Nancy Kerrigan’s Kids Skate – Sans Tips from Mom

12/27/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

Fun on ice comes early when mom is Nancy Kerrigan3½-year-old daughter Nicole first donned skates when she was only 14 months old.

“She seems to like it,” the two-time Olympic medalist tells PEOPLE of her daughter, who doesn’t mind wearing the black skates handed down from brothers Matthew, 16, and Brian, 6½.

Sarah Brannen

Right now Nicole is more into costume changes — Snow White and Cinderella — than doing leaps and twirls on the ice, but Kerrigan, 42, says she’s open to her daughter choosing the demanding sport.

“If that’s what she wants to do, I’m happy to help her,” notes the skater, although she admits it may not be that easy.

“They all like going skating and they definitely like people clapping for them,” explains Kerrigan. “They say, ‘Watch me’ and I try to give them tips, but they don’t necessarily listen to me.”

Sarah Brannen

Nicole and her brothers recently got to watch their mom skate and emcee A Salute to the Ladies of the Ice, a tribute show to 1968 Olympic Champion Peggy Fleming that will air New Year’s Day on NBC.

Kerrigan, who is also the spokesman for the U.S. Figure Skating Association for national skating month in January, has skated rarely in public events since her father died in June 2010 and her brother, Mark, was prosecuted for assaulting him.

“It’s fun to perform and I’m so excited to be a part of an event with these women,” Kerrigan tells PEOPLE of the show, which features 12 skaters with 100 Olympic, world and national medals among them.

Skaters include current world champion Miki Ando, 2006 Olympic gold medalist Shizuka Arakawa and silver medalist Sasha Cohen, 2002 Olympic gold medalist Sarah Hughes, 1998 Olympic gold medalist Tara Lipinski and a comeback appearance by 1995 U.S. champion Nicole Bobek.

Jesse Garrabrant/Getty Images

— Judy Rakowsky

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mary on

Adorable !!!!

Loralee on

Beautiful mother and daughter!

Nora on

Where is her daughter’s helmet?!?! Where I am from there is now a new law that requires all children to wear helmets while skating.

meghan on

I guess you live in a paranoid part of the world. I’ve never heard of a child getting brain damage from ice skating. Paranoid people create paranoid, nervous children. Lighten up. Nancy is a skater, she has three kids, all have ice skated and apparently none have suffered head injuries.

Harley on

So stinkin’ cute! @Nora – if you look at the first picture, it looks like a photoshoot, not an actual skating event. I’m fairly certain Nancy, of anyone, knows the risks.

Lee on

In her area, the rule most places is that small children wear helmets until the can move forwards and backwards somewhat competently. Depending how often she skates, it is possible that she skates well enough to not needs one. Besides, if she is basically just posing for photos and not working on anything new she is probably ok without a helmet.

lill on

shes a cute kid, very pretty. some of u here readin this blog is very dumb, just cause shes not wearing a helmet in the pic, doesnt mean she dont wear one, she prob took it off for the pic, like come on really, i dont think her mother would allow her to skate if its possible she could injure herself

Cory on

Kids never wear helmets skating, that I know of. Nancy was a terrible sport, and showed her true colors at the olympics when she lost to Oksana Biehul (sorry spelling) I was so disappointed in her. Turned out a homewrecker also.

Madison on

Nancy, you are beautiful as ever and your kids are so cute!

Jeanne on

I didn’t realize that she had another child. I only knew of the 2 boys but they must be thrilled with a daughter and she’s so cute!

A on

Of course she needs a helmet! All it takes is one bad fall or a collision with a bigger skater and her life could be changed forever. My husband coaches my eight year old son’s hockey team and USA Hockey requires even adults to wear helmets while on the ice. These kids are definitely not skating fast or aggressively but accidents can and do happen. Kids wear helmets while biking or snow skiing so why not ice skating?

Liz on

Her again! A homewrecker who stole someone else’s husband and ended up marrying him (an old guy I believe) and knocking out 3 kids with him. Sick!

Shawn on

cute?.. this woman had an affair with her coach for years until he left his wife and married her… Wife almost had a nervous breakdown because she felt like she raised HER.. they dont talk about that thought so they?

vcc on

She does NOT have a nice personality back in the 1990s. possibly she has mellowed. being photogenic doesn’t make you a good person

Kazoobazoo on

Nora, this girl does not need a helmet, because she’s learning to skate with a professional figure skater. The first thing you learn is to fall correctly so you do not injure yourself. Also, a helmet screws your balance really bad, so you can not learn spinning and/or jumps with a helmet.

Kazoobazoo on

To A – Hockey and figure skating are two completely different sports. Just an FYI. You do not need a helmet if you are figure skating, in fact, you should not have one, if you want to learn to skate properly.

CS on

I was thinking the exact same thing as you! How can all of these people call her beautiful? She threw a temper tantrum in front of the entire world at the Olympics, was caught on tape bad mouthing everything about the Disney parade she was in, and she had an affair with a married man. She is very far from beautiful – true beauty emanates from within.

Kaycee on

She has definitely had an interesting life and I felt badly for her mom at the Olympics only to be topped off with her father’s murder. I do hope maturity has helped her over the years. I remember a rather ungracious athlete during the Olympics and several World titles. I also think she was a homewrecker with her current husband’s marriage. I wish her well, life can be tough.

i_luv_hawaii on

Sorry, but I lost all respect for Kerrigan when she decided that her married manager should be HER husband. Her little girl is absolutely adorable with a mega-watt smile.

Shar on

The little girl looks a lot like Nancy’s mom. So sweet!

Ann on

It’s amazing how people freak out about helmets. I grew up skating, bicycling, etc. without a helmet. I still do not wear a helmet while biking. And I do not know one single person who was hurt so badly without a helmet during these activities. Hockey is different-a puck can do a lot of damage, but just skating around? Come on!

Cory on

I thought she was so nice until I saw her behavior after the Olympics, the diva and nastiness she had. Her remarks at Disney, and then turned around and slept with the married guy, broke up his home. Nancy is not nice at all.

Tammy on

Never liked Nancy Kerrigan, never will.

macey on

WOW alot of jellus gals here!!!!!!!!!!!! Get over yourselves ladies!!! Just because your not a Olympic medalist why the hate???

Cory on

I had a large satellite dish at the time of the Olympics. I received wild unedited feeds. Nancy was nasty, and her remarks went out on the large dishes and also in Canada unedited. The US edited out some of her remarks (most). Breaking up that mans home, was not cute, and her behavior at the competitions afterwards, when she didn’t win was obnoxious.

Victoria on

For what it’s worth, my very-athletic, has skated-for-years daughter fell while skating this winter. We spent the night in the pediatric ER after rounds of tests, and an MRI. She suffered a concussion and is fine now, but things can happen… 😦

Canuck Chick on

To the lady who suggested children don’t need to wear helmets … they do. Nothing to do with be paranoid or creating nervous children, a lot to do with the concussions they will sustain from a good hard fall. When there’s something available to make an activity safer, do it. It takes nothing away from the activity, be it skating or snowboarding (yes, at some Canadian mountains helmets are mandatory). I have 2 rep hockey players/snowboarders … nothing paranoid or nervous about either of them. Seriously, you shouldn’t comment if you have no clue.

Kim on

Wow some really negative comments on here from people, why such negativity and why even be on this site if you want to say such mean things just alot of people who hate their own lives so they have to bring others down…Nancy’s kids are adorable just let her and her husband be happy.

Robin on

Uh, the chances of Nancy’s daughter getting a serious injury for skating without a helmet are probably less then her chances of somebody deliberately whacking her in the knee for being without a body guard. Are you kidding me with that?

Anyway, cute photo. Not a real big fan of Nancy’s now, due to the whole married guy thing, but I do hope she can pass the talent onto her daughter, or sons for that matter. She is quite a skater. I will always appreciate her performances.

Robin on

When Nancy lost to Oksana in the olympics, I let the temper tantrum go because she had been ambushed by those idiots that whacked her knee, and, possibly threw off her whole routine with the stress and controversy of the whole mess.

I’m sure she lost valuable time by that interruption, doctors, evaluations etc. That was her once in a lifetime shot and it was probably ruined by somebody elses jealousy and greed. I gave her a pass, that was a big bitter pill to have to swallow. All the time, money and work she put into that for years. I think a tantrum was in order.

But I had no idea about the Disney parade?? She lost me when she wrecked a marriage.

Rachel on

Nancy Kerrigan is a classless act that none of us will forget. Her loss to Oksana Buill and the media coverage of it. When she was caught on camera making all the horrid comments about Disney – who by the way had just signed her for a multi-million dollar contract – went over like a ton of bricks. Then her homewrecking of her coaches home with her affair was uncalled for. Personally this gal had never done anything to win any ones favor. She took, took, and used people and was ungrateful in the process. Good riddance to the POS.

Karen on

Nancy is a self absorbed B.

elaine on

Gosh, she still has such a beautiful smile. Loved her when I was a kid in ’94.

JessicaB on

i did not think she and her husband would last. one of the few couples that started w/ one of the parties already married, that has lasted. and he’s what, at least 15 years older than her. gosh, that means the 3 year olds dad is 60! guess you never know.

Robin on

Wearing a helmet can sometimes aggravate an injury and cause more damage or death. It depends on the injury so to that I say to each his own. Except of course when it is mandatory law. There are two sides to the helmet argument and both are valid. No one gets to choose which type of injury they will get, therefore, they cannot decide whether they should or should not wear a helmet. In this case,it is my opinion that the child is safe with her professional skater mother and most likely does not need a helmet.

Patty on

To all the “Mothers of the Year” – never in my life have I seen anyone ice skating with helmets. If you “scared of your own shadow” mothers want to put bike helmets on your children 24/7 until they are 21 – have at it. But, not all mothers are as mentally unstable as you are.

Worst than the face that your children have to deal with an unbalanced mother is the fact that you’re sitting around judging everyone else with your “superior” mothering skills.

jennie on

Never liked her. I always feel the urge to watch “Mr. Ed” when I see a picture of her, an interview, or hear her speak!!! Cute kid though.

jennie on

A horse is a horse, of course, of course….

Kathy on

You can’t wreck a home if the home is stable. It takes 2 to have an affair the last time I checked. GET OVER IT!

gimma a break on

Maybe kids should wear a helmet when walking around,they could fall.(sarcasm)

Kelli on

I love how some people take a sweet story like this one and turn it around so they can trash talk someone! Why bring up something that happened almost 20 years ago–does what happen in her personal life or professional life affect anybody else at all–I don’t agree with her complaining at the Olympics, but I still think that she is an awesome skater, and as far as her breaking up a marriage…well is anyone really going to know what happened there? and who has not made a mistake in their own life—Why judge other people?

Laurie on

Wouldn’t it be nice if we all spent one day writing positive things about others? Wouldn’t the world be a better place? Anyway, Nancy looks like a great mom!

Kat on

So many people living in glass houses throwing stones. People criticizing her for being a “homewrecker” probably also praise Angelina Jolie. Maybe Nancy Kerrigan just needs to hire Jolie’s PR team and get photographed with a few Third World orphans to rehabilitate her image. Get a life. “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.”

Nina on

She has been married to her husband for over 17 years. The charges of adultery by the ex-wife were refuted and the divorce was settled. The parties involved stated they didn’t become a couple until he was separated from his wife. Do any of you “homewrecker” claimants have first hand knowledge of the truth?

Oh and the helmet thing? Helmets are required in junior hockey because of the flying pucks and sticks and the contact nature of the sport. I’ve enjoyed figure skating lessons since childhood and I’ve never seen a single figure skater with a helmet on.

Why are people so snarky over a simple picture of a little girl skating with her mom?

Jeana on

I am not a fan of Kerrigan, but I am sure she is a good mother and the little girl is cute

Anonymous on

Yes get the bubble wrap out!

Holly on

She didn’t marry her coach, she married her agent.

Colleen on

She did not marry her coach. Get your facts straight. It was her agent. Figure skaters do suffer from concussions, etc. There is a risk in the sport. Learn to skate new skaters are required to wear helmuts. After that, they skate without helmuts. Nancy did not want to wear her medal for the Disney Parade because she did not want to gloat. She was being modest and trying to be polite without knowing people wanted to see the medal on her. What happened to her was horrible. The medal that year at the Olympics was extremely close. Back then, it was rare to have such a close call. It came down to the artistic mark which Okasana rightfully won. However, she did receive points for technical marks that she did not earn. Her jumps were two-footed landings. So, in all essence, Nancy should have won the gold but that is how the cookie crumbles in life.

Deanna on

Why is she still in the news? If she was never attacked, she would have faded into obsecurity. Besides, I always thought she was full of herself.

Georgia on

Come on now. People have skated for years without helmets and very few have sustained permanent damage. Pretty soon our kids will be required to wear helmets when walking. People with this attitude would ban cars and planes because people die in them. If you want to helmet your kid, fine… but don’t require us to do it.

Cory on

It is true that Nancy should not have been whacked, but this woman made millions and millions off of it. Her behavior at the Olympics and in competitions afterwards that she lost, coupled with her affair with a very married man, disgraced the US. Nancy was a spoiled diva, and her brother always on the back burner. She was spoiled all her life, and turned out obnoxious on the ice.

sami on

Wasn’t her husband married at the time they got together?

Jen on

@Shawn: The affair was with her agent, who she later married. I can’t imagine how his wife could feel she “raised” her, since the agent came into the picture post-Olympics.

edjoy74 on

Helmets do help protect people from injuries to the head from children to adults. I can no longer skate and barely did when I was on ice. I fell backwards and got hurt and didn’t go back on skates ever since. One little boy was on his bike on the bike path and was going fast but had a helmet on. The kid fell and very hard on the pavement and his head fell as well and without that helmet he could have had brain injury. Look at what happened to Natasha Richardson while skiing outside of Montreal – maybe she thought that she would be ok well nobody is ok and better to be safe than sorry. How time flies to see Nancy and with three children.

LN on

Nancy is a 42 year old woman now with 3 children and many years of life experiences and life lessons under her belt. Some of her antics were pretty irritating and uncalled for…agreed…but that was then. She is now in a very different point in her life, and, appears to have mellowed and matured. As for the affair with her trainer, now husband, let’s just say that it takes two to tango…HE was the one who was married, and chose to leave his wife. There were obviously problems in the marriage to begin with, otherwise he would, at the most, had simply had an affair and not decided to divorce and marry Nancy. And, not for nothing, they seem happily married and have 3 beautiful children to show for it. It is so easy to throw around accusations without knowing all the facts. And we DO NOT know all the facts…only the juicy gossip stuff…not the real facts that lead to the demise of his marriage and to his union with Nancy. Life is not black and white…just many shades of gray. I wish her and her family love and success. For the sake of their children, I hope they remain happy and stay together, which I think they will. As for the helmet talk, I am sure Nancy knows what is best for her child, both on and off the ice.

GGuest on

I was in line behind her at the local store years ago. I was very polite to her and asked for her an autograph for my young son. I recall her as just a very ungrateful and cold person. Who knew?

MrsJAZ on

Nice to see a parent spending time with their child and teaching them something not connected with a video game. Not a huge fan of the skating princesses (any of them) but am pleased to see she seems like a great Mom.

skg on

I feel sorry for her daughter. Nancy obviously has big plans for her. She first learned to skate at 14mons.? A photo shoot at 3 1/2? I’m just guessing, but I’d be willing to bet Nancy’s pushing it. I just wonder how much her husband and sons are paying for it? I’ve never liked her or Tonya. What a shame the U.S. had such selfish, low class women, representing them.

Carmen on

You americans like women with horse teeth…in Europe she would be considered ugly.

Betsy on

What a beautiful little girl.

meghan on

skg, it clearly says that Nicole is using the skates handed down from her brothers. Nancy’s kids all learned to skate young, not uncommon with parents in the profession. I don’t think Nicole is being focused on at the cost of her brothers. And it doesn’t sound like she’s prepping her for the Olympics.

Seriously? on

Listen to all the jealous, bitter ladies who have nothing but negative things to say – where’s the helmet, she had an affair, etc etc etc. Didn’t your parents tell you that if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all?

gottabelieve on

she has too many teeth!

Jen on

The kid looks like it has a diaper on in the picture on skates.

Holiday on

Carmen considering Europeans are well known for their awful teeth and over all dental hygiene I take your view on her teeth as laughable! You do realize all the jokes people make about European people teeth ( and especially English)

Stella Bella on

Oksana winning the gold was bull***t. I don’t blame Nancy for being frustrated.

Kristen Lewis on

It does look like a photo shoot. But,yes she has shown bad sportsmanship when she lost and that affair bad taste. Also, just for a laugh I was married by the same judge that sentenced Tonya Harding and the rest of them for whacking Nancy’s knee.

Tania on

So why isn’t Oksana Baiul in this group of ladies??.. if anybody deserves to be there, it’s this young lady.

Kelly on

I can’t believe these nasty, cruel comments! Perhaps people mature in 18 YEARS?! Give the woman a break. I think she went through many miscarriages to have her children. I am happy for her and wish her well.

JGirouard on

I met Nancy on a cross-country flight. I happened to be flying solo and had the seat next to her and her son, Matthew. This was easily 8-10 years ago. She was kind and down-to-earth and her son was friendly and sweet. I’m so glad that she’s had more kids…little Nicole is as beautiful and adorable as they come!

Anonymous on

I had read where Nancy Kerrigan trained and while vacationing on Cape Cod years ago (before she was attacked and the resultant increase in rink security) my daughter and I went to her rink during the “high” session hoping to see some good skating and perhaps a notable or two. She and Paul Wylie were the only ones on the ice and it turned out on that hot summer day that we were the only ones in the stand. We watched them for an hour and went up to wish them well as they left the ice. NK and Mr. Wylie could not have been nicer and chatted for a few minutes, paying particular attention to my D who was a skater herself and a huge fan.

Ron Fox on

I wish these people who sit around all day and write nasty comments about people they don’t even know would just stop and use that energy for something good. They don’t know anything about Nancy Kerrigan. They get their info fifth or sixth hand. That moronic lady that said Kerrigan married her coach and stole the woman who raise her’s husband is so far off. Her coaches were Evy and Mary Scotvold and they were in their 60’s.Nancy Kerrigan married her agent, Jerry Solomon, who she met just before the 1994 Olympics. He was separated at the time. Kerry has been married to him for 17 years and have three children. I don’t know why I bother writing this because there are a hundred ignorant people for every level headed person these days. These people and their tasty remarks get on my nerves. Lets inspect how their living their lives and see how many stones we could throw

Ron Fox on

Hey Cory,
Four hateful comments about Nancy Kerrigan from this one article. We get it you don’t like Nancy Kerrigan. How about trying to give it a rest!

Alisha on

What a beautiful little girl!! Looks just like her mommy, smile and all.

Andrea Moore on

It always disappoints me to see this person. Not only does she remind me of broken dreams, but it looks like she’s smelling her stinky teeth.

TXCinderella on

I wonder if her kids think Disneyworld is “lame” like she does? I will never forget about her participating in the parade at Disneyworld after the Olympics and she was caught on tape saying it was lame. How ungrateful!

Susan on

I am going to agree with Nora. As a former figure skater myself, I put my kids in helmets when we go skating (and it is law here too). Just because this girl is wearing a cute dress does not mean she is figure skating. She is clearly LEARNING to skate. And yes, you CAN get a serious head injury if you fall. Even world class figure skaters get serious head injuries from bad falls. But I think Nancy knows this. However, considering the adorable little dress she is wearing I suspect this is all a staged photo-op (heck, you can see all the lighting equipment in the background!!). It is quite possible that most of the time she does wear a helmet (along with warmer pants) when they hit the rink.

Treasure on

I didn’t see her tantrum when she lost gold.

Let me tell you all something, you can NOT steal anyone’s spouse.

The blame is not with the other woman or man, but with the spouse who wanders. You can’t break a solid marriage.

Just to switch celebrities for a moment, I do not blame Eddie Cibrian for ditching Brandi. This gal has no class whatsoever. She’s not bashful about her conduct, her language or appearance. It’s not very attractive. So it’s time to leave LeAnn alone. I’ve met her and she is a very sweet, lovely gal, not trashy like Brandi.

rad666 on

OMG a helmet are you serious. Why must people suck the enjoyment out of everything. How many millions of people have gone both ice and roller skating, bike riding or performed numerous other activites without a helmet! The human race seems to have somehow survived, I know this because there are 6 million of us on this planet.

:) on

I have no problem with a child wearing a helmet. When you go ice skating up here, you have to wear a helmet. when you do skiing lessons, you must wear a helmet. A child died last year in the area because he wasn’t wearing a helmet while skiing and ran into a tree. (he was supposedly an experienced skier). I make my kids wear a helmet while riding their bikes and skateboarding. When we go out to go snowboarding, they will wear a helmet as well. (yes, snowboarders do wear helmets). It isn’t about being overprotective, it is about common sense. To each his own but I will protect my child when I can and if it is as simple as wearing a helmet, you’re damn right I will make them wear one.

JessicaB on

well, you might not be able to steal someones spouse, but you can screw someone elses spouse. and that makes you trash. so silver medal or not; she will always be trash.

Lexi on

Jeez, ladies! A helmet? Why not just get her a glass bubble and roll her around the rink in that? I’m sure she’ll be just fine.

Pam on

You do not need a helmet, when someone is just taking your picture.

Shirley on

It’s no wonder that all our children today can do is throw temper tantrums, when they don’t get their own way,and aren’t willing to take chances of truly living. I skated most of my life, and took my children ice skating and got them lessons, which my folks couldn’t afford for me. We did this as a family for several years, and when they grew up a left home, we all missed the fun we had, ice skating and snow skiing (sans helmets) as a family.

We are so paranoid that we now try to save our children from anything that might make them self-reliant and able to think for themselves.

This is a sport that most anyone can enjoy without belonging to a team, having to have the correct apparel, other than skates, blue jeans and a jacket, gloves and hat with earmuffs.

melissa woodhouse on

I can’t wait to see her grow-up and be as graceful as her mother.

Dawn Jacquelyn on

I love Nancy Kerrigan but I’d like to add a comment about that evil, violent CREEP Tonya Harding. WHY is she still making money and why is she still famous? She should have lost her celebrity status right after what she had done to poor Nancy. Instead, it looks like she’s been rewarded for it. She should be permanently out of the spotlight, and not allowed on tv at all, ever again. Tonya, I think you’re a disgusting, consienceless LOWLIFE.

bunny on

i’m sure nancy’s kids have been skating before “they could walk” and i’m sure nancy has taken every precaution since she has been skating since she was a very young girl. if i’m not mistaken, that’s not what this story is about. Nancy you look great and your daughter is beautiful.

Emily on

Stop writing nasty comments about people you don’t know!!!

I DO actually know them, I go to school with Matthew. And they’re a really nice family!

Haha maybe I’ll tell him to wear a helmet next time he goes skating

sagitario on

What is up with the helmet thing? My two girls take lessons without helmets and it is fine. How could you learn jumps with a giant hat on your head? Do you have any clue how awkward that would be? The little girl is probably a great skater and doesn’t need it.

Just Sayin on

She’s so irrelevant. She was nasty then and she’s nasty now. Nasty, nasty attitude. She refused to do interviews for the “20 years later” articles/documentary unless HER NAME WAS FIRST before Tonya’s. Some of you forget the nasty attitudes and words she had making appearances after the Olympics. Whacks to the knee never happened to a better person.

Ngoc on