Caleb Followill & Lily Aldridge Expecting First Child

12/29/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Another model is heading into motherhood: Lily Aldridge is pregnant.

“We are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child together,” the Victoria’s Secret Angel, 26, and her husband, Kings of Leon frontman Caleb Followill, confirm to PEOPLE through the band’s rep.

“We can’t wait to meet the new addition to our family.”

The news is no surprise as Followill, 29, alluded to having a child after the two tied the knot in Santa Barbara last May.

“I can’t wait to raise a family with her because she’s a great woman,” the singer told PEOPLE in August.

Friends of the couple have been buzzing about the baby news in Nashville, saying, “They both look great, she is glowing. They are very happy.”

Last April, Followill’s cousin Matthew Followill welcomed son Knox and revealed that the new addition was spreading baby fever among the band.

“Other people in the band are getting kind of excited [to start families] now that we have a baby,” he told PEOPLE.

The confirmation comes a month after Aldridge joined her fellow Angels — including mom-to-be Alessandra Ambrósio — for the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

— Anya Leon with reporting by Kevin O’Donnell, Kay West and Marisa Laudadio

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SadieA on

Congrats to them!

Mary on

I’m starting to wonder if there was something in the water at the VS show. 😉

Cory on

Congrats. Be happy!

Jamie on

Gawd what a beautiful couple! This picture doesn’t do much for him but in person (in concert I should say, lol) he has crazy sex appeal! Congrats to them both!!

Ashley on

It’s like these women time their pregnancies around the VS show! Congrats to them. They are adorable.

once a fan on

hopefully this will make him grow up and not be too high/drunk to do a show resulting in them walking off stage, three songs into it. (anyone else at the st. louis show two years ago?)

i wish they were once the band they used to be. Their current fans ruined them.

sonia on

God bless this family, congrats to them : D

SadieA on

once a fan, two years ago? You must not have been at that was this summer and in Dallas. Maybe you’re thinking of the pigeon concert? That one had nothing to do with alcohol, drugs, or Caleb. It was supposedly Jared that wouldn’t play with pigeons defecating on them.

Val on

Congratulation to the couple! But she not very pretty… It’s my opinion.

Tara on

models rarely stay satisfied

once a fan on

sadieA you’re incorrect. I was at the show and was a guest of the manager of the arena. He said from the time he got the call that they stopped playing and wouldn’t go back on to the time he got behind stage to see the problem, (maybe 5 minutes at most) they were in their bus and pulling out. They never allowed them to fix the problem. Why would Nacho, their cousin/roadie be up on stage taking down the equipment if they were concerned about pigeon poop? They got off stage because they were drunk/high, angry they didn’t sell out the show, and playing in over 90 degree weather.

My issue with the whole incident is if they are a true rock and roll band like they were on the first two albums they released, then they would put up with pigeons. I saw them play for over 8 years before that show when they weren’t mainstream- when they got famous, they lost their identity. Notice how the first two albums you can’t clearly understand all the lyrics but the past two you can understand every single word that caleb sings? they lost their touch.

The fans that they have now became fans during their third album, because of the times. they always wanted to be famous so congratulations to them. Go listen to Youth and Young Manhood, and Aha Shake Heartbreak. They are not the same band.

A week before KOL took stage in St. Louis, Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers were there and playing in over 100 degree heat. Mike Campbell fainted towards the end of the concert and still came back on stage for an encore. That is a true rock and roller.

SadieA on

once a fan, I’ve been a fan since ASH and I’m still a fan. Whatever your issues with the band, this really isn’t the place. But I will say that they played drunk 8 years ago and they play drunk now. They’ve been touring nonstop for almost a decade. A couple of concerts canceled out of a thousand, get over it.

once a fan on

let me clarify one thing before everyone yells at me for talking about the band and how i am not happy with them professionally….i am really happy for caleb and lily and the upcoming addition to their family. i really just hope that the recent trip to rehab took and he enjoys being a dad and husband.

Nora on

I wish them the best.

It’s a funny, funny thing…the KOL fanbase.

I have been a fan since Youth and Young Manhood and still am.

Concert shenanigans aside, they’re an amazingly talented group of brothers and cousin. And, this almost violent, entitled anger some fans have towards them when things don’t go their way is so, so odd.

Yes it would be nice if pigeon poop and rehab issues did not force them to cancel shows, but…ugh…Congrats Followills.

Shelby on

Well hopefully he has his drug and alcohol demons taken care of. I’d hate to think how he expects to raise a child when he cannot even play in a band. Wish them the best though.

once a fan on

Nora, it is not that i am upset that things didn’t go my way. You are missing my point.I am upset that the band that once was is no longer. Do you really think that they would have walked off stage mid song back in 2003? No. A lot of bands continue to be great over time and they develop into a greater band for example Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers, Rolling Stones, etc.

But they sound completely different and i just wish they stood behind the type of music they played before they got truly famous because they could have been so much greater. I think you know what I mean about the differences between Youth and Young Manhood and Come Around Sundown. I think the only song on Come Around Sundown that really reminded me of their older music was Closer. I believe that is the song that they played in their documentary at the end.

I am happy for them! Matthew’s son Knox has to be adorable and i can’t wait for Nathan to have a baby and wear little glasses like his dad.

I am still a fan but i will argue with anyone who says their later music is better than their first albums. Go listen to Holy Roller Novocaine, Milk, Day Old Blues, Razz, Taper Jean Girl, Spiral Staircase, etc. they sound so genuine compared to now.

Nora on

Once a fan…My comment wasn’t directed at you in particular.

I have many friends who feel the same as you do about KOL and the difference in their sounds.

They have evolved – this is a fact. But their careers are hopefully not over and perhaps they will revisit their old sound. They are very young.

I’m just saying, because they are human, I wish people would give them the opportunity to make choices and mistakes for that matter.

once a fan on

i think people do take this band personally because they started out differently than most, they had an interesting life before being famous, they looked different, their voices were different and their music was rock and roll compared to other alternative and rock bands of a younger generation. they were our rolling stones and they past few years, they have not shown the appreciation to the oldest fans by maintaining what they became famous for.

I truly love, and currently am listening to their older stuff and Genius is on right now and Caleb is singing and unless you know the lyrics, you’re missing half of them. I miss that so much.

Steph on

Hey, Once a fan….

Closer wasn’t on Come Around Sundown, it was on Because of the Times. The song they played at the end of their documentary was Talihina Sky. Closer sounds nothing like their first two albums. They are still genuine and true to themselves. They write their own music and lyrics and it comes from their heart and talent.

The band hasn’t lost their touch, they have evolved and grown like every good band does. Bands that sound the same year album after album get boring and don’t last. From first album to latest these guys rock!

Heidi on

All of you people talking about them as a “band” blah blah blah!!!! Get a real problem or issue of concern…cancer patients, abused animals, homeless people, etc. So ridiculous. I love their music and very happy to hear their baby news. All this blabbering cracks me up. Like I said…get a real problem to talk about. Having been a Registered Nurse for 23 years really puts life and its’ “problems” in true PERSPECTIVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

mmm on

@onceafan their fans had nothing to do with it!!! i’m a fan and i personally don’t see where you get off blaming problems on fans. with that said excited for them it’ll be a cute baby!!!

Indira on

Um, I agree I don’t like their new music very much and, the stuff I’ve heard about them in the press. The red hot chili peppers are a good example; you can’t expect a band to keep the same song even if your taste of stayed the same. Look at coldplay and U2, sometimes you can’t hang on with the band anymore.

Anyway, congrats on their baby. They’re young, beautiful and in love…definitely a rock n’ roll story.

once a fan on

Steph you’re totally right about the song. I apologize for getting it incorrect. Talihina Sky was what I meant and that reminded me of their old stuff.

but to your point that they evolved into something greater i do not agree with. Yes they were on stage 8 years ago drinking and having a blast but what they are doing now before going on stage is not allowing them to be that band 8 years ago to someone’s point above.

They were not cancelling shows then. they were working hard for what they had as a fan base and producing music that was new and sounded different. There stuff is completely mainstream. When my older family members are able to sing the lyrics to sex on fire, but have no idea what their stuff was before that, that means they are mainstream right?

and the fans do have some part to do with it. the company that releases the albums and who probably own their music now, are only looking for money so if the fans are willing to buy the album no matter how good or bad it is, they will keep pushing kings of leon to produce at a quick rate which normally doesn’t give the artist time to write and really work on their craft.

Didn’t Trent Reznor release an album for free because he didn’t want the album company to make any money off it because he was pissed at them? I seem to remember something like that.

and to heidi, don’t come here on and tell me to have a real problem. I have many problems and i came on here to get away from them. Not everything i have to say outloud and through my fingers has to be about cancer or abused animals or the economy.

Want to know why I can’t sleep at night? I have a dog who I adopted at the end of March, who is 2 1/2 years old and has congestive heart failure. He has to take 20 pills a day and faints when he gets too excited because he coughs and loses oxygen but 20 minutes after he faints he is okay and playing with his toys, (he scares me about once a month doing that).

He brings so much joy to my life but i know i will not go through major milestones with him like i thought i would. My heart breaks everyday because I am afraid of the day and the way i will feel when he is no longer in my life. I don’t sleep a full nights sleep in case something were to happen to him. I take him to his own cardiologist.

so please do not badger me into feeling bad for talking about something mineless when everything else in my life is hectic and i wanted to get away from them.

and now i know i will have someone tell me that he is only a dog but really he is my child and i hope the the joy i feel and get when i am with my dog is going to be the same if not 100 times more for Caleb when he has a baby.

S on

This article is about them expecting a baby together, so let’s keep the comments about that, and be happy.

Congratulations to these two! This will be one gorgeous baby 🙂 Caleb is a cutie, and Lily is a natural beauty (Val you must have your own issues if you find her to be “not pretty”).

S on


meghan on

can we keep on topic? Baby. Congratulations!

Shelby on

Dear Miranda Kerr,

Please get pregnant (again) along with all of the other angels. Thanks!

Anonymous on

Congrats to them!

Lizzielui on

What on Earth has this thread turned into?

once a fan on

most news stories do spin off into other topics relating to the same topic and yes, this could have been discussed in a different kings of leon article.

i did say i was happy for them. and i hope everyone can understand why i needed to defend myself with someone telling me to get a real problem. that to me is the worst argument that anyone can say when, in general, this story and what we are all talking about in these comments is fluff compared to major issues in our own lives and in the world.

again and clearly stated, i hope that caleb and lily have a beautiful, healthy baby and that they enjoy being parents and cherish every first that they will have together.

sara on

Once a fan – How about moving on? Thanks.

Congrats to Caleb and Lily =)

carla on

Ok they walked off stage a few times and have evolved into a different sound. BIG DEAL! The man is having a baby. Congrats, Congrats, Congrats.

I am sure with his impending fatherhood and other life changes on the horizon the band will evolve and grow even more. Where one person laments that they have switched from their “old sound” others celebrate their journey and new fans emerge. Nothing wrong with either.

Still, in this moment let’s celebrate Caleb and his exciting announcement. All of these other stories about personal heartache and so forth that have nothing to do with KOL are irrelevant as it relates to this topic. Again, Congrats Caleb!!

once a fan on

Don’t jump down someone’s throat for stating their opinion. Maybe it is not the right place for once a fan’s opinions to be stated but no need to bully them saying to move on if they have something to say. Isn’t this what the comments section is about? Everyone is so mean when someone has something to say that isn’t what the majority thinks.

Anyways, Congratulations to Caleb, Lily and their families! I am a father and it is the best thing that has happened to me!

once a fan on

My comment above was directed at once a fan- I am not that person! I am just a dad. I don’t want everyone to hate me like you do them! haha. I just wanted to clarify so I am not associated with them.

Tara on

@ once a fan yeah get a real problem!!! My father has lung cancer, heart problems and has been in the hospital 5 times in the last 3 months. I have a dog that I love greatly but does not even hold a candle to the love I have for my dad. Come to me with your “problems” when you are watching your father die a slow and painful death.

once a fan on

My name is Tim Lopez and I am the father said I am the dad that just posted. Apparently I screwed myself by typing in the wrong box and it continues to post at once a fan. I am really not that person. I apologize for all the confusion now I have placed on this site.

find me on facebook for pictures of my kids!

once a fan on

a friend just called me and told me that I needed to come on here and see what everyone is saying and that someone is posting as my name but didn’t mean to. I was going to let it go and be done with it because apparently no one can state their opinion unless its congratulations but now I’m pissed.

read from top to bottom with my posts. Yes I might have come off as a jerk for saying I was disappointed and that I enjoyed their older stuff but in no way does that give anyone the right to make it personal and tell me that I need to get a problem or that my problems, one which is my dog is not a real enough problem.

Tara, I am sorry to hear about your dad but how do you know my dad is not already gone? You don’t. you don’t know who I am, what my past is or anything about me. You are rude and that was completely uncalled for. You are doing exactly the same thing on here that I am which is getting rid of everything awful thought and worry for a few minutes to relax. It is not right for anyone to compare their problems to others because everyone has them.

Again, Tara, I am really sorry about your dad and I hope that you and your family have been able to have a good holiday with your father and that you are able to celebrate the new year in good spirits.

carla on

The thing is Once A Fan, this is a celebrity forum about celeb babies. That is what we want to talk about. That is why we flock to this site. To see post and pics about celeb babies.

It’s not that we don’t care about other people’s misfortunes or other things that may be more relevant in the world. It’s just that when we are here we just want to talk about babies or subjects that are somewhat related to that. Like you yourself said, we all come here to relax, revel and discuss celebs and offspring.

However, instead of talking babies after a while I felt like I was reading someone’s personal blog on grief support. Like, “WHOA, now we’re talking about someone losing their dog and someone else’s dad who has lung cancer? What happened to Caleb and the new baby?” Now I am sitting here scratching my head wondering how we all got dragged into all of this off topic banter.

torgster on

I think we all need psychological help lol. We must be nuts to be spending our time here with this wackiness and off topic banter and bickering.

Jillian on

Once a fan,
This has been a boring thread until you defended yourself and then tried to pretend to be someone else. I chuckle when this happens.

Joe on

When you see your offspring for the first time you will start your family over and get a chance to make it right (and get right). It happened to me and it’s a beautiful thing. Remember that young and wasted turns into old and wasted, bad dad – whole nine yards. Going from all out drunk to “have a few beers guy” sucks for six months- FYI

You are lucky – Kids are the best gift AND she is gorgeous.

Shannon on

Hopefully he’ll join AA before the baby comes!

Jen on

I think he and his brother are arrogant jerks, but she is so pretty and I hope she is happy…she’ll prob be a single mom one of these days, and that baby will be SO much better off!

aless on

To Jen,
how can you wish anyone to be a single mom, yes he may have a drinking problem but what rockstar doesn’t at some time in their life, and he can overcome it. she seems nice and he’s quiet not like most frontman. anyway can people just stop being so nasty.

soph on

Hey Jen? You know that you don’t actually know these people, right?