Alessandra Ambrósio: Pregnancy Is the ‘Ultimate Blessing’

12/29/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Courtesy Alessandra Ambrósio

Alessandra Ambrósio kept her second pregnancy under wraps for some time — even walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show while expecting without anyone noticing.

But now that she’s announced the happy news, the model is getting things moving.

Anja Louise, 3, her daughter with fiancé Jamie Mazur, “has filled our lives with love,” the Brazilian model, 30, writes in a statement posted to Facebook in both English and Portuguese.

“We can’t wait to welcome the new baby into the family this spring!”
Ambrósio also thanked fans for the outpouring of well-wishes, adding: “2011 has been a year filled [with] incredible gifts and this is the ultimate blessing!”— Charlotte Triggs

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Val on

Congratulation! Gorgeous couple!!!

Mandy on

OH congrats to them! How nice!

Maddie on

What a gorgeous photo! That’s so lovely they are expecting again, they obviously love their little girl very much 🙂

Catca on

Goodness gracious – she was like 6 weeks preggers when she walked the Victoria’s Secret fashion show – of course no one noticed! Writing stories like that without making it clear how early she was at the time can set unrealistic expectations for other women.

Maryanne on

Wow! Could that bikini be any tinyer? I wish I could rock it! And yes, I am totally jealous!

cct0303 on

Catca I don’t think she needs to make it “clearer” for you or anyone else to understand. Every woman’s pregnancy is different.. Alessandra you look great pregnant, flaunt it if you got it and make all the these jealous immature women jealous;)

Anonymous on

Anja is so cute!

Anonymous on

Her face is not pretty without all the makeup! Yes her body rocks but we already know she works hard for it. Congrats to them and lets hope she eats e for the baby.

J on

Is this the same woman who made the comments directed toward girls about eating or not eating a few weeks ago? I’ll have to look it up but didn’t she make questionable comments like how she doesn’t eat for a whole day before a runway walk or something?

Julianna on

@Catca, actually, she was around three months when they taped the fashion show (in November 16). She gave an interview to a Brazilian magazine this week announcing the pregnancy and she said she’s four months pregnant.

I love Alessandra, she’s clearly a very devoted mom to little Anja.

Cory on

Why doesn’t she just walk around naked.

Anonymous on

good for her! she already has one beautiful child 🙂 i hope she has a calm happy pregnancy, i cant wait to see pics of her new addition when it is born! and btw, everyone starts showing during their pregnancy, i dont think she was trying to be clear or unclear or set some sort of unrealistic standard for what you should look like when youre pregnant…when i was pregnant i didnt show or even gain any weight until i was 5months along!

Mimi on

Oh please, if it’s such a blessing get married.

guest on

Congratulations. I agree, having a child is the ultimate blessing!

Shelley on

What a beautiful picture. LOVE!!!! She is right – pregnancy IS the ultimate blessing.

Lila on

Mimi, how is a child any less of a blessing if she’s not married? A child is a blessing no matter their parents marital status.

Ella on

J, that was Adriana Lima, another Brazilian model. She has a 2-year-old, Valentina.

Beth on

I was the grossest whale when I was pregnant. These pics make me so jealous! She looks fabulous!

Shannon on

Mimi: Why should she get married just because she has a baby with someone? Marriage isn’t for everyone and not being married doesn’t mean you love your children any less. Get off your high horse.

Trish on

No one should look huge at 4 months pregnant. The baby is the size of a peanut! Most Americans overeat anyhow so they think she looks skeletal. She is healthy!

heather on

is she standing like that so we know that she’s pregnant and not because she just ate a big meal?

Amanda S on

Trish, if your baby is the size of a peanut at 4 months pregnant, you need to see a doctor. LOL At 4mo the baby should be around 4 inches long to start. That’s much larger than a peanut.

acorr on

Amanda S…LOL!!!!! So true! On another note, everyone’s bodies are different. I’m an average size woman. 5’6″ size 8/10 but when I had my boys I gained 60 lbs each time. I wasn’t eating excessive amounts of food and I did experience some water retention. Never had gestational diabetes. My boys weighed 10 lbs and 10 lbs 7 oz. at birth. Needless to say at four months pregnant for both I was pretty big.

I can’t stand when people say that women should look a certain way at a certain point in a pregnancy. I gained exactly what I needed to gain for my specific body. I lost the weight after thankfully.

sharon on

no she’s not the one that was lima who made those comments… glad to hear she’s expecting again, u can see she adores her lil anja

SummerGirl on

At 4 months pregnant, she still has a better body than I ever will. (Hangs head in shame.) Lol.

Queen B on

I can’t help but laugh at the negative comments people make.

“Anonymous” saying she isn’t pretty with out make up. The person writing it can’t even post their name, how sad.

No one needs to know how many weeks she is. It’s her own right and if she wants to share it, yippee, if not oh well.

Whether she was 9 months pregnant of 8 weeks pregnant when the show was taped, is really irrelevant. She looked amazing regardless. AND If she was pregnant, kudos for her for doing that. Heidi Klum did the same thing with her first child

I don’t understand why people sit here and type such negativity. Do you think she really cares what negative comments people make? NO. So stop wasting your time. It isn’t hurting her character only your own because you are so bitter and miserable you have to say nasty things about others.

You know what they say, those who put down others are only unhappy with themselves. And I can see a lot of you are unhappy. Sucks to be you, so you have to hate on her. SMDH.

OhReally on

So, what… if you can’t get pregnant you aren’t ‘ultimately blessed’? I dont like what comments like this imply. Why don’t people ever think about those who can’t get pregnant and what it means to them to read something like this???

Elisa on

a baby of a 4 month pregnancy fits in the hand so its not the size of a peanut! at this age it’s already a little human being with all the fingers and everything else (I have seen babies like that on med school in the embriology classes)…

she should indeed be married (why do people have taken the importance of it? my questions is that if it meant nothing then why not do it?) but still having a child is really a huge blessing!!

Jenna on

GOOD LORD!! I have a beautiful 4 year old with my fiance, we haven’t tied the knot because we don’t feel it’s important. We love each other, have a happy and healthy child and there are plenty of married people out there who are miserable but stay in a relationship because they are married. Marriage is becoming obsolete.

She is adorable and how awesome they are adding to their family.

meghan on

OhReally, it’s not Alessandra’s (or anyone else’s) job to censor what they say because they might hurt someone somewhere in the world. It’s not her jobtomake you feel better about your lot in life. If you can’t put your feelings aside to be happy for another person’s blessings, the problem lies with you, not with Alessandra.

torgster on

Not pretty without makeup…Really? And sinfully unmarried in a tiny bikini…Seriously? What do ignorant remarks like this possibly have to do with her joy at announcing her pregnancy? I just don’t understand people anymore. Have you become so bitter and envious that you have to find a way to minimize others peoples happiness to detract from the emptiness of your own lives?

boston on

If the rest of us could look that good in a tiny bikini, you bet we’d be wearing it. Jealous much?

Janna on

@OhReally — “Why don’t people ever think about those who can’t get pregnant and what it means to them to read something like this???”

Are you seriously saying that this woman can’t define her pregnancy as the “ultimate blessing” because some random infertile woman somewhere might get upset by it? I hope you’re kidding.

Do you think she should not announce the birth either, in case some infertile woman sees it and gets upset?

damoiselle on

What an adorable photo!!! That’s my tummy (food baby) after Christmas dinner and she’s actually pregnant, and still looking fantastic in a bikini!

Ok, genuine question – if marriage is becoming so outdated, obsolete, just a piece of paper etc, why do people even bother getting engaged? If people are happy the way things are, why go change that with an engagement? I get that “normal” people will have a longer engagement in order to save for a wedding and other things, but celebrities don’t really have that factor to worry about. So why the long drawn out engagement?

I don’t believe marriage makes you a better parent or more committed to your other half; it’s a personal choice and to each their own.

AmandaK on

What a cute picture. She looks great and her little girl is so sweet looking!

Anonymous on

Jenna- If marriage isn’t important to you, then why are you engaged?

Anonymous on

OhReally- Obviously I read a different article than you did, because I missed the part where she said that pregnancy is the ultimate blessing for every woman in the world!

Holiday on

I think she looks amazing! And to the lady who gained 60 pounds that is probably why you had such huge babies!

I gained 22 with my son and he was 6 pounds 3 ounces and 25 with my daughter and she was 6 pounds 5 ounces.

If you would watch your weight you probably wouldnt have enormous 10 7 ounces babies!

meghan on

I gained about twenty five pounds with my son and he was 10 pounds 4 ounces. Gaining a certain amount of weight does not always equal a certain birth weight. You shouldn’t make sweeping generalizations.

purplepooch on

That’s me after a lettuce wrap and a milkshake… All the very best to the expectant mama. 🙂

Anonymous on

meghan- Exactly! Women who gain an excessive amount of weight while pregnant may be slightly more likely to have large babies, but my understanding is that it’s not the weight gain itself that causes the baby to be large, but other factors that are often involved (such as diabetes, whether gestational or otherwise).

Also, the woman who talked about her 60 pound weight gain on this post made it clear that she DIDN’T over eat and that she had water retention (meaning that some of the weight gain was water weight). I could be wrong, but what I took from her comment is that she is just genetically programmed to gain a lot of weight while pregnant.

mavs2980 on

I’m sorry, but Holiday that’s the most ignorant statement I’ve read on this thread. How much weight you gain has nothing to do with the size of your baby when it’s born. The size of your baby has everything to do with genetics. Acorr could have only gained 20 lbs, but she still would’ve had a 10 lb baby.

Holiday on

mavs2980 so you do not think there is a correlation between excessive weight gain and big babies? You are the ignorant one! Do some research on the subject. Go to the March of Dimes website and there is a lot of info on huge weight gain often equals to huge babies. Its not just genetics! You do realize that all the fat calories that mom eats go right to the baby too right?

Paula on

How many negative comments!

Married or not, it’s really not our business. It’s so weird how some people think everybody needs to get married to be a family…

Oh, and about her body. She’s a model, I wouldn’t expect her to gain a lot of weight at 4 months; she probably has really healthy eating habits and her genes obviously help; if she’s following her doctor’s instructions (and I bet she is) she and the baby should be just fine.

BTW, I live in Brazil and this bikini seems pretty normal to me.

meghan on

That’s not the point, Holiday. It’s true that weight gain and high birth weights are linked, of course. But the point is you are making generalizations. Genetics ARE a factor too.

I never gained more then thirty pounds in any of my pregnancies and my kids were eight lbs six oz; eight lbs four oz and ten lbs four oz. My mother gained sixty pounds with me (40 of which was water) and I was six pounds five ounces.

And telling accor not to eat so much and she won’t have enormous babies DOES make you ignorant because she clearly said she didn’t eat excessively and she retained a lot of water. None of which fits your overeating/high birth weight argument.

Just because you have experienced pregnancy does not make you an expert. I’m not an expert either, because every woman is different and every pregnancy is different.

Jenna on

@ Anonymous (find it funny you need stay un-named) what girl doesn’t appreciate a nice piece of jewelry on her finger?! it’s a commitment to the man I love. Duh.

Janna on

Um, just because someone SAYS they didn’t eat excessively while pregnant, doesn’t make it true.

Have you ever seen any of those Obese Hospital shows? All of the people there insist they don’t overeat either.

Just saying….

Anonymous on

Jenna- “what girl doesn’t appreciate a nice piece of jewelry on her finger?!” So that’s what you think engagement is about? Getting a fancy ring? Wow. Just, wow!

acorr on

I didn’t post my comment for approval from people like “Holiday”. I posted because I have a story. Everything I typed in my comment was true and in my situation, my weight gain is definitely linked to my genetics. My mother is 5’2″ gained 60 lbs with each of us (4 kids). We all weighed over 9 lbs at birth. My mother lost her weight just as I did mine. My sister…same thing…2 babies over 9 lbs with 50-60 lb weight gain.

Women on here who bash and insult are not the focus of my comments. I’m here to learn, laugh, educate myself and possibly help another woman with what I have experienced. People like Holiday remind me of the little girls on the tv show “bad girls club”. Highly entertaining but incredibly sad, lonely girls.

BTW Holiday, the NUTRIENTS IN food, that the mother eats, get absorbed by the baby.

Sage on

People who say that marriage isn’t important are the people that don’t have faith in their relationship. Meaning that I will have all ties with this person and not be able to just easily walk away after being engaged for 8 years. If its not that important then get married if it won’t changed anything???

Janna on

@Sage — People who say that marriage isn’t important are the people that don’t have faith in their relationship…… Really? Maybe they just don’t feel the need to provide YOU with validation of their relationship? Why should someone “just get married” if it doesn’t mean anything to them? Why is it so hard for some people to believe that a couple can commit to each other WITHOUT having a government or religious official in the room?

And do you have any idea how many married people “just easily walk away” from their spouses and homes and families? It happens every single day.

Clara on

What’s the point of getting married if you are already having sex? Especially if you have made the commitment to stay together.

The big reason why my husband and I married is to have sex, we are in a religion (our choice) that doesn’t allow sex outside of marriage (old fashion to some, I know). We are still together and happy.

Just curious?

Holiday on

Clara because most of us do not share the same religious view as you and it is not a sin to have sex before marriage. I dont know a single person who waited until marriage to have sex but I have seen the show “Virgin Diaries” and it sure made me glad I lost my virginity before marriage. If people want to wait then good for them but those who do not want to wait should not be looked down upon either.

Clara on

@ Holiday – I never said it was a sin and my religions views are mine and I realize they are not for everyone. Virgin Diaries was a movie and not real, so grow up.

My questioned was what’s the point of getting married if you are already having sex? Especially if you have made the commitment to stay together.

Janna on

@Clara — “Virgin Diaries” is a reality show, not a movie.

Clara on

Just because its on TV doesn’t make it real. They have writers.

Jillian on

Clara, no one said it was real. You said, “the big reason why my husband and I married was to have sex.” WOW! That was the big reason! I am hoping you said that wrong cause getting married for sex…! You ask why people get married if they are having sex as if it’s dumb and pointless. I will refrain from what I think of people who marry only for sex……you are the only one I know. My cousin waited til after marriage to have sex, but they didn’t marry to have sex. They married bc they loved each other, wanted a family, cared for each other, made each other laugh, etc. Sex had nothing to do with it.

Janna on

I can’t figure out why people get so upset when someone acts differently than they do. Some people have kids, then get married. Some people have kids and never get married. Some people get married, then have kids.

Why on earth would you expect anyone to follow YOUR path in life?

Why on earth would you impose YOUR religious beliefs on someone else?

Why on earth would put other people down for not living THEIR life YOUR way?

Clara on

I feel so sorry that you lack the education to understand my question. I should have known better, then give my experience and then ask others for theirs. Lesson learned.