Monroe and Moroccan Cannon’s Very Merry Christmas

12/30/2011 at 09:00 AM ET

Merry Christmas from Dembabies!

And, judging from the family photos, it was a very merry Christmas, indeed.

As her twin brother Moroccan Scott — in a cute costume — smiles for the camera in one shot, Monroe cuddles up with mom Mariah Carey and Santa Claus for a sweet picture-perfect memory in another.

Courtesy Dembabies

But while the big jolly man in the red suit was oh-so cheerful, 8-month-old Monroe seemed less than thrilled with her visitor.

Dad Nick Cannon, on the other hand? Well, he must have made the nice list this year, as the festively dressed singer and a surprised Santa are seen getting silly on the couch.

Before bidding the babies farewell, Santa even took time out to fulfill his duties: downing his milk and cookies.

Until next year, Santa!

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Anonymous on

They are sooooo cute 😉 Love baby pics…

LW on

Beautiful babies!!

Karen on

So beautiful! Sometimes when we have to wait for something a long time, we appreciate it more.

Chantelle on

They’re so freaking cute!!!

Amanda S on

Kind of weird to send out a Christmas card with the kids and the mother but not the father. Poor Nick. lol

Babies are super cute though. 🙂

Mimi on

Is the left side of Mariah’s face missing? I never see it in pictures, videos or when she’s being interviewed on TV. She’s so vain it’s nauseating. I doubt she’ll be a hands on mom like Jennifer Garner.

Layla on

they are adorable, super cute Christmas card.

lk on

y am i NOT SURPRISED that MC is in the pics w the twins but their Dad Nick is not. It is always all about MC. I hope she doenst compete w her daughter. IN 15yrs when Monroe is 15 & MC is 56 she’ll be tryna wear sweetheart neckline dresses like her daughter…not a good look.

Lissette on

Of course Mariah had to be in one of the photos. I am surprised she allowed Moraccan to have his own photo where she isn’t creeping in the background or anything. And where is Nick? If its their First Christmas I would expect to nly see the babies.

MSS on

Seems odd that the photo was not just the children with Santa. Why would you post a Haloween pumpkin picture. That being said, the babies are very cute.

carol on

How would anyone know whose a hands on parent or not?Really,Jennifer Gardner?,because she has more photo ops with her kids?How often do you see Ben Affleck in those pictures?Leave Mariah alone.Some stars are more popular than others,but that doesn’t mean they care any less for their children.Those babies are so cute,good luck Nick,and Mariah.And if you don’t like them don’t read about them.

Janet on

Awww, they are so freakin’ cute!!

kim on

beautiful family, but that is an odd Christmas card. it’s the left picture that’s odd– her daughter is beautiful, I think she should have picked a better picture like the one of her son. also– if the mom is in the card the ad should be too! glad they are happy, though 🙂

Anonymous on

Mariah’s favorite word, “me”.

Mariah’s second favorite word, “I”.

London Avalos on

Congratulations!Beautiful kids, May The Lord Bless your home always!

Beautiful kids on

Mariah has the cutest kids in hollywood. As a lamb , I am so happy for her what a blessing that God has given her. I can’t wait for her next album.

Nancy on

Moroccan Scott — dressed in a pumpkin suit —????? is this a typo..why would he wear a pumpkin suit at Christmas ???..cute babies, too bad they couldnt be together in the shot….like Santa holding them?

Carrie on

I don’t think it’s a pumpkin suit. I think it looks like an elf costume. That would be more appropriate for this time of year.

MeMom on

I can so relate to the comments on how your babies are truly a blessing, and the unconditional love you have for them is overwhelming. I have 4 girls, and just recently have been blessed with a GrandSon…..I am so completely in love with him it is scary.

Nevermind the “ignorant” comments that are made….You and Nick have a beautiful family….so “F*** the dumbsh**”, (pardon my lingo).

Best Wishes!!

Sunny on

I think Moroccan is dressed in an elf pj, not a pumpkin costume. That was my first thought anyway…

SLB on

They are by far the cutest celebrity babies in a long time!!!!

Jordyn on

The boy is cute. The girl…why even include the picture? You can barely see her with that stupid pacifier in her mouth!

Angelina on

Honestly, the babies are both adorable. I just think the choice of pictures was odd. I feel like the one with Mariah is focusing more on Santa than anyone else. Monroe isn’t even looking at the camera, Mariah’s eyes are closed, and then SANTA!! And then Moroccan is all by himself in a more thought out close up.

I’m sure I’m leaving myself open for more comments, but I’m just stating my opinion. I wish them nothing but the best 🙂

Jesse on

Ok, I’m NOT a fan of Mariah’s and I think she needs to realize that she is not the only person in the world to deliver twins and not the only person to have a difficult pregnancy… That being said… The picture is for the public to get their fix… I’m sure there is no hidden meaning behind it and I’m sure it’s not the Christmas card sent to real family and friends… It’s a publicity shot and that’s it. Those of you stuck so far up her booty should just be glad you got your fix.

roman on

omg go back and read whats above the picture…..ITS NOT THEIR CHRISTMAS CARD! im no a huge fan of mariah but you all need to chill. the people from PEOPLE just decided to pick this one pic from the bunch they have. its not their christmas card. no one can be so stupid to send out a holiday card with themselves on it and their kids but not their husband

scarlett on

The children are adorable-but can’t help thinking looking at that photo, you can tell that woman just LOVES herself.

mileysucks on

Oh, Mariah! You HAD to be in the photo, didn’t you? You can’t just let it be about your poorly-named children now, can you? You are such an evil diva. I hope you get fat again.

Kim on

Ummm, it’s not a Christmas card’s simply a picture taken from their website. It’s among the slide show..and there are plenty of pics of Nick in that. Try clicking on the link before posting.

Madi on

Super super SUPER CUTE

Lara on

They are Much Cute ^^

cris on

Stay classy MeMom…

Ashley on

I’m with you Jordyn, well said!!!!

A on

I’m not a fan of Mariah, but her babies are really beautiful.

fayevilee on

Dummies maybe the girl baby was scared of Santa?? DUH!!

torgster on

Can some of you Mariah haters even read? It doesn’t say this was their Christmas card. If you’d bother looking instead of being in such a hurry to start bashing her, you’d see there are a ton more pictures on and yes, believe it or not, Daddy Nic is in some of them!

fayevilee on

Dummies the baby girl possibly was afraid of santa and that’s why Mariah on picture…get a life.. cuz Nick and Mariah definitely got a “life”

Abbe on

Any parent would know that sometimes young children freak out at Santa, and many times Mom has to be in the photo too for the child to relax enough to get the photo with the Big Claus. Yeesh people are judgmental.

Mom2 on

Why do celebrity kids have soothes in their mouth, bet rid of the binky.

jennifer on

Mariah seems to favor her son. She gushes about him to the media, and then releases these shots, where her little girl seems like an after-thought. It looks like she chose it because she liked how SHE looked in it.

I agree, she’s vain. If you look at the photos on her website every photo her hair and makeup is perfect, even in pictures where she’s feeding her babies and ostensibly is exhausted from sleepless nights.

These babies are gorgeous, thank goodness, or else I doubt she’d have much interest in them. They’re accessories to her. I hope I’m wrong, but I just can’t see her getting peed on, spit up on, staying up all night with a colicky baby.

Tara on

Does Mariah ever not pose? Sheesh. So tiring. I see Nick in these kids but not Mariah. Must not have been too selective choosing those eggs.

Gretchen on

What an awkward/awful picture of the little girl. Really, they couldn’t choose a better picture of her–and Mariah looks whack in that photo, too. Nick, as usual, is off to the side. Hilarious.

Melissa on

Those are some seriously cute babies!

Lillian on

Geez, this woman can’t win for trying. She’s not even showing her body and some of you are objecting b/c she is showing half of her face! LOL, the nerve of her! How dare she pick that picture! I’m sure next year she will consult with all of u to make a better Christmas card.

Also @Mom2, celebrity kids have binkies in their mouths the same reason non-celeb kids have them….

Sophia on

Some of these comments are so ignorant. Ignorant and funny to read cause it’s clear how clueless some are, especially about Mariah.

LOL at the comments about Mariah holding her daughter in a pic with Santa, because it’s so unusual for young kids to be scared of Santa. And, both kids love to pose, just like their dad and mom. Very evident if you look at other photos on the website. Those kids love the camera as much as their parents.

LOL at people making this out to be some type of Christmas card, when it’s one of many photos on a site with photos of both kids…where they equally get a chance to “shine.”

Someone You Know on

“Roc” is one cute boy…love that smile!

Daniela on

Those are THE cutest celeb babies I’ve seen in a long time. Simply adorable!

LOY on

Did any morons here bother to read the article or even look at the pictures? This is a PHOTOBOOK on It is NOT Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s official Christmas card. This photo is only one photo that published here, it is totally taken out of context. As you scroll through, there are several photos of Nick Cannon and Mariah with their kids this Christmas season (along with other holidays and other candids). Mariah and Nick look like loving parents and people who hate ‘her’ need to stop being so judgemental. When is taking a photo with your kid or kids (without the dad there) make you ‘full of yourself’? Sheesh, then all mothers would be guilty of that. Get a life people!

LOY on

Did any ignorant people here bother to read the article or even look at the pictures? This is a PHOTOBOOK on It is NOT Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon’s official Christmas card. This photo is only one photo that published here. As you scroll through, there are several photos of Nick Cannon and Mariah with their kids this Christmas season (along with other holidays and other candids).

Mariah and Nick look like loving, attentive parents. People who hate ‘her’ need to stop being so judgemental. When is taking a photo with your kid or kids (without the dad there) make you ‘full of yourself’? Sheesh, then all mothers would be guilty of that. Get a life people!

Anonymous on

They are too cute!! Love their names too!

normisa on

soooo really ? no one sees that they look like alien children ? I mean seriously…come on..I think babies are a gift from God ..but not evry child is cute Jesus..look at those foreheads !!!!..but its ok..they took after their mommy I guess. can someone else post the honest truth up here please next time..thanks.

Anonymous on

at first i was like, why are those babies so light? but then i remembered that mariah is actually white.

normisa on

These things that r supposedly babies r NOT CUTE! Stop ling to everyone and just say that he aliens u call babies r not cute. Just because they are babies doesn mean that they r atomatically cute. Do me a solid favor and say these words “Mariah Carey gave birth to ugly babies

AmandaK on

Aw. Her twins are so precious! Sad to see negativity on here. I realise there are a lot of attention seeking people who like to get a big response from their idiotic, meanspirited comments though.

Anonymous on

These aren’t all of the pictures… There are some more with Nick Cannon if you click on “judging from the family photos” at the very beginning of the article. That being said, those babies are ADORABLE!

JoeC on

Very cute pictures, beautiful looking babies! So glad the family is doing well!!!

Rachel on

Maybe shes just a proud mom. No different than the hundreds of baby pics I have to see on facebook everyday. BTW…Mariah is at least talented unlike most “celebrities” these days.

gottabelieve on

@normisa………you must be blind. The girl is GORGEOUS. And I mean gorgeous. The boy was a little large foreheaded at birth, but he is super cute now. Don’t be crazy!

Whisper on

Okay so this is NOT a Christmas card. But in my opinion, Mariah Carey is full of herself. I do not know them personally but from judging what I’ve seen, she is selfish and these babies are probably closer to their nannies. In interviews and even when she was promoting her things on QVC, she was acting like she was the only person in the world to give birth to twins. I believe she said something along the lines of “I don’t think people realize the magnitude pregnancy has on your body”…. You’re right, Mariah because no other woman has given birth before or gone through the same thing as you. I mean they played HER song as the babies were being born. I doubt she spends any time with those babies. Getting spit up on, pooped and peed on by two babies does not seem like something Mariah would do. All the pictures I have seen of Mariah and the babies look very awkward and staged. To me she doesn’t look natural holding the babies probably because she never does it. She was too busy trying to get skinny again and not enjoying her babies. And yes, Jennifer Garner is a great hands on mom. From the constant pictures of her and her girls, you can tell its natural. The kids know that its their mom and they all look happy. And for the person who said Ben Affleck isn’t in any of the pictures, thats just not true. He might not be in a lot but Jennifer is the mom and it is obvious her world revolves around her family and not so much on her work or seeking ways to become more famous.

Emm on

I thought one is boy and one a girl……….

Pat on

That’s the best pic they could find of the one baby – with the pacifier in the mouth?!

P. on

I love Moroccan’s smile. Babies are life’s most beautiful gift!!!

Sophie on

@Whisper please have a seat and STFU!

acro47 on

Honestly, you people — would it be too much trouble to READ the article before spouting such ugly comments out of ignorance? If you’d click on the link in the first sentence, you can see the whole album. It’s not about Mariah. It’s not about the picture of the baby with the pacifier being “the best one they could find”. It’s not about “Mariah trying to get skinny and not paying attention to her babies.” And it’s not about Jennifer Garner being a better mother. You have NO idea, from a personal standpoint, what kind of mother J.G. is; you see cutesy photos and make a judgment from that. And BTW, Mr. Hide-Beyond-Anonymous, Mariah is not “actually white.” She has an African-American/Venezuelan father and an Irish-American mother, which means she has ancestors of multiple races. I am a 65+ y.o. lady with European parentage and I have seen a thousand babies who I thought were adorable but all with different physical features. Roc and Roe are gorgeous IMO. Just because you happen to dislike Mariah does not mean that she shouldn’t be entitled to do what I did when my first two children were born, and what a couple of billion other parents have done when their babies were born — show them off with pride and excitement.

Sophie on

If you morons would check the above link you will see quite a few pictures of not only Nick with Mariah but Nick with Moroccan & Monroe, and a couple with Santa too. People Mag choose only the first 2 photos on the family website.

Marie on


Anonymous on

Those babies are so cute, however you would think the parents could have found a better picture of the daughter. The son has such a sweet smile – what a beautiful baby.

Anonymous on


Jennifer on

Okay so first of all i hate mariah Carey but i have to admit that her babies are sooo CUTE

Sisely on

@Jennifer – See, I thought the opposite. I think that she favors her daughter. She’s always holding her in pics, never her son.

Brooklyn on

The kids are very cute…I do find it a little weird that Nick isn’t on their Christmas card! They’ve got Santa but not the dad?

alisha on

and of course Mariah Carey just had to be in it.. she just has to always be in the spotlight.. i use to like her BEFORE she was trying to hard.. She should just be herself.. The kids are Adorable. but come one Mariah!! =) but you know what the say about opinions they are like a……. everyones got one.. that is just mine..

meghan on

Brooklyn, like multiple posters have noted, that is not their Xmas card. This pic is part of a slideshow on their website, which features the whole family.

dolphin74 on

This is my 2nd impression of Mariah’s twins. She described the boy as life of the party, and that he has such wonderful inner joy. The daughter? “Independent”. Xmas-card: beautiful smiling adorable boy in a cute outfit, the daughter is unhappy and can barely be seen behind pacifier. Seems to me that Mariah is connecting with the boy, not so much the daughter….. People close to them should ensure that the daughter gets love and comfort too, and that she is appreciated for who she is.

Wishing the family well.

nancy vanderzwan on

please don’t pimp out your children. Let their lives be private. your parents gave you that privilege. stop it.

soph on

Tell ’em, nancy.

Oh wait, they can’t hear you.

Abbe on

I came back on here hoping to see some rational comments, but alas I am wrong. This isn’t their Xmas card. It’s from their website and it has some awesome family candids. It’s obvious they are a loving family.

Sarah K. on

Mimi and Whisper, what makes you so sure that Jennifer Garner is a more hands-on mom than Mariah? How could you possibly know that? If you don’t care for Mariah, fine, that’s your right. But to accuse her of not being a hands-on mother is baseless.

Shannon on

Beautiful children! Congrats to Nick and Mimi!

Sharon on

don’t like her, but she does have beautiful babies.

cc on

Some of you people are so rude and nasty dont make remarks about this children that can come back and bite you on the backside. I know some of you are able to have kids so sometimes things come back on you. Mariah and Nick have beautiful children and should never let anything HATERS say take away their joy.