adopted them. These children are being given a wonderful opportunity here that would of most likely resulted in death if left at the orphanage…lets ask them 10 years from now if they would of rather stayed there then be adopted by a couple who have no connection to their culture! Many of you on these posts need to engage your brain before you type next time!


It never ceases to amaze me how nasty people can be while they are “anonymous”. A child somewhere is being adopted, why should anyone care which country the child is from? Even IF the reason she wanted to adopt to save her body, GOOD FOR HER! Human beings are nasty, selfish creatures…if everyone were so “selfless” and wonderful, there wouldn’t be a child in an orphanage anywhere because they would all be adopted, rather than breeding for your own selfish gratification. Go one step further and millions of healthy animals wouldn’t be “put down” every year because they would all be adopted as well. Wake up and get your heads out of your collective arses and do soemthing for someone besides yourselves!

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I found out 4 months ago that my mom gave a baby up for adoption. He found her and contacted her on her birthday. I got to meet him and his family for the first time last month(he lives halfway across the country). It has been an amazing experience and now I get to tell people I have 4 brothers and a sister. Good Luck Jillian!! I know my bro had a better life than he would have if my mother would have kept him(she was very young).

Kerri on

It’s a baby, not a vacuum cleaner — why so much pressure to “buy American”? All children, regardless of where they happen to be born, deserve a loving parent or parents.

Stacy B on

Good for her. People do not realize how hard it is to adopt a child from the US. She may not have wanted a baby and wanted a toddler. In the US, you can not adopt a toddler unless it’s through foster care. Most states are very big on re-united the mother with her children. This makes it very difficult.

Also, adopting through the US can take at minimum a year to two years. Depending on the waiting period for each state. Adopting through foreign countries is so much easier and people can adopt infants through adolescents.

anonymous on

My heart goes out to her in what is I am sure an emotional, difficult and trying time of adopting a child. My prayers for her that she’s able to give her love to this little girl.

heather on

a lot of you people are criticizing her for adopting out of the US. if you’re so hell bent on domestic adoption & you figure it’s so easy, why don’t you start doing it yourself instead of having biological kids. get over yourselves already.

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Ella on

NO SHE DIDN’T. If you notice, she never said ruin! That’s the Huffington Post’s own headline. Here is her answer since no one is visiting the link.

momlogic: So many of our readers responded to our post about your Women’s Health article. It’s obviously something moms were very passionate about. Were your comments taken out of context?

Jillian Michaels: They were taken out of context and misconstrued. First of all, the writer wrote that I have an “aversion” to pregnancy — which was her word, not mine. I never said that. It was at the very end of a three-hour interview. The writer said, “Do you want to have kids?” And I said, “I’m planning to adopt.” She then asked, “Why wouldn’t you get pregnant?” I said there were many reasons … one being that “I can’t handle doing that to my body,” but I didn’t tell her why.

The truth is, I learned very early on that I have endometriosis and polycystic ovaries. I was always told that fertility would/could be a problem for me. Why do I have this? I’ve heard everything from, “You have too much caffeine in your body” to “It’s genetic” to “You need to be put on the birth control pill” — and I don’t believe in using synthetic hormones. In order to get pregnant, I know it would require surgery. For me, it becomes a sort of “I can’t handle doing that.” I’ve always just accepted that this is my thing, and this must mean I was meant to adopt, and that’s OK. But who knows — there might be advances in science for women with endometriosis, so I’ll never say never. But, for now, I plan to adopt.

[The writer] then asked if one of the reasons I wanted to adopt instead of get pregnant was because I was an overweight kid. I said, “That could be part of it ….” Then, in the piece, she said that was the reason for my “aversion” (again, her word) to pregnancy.

I was feeling kind of panicked about answering the question. For me, it was a very personal question — and I had a lot of shame about the answer. If I tell people I have issues in this area, will they judge me and say, “If she has problems in this area, how healthy can she be?” I don’t think anyone with issues is “less than,” but this is just how I was feeling in the moment. It caught me off-guard.

But NEVER in there did I say, “I WON’T get pregnant for sure” or that it ruins your body. Never have I said that pregnancy ruins bodies. I don’t believe that. My best friend has an 8-year-old and she has one of the best bodies in town. Ali Sweeney’s body looks even better after having Megan … she looks amazing. I helped train her! Madonna has one of the best bodies in the world, and she’s had two kids.

I don’t feel that pregnancy ruins a body at all, and I was really upset that an entire community of women felt hurt by what I allegedly said. So much has been misconstrued and taken out of context. I do expect that from the media, so I don’t really care about that. But what I DO care about is moms. So if moms or women out there feel betrayed at all, that matters to me. Moms are incredibly important to me.

ml: Were you surprised by the reaction that your alleged statement received?

JM: I didn’t really understand how touchy this subject was. When it got the reaction it did, I realized that this had really struck a chord with women. This must mean that so many women do have these worries and concerns. The words that “pregnancy ruins a body” were put in my mouth — because I didn’t say it — but many women must worry that it does or that it might, because it just had such an impassioned response. Obviously, all women don’t have these insecurities, but they are real for some. And this may have triggered that for some women.

It also made me realize that I need to be much more careful and on my feet about a topic like this. Shame on me for being ashamed! Had I not been ashamed about it … if I had been 100 percent honest, none of this would have happened. I could have just said, “I’m not going to answer that,” but I think that implies I’m hiding something. I always wanted to be truthful and tell others to “live in your truth.” But here, I was withholding a little bit. The lesson I learned is that I need to be truthful.

Shawnielee on

They need to make the process of adopting in the USA a little easier and perhaps more people would try to adopt here instead of internationally. But regardless a child in need of a home is a child in need of a home! It doesn’t matter what country they come from!!! I know I will get a lot of mean comments for this…but maybe if less women got abortions in this country perhaps there would be more babies available for adoption.

Anonymous on

Whoa! I didn’t realize that so many people on here actually know all the celebs that have adopted personally and therefore know exactly how long each of them spent waiting for their children (and that it’s a fact that they all got their children quickly)!

I also didn’t realize that so many people think children in orphanages in third world countries should just be left to languish and very possibly die before they even reach their first birthday. Could you honestly look a child like Zahara Jolie-Pitt (who was very close to death when she was adopted) in the eye and tell that child she or he shouldn’t have been adopted and that his or her parents should have adopted from the U.S. instead?! I didn’t think so.

Animasch on

I’m sorry, but are there no American children here in the United States that need a parent? I’m sure if these celebrities look hard they’ll be able to find 100s of unwanted teenage pregnancies that they could adopt. She’s been waiting for 2+ years to adopt outside the US? Well in that time she probably could’ve had adopted an American baby.

suzanne on


Why is an American baby more worth of adoption than any other child?

Any of you who think a person with adoption in their heart should adopt from the US and the US only, please tell me what about that child makes them more worth than another child.

I want you to seriously think about your answer. Do geographical lines make a child more worthy? Does color make a child more worthy? Does ethnic background make a child more worthy?

My answer is no. No child is more worthy than any other child. This is not about religion or patriotism. These are precious children that we are talking about. They ALL deserve loving homes.

Anonymous on

Animasch- That’s not neccesarily true that she could have adopted an American baby within the two years she’s been looking abroad. Adoption in the states can take far longer than that. Just ask Meg Ryan, who has said she tried for TEN years to adopt from the U.S. before finally adopting from China instead. Or Sandra Bullock, who had to wait (if memory serves) five years before finally being matched with Louis (and since Louis is African-American, that also proves that being willing to adopt a child of color doesn’t always make the process go faster!).

Or Nia Vardalos, who also had to wait quite awhile to be matched with her daughter (who was an older child to boot, so there again being more open to whom she was willing to adopt didn’t help speed up the process). Or….Well, I think you get my point!

JM in San Diego CA on

Single celebrities have a pretty good track record with raising children, but they have resources ($$$) that make everyone’s life a little less troublesome.

I wish single young women WITHOUT the resources would realize that celebrities can make it LOOK easy, when it’s not.

Jeannie on

That’s great but yet another “famous” person adopts outside their country who cares take care of your fellow people first!!!!!!! But hey they get more press for going outside the country!! Narcism at it’s BEST————–next

Melissa on

I hope this works for her and nothing goes wrong. Being a mother is the greatest thing that can ever happen to a person. Best of luck, Jillian! :))

Anonymous on

Since so many people here seem to think celebs never adopt from the U.S., here’s a list of just some of the ones who have:

Edie Falco
Lionel Richie
Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman
Michelle Pfeiffer
Sharon Stone
Sheryl Crow
Joely Fisher
Denise Richards
Big Kenny and his wife Christiev
Hugh Jackman and Deborah-lee Furness (although theirs was techinically an international adoption since they’re Australian)
Nia Vardalos and her husband (can’t remember his name at the moment!)
Willie Garson
Kristin Davis
Diane Keaton
Mariska Hargitay and Peter Herman
Sandra Bullock
Viola Davis and Julian Tennon

It sure doesn’t look like hardly any celebs adopt from the states to me! 🙂

kerry on

There are so MANY children here, in AMERICA that are starving and need homes.. I just find it outrageous that all of these celebrities feel the need to go to these other countries to adopt..We should take care of our own first! It must be a major culture shock for the children that are taken from the enviorment that they know and brought to a foreign place.. That has to be un-healthy for a child.It is hard to even have respect for people.

No, there are no orphanages of starving American children just waiting to be adopted. Women in this country who are unmarried overwhelmingly keep their babies. For reasons of bonding, especially, most people want to adopt babies, and there are very, very few babies available for adoption. Older children in foster care are unlikely to be available for adoption since their parents have not lost parental rights and it’s assumed the family will be reunited at some point. Those older kids who are freed for adoption almost uniformly have serious mental-health problems, which are very difficult/impossible for most people to deal with. (How many biological parents would give birth if they knew it was more than likely that their child would be seriously mentally ill?)

Lore on

I’m just glad she’s not on the show ‘The Doctor’s’ anymore. She is a pushy, self-centered person. But maybe that’s showbiz! I hope the baby grows up in a normal home. Not in a home of a person pushing dangerous diet pills (‘Jillian Michaels QuickStart Rapid weight loss program, Maximum strenght fat burner pills’). She is one of the most annoying people on TV causing me to stop watching any show she’s on.

ann on

Wow you people are so dumb, she says “she doesn’t want to ruin her body” so you believe that? She’s GAY, she doesn’t like men, she likes women, why are you people so dumb you can’t figure that out???

Suzanne on

I would like to say I am shocked at all the comments about why Jillian chose adoption and about why she is not adopting a child here in the US, but I’m not shocked. The comments are based on IGNORANCE and sadly they are comments that adoptive parents have to deal with all the time.

It seems that when people find out you are adopting, they feel the need to tell you how/where/when you should do it. It doesn’t matter if they’ve never adopted or fostered. Suddenly, they are the experts of how people they’ve never met before should form their families.

As far as the “let’s take care of our own first” comments, I would like to ask that commenter how many of “our own” children have they adopted. It’s truly sickening the way that people think that only children born in the US are deserving of loving homes from US citizens.

I’m just going to say it, I’ve tried to be nice, but some of the comments have made me rethink my nice strategy. If there is someone out there who thinks Americans should only adopt Americans, I want to tell them what a horrible horrible horrible sentiment that is. Children are children. Period. They all deserve loving families. ALL OF THEM. Every single child on the face of this earth deserves to be raised in a family. Every one.

CM on

What the hell is wrong with you people?

Adopting a child, no matter its race or nationality, is commendable. Before you start blasting anyone for going overseas to adopt a child, take a look at yourselves.

Did YOU adopt someone from your country in order to help your own, or did you just open your legs and create a new person? Do YOU donate any of your time and money to charity to help children within your own country, or are you too busy ferrying your herd to soccer and ballet practice and putting your money into getting them the latest iPhone?

Yeah, I thought so. STFU.

P.S.: There is nothing wrong with not wanting to be pregnant. Get over yourselves.

Bobby on

One thing has become clear reading this old article. People don’t read what other people write. All those people shouting “WHY NOT ADOPT AMERICAN?” had their question answere multiple time over, yet kept on posting the same stupid comments. Clearly no one reads what anyone esle writes