Kasey Kahne Apologizes for Breastfeeding Remarks

12/29/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Joe Stevens/Retna

Who’s looking nasty now?

NASCAR driver Kasey Kahne issued a Facebook page mea culpa for his expression of disgust on Twitter about public breastfeeding and for calling a female reader a profanity.

“I understand that my comments regarding breastfeeding posted on Twitter were offensive to some people. For that, I apologize,” the No. 4 Red Bull Toyota driver, 31, writes.

“It was in no way my intention to offend any mother who chooses to breastfeed her child, or, for that matter, anyone who supports breastfeeding children.”

He also apologized to the Twitter user whom he called a “dumb b–,” Deana P., saying he was “out of line.”

Although he originally used the hash-tag “#nasty” to describe his supermarket run-in, Kahne says he respects “the mother’s right to feed her child whenever and wherever she pleases.”

But Kahne – who told his Twitter following he “took a second look because I was obviously seeing things” – didn’t completely take back his words.

“In all honestly, I was surprised by what I saw in a grocery store. I shared that reaction with my fans on Twitter,” he says. “It obviously wasn’t the correct approach, and, after reading your feedback, I now have a better understanding of why my posts upset some of you.”

He adds: “My comments were not directed at the mother’s right to breastfeed. They were just a reaction to the location of that choice, and the fashion in which it was executed on that occasion.”

— Alison Schwartz


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Anonymous on

Back off Kasey…he’s a great guy and didn’t mean any harm. Everyone lighten up!

Harley on

I love how the universe reacts to one of many people’s perspectives on breastfeeding. Who cares if he thought how/when she chose to breastfeed was indecent? It was just an opinion he shared.

If you object to someone’s opinion, you merely act like an adult in return and explain why you think it’s wrong – you don’t scream back. Shouting, hollering, yelling, and raising (pardon the pun) caine aren’t going to get your point across.

Honestly, if you want to breastfeed in public, throw a blanket over the kid while you do it and not many people are going to object – it’s the women who outright pop their boob out and expect the world to be ok with it that bother folks.

I’m sorry, but even I, as a woman, have zero desire to see a kid suckling your teet regardless of how “natural and wonderful” it is for you to “bond” with your child.

Brooke on

I agree with his hashtag, and his opinion. I feel bad that he had to apologize.

Lisa on

So turn your head, Harley. That’s why God gave you a neck. Nobody’s making you watch.

Janna on

Harley, I agree with you completely. People should be able to express their opinion, but they also to be ready for other people to express their dislike for those opinions, too. Free speech isn’t a one-way street.

Twitter gives people the ability to post every stupid thought that enters their head the second it enters, even if five minutes later they would have normally forgotten all about what they’re twitting (is that a word? LOL).

Realistically, no one should even care if this guy was disgusted by the sight of a woman breastfeeding. It’s one person’s opinion and he’s entitled to have it. (There are 6 billion people on the planet. Do any of us REALLY believe that 6 billion people would agree on ANYTHING?)

However, what really irks me is how many people tweet insulting, stupid or thoughtless things…. and then apologize the second the backlash starts. If you REALLY feel that way and it was so repulsive to you, then be a man and own your position. Don’t back off the second someone disagrees with you.

em on

Women who don’t breastfeed modesty are what bring out this reaction in people who really do want to respect it. For people who aren’t used to seeing it, yes to see it graphically and unexpectedly out in public can be surprising and gross.

Anonymous on

Harley, I agree with you completely. I don’t care if people breastfeed in public, but jeez cover up a bit. I wouldn’t even want the perverts out there trying to check it out.

Annie on

Well said Janna! Everyone is entitled to their opinion. Don’t offer a hollow apology, own what you said and be prepared to deal with the repercussions. Personally, I’m more bothered by his reaction to the woman who commented on his tweet. He has shown a deep disrespect for women by that response.

Maddie on

i have to kind of agree in a way, why would you go round the supermarket breastfeeding your baby?? I’m all for breastfeeding in public, but that seems a little strange…

smalltwnfashion on

While I think Kasey was stupid and insensitive for making those comments about a breastfeeding mom, it was his response to a person who disagreed with him that really pissed me off – he called her a b—-. And then deleted the tweet. And then waited hours before apologizing.

Personally, I feel sorry for his future wife.

kate on

feeding your child is GROSS?? Get a grip. Believe it or not that is what breasts ARE FOR.

kate on

what is the world coming to when its considered the norm to stuff your chest full of silicone, but its “disgusting” to feed your baby? A famous person calling a woman a “dumb b—ch” He and his sponsors should be ashamed.

Kaylie on

I think he has the right to feel disgusted by public breastfeeding like I do, but he had no right to use profanity on a woman for disagreeing with him. And for that I will say that he is a “dumb b-“.

Cat on

Having not read Kasey’s comment I can’t say wether or not it was rude. However having been a breastfeeding mom myself I can understand why doing it in a grocery store might bothter people. There were few occasions that I nursed in public and when I did I made an effort to cover up not just for my own modesty but also for the comfort of others. I know that is what breasts are for but that doesn’t mean everyone needs to see them!

CraftyChicMom on

Im all for BF but there is a descret way to feed your child without making others feel uncomfortable, I always tried to be very conscious of that. Im not going to let it all hang out in front of my father in law! Theres a proper way to get the job done IMO

Amanda on

Cover my baby with a blanket? Do you want to eat your dinner under a blanket? And yes, if you don’t want to see it, don’t look. Why feed the baby in the supermarket? Because that’s when and where the baby was hungry. Which, by the way, is when you feed a baby.

This country is so backward and hypocritical. Seeing a baby eat? Oh, gross! Yet we still chop off parts of our baby boys’ penises because “it looks nicer.” What’s more sick?

Mya on

I have had to breastfeed in a grocery store, my infant was crying and I had a half full cart. I was able to do it in a discreet way though.

I think his opinion sucks, I think anyone who looks at breastfeeding as gross has the wrong idea.

But I also don’t think women need to be having it all hang out either to nurse. I never used a blanket or cover but it can be done in a way that nothing really shows. And really in all honesty women walk around showing WAY more boob in their clothes than an average breastfeeding Mom .

ecl on

It’s funny that some of you think that his remarks about breastfeeding and his name calling aren’t part of the same problem. He’s obviously a total sexist. But I never would expect any better from a Nascar-type.

Sasha on

It is totally disgusting how people keep demonizing women who choose to bresatfeed in public. Breastfeeding is the most natural, antique way to feed a child and the connection one as a mother share with the baby is out of this world. What do you do when you are hungry? YOU EAT, IN PUBLIC. THEN WHY SHOULD I FEEL ASHAMED TO BREASTFEED MY BABY WHEN HE NEEDS IT, WHEREVER HE NEEDS IT. Stop sexualizing breastfeeding and stop it with the whole “boobs are nasty”mentality, thats what is keeping this country backwards.

Junebug on

Harley, it bothers me to watch you eat, please start eating your meals while in public with a blanket over your head.

I mean, realistically, it would be alot easier for me to just turn my head and not look at you, but why bother forcing myself to change my actions? It’s much easier for you to eat with a blanket over your head…or better yet, start eating your lunch in a bathroom.


ParrotsX3 on

Truly a sick backwards world we live in- it just makes me sad. Men have no objection to seeing bare boobs on the street BUT only as long as they are shown for their pleasure and not the naughty act of feeding a hungry baby!

As for the dumbazz nascar drivers comments?? I would expect nothing less from a dumbazz nascar driver!Takes REAL brains to drive around in circles!

stacey on

I agree with whoever this guy is-leave it at home. I would never breastfeed in public, it’s just plain rude. And yes, I have kids-6 of them-who were all bottle fed in public.

Laura on

To Maddie- a mother would do it because she is in a time crunch and needs to get her grocery shopping done, get home and do a million other things. Babies unfortunately don’t understand that mom is in a public place, and when they are screaming because their hungry, would you really expect a mother to refuse her child a necessity or put off her already busy schedule to find a private place because someone isn’t used to seeing it?

In America people aren’t used to seeing breastfeeding, not from any fault of their own, but simply the way this society has evolved. The more people see breastfeeding, the more normal it will become.

Young children who regularly see their mothers and other other women breastfeed grow up seeing it as being a normal occurrence. Because young children haven’t yet been exposed to the over sexualization of women’s breasts they don’t see anything wrong with it, and learn that it is the primary function of breasts. The difficulty is changing the mindset of older individuals who have a hard time separating the natural function of a breast and societies sexualization of one.

Lisa on

Women who breastfeed in public with their breasts exposed are exibitionists who are playing the “breastfeeding” card to get away with it. I have five kids, all breastfed and I nursed them in public but I had the decency to wear a loose fitting tshirt or sweatshirt as to be able to cover up, no blanket necessary. No one even notices what’s going on if done properly.

Anonymous on

Amanda- While some people may circumcise their sons solely because they think it will “look better”, most give it more thought than that. For example, some parents do it because of the health benefits it can provide (including a lower risk of contracting HIV and a virtually non-existant risk of contracting certain types of penile cancer).

Others (such as Jews and- I think anyway- Muslims) do it for religious reasons. And others do it because they don’t want to run the risk of their son ending up having to be circumcised later in life (although it’s certainly not pain-free in newborns, the procedure is much more painful for older boys and adult men then it is for infants!).

Other than the cirucmcision thing, however, I agree with your comments entirely. Adults don’t eat their dinners covered with blankets, so it’s beyond me why so many of us expect babies to do so! It IS possible to be discreet while nursing without using a blanket, and like you said, if it bothers you that much, you can always LOOK AWAY!

Marie on

It’s funny how it’s socially acceptable to “let it all hang out” when wearing a low cut shirt but actually using your breasts for what they’re designed for is disgusting.

Mothers who are meeting their babies most basic needs are clearly just exhibitionists looking for attention.

Reese on

Stacey, feeding a child in public is not rude and breastfeeding is no different. Breasts have been sexualized by society but their function in nature is to provide nourishment to offspring. When a nursing mother goes to the cashier, reveals one of her nipples to him, and asks him for a suck, then you can play the “outraged” card but in these instances, it’s a mother feeding her hungry child.

Sara on

I’m so sick of seeing women not cover up their breasts in public. It’s especially aggravating when a Mother just starts breast feeding right in front of everyone. My Children do not need to see this. Breast feeding covers and Breast pumps were made for this. I don’t care if it’s “natural” and the “only” way to feed a baby, you can use some decency and modesty while feeding your Child. I agree with Kasey Kahne’s statements. There should be a law for Women to cover up. Kudos to the Mother’s who have the common sense to feeding your baby in public.

Sue on

Hope I never have to see him wolfing down a sandwich in public. Yuck, eating is so gross! How could anyone do that and feel good about themselves?

Lisa on

Kasey is “obviously a sexist” but you wouldn’t expect any different from a “Nascar-type”

Nice stereotype. How exactly are you different from your perception of Kasey? Is it because your rude comment wasn’t gender specific?

As for the breastfeeding topic, I grew up around kids that were breastfed and somehow, their mothers managed to keep them fed while being modest and discreet. Apparently it isn’t rocket science to find a way to feed your child without making others uncomfortable.

Unfortunately, there are those women that are so worried about their rights that they make a spectacle out of it and make things difficult for the other mothers that really just care about feeding their kid.

J on

Oh Junebug please… Come back when you can think of a better comeback than that. The same old ridiculous comments when you can think of nothing better to add.

Sadly Marie, some women are. There are some “serious” lactivist websites out there where the moms send in photos of themselves breastfeeding and they are making sultry poses and giving the camera “Look at me, I’m a sexy woman” faces while they breastfeed. Breastfeeding is already beautiful without the added poses and looks.

Mandy on

When the child needs to eat the child needs to eat! Because a little baby needs to eat every two hours in the beginning are we ladies supposed to just stop living because we have a baby in our arms that require feeding that often? No we still have to go to the grocery store and everything so being able to breastfeed in public is needed.

Anyone who doesn’t like it turn your head you don’t have to watch! Who likes to be watched while they are eating? It’s a beautiful and natural process and isn’t “nasty” because it’s a baby eating!

Olivia on

If he had to look twice to be sure of what he was seeing, then the mother was being discreet. It is a big deal for a celebrity to post something like that on twitter. How many followers who are breastfeeding or will breastfeed someday will read that and be too embarrassed to feed her baby someday?

Leslee on

It’s really not easy being a mother of a baby. On one hand, we have people that tell us we are horrible and awful to not breastfeed and on the other side, we have people telling us we are nasty, disrespectful and immodest for doing so.

Truth of it is, it is a whopping double standard, it is ok to have boobs out on the beach, on commercials, magazines, billboards and a zillion other places but not used to feed a baby in the presence of another human.

Shelby on

Well that sounds sincere…NOT. What a douche

Cassie on

I never quite understand when people say “why don’t you eat with your head under a blanket then” as a defense.

It is not the same. Eating with utensils and breastfeeding are two completely different situations with differing variables – ie the breasts. Surely you can see that, no?

I am all for nurturing your babies, but others might be uncomfortable with seeing everything exposed, granted some might not. You shouldn’t get defensive because others may not agree with what you do. I am sure there are things you do not agree with that others do.

Live and let live.

Audrey on

I agree with him, but I disagree with all the negative things being said about him. Everybody has a right to an opinion, but that doesn’t mean its ok for them to be called names or put down, just because you don’t agree.

I don’t have any problem with breastfeeding, at all. But I am sorry, I don’t think its about sexualizing at all. Breasts are breasts to me, it doesn’t matter what they are used for. Wether a woman is breastfeeding, or wearing a low cut shirt – either way I don’t want to see your breasts, sorry and neither so my children.

I completely understand how hard it can be, strapped for time with a screaming hungry child, but I don’t think its too much to ask to cover up a bit- its really not, so why keep fighting against it?. Saying that its ok for adults to eat in public and not babies is ridiculous, its not the same thing, for obvious reasons. Why should I look away? I have every right as you do, and its not as easy as you think.

Kasey probably should have thought a bit before writing what he did, but he shouldn’t have to apologize for it.

Sandy on

it’s like anything, there will always be the ones that make it a problem for the rest of us-by not following the rules and showing some class. Whipping ones breast out in public is rude and un-necessary. Finding a quiet place and using a blanket or other shield for privacy to feed ones child is acceptable and okay.

Let’s face it, there are women out there who do it just to make a statement and get a reaction and attention. Kasey has a right to his opinion.

Colleen on

I find it so funny that people have such a problem with a woman nursing in public but not wearing low cut tops or bathing suits. Surprise, there is no more breast exposed while nursing than there is while wearing most things that women wear out in public on a daily basis.

It’s crazy to me that parents, especially mothers make comments that they don’t want their kids to see a woman nursing. To me that is already teaching their children that women’s breasts are intended for sexual purposes.

Dietra on

Wait a minute…you are telling me that there are actually people sticking up for this close minded jerk? Women? Mothers? Mothers that have nursed? This society is so backward…I don’t believe it is your God given right to breastfeed (not discreetly), I KNOW it is your God given right to breastfeed (not discreetly)!!!

I think it is really sad that people want mothers to cover up when nursing. I know for a fact, that not all babies like to be covered. I know I have tried to cover up a little when I use to nurse in public…but my son was not having it. He liked to look around while eating…kinda like adults! See, babies are no different that adults that like to eat at a table or while watching tv.

I will never sacrafice my childs eating schedule, just because some closed minded people don’t wanna see a bood (not the whole boob)! Opions are like butthole’s, everyone has one! Somethings you should just keep to yourself n especially not put it on twitter and that call a woman out of her name!! Disrespectful is an understatement. I guess strip clubs are ok for this driver, but not breastfeeding??? IJS

Jen on

I think these chicks that sell beer/liquor with their breasts are “gross”. I’d be willing to bet most of them aren’t even mothers! Where is their “modesty”? Who are they feeding?

Lori on

I’m a HUGE supporter of breastfeeding, I don’t even have to argue as to why because the benefits of maternal lactation have been documented exceedingly well. That being said, I do agree that some discretion should be utilized when it’s time to feed your child.

A woman’s right to breast feed is irrevocable but you have to respect that seeing intimate body parts might make others uncomfortable. The fact that it’s natural and beautiful for You doesn’t make it any more acceptable; it just takes away from your modesty and makes you seem lazy.

While we’re at it, I wish the posters on this board wouldn’t resort to asinine retorts like “eat your meal under a blanket”. You know something, if they were using their breasts or genitals instead of a fork to do so then that would be more relevant. And as for society having a double standard with “sexual” breasts and “feeding” breasts (as in loving one, but can’t fathom seeing the other) then I suppose none of you mind if a stranger oggles at yours intently while you’re breastfeeding or even just walking down the street; no double standard there!

This isn’t a backwards country, women can breastfeed whenever and wherever they deem fit; what makes it backwards is people selfishly abusing that right and asking others to “just deal with it” because they can’t be bothered to employ an ounce of modesty.

Lori on

Dietra, please get off your high horse, I know the view is excellent from there but it’s a little skewed. That’s very high and mighty of you to label others with an opinion different then your own as “close minded”. I believe the term applies to people who don’t see reason beyond their own opinions or beliefs, and the fact that you can’t respect that others might be bothered by seeing a “bood” shows how little perspective you have.

No one’s asking you to sacrifice anything, and today’s society even encourages you to breastfeed your child; but today’s society is also quite mindful of the individual rights of others and that includes the people who are out minding their own business and are not keen on seeing such a display. I breastfed all four of my children but I never popped out my breast in the middle of a supermarket because as ‘close minded’ as I am I STILL respect that seeing certain body parts might make others uneasy for whatever reason.

Ms. Button on

Right on, Dietra! It drives me crazy when people sexualize breastfeeding. Breasts are multi-purpose, but the most important thing they do, the reason they exist in the first place, is to feed children.

I am the mother of a two month old and ALL I DO is breastfeed. The last thing I do before bed and the first thing I do in the morning is breastfeed (and often I breastfeed in the middle of the night, too.) Feeding my baby and helping her grow is the most important thing I can do right now and if she gets upset in public, I have to feed her there, too.

Luckily, I live in Northern California where the “hippie” mindset is totally supportive of feeding your baby whenever and where ever. Recently, I was checked out at a clothing store by a woman who was nursing her baby in an ergo carrier. Her baby needed to nurse and she needed to do her job.

As a woman who spends 2/3 of her day (it seems) nursing (I call my baby the booby-ornament,) I don’t stop to consider if breastfeeding is beautiful, or gross, it just IS. It’s what I do (seemingly all day long) to give my baby the best start in life. It’s not a value judgment, it’s food. Food that comes out of boobs.

I don’t think I would breastfeed while walking around at the grocery store, but that’s just because I haven’t figured out the mechanics of that. It would be a lot better, imo, than when she starts wailing on the cat food aisle and doesn’t stop until we get to the car.

Feed your babies, mamas. If someone doesn’t like it, squirt milk at them. (Of course, I am joking here. But only sort of.)

Catherine in Tulsa on

I agree with ECL – it’s just symptoms of a misogynistic attitude. I guess he doesn’t have a problem with the thousands of girls who flash their breasts at NASCAR events – something the event is known for. But using them for what they were intended for, and considering that gross? Well, there’s his mindset.

Michelle on

I agree wholeheartedly with Lori.

I don’t mind seeing a mother breastfeeding her child and I don’t mind seeing a little side boob while you are doing it. HOWEVER, I do not want to see your nipples. I do not want to see you squeeze and fondle your nipple while trying to get them into an infants mouth. And yes, I will look away, but there are some things you just can’t un-see.

What I don’t understand is why a mother would walk around a super-market feeding her child while she shopped. That’s multi-tasking, not bonding. Mother’s should be present and engaged while feeding their children. You can feed in public, but sit down and focus on your child for a few minutes.

shelley on

Ms. Button, 3 words: You are awesome! 😉

Catca on

I was at a shopping mall where there was a furniture with a large chair in the display window. That furniture store was in front of the mall’s food court. While there were many chairs in the store that would have been very comfy places to sit down and breastfeed, I observed a woman go into the display window, sit in the chair, and whip her breast out in full view of the food court.

I fully support breastfeeding (I breastfed my child), but someone please explain to me why a display window in front of a food court is appropriate. As I said, there were plenty of very comfy chairs inside the store she could have used that would have still exercised her right to breastfeed while she’s out shopping, but perhaps a bit more discreet than literally putting yourself on display.

It seems that people mistake having the right to do something with not having to think about others. That’s not how it works. And by the way, that store asked the woman to move out of the display window and use one of the chairs in their store, as is the store’s right to do.

Kathy on

Re: Breastfeeding. Sure, breastfeed in public but don’t start yelling when I stare at your breasts. No, it’s not sexual harassment because YOU chose to have your breasts hanging out. If you don’t mind someone staring at your privates, then feel free to breastfeed all you want.

Nicole on

Routine infant circumcision is a completely unnecessary and barbaric procedure. Penile Cancer is virtually non-existent in all of the West, with the US being the only industrialized country in which the vast majority of infants don’t get keep their foreskin. Guess what? European men have better health outcomes than American. The main reason Americans are in the dark on this issue is because Dr.Kellogg’s twisted legacy has proved quite profitable for the medical establishment. The Royal Dutch Medical Association(along with pretty much all of its European counterparts) has a far different view than the average uninformed parent who is only thinking about locker rooms and father/son nudity:

I honestly think this this Americanized form of genital mutilation is far more “nasty” than public breastfeeding.

momof4 on

What as *ss. I BF’d in the grocery store, the new car showroom, and anywhere else my babies were hungry. If anyone saw my boob it’s because they were really do some contortions to try to do so. And I did not use a blanket. I imagine he was looking hard trying to see, and then thought he’d be clever on twitter. He failed.

momof4 on

“in front of a food court is appropriate”

Um, cause it’s FOOD? Some of us don’t like seeing lardbutts stuff their faces, but you don’t see us claiming they should do it only in private, do you?

daria on

Avert your eyes if you don’t like what you see. Your children will not be harmed by the sight of a human breast. That is ridiculous.

Also, ms button — you should definitely take time to learn how to nurse while baby is in a carrier. It’s completely discrete and was great for my reflux baby who ate frequently and was better off in an upright position.

Anonymous on

It may be a natural thing but so is going to the bathroom and I dont want to walk into a grocery store and see someone sqatting in the middle of an aisle releiving themself.

Jorja on

I agree with the person who said breastfeeding “just is”. On one hand I can argue all day how it makes me uncomfortable (I have a 9 year old son too), or how you wouldnt pee in public and that is “natural” too…..but on the other hand, there are alot of things that can bother you about each individual you see, and that doesnt change.

I am very modest and I see girls with short skirts. How about those “goth punks” dressed up like Satan worshippers. Dont get me started on “thugs”. Fat people have no self control. Interracial couples are wrong! (Of course this is all stuff that does not bother me, I am merely making a point).

See, you can go on forever about something you do not like about someone. Sometimes you just need to mind your own business.

Iris on

Please save public breastfeeding for the trailer park where it belongs. You will never, NEVER see a woman with even an ounce of class and decorum, breastfeeding in public.

Whipping out your breast in public is just so redneck and there is no possible excuse for such tacky behavior.

“What if the baby gets hungry?” Oh PLEASE. Nobody is advising you to starve your child. What is wrong with pumping at home? Invest in a breast pump and get some class.

Kat on

I’ve just finished breastfeeding my daughter and several times I wasn’t able to ‘keep it at home’. First lesson I learnt as a mother – babies do what they want to do when they want to do it.

If my bub cried that she was hungry, no amount of me telling her that the food court at the shopping centre was not an appropriate place to feed her would make her calm down. Plus she was low-birthweight and she had to be fed every three hours at most.

So basically, unless I stayed at home all the time for the first four months of my daughter’s life I’d have to subject the world to a glimpse of my boobs, which you could barely see anyway as her head blocked any view of the business end of my breasts.

And honestly? Tonight is NYE on a 40 degree day in Australia. I’m going to see more tit tonight than I’d ever see at a nursing mothers meeting.

Daniela on

Breastfeeding isn’t an indecent thing… It’s a natural thing… being in public or not. I don’t know why people feel uncomfortable with this.

Here, in Brazil, lots of moms breastfeed in public, and nobody has problem with this. Nobody feels umcomfortable and why? coz this is natural.

Moms breastfeed in squares, shoppings, restaurants and nobody tells: ohh this is indecent..

Indecent? why it would be? This is ridiculous…

I think, breastfeeding is INDECENT just to people that have a “poluted mind”, translating: who sees breasts like a sexual thing.

Breastfeeding is beautiful and is a thing came from God to women in whole world. Happy is the woman who has this blessing…

Janna on

First of all, NO ONE knows what this man saw. *HE* says her breast was just hanging out and it was nasty. Uh, I don’t know about the rest of you, but for all we know, maybe she WAS being discreet and he’s just ignorant? For some people, maybe even seeing a baby’s head next to their mother’s breast under a blanket *IS* being nasty because they know what’s going on, even if they can’t see it.

It occurs to me that in all the articles you see about this issue, there is NEVER a photo to show exactly what’s being shown, so how can anyone judge whether what this woman did was in-your-face or not?

@Sara — Not only is there NOT a law that says women have to cover up, there ARE laws protecting their right to breastfeed in public. If your children don’t need to see it, perhaps they are the ones that should stay home. Personally, I would rather explain to them that “the mommy over there is feeding her baby”, but hey, to each his own. If you take your kids to the beach, they are probably see WAY more breast there anyway.

@Michelle — You need to “unsee” a woman putting her nipple in her baby’s mouth? Why not just turn your head and forget about it. Does it affect you THAT badly?

@catca — We could also say that some people think the world should revolve around their ‘comfort level’. I don’t want to see people smack their kids in public, but I don’t have any grounds to stop them. I don’t want to watch some of the cows I’ve seen at restaurants eating with their mouth open and food falling out of their mouths, but I don’t get to tell them them hide. There are lots of things that might make me uncomfortable or nauseous, but then it’s up to ME to remove MYSELF from the situation, not expect everyone to cowtow to me.

But can no one see how hypocritical it is to get mad at him for calling some woman a b*tch, then call him names right back? Where are the grownups here?

amz on

he didnt have to call her a bitch though, im sick of women always getting labelled while men don’t. But i do agree there’s some places that you wouldn’t breastfeed in.

Tee on

Wow, this is sad. The original article and this man’s comments are sad and so are a lot of the comments.

To me, this is a very simple issue that people often blow out of proportion. Nursing is natural and beautiful. It’s a mother feeding her child, nothing wrong with that. If done carefully, there is no need to even have a cover because nothing will be visible! I am a very modest woman and do not care to see anyone’s body uncovered out in public but quite frankly, you see a whole lot less when a mother is nursing than you do when people dress in today’s current fashion!

And for what it’s worth, there is NO EXCUSE for this man’s language. Period.

AmandaK on

If people didn’t like what he had to say, they could just quit following him on Twitter. I think this was blown out of proportion.

Daniela on

I agree with @Daniela. And if i had a baby, and if he cried because he’s hungry.. i’d breastfeed in public. There’s no problem with this.

It’s natural. People, sometimes are ridiculous. Why don’t they worry abt more important things? Things like: women practically naked on TV… on the movies.. on the beaches.. on swimming pools..EVERYDAY…

Yeah, this is indecent…and nobody is worried abt this.

If you’re worried because your child is seeing a mom breastfeeding in public, why don’t u worry abt your child is seeing women naked in the beach? or on TV? There are lots of breasts on the beach and on TV.. and nobody worries about it..

God is so perfect, that he made women with breasts, to feed your babies. It’s normal. It’s natural. Wake up ignorants!!!

Women with common sense on

Cussing is ramped most do it its on tv, music internet. Common Hypocrite – Have respect for your fellow human being. Yes BF is normal but discretion is always advised keep it between you and your child not the world. Remember Just because you can say it as soon as you think it doesn’t mean it prudent to post it. Hurting others with our actions and words is not ok.

Junebug on

First of all, who are all these women “whipping” out their breasts in public to nurse? I have breastfed in public countless times, I’ve never whipped anything out and not once woman I have seen nursing in public ever has whipped anything out either.

Some of you people act like you’ve never seen a breast before. You’ve never looked in the mirror, you’ve never seen a movie with nudity? How different can breasts be from each other that you’re disgusted by a split second view of someone’s else nipple but not your own everyday?

Sorry @J and Cassie, but everytime you recommend that a woman throws a blanket over a child’s head while they are eating so that you feel more comfortable rather than simply turning your head, the argument will be made. Neither of my children would put up with a blanket. Why? Because it’s not physically comfortable for them (how comfortable would it be for you to do ANYTHING with a blanket thrown over your head).

You have the power and ability to simply turn your head. I will not make my children physically uncomfortable simply because you would rather not have to turn your head away from the sight of my breast for less than a second. When I see something I don’t like, I turn my head. Figure it out. You people act like someone’s holding your face up to some strange woman’s breast.

I get it, seeing a breast in public can be startling initially. I mean, there you are at the mall or the park and OMG, it’s a breast, in PUBLIC. And then, oh wait, it’s a mother FEEDING her child. Your kid asks what’s going on? You explain that that woman is feeding her child from her breast, that it’s completely natural, and then you move on. Your child will not be traumatized or prematurely sexualized by seeing someone else’s breasts being used the way that nature designed them.

Anonymous on

Iris- Not all babies will take a bottle. Some will feed from the breast, and the breast only.

amz- Men don’t get labeled? Are you kidding me?! When a man is unemployed and his wife is the sole bread winner, he’s called a deadbeat (meanwhile it’s perfectly acceptable for a woman to be unemployed while her husband is the sole bread winner) or a bum.

Men also get labeled as chauvinists, misogynists (whether or not those things are actually true of them), pigs, and even sons of female dogs. Believe me, labeling is one thing that is equal opportunity as far as a person’s gender goes!

Anonymous on

What do those of you that are so aghast at the idea of your children seeing a woman breastfeeding in public do when YOU breastfeed? Make your older children go out of the room?

marlowe on

this whole thing is ridiculous. he is lucky he has someone who can write apologies for him. i say breastfeeding is natural and, yeah look away if you don’t wanna see!

Lisa on

Someone made a pretty good point that we really don’t know what he saw. Isn’t is possible that he saw a woman that was intentionally drawing attention to herself and making a big display out of the whole thing? If that’s the case, what’s wrong with him being uncomfortable about the whole thing? But that’s it, we don’t know what he saw. It could have been a woman discreetly feeding her child or it could have been a woman putting her boobs on display with the excuse that her child was hungry and she has the right to feed her child whenever necessary. We don’t know.

Either way, his response toward the woman on Twitter was ridiculous and immature. That’s what I have a problem with. He has a right to his opinion on seeing breastfeeding in public. We don’t have to agree with him, but he doesn’t need to attack people that disagree.

As for the apology, it was clearly written by a PR person, but at least it happened. This could have gone back and forth on Twitter for days with Kasey still insisting that he was right and anyone that disagreed was a dumb whatever. But it didn’t. It is entirely possible that Kasey realized he screwed up and asked for help to write the apology so he didn’t dig a deeper hole. The apology also could have been strongly requested by Hendrick Motorsports. We don’t know that either.

One more thing, Catherine in Tulsa, I have been to 7 NASCAR events and I have yet to see girls flashing their breasts even though you say it is so common at these events. I even stayed for a post-race concert this year and was surrounded by a lot of really drunk people. I didn’t see any boobs. A sad thing about all of this is that many of you are reacting to his comments by targeting the NASCAR community as if we’re all a bunch of closed-minded idiots. Seems a bit hypocritical.

candice on

I was a breastfeeding Mother, it was good for my baby so i gave it a go. I DID not pull my boobs out in public I dont care if thats what they were intended for from God himself. Your vagina and penis are there so you can pee- and we have laws to prevent us from taking them out in public right? Becuase thats “indecent” Again, Breastfeeding mom here, great love it good for your baby… Cover it up- simple as that. No if ands or butts (just boobs lol)

Janna on

@candice — Please stop comparing your vagina to your breasts. Your vagina doesn’t sustain anyone (except maybe your husband). I don’t know why anyone makes these stupid comparisons. There is no law preventing anyone from breastfeeding in public.

kim on

I can’t believe people are even having this discussion in what is supposed to be an advanced nation. And that someone (a woman, no less) actually said “my children don’t need to see that!” What a sad commentary about your country.

Based on some of these comments, I would probably have an easier time breastfeeding my son in the Middle East than in the Mid-Western US.

Kat on

Candice – last time I checked I didn’t pee out my vagina.

daria on

Iris needs a class on classism and Candice needs an anatomy lesson!

Anonymous on

Kat- Thank you! I was just thinking the same thing. It drives me absolutly nuts to see so many women (believe me, this isn’t the first time or the first place I’ve seen comments like candice’s!) be so clueless about their own anatomy! Seriously, doesn’t anyone take biology or health in school anymore?!

Getting back to the nursing in public debate…Not only do we not expect adults to eat their dinners under blankets, but we don’t bat an eye when, for example, we take a trip to the zoo and see a chimp or other ape nursing her baby (nor do we expect the zookeepers to cover the baby with a blanket while the mother is nursing!). Yet when we see a fellow human feeding her baby as nature intended, so many of us see it as “disgusting” or “indecent” rather than natural.

Yeah, that makes perfect sense (obviously I’m being sarcastic!)!

am on

I’m so sick of this BS. Breastfeeding is natural and normal and if we didn’t sexualize everything in this country we would not even bat an eye when a woman is breastfeeding in public. A screaming and hungry infant warrants a breast immediately. That a mom should go hide in a bathroom stall, a dressing room, run to her car or whatever to hide so john public won’t feel uncomfortable is ridiculous.

I did breastfeed exclusively and did go to my car and sweat to death for fear of idiots judging me for feeding my child when she was hungry but if I had to do it over again I wouldn’t give a second thought to making others uncomfortable in order for my baby and me to be comfortable.

People need to get a grip. Seriously and this idiot needs to delete his twitter account. All you women on here defending him are pitiful and you are just as dumb as he is.

Jorja on

In defense of Candice…you cant pee without exposing your vagina. I think thats what she meant…just as you cannot pee from a penis without exposing it, and by law, you are not allowed to expose either of these in public.

Also for the people using the card “breastfeeding is natural”….well so is peeing but you do not do that in public, do you?

Laura on

The breastfeeding is natural argument can be argued from both sides when not explained or thought out accurately. Yes its natural, yes peeing is natural, so is eating, etc. The difference between breastfeeding and peeing is that humans and animals alike seek privacy when using the washroom. Even from a very young age you see babies start to “hide” when they are making a mess in their pants, just as many different animals (not all, but many) will go away from others to do their business. Humans and animals do not hide or seek privacy to eat, that is not a natural thing to do unless their is a threat to their safety. In other words, although both peeing and breastfeeding are both “natural” as people on both sides of the argument will agree to, they can not be so easily compared.

Eva on

Stacey- I’m not sure why you had 6 children if you weren’t willing to do what’s best for them. There is something wrong with anyone questioning a Mother breastfeeding. America- the entire rest of the world understands, respects, and encourages breastfeeding- just check out how long every other country gives a woman to stay home with her baby after birth. Every civilized country gives far longer than you do!

Anonymous on

Joyce- Apparently the women you know have a very unusual style of peeing…because under normal circumstances, you can’t see a woman’s vagina when she pees unless you practically lay underneath her and look up. In fact, anatomy wise, it’s a lot less revealing when a woman pees than it is whan a man pees. With a woman, all you see is a tiny part of her general pubic region…which is called the vulva, not the vagina.

Men, on the other hand, have no choice but to literally let it all hang out! So you can’t really compare a woman’s vagina to a man’s penis when it comes to peeing!

Lisa on

Iris – your comments are so uneducated and white trash I can’t even formulate a response. To say breastfeeding is WHITE TRASH and belongs in a trailer park…this is hilarious.

The majority of women who breastfeed are college-educated women in upper/middle class. The most people formula feeding are on welfare or lower class (or, they just don’t want to…I don’t judge that)…hence why formula is free and they have so many programs for people to have access to it. If everyone in trailer parks breastfed they wouldn’t need those programs right? I’m sorry you don’t know these statistics, because chances are YOU yourself live in a trailer park.

Please…what a terrible analogy. I breastfed my son for 10 months and really never did it in public, but I was lucky…he never really had a meltdown in a public place. I could always get to a restroom or fitting room or car. But I don’t judge anyone breastfeeding in public. Better to breastfeed than not…it’s what is best for the baby. Some of these people’s opinions are so white trash, it’s ridiculous.

Lisa on

I’ve followed Kasey’s career for over 8 years and he has never done this type of thing before. If he were sexist, I highly doubt he would have been so supportive and welcoming when he had a female driver on the same team as him. Not only did he support her as a teammate, he put her in his own car for the team he owns to help her gain experience. But he sticks his foot in his mouth a few times over the course of a bad day and I’m supposed to write him off completely? And because I don’t, I’m “pitiful” and “dumb”? How are you any better? You’re judging someone you don’t know based on something that has happened once.

Shannon on

I guess babies should starve when they’re hungry so this guy isn’t offended, huh? What an immature idiot. Women’s breasts are MADE for breastfeeding. I bet if he saw a “hot looking” woman walking around with bare breasts he wouldn’t mind at all. Oh and it’s obvious that his statement was written by a publicist. At least now I know his name so I can boycott anything and everything he’s affiliated with.

meghan on

Shannon, you intend to boycott this man–who you had never heard about before–and HE’S the immature idiot?

Anonymous on

Lisa- I couldn’t have said it better myself! Should Kasey have said what he did? No, probably not. But that doesn’t mean he deserves to be ripped apart for it. Think of it this way: Would YOU want people tearing YOU down for an honest mistake that YOU made?!

emma on

He’s a typical uneducated redneck, so what would you expect? He probably thinks boobs are for bumperstickers and mudflap profiles. Sounds about right that his kind can’t believe their eyes that a baby drinks milk. In his neck of the woods they probably raise them on beef jerky and pabst.

meghan on

emma, your comments are more offensive then anything Kasey Kahne said.

cc on

It is not disgusting to breastfeed your baby..what is disgusting is just exposing yourself in publc. You people don’t seem to realize that some VERY SICK PEOPLE ARE IN THIS WORLD AND THEY ARE WATCHING YOU. So dont think it is nice or anything like that think of what you may have happen to you or your child while out exposing yourself and not being aware of who is around you.

D on

Hey Harley, and all of those who suggest mothers cover up when nursing in public –

Next time you are out with a baby or toddler, (yours or someone else’s) you try feeding them with a blanket on their head.

Better yet, next time you go out to eat, put a blanket on your own head and see how you enjoy eating that way.

There is nothing disgusting or sexual about breastfeeding. And there is no reason for people to be squeamish about it. And for heaven’s sake, use some empathy people!! How would you like it if someone suggested you eat your lunch in a public bathroom, in a private place where no one needs to be subjected to the sight of you eating, or with a blanket on your head. Why do I need to be ok with someone suggesting that I feed my baby with a blanket on his head?

If you don’t want to see it, turn your head. You don’t need to look, you definitely don’t need to stare. But if you have the right to pull out a snack in that location and eat it, then my baby does to. After the day that you and all those others feel that they should take their snack to the privacy of a public restroom, they can consider telling me and other breastfeeding moms the same thing.

emily on

Agree with Ms. Button. I have a 4 month-old who only gets breastmilk. I don’t find breastfeeding to be beautiful OR gross. It just is, and I do it because it’s best for both of us, health-wise.

My kid hates to be under a blanket or nursing cover while eating, but I try to be as covered as possible while we’re around other people, for their sakes. So my baby flails and kicks to get the cover off, and I fight her the whole time to keep covered (probably causing a bigger spectacle than if I just whipped it out) but what am I to do?

I have to live my life and do my errands, so breastfeeding when we’re out and about is sometimes necessary even when I try my best to plan around it. I have NEVER been an exhibitionist, but I wish people would be more understanding. Breastfeeding, not to mention raising an infant in general, is hard enough without people’s judgment.

Also, you can’t really just pump beforehand and give a bottle in public, or your breasts will get confused and stop producing the right amounts of milk at the right times. Basically, your breasts need to be emptied just as often as your child needs to eat or you can cause yourself some major problems (drop in milk supply, plugged milk ducts, infection, etc.)

To those who are offended but have never breastfed, please learn more about breastfeeding before making judgments.

AW on

It’s more than okay to have your own opinion, but Twitter is an awful application for celebrities/sports figures. Really, think before you post. No one should be calling anyone a b****.

Janna on

@emily — Well said! You should copy and paste everything you wrote, and post it on every single breastfeeding post.

Everything you wrote makes perfect sense and people need more sense in their lives!

Lilou on

I just don’t get people in the US i was at the Atlanta Airport food court waiting to catch my flight, and i my baby got hungry, I was asked by security to take a chair and face a wall while breastfeeding, yet seeing a 350 lbs woman eating , chewing with her mouth open is ok , or seeing pics of all this “stars” on a ipad in skimpy clothes is OK…. You guys are so into perfect bodies so plastic society that forgot what breast were originally for … so yes i take out my breast EVERYWHERE , babies eat at odd times live with it!!!!

Kyla on

I am truly fascinated by all these varied posts! I emphatically support the right for women to sustain and feed their children, but even as a mother who exclusively nursed two children 15+ months each- and am pregnant with my third, whom I also intend to nurse- I have to admit that even I was startled at women who would literally bare their entire breast while nursing. Would I prefer them feeding ther children versus not, absolutely, but I couldn’t say I wasn’t a bit taken aback by our difference in modesty comfort levels. Did I nurse my kids out- of course, but I felt more comfortable in a nursing room at the mall, on a bench at the park with a cover on, or in a car- that’s just me.

As for the circumcision argument of mutilation, really?? Besides the proven statistics of the lessening of sexually contracted diseases/infections, etc…, some people choose this option because their religion has a tradition, and you honor your traditions and right of passages.

No Brainer on

The best picture I ever saw had the caption Got Milk and was of Mary holding baby Jesus with a milk mustache. Breastfeeding has been around a lot longer than formula. Up until the start of the 20th century, a majority of babies were breastfed. With the introduction of formula, you saw a huge increase of babies developing more “diet-associated medical problems”; do the research!

It has been proven time and time again that breastfeeding is more nutritional than formula. This is also why many hospitals will offer mothers, who can’t breastfeed and who have preemies in the NICU, ways of getting donated breastmilk. Formula companies even prove that breastmilk is best by trying to create a synthetic material that can come as close to the real thing as possible!

So, I don’t understand why there is even a debate about breastfeeding in public. Since it is the best thing for an infant, which has been proven study after study, there should be no debate what so ever. Plain and simple .. if an infant is hungry you feed it.

I would rather see, for the 10 secs it took me to notice and look away, a mom “exposing herself” while breastfeeding then listen to an infant wailing for 20 plus minutes because a mom is making sure she isn’t exposing herself by not feeding her child when it is hungry! For not wanting a child to see it, a child can turn on the TV and watch MTV, Hannah Montana, or almost anything on TV now a days; but a child seeing a mom feed her baby is just the most awful thing they can see, really??

Do you know what I find is gross and would rather my kids not see … people wearing low cut shirts that expose everything but the nibble, showing their nibbles by not wearing a bra, wearing see through shirts, scratching or adjusting themselves, wearing a bathing suit or should I say fabric piece that are now considered bathing suits, wearing skimpy shorts or skirts that expose the bottom of their butts, wearing the wrong size pants so you see their butt crack every time they bend down, parents belittling their kids without a second thought, husbands and wives fighting, people being physically violent with each other, kids bullying one another without even realizing that it is actually considered “bullying” since they are so de-sensitized to it … I could go on and on.

And yes, I am not against formula 🙂 I know a lot of moms can’t not breastfeed for one reason or another or exercise there personal choice not to. I just don’t understand why their is a debate about feeding an infant. Whether you breastfeed or use formula you should be allowed to feed you child when they are hungry, without restrictions, rules, demands, rude remarks, and or suggestions!

Marky on

I have taught breastfeeding, breastfed my own child, and I can’t for the life of me figure out why some of you posters keep freaking out about using a receiving blanket or light cover to be discreet when breastfeeding in public! It absolutely dumbfounds me that you actually act as if it is being suggested that someone wrap your baby’s head in a heavy blanket and nearly suffocate them! The people I know use(d) a light small blanket and drape it over their shoulder and then over their arm which was cuddling their child. The cover never even touched the baby and never caused the child to “flail” or even be slightly uncomfortable. It was always comfortable and all your foolish comments about how we should “try eating with a blanket over our head and see how it feels”, just makes you appear uneducated and perhaps poorly taught about breastfeeding techniques.

My breastfed children never took a single bottle and were breastfed until they weaned themselves, but even as a busy mom of 3 children 4 and under, caretaker for my very ill mother, and with a husband in grad school who also worked full-time, I never felt it necessary to consider myself nothing but a “feeding machine”, nor did I feel the need to expose myself publicly. People like you put a very pitiful face on breastfeeding, and make many women choose a different route. As a lactation coach, i can assure you I have had to undo the damage you cause, by acting as if you are nothing but a “feeder”, and you have no ability to feed your child with dignity, and many young women do NOT want to breastfeed because they don’t want to think of themselves as a “cow”, and they don’t want to think they can’t leave their house because you are their example of total breastfeeding.

You talk about breastfeeding publicly without discretion as if it’s disgusting and backward. Really? How about the fact in reality, most people who just expose their breasts and feed without discretion are in 3rd world countries and half of them don’t even have clothes. We do not walk around with out breasts exposed all the time, and shouldn’t in the guise of feeding our child. You talk of sexualizing, but the breast has been an object of sexualization for thousands of years, as well as being a means of feeding your child. As the saying goes, “It is what it is”, you cannot just speak it away.

As far as the nonsensical BS about the circumcision argument; I thought you all knew better than everyone else, and my uncircumcised son couldn’t wait to have himself circumcised as an adult, the minute he turned 20. Believe me, that was more painful than any circumcision I ever saw done in a hospital, where most of the babies slept through it, or sucked on a pacifier and didn’t even cry. If you don’t want to have your son circumcised–don’t! But it’s not your business what other people do, and from my perspective as a nurse who worked in the nursery, it’s not some horrible procedure that is excruciating for the baby.

mandy on

I bet he wouldn’t think a group of drunken girls whipping out their boobs to flash him was gross. Grow up, man. With that, I’m planning to breastfeed my first child, and I find the whole act of becoming a mother a very private thing.

I, myself, would prefer to feed in a more private setting and will most likely wear clothing that will accommodate an emergency public feeding in a comfortable way for everyone. You have to feed your kid when your kid is hungry. That’s how it goes.

Catca on

I’m sorry Janna,

But there is such a thing as being aware of others. The woman in my example put herself in a store display window in front of the mall food court when she had plenty of comfortable chairs inside the store to use. If you’re going to defend that woman, please explain why she chose to go in the display window to breastfeed rather than use one of the chairs inside the store. Both options allow her to feed in public and keep her babies feeding schedule intact, but only one of those options puts herself on display when it is well known that there are alot of people uncomfortable with seeing it. I support her feeding in public by using a chair inside the store, I DO NOT support deliberatively provocative behavior.


I agree with Kasey, have some sepf-respect and respect for others around you. I would not want my young boys to witness this in a grocery store. As a parent I have the right to shield my young boys from this kind of public exposure. If you know it is time for your child to eat, stay at home, feed the child, then proceed to go shopping…..

Gina on

An ignorant redneck, go figure!

Holiday on

cporter babies do get hungry when you are out and about! If you have kids you SHOULD know that! I have 2 kids and bottle fed my first in public because I was very young and knew there were ignorant people out there who would look down on me. Now I have a nearly 20 month old daughter (2nd baby) and I nursed her anywhere and everywhere from day 1. I tried to be discrete and just barely lift my shirt but I fed her in restaurants, parks, Disneyland (all over the place there!), the library, anywhere she needed to eat. I still nurse her at 20 months in public and not one person has ever even looked twice. Luckily I live near San Francisco where people support nursing and are educated on the subject.

Janna on

@Catca — In your entire life, you have seen exactly one woman purposefully expose herself in public, so don’t paint all nursing mothers with that brush. Are you saying that MOST of the women you see nursing behave like exhibitionists, daring someone to say something? I just don’t believe that.

@CPORTER — You’re right. Much better to teach your sons that breasts are just for oogling and grabbing than to teach them that a mother is feeding her child. You absolutely have the right to “shield” you child from this “kind of public exposure”, so why don’t YOU stay home?

Lisa on

To those of you that called Kasey a redneck: How are you any better than him? Maybe you don’t think the word “redneck” is as harsh as calling someone a “dumb b—-“. You disagree with someone’s opinion and resort to name calling. You are just as guilty as Kasey. The difference here is that he realized his mistake and apologized.

Get a grip! on

While I am wholeheartedly supportive of breastfeeding, and attempted and/or did with my children, I am also WHOLEHEARTEDLY in agreement in being discreet about it! You do not need to breastfeed your child while grocery shopping, you adjust your schedule around theirs. Mothers should be bonding with their child while breastfeeding, not reading a book, watching tv or shopping for crying out loud.

I find nothing wrong with finding a quite place to feed your child if you are out in public, or discreetly covering the baby while they feed. There is nothing wrong with that. Not everyone wants to see a breastfeeding mother and child, and there is nothing wrong with their opinions either.

For all the advocates to breastfeeding, not all moms can do this (I could not with my last child due to my medical issues) so stop pushing it on everyone! it is a personal choice, just because I support it, doesn’t mean everyone does, or wants to see a mother whip out their breast and start feeding the baby!! Please, get a grip on reality!!!!

Auds on

He’s not completely wrong & it’s sad he’s bashed for sharing his opinion, cause it’s just that: HIS opinion. I work in the public & am completely disgusted at how some women think it’s perfectly fine to flash their breasts everywhere just because they have a baby. There is a simply solution: get a modesty cover & use it to cover yourself & your baby as you feed them!! I actually had a woman trying to have a conversation while her child – who was between 10-14 months old, was strapped to her front side & was pulling her breasts out of her shirt & playing with them, in between feeding. I felt absolutely nauseated & think women should be fined for indecent exposure, just long how a man would be fined if he let his penis hang out of his pants for fun.

Holiday on

Auds sorry but you are an uneducated moron when it comes to breast feeding if you compare a mans penis to a woman’s breast. Woman’s breast are there ONLY for nursing! You cant compare that with a penis!

Rhonda on

Leave Kasey Alone!! I am all for breastfeeding your child when and where ever necessary.. HOWEVER!! There are some people that do this in such a mannor that it IS OFFENSIVE!! ( I know I am going to P!$$ off alot of moms out there) When I am in Macys and the woman standing next to me in the check out line completely exposes herself there in line right next to me.. That is out of line!

When In the grocery store and crusing thru the produce section and the woman touching all the fruit with a baby attached to her for all of us to see.. NO THAT IS OFFENSIVE!! The woman in the resturant at the table across from me nursing with no kind of modesty that is Offensive!! see where I am going with this??

Men arent the only ones that are grossed out by this.. Have a little respect for others.. we respect the fact that you are nursing and have no problem with it.. but I DONT NEED TO SEE IT ALL!! I am sure that is where he was going with it. Wasn’t meant be harmful or offensive but for Cryin out loud have some (Just a little would be appreciated) modesty!!

Oh just so you know I am the Mother Of 2 children and I always excused myself from public view because well its just tacky to be in public with all that showing!!

SMiaVS on

@CPorter, self-respect only refers to the respect one has for oneself. Hence the name. What you want is for people to show respect for others, not self-respect.