Spotted: Kevin Federline and Preston – Totally Tubular!

12/30/2011 at 03:00 PM ET

Doting dad Kevin Federline hits the slopes with son Sean Preston during a family trip to Lake Tahoe, Calif. on Thursday.

The 6-year-old and his little brother Jayden James, 5, are the former dancer’s children with ex-wife Britney Spears. He is also father to Kaleb, 7, and Kori, 9, with Shar Jackson, and 4-month-old daughter Jordan Kay with girlfriend Victoria Prince.

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Kai on

That looks like Sean Preston to me..

Hea on

I love a happy picture! This one is great. Not to nitpick though but I wish they’d wear helmets.

Sam on

I sure would hate the paparazzi following my children and I around day after day, but if I were Kevin, I’d frame this picture! Look at that happy smile on his face!

torgster on

What’s taking all the Kevin haters so long to jump all over this story lol? Personally when I see this pic of a man and his little son obviously delighted with each others company, it just plain makes me feel good. ‘Nuff said.

Danielle on

That’s Sean Preston not Jayden. Cute picture though!

Natasha on

Since when do people wear helmets to go sliding ?

I’ve never once worn a helmet to go sliding… biking yes, sliding no

Hea on

Since when do people do anything? All I’m saying is you’ve only got one head and you best take care of it. I meant no disrespect. Where I live, most kids wear helmets when skiing, sledging and so on.

ParrotsX3 on

Yes, always wear a helmet while sledging! LOL!

Sarah K. on

That’s definitely Sean Preston. And, I have never seen a kid wear a helmet to go sledding/tubing. Skiing, snowboarding, biking? Yes. Tubing down a hill? No.

Beautiful kids on

What a beautiful pic of father an son,look like they are having a blast. He is a good Dad which is why he has custody. Those boys always look so happy when they are with their father. he should frame this picture, it is too cute

emily on

I agree….the helmet comment was ridicilous. I’ve literally never seen anyone wear one while snow tubing. It was good for a laugh though….

meghan on

Where’s his snowsuit made out of bubble wrap and full face head cage? He could get hurt!!!!

Mya on

I literally shouted “WHAT?!” over the helmet comment LOL.

But yeah that’s definitely the older boy and it’s a cute picture 🙂

Tee on

I’m not altogether sure which child that is because they look so much alike to me and I haven’t seen a current picture in awhile. But whoever it is, that is such a sweet daddy/son shot! They really look like they are having fun.

I live in the deep south, so I’m not altogether sure what helmet protocol is in regards to tubing on the snow. But even if you disagree, I don’t understand why the need to be rude to Hea. She was just expressing concern for the child and she was perfectly polite about it.

Pipsqueeke on

The article says that it is Sean Preston…why are people stating a fact that we already know?? Cute picture!

Niko on

5 kids from 3 different women! Aiyaiyaiyaiyai…..

Sheri on

I live in a resort town and I can tell you that the fire department gets daily calls for people injured on our local sled hill. They are mostly back, neck and head injuries. Wearing a helmet may seem silly to some, but for those of us who are healthcare professionals I really wish helmets were every bit a part of sledding as they are for bicycling, kayaking and snowboarding/skiing.

This is an adorable picture and agree that Kevin should get a copy and frame it.

Doreen on

Love this photo of the two of them! Sean Preston is so happy & so is Kevin! 🙂 He should get this framed!!

AmandaK on

What a nice pic. Looks like both are having fun. I never heard of wearing a helmet sledding. With how overprotective people are nowadays I wouldn’t be surprised if kids had to wear helmets while walking.

alicejane on

I knew a family who had a little boy who suffered a bad head injury from sledding. I also never wore a helmet when sledding (not even while skiing as a kid) and I know most people didn’t, so it sounds ridiculous, but accidents happen.

Remember Natasha Richardson? Granted, she was skiing when she fell, but if I remember right, her fall was pretty tame and she felt perfectly fine immediately afterwards. And then died shortly after from internal bleeding. An extreme example, but it happens more often than people think, which is scary.

All seriousness aside, this is an adorable picture. Kevin does seem like a really good and involved dad to his kids.

Liz on

@Pipsqueeke- The article initially stated that this was Jayden, not Sean Preston.

This is such a sweet photo. Definitely one to frame and stick on the mantle.

Anonymous on

Pipsqueeke- I’m guessing that PEOPLE initally said that it was Jayden in the photo and then corrected the post when commentors pointed out that it was really Sean Preston. 🙂

2cute- Actually, there was a recent article in PEOPLE about Britney, and Kevin was quoted as saying that the boys are doing great “in their mother’s care”. So it sounds like Britney may actually have primary custody now.

In anycase, Preston is a cutie!

jaz on

Nice Photo.

Please Kevin isn’t followed around like most celebs. He calls the paps and sets up these shots with the kids. It’s been reported by many blogs/websites and all these photos are taken by the same 1 agency. Britney rarely gets photographed with the boys that much anymore. He’s obviously a great dad, but selling photos of your kids is quite odd and desperate.

The boys were on tour with Britney for weeks at a time and from October till last week, while kevin was filming a weight loss show in australia.(LOL) According to Kevin, the kids are doing well in school and under her care. They even got to join their mom on stage a few times. It was really cute to see them on stage.

Good to see them doing well.

Good to see them work it out.

Nancy on

Ha Ha! I am from Minnesota and the kind of tubing they are doing does NOT require a helmet! Nobody wears a helmet for that.

The previous poster must be thinking of helmets with snowmobiling which is also known as “sledding”.

Janna on

@jaz — “It’s been reported by many blogs/websites”

Is that your ironclad source? A blog?

Lisa on

At my local ski resort, helmets are required for tubing just as they are for skiing and snowboarding. I have a brain injury and can tell you how important it is to protect your brain. May seem silly to some, but live one day in my shoes and I guarantee you will change your mind.

Beautiful kids on

Britney can’t make decision on her life without her father say doubt she can make decision on these boys life. They were on tour with her ,but he has primary custody. A photo is worth a thousand words, They are so adorable together ,I agreee with poser,he should totally frame it.

Hea on

Seems some of you get your kicks out of being rude. Make fun of me if you must, I don’t really mind nor care. Perhaps Americans hardly use helmets for winter activities but where I live – we usually do. Because of the risk of head and neck injuries when you hit the slopes. The kids at work have to wear a helmet when they use our sled slope. There are a great deal of neck and head injuries this time of the year when people play around like this.

Maybe I used the wrong word for some activities as well, I don’t know, English is not my first language.

Tracie on

Actually I am pretty sure Kevin and Britney have joint custody now. They spend just as much time (if not more) with Britney these days. Probably has to do with a new baby being around as well.

That is a really adorable picture. There are more around with the other kids as well. Kori has really grown into a little cutie. And Kaleb and SP really look a like.

JMO on

First and foremost this pic is adorable!! I think Kevin although he may not be father of the year or the greatest guy in the world he seems to be trying his best to be a good dad. Can’t judge him for that.

As far as helmets go I don’t think the comment was stupid as some pointed out but in reality nobody wears them when tubing and/or sledding.

Yes, Natasha Richardson fell on ski’s and as someone pointed out it was a pretty tame fall. She ended up with a head injury and died. But we could literally fall on our own two feet or trip down a set of stairs and land the wrong way and injure ourselves. We don’t wear helmets when getting in a car although their is always that risk we could get in an accident and suffer a major injury.

Bottom line is we can’t walk around in a bubble and worry about the “what if’s” of what could potentially happen.

I think it’s important for parents to always keep an eye on their kids while they tube or sled at any age. And I do think it’s important to teach kids that you hold on and don’t mess around while sledding to not risk the chance of falling off and getting hurt.

Brooklyn on

What a cute picture. Sean looks so excited!

Holiday on

Hea I agree with you! If my kids were to go sledding I think I would have them wear a helmet. I am big on safety and I think a helmet is a smart idea.

Anonymous on

Kai and Danielle … it says it’s Sean not Jayden. Please re-read the first sentence.

Anonymous on

Beautiful kids- Actually, in a recent article about Britney in PEOPLE magazine (the same one where Kevin was quoted as saying the boys are doing well in her care), it was mentioned that the Britney’s dad’s conservatorship over her person (he’s also conservator over her finances) is “in name only” now, and that Britney lives her life “the way she wants to”.

Not only that, but she is currently engaged. So if she can get married while under a conservatorship, she can probably get at least joint custody of her kids while under one.

Anonymous on

I can actually see both sides of the helmet argument. While I don’t think it’s neccesary to wear a helmet while tubing (as long as it’s on a hill without any sort of “jumps” or bumps), I can see why some people think it is. When I was a kid, I went tubing at my local ski resort. Not only did I take a bit of a spill, but it was actually going UP the hill rather than down it! During one of my “runs”, my tube somehow became unhooked about halfway up from the rig that pulls the tubes up the hill.

This caused me to roll out of the tube (I forget if it was because of the movement or just me doing it instinctively). My only injury was to my pride, but I can see how a tumble like that could easily result in a very bad injury (by the way, I made it the rest of the way up the hill thanks to a fellow tuber, who grabbed onto the rigging of my tube as his was pulled past and held onto it until we reached the top).

Bancie1031 on

AWE! What a cute picture! SP seems to be having a blast 🙂 Look at that smile ….. Pictures are worth a thousand words …..


@Kai…because it is Sean Preston! Says at top of article!!!


Spme of you people are awful for making fun of “HEA” for making a comment or suggestion about wearing a helment. Its actuall a good idea especially for kids, we are talking about a injury that could leave him in critical condition for the rest of his life, or even worse death. I guess you wouldnt totally understand (but its really common sense) unless you work in the medical field at the ER seeing the damage that happens to peoples bodies. Geesh, give him/her a break…. “HEA” i 100% AGREE WITH YOU. In my opinion, there should be a law that children are required to wear a helmet.

Cass on

That little boy is so cute.

Sean and Jayden are both adorable.

But the fact he has a son named Jayden then named his daughter Jordan. Really? Kevin and Victoria couldn’t be a little more creative :/

Jillian on

Anon and Ohio….the article has changed. Originally it listed the wrong child. So the posters you are addressing are confused because the article was written with incorrect info.


Hea on

OHIO – Thank You.

JMO – Nobody wears a helmet? Seems to me, after reading this thread, that quite a few do and it’s even required at some resorts?

I’ve seen one brain dead child and that was enough for me. Had to share a room with him in intensive care and it took him 6 weeks to finally die. I’m not forcing my kids to wear a helmet 24/7 but I guess I’m more careful than others. I’m not familiar with this tubing thing Kevin and Sean Preston are doing. I didn’t know those things were rigged up to something but that doesn’t really change my feeling that a helmet wouldn’t hurt. Better safe than sorry I say. If that’s funny and laughable then so be it.

kimmie on

To everyone still correcting Kai: It said Jayden originally, it was then corrected, after the comments were made. So drop it. It was mentioned several times already.

kirsty on

My daughter wears a helmet while sledding. Children have died while sledding because of head injuries and its not a big deal to wear a helmet so why not. I’m sending my child on a piece of foam or plastic down a hill with snow and ice going a lot faster than she can walk, its for safety. My husband was hurt badly as a child sledding, so we find it better to take precautions. I dont find it to be a crazy statement.

Liz on

OHIO- This article initially stated that it was Jayden in the photo, not Preston. After comments, it was corrected.

JMO- Very well put.

Liz on

*JMO- Well put

ClaireSamsmom on

Cute picture of father and son. I agree with Hea….I think kids should have to wear helmets when doing sports such as this. I am all for safety…and if it keeps my little ones from hurting themselves badly…or a possible head injury..then, why not?

BTW, Hea…your English sounds perfect to me. Don’t apologize for anything…your comment was definetly in good taste! And ladies…there was a little boy in our neighborhood who suffered from serious head injuries after a sledding accident. In a suburban neighborhood on a regular hill.

Hea on

ClaireSamsmom – That’s nice of you to say. 🙂

JMO on

HEA – I’m sure as some pointed out do make their kids wear helmets. In my area which has a very high volume for sledders (large hills nearby) I have never seen a child wearing a helmet going down a hill. At a resort? Maybe but I have never been to one. I know for sure you are required to while skiing and it would make sense you would be required to wear one while snow tubing but my nephew who has been tubing states it’s not a requirement and most people don’t wear them.

Sophia on

Fantastic photo!

Anonymous on

Hea- Sorry if my comment about the “rigging” confused you. Let me try to explain. In order to get the tubes (and the people in them!) up the hill, they are hooked onto a piece of machinery that pulls them up (most of those hills, while not super steep, are steep enough and long enough that walking a tube up them would be very impractical). Once at the top of the hill they are unhooked from piece of machinery and the person in them proceeds to slide down the hill in the tube.

In otherwords, the “rigging” I was referring to is the piece of machinery that pulls the tubes up the hill, as well as the part of the tube that hooks onto it. It has nothing to do with the actual tubing down the hill part! 🙂

emily on

What irked me about Hea’s comment is the backseat parenting that people love to do on these boards. Kevin is an adult, and he makes decisions about his children’s well being. Given that they’re all still alive, I’d say he doesn’t really need help in that department. There’s no need to “wish” he would put a helmet on his own kid. If something like that worries you, feel free to practice it in your life, on your own kids.

Hea on

“Given that they’re all still alive, I’d say he doesn’t really need help in that department.” Well, I doubt he needs “help” now but accidents happen in a blink of an eye and THEN you need help. It’s one thing to break your leg and another to crack open your skull. I googled snow tubing accidents and I stand by my helmet comment. I wish people were more careful and aware and that doesn’t have to cramp your lifestyle. When you can’t control the vehicle you’re in, try to control what you can. If you can be safer and have the same amount of fun at the same time then why not?

Julie on

We live in the Northeast and have comfy winter helmets for skiing, ice skating, sledding, etc. In the winter, the kids have always worn them instead of hats when we are doing some sort of activity involving speed and snow, and it’s not a big deal for them because they are warm and light. I’ve even started wearing mine to sled as I tumbled off the back of the sled on a steep, icy hill several years ago, hit my head, and lost consciousness for a minute. I’m not an overly cautious person, but it just doesn’t feel like a big deal at all.

Anyway, great picture!!

Shannon on

Adorable! Kevin seems to be a loving father!

ClaireSamsmom on

I actually think it is kind of good on sites like this to raise awareness on things like the fact that Kevin didn’t have a helmet on his kids during this activity. It doesn’t seem like “backseat parenting” to me at all….more like, “oh yeah, good point, and maybe we could take that and apply it to our own life and put a helmet on our kids if we choose.” As a mother, I am constantly learning new things and enjoy those interesting tidbits you get from other moms that you can use as well. I don’t know what kind of parent Kevin is…though, from this pic, it looks like he enjoys time with his son(s) and that is great.

Anonymous on

I think the reason the helmet issue is such a delicate one is because it’s such a fine line. You want kids (and adults!) to be safe, but at the same time, you don’t want to go completely overboard either. For example, how many times have people tripped and fallen while going down the steps? Doing so can cause serious injury or even death…but yet we don’t wear a helmet for that particular activity.

We don’t make kids wear helmets on the playground either…even though there again, they could very easily injure themselves, possibly quite badly. So basically, I think the question is, “Just where do we draw the line?”

Jen on

Right cute picture and all. What I don’t understand is why he will not get a job and earn his own money to use as child support to for the 3 set of kids he fathered-not Britney. I also believe he sale pictures for money. None of the pictures are snapped by accident. If a man love his kids he will earn money to help take care of them. So sad that Victoria and Kevin live off Britney’s money.

Amy on

This picture makes me jealous!!! I wish I was tubing down a hill! Looks sooo fun! I can’t wait to make memories like this with my future children.

Queen B on

To play devil’s advocate, I believe Kevin does work ocassionally. For example, he recently filmed the Austrailian version of Celebrity Fit Club for a few weeks which explains why SP/JJ followed Brit on tour. I would still have to say the only steady stream income he seems to have is the 20k child support.

If these pictures were sold to the paps, then I would have to say Kevin learned the practice from Brit. When Kevin and Brit got together, they sold engagement pictures, wedding pictures, baby shower pics, first photos of SP etc. They also had a reality show where they shared the wedding video.

If Brit or her dad/conservator had a problem with Kevin doing these photo ops, I would think they could stop him from doing so but I am sure Brit still wants the right to do magazine photo shoots with the kids on her own time.

ClaireSamsmom on

Just an interesting tidbit taken from an article…yes, it may seem extreme to some to put a helmet on your child for snow sports such as sledding and tubing, but doctors ARE recommending it.

With winter coming on, your kids may be looking forward to pulling sleds out of the garage and hitting the local hills. Before they do, be sure they’re wearing a protective helmet to prevent significant head injuries.That’s what the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends and what a recent study also urges.

“You don’t think of putting a helmet on with sledding,” said Dr. Richard Herman, a critical care surgeon at the University of Michigan and lead author of “Raising the Awareness of Sledding Injuries. “Kids are taking more risks.”

The investigation reviewed hospitalizations related to sledding injuries at the University of Michigan Health System between 2003 and 2011. During that time period, 52 children were hospitalized for those injuries, with the most common cause a sled hitting a tree. Of these children, 37 percent suffered head injuries, 70 percent were admitted to the intensive care unit, and nearly 10 percent ended up with permanent disabilities, including cognitive impairments

Anonymous on

Queen B- Exactly! I believe I’ve also read in a few different places that he DJs at clubs from time to time. He’s also talked about possibly doing a clothing line at some point, along with a reality show (that Preston and Jayden wouldn’t be involved in, before anyone gets up in arms). So it sounds like he’s the type of guy that would like to run his own business…but for whatever reason can’t quite get that to work.

Also, what about Victoria? I can’t help but notice that none of the people complaining about Kevin not having a job (not just on this post, but on other posts) never say that Victoria should get a job. And if the roles were reversed and it were Kevin supporting Britney finanically, I can pretty much guarantee that we wouldn’t be seeing comments about Britney needing to get a job. Double-standards suck!

Janna on

What exactly would he have to do to be “father of the year” because it seems to me that he does a pretty good job.