Alessandra Ambrósio Expecting Second Child

12/27/2011 at 09:00 PM ET
Humberto Carreno/Startraks

She’s a model mama — twice over.

Alessandra Ambrósio is expecting her second child with fiancé Jamie Mazur, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The Victoria’s Secret stunner, 30, is already mom to daughter Anja Louise, 3.

Despite flaunting a fit and trim physique at last month’s Fashion Show, the pregnancy comes as no surprise — Ambrósio recently replied, “Definitely” when asked if she had plans to expand her family.

The model and Mazur, a businessman, began dating in 2005.

— Sarah Michaud with reporting by Charlotte Triggs

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Cg on

Her husband is sooooo cute!

babies are adorable on

She was pregnant during the VS fashion show then. She was very early when she filmed that.

jenifer on

awesome,congratz to the 3 of you

Sara on

what an adorable family!

lauren on

in hindsight,it makes sense that she was. if you look at what she wore during the fashion show, most of her outfits were corsets that covered her stomach. the one that did show it, you can see that there’s a pooch in her stomach. not that it’s super noticeable that you’d really have thought it at the time, but looking at it now it all makes sense. congrats to her & her fiancee!

olivia on


Jackmama on

Beautiful family! But with the fashion show, its not filmed and broadcasted live, i believe it was filmed in early Fall, so she might not have been too far along at that time!

Rivs on

It bothers me so much that they are not married and on their second child. Engaged means nothing, if she were regular and something happened to him, how would the children be taken care of? What’s the point of them being engaged? They have time to eff and get pregnant, but going to a court house and making it legal is too hard? I officially don’t like Alessandra.

Kacie on

Aww I love Alessandra. Shes one of my favorite VS models. And who cares that they arent married. People need to stop living in the stone age and come live with us in the 21st century. They will get married when THEY feel like it.

faosel on

hey rivs stop living in the 1900’s a piece of paper means nothing these days

cct0303 on

Rivs get a life of your own and worry about what’s going on w/ yourself as opposed to worrying about what she does w/ HER PERSONAL LIFE.. In what way does it affect your everyday life on whether she has children out of wedlock or not??? I hope your not loosing sleep over this LMAO GEEZ!!!

Erin on

So what if they aren’t married?? They seem happy and are good parents. With the divorce rate at 50% these days, marriage doesn’t
matter much.

Sandra on

Love You, Ale! Congrats!! 🙂

jessica on

@ rivs your comment is sexist and unfounded. You’re implying that women who are not super models are relying on their husbands for their financial security. In most cases, this is simply untrue.

Also, what would happen if she died? What would be different if they were married and either of them died?

Maybe marriage is not a priority for them, it is after all only society’s way of recognizing couples but you can be extremely committed without being married and I’d say multiple children together is a pretty big sign of commitment!

Cory on

A piece pf paper certainly does mean something these days, but most women can’t get one. The men already have and get what they want without one. What does that make the woman?

Cory on

Divorce at in and shack up..break up rates 80%..doesn’t work, and those relationships are lasting much less time.

Cory on

Marriage is still taken more seriously then live ins. Sorry, some of you can’t get a husband.

Cory on

Respect your kids and get married. Shack ups are never as serious.

Samantha Renee on

A role model for who? Perhaps judge-y people who need a life. Go Allesandra!!! Live your life happily!

hope on

No,the real problem in this world is that no one knows what commitment is anymore. Everyone just wants to live in the moment and to he!! with the rest. When the going gets tough then the tough RUN. Great way to live!! What a great time to exist. Can’t wait til you guys start a family and the babies are crying all the time, up late every night, all hours of the night. One child is sick and the other is getting there and your partner up and leaves cause it isn’t fun anymore and the lady next door looks hot and has ZERO children. Oh but that’s ok cause you aren’t happy anymore, time to move on. But hey, at least you’ll be happy!?

uhm on

to all the idiots who think she needs to get married to provide for her family and set a proper example, which one of them do you think makes more money — him or her? my bet is her. and if they split, guess what? he’s entitled to part of that.

your backward thinking needs to be reversed. it may be an INTELLIGENT CHOICE on her part not to get married, at least not yet. think about that.

lauren on

so some of you are saying 6 years together doesnt show enough of a commitment? what’s a piece of paper other than being able to file a joint tax form?

also, what a double standard. she has 2 children by the same man, yet there’s men, like kfed, who have children by 3 different women, only one that he’s been married to, and no one gives him hell.

plus, in terms of the “role model” thing, how many of you actually let YOUR child see what she does as a career? it’s probably not like you’re letting your kids view a lingerie model as a role model, so what does it matter what she chooses to do with HER PERSONAL LIFE?

guest91 on

None of us know these individuals or their commitment so who cares if they are married or not. I understand the point some of you trying to make and I see your point. I do however wonder myself are you married? If not I would like to take the time introduce pot to kettle.

Secondly, whose to say they don’t have a commitment 2005 and its the end 2011…. you do the math 6 yrs they obviously have a commitment and its not for you or myself to understand. Their commitment is theirs and theirs alone, seeing how it is their relationship. *insert eye roll*

With all the foolishness we today why not be glad we don’t see her in the news with a DUI, out clubbing instead of taking care of her responsibilities, or some silly squabble with her the father of children all over the tabloids. Marriage means nothing their are plenty of couples who get married who divorce, and have been in situations when something had to either spouse and they weren’t taken care of.

As long as they have a good family unit for their children who are you to question or judge their lifestyle? There many more issues out there that warrant debate but, you past judgment on people who living their lives before you expressed your feelings about them.

Newsflash they will continue to live their lives regardless of you feel the need to say. Since you have so much to say why don’t you use that enthusiasm and speak out on issues that are truly important.

Denise on

Hope, how is this relevant to this article? Deciding to have another child implies they are coping very well with their first. There are no signs of either of them running. I applaud them for their choices, I’ve seen too many unhappy married parents – and unhappy children who sense that their parents are stuck and unhappy. Alessandra and Jamie seem very happy and great parents. That’s what’s important.

Anonymous on

Cute kiddie, bet the second one will be fabulous too!

Sierra on

@ Cory. I’d like to know where on Earth you get your statistics from. I’m a Psychologist and your statistics are completely off. Yes, there are some benefits legally that people who cohabitate don’t get in the event of a break up. However, to say a relationship is more or less committed in a marriage vs.a cohabitation situation is naive.

If you don’t have anything kind to say, then don’t say anything at all. I have seen cohabitation situations that are more successful than some marriages. Especially when the marriage is not a good one. Some married couples are willing to stay in a bad marriage because divorce is too expensive, children are involved, or they simply cannot afford to survive on one income.

Really in all honesty, what’s best for one person, may not be best for another. It’s a personal decision. To make a sexist comment that a man will leave because he’s not married when things get tough is ignorant.

My parents have never been married. I am 33 years old and they have been “cohabitating” for 35 years. My sister and I were very happy and well adjusted. I married in my 20’s and have kids, and based upon my experience of living in both situations, I don’t view one situation (cohabitation vs. marriage)being better or worse than the other, and you shouldn’t either. If you don’t have something nice to say, bite your tongue.

Sierra on

@ hope…my comment to cory was also meant for you too.

Julianna on

Rivs, sorry to bust your bubble, but Alessandra is Brazilian. Under Brazilian law, because of the time they’ve been together, and the fact that they now have two children, they’re considered as good as married. They have all the rights and privileges a married couple have. It’s an institution called “stable partnership”. So, if anything happens to her or to Jamie (God forbid), the children will be taken care of.

In other words, I’m so happy for Alessandra! She told a Brazilian magazine she’s four months along, and the fashion show was taped in mid November – she was what, two, maybe three months tops then? Shocking!

Cassie on

Alessandra and her family apparently are very very happy. Why should not they be?

My comment is related to Hope and Rivs comments

People are afraid of the Future because it’s uncertain and unknown so the Present hopefully is better. If the Present is good why should anyone want to change the circumstances that make it good? Huh?

People are afraid of commitment because we are Humans and Humans do mistakes, cheating is one of them. If someone who is part of a relationship gets sick of the other person obviously will want to jump out and not having any commitment with that person makes the transition easier. Jump out of the ship is better than cheating. Theoretically.

Nancy on

I think what people are trying to say is that they have been engaged for maybe 3-4 years? Why be engaged then? They have no financial reasons not to get married. But I agree that SOME men don’t want to make it legal so that it is easy to move on with another woman if they so desire.

Marriage is a big deal!! I have been married for 16 years and we have shared many life problems during that time. If we were just boyfriend/girlfriend, it would have been so much easier to walk away when times were tough. We made a commitment to God and made it legal by the state. TOO many couples are divorced because they see something they think is better or that person changes. People don’t want to work at anything anymore and usually the grass is NOT greener on the other side.

denise on

I’m a little shocked here. I don’t know her besides articles at CBB. but who cares if they are married or not?? it’s their personal business. being together for 6 years, having two kids and loving each other is definitely a good role model.

I didn’t think (some) Americans were so backwards and living in the 1900. we are married but some of our friends aren’t and still have kids together and a happy and loving relationship. and, guess what, noone cares, no-one ever asks.

so congrats to them and I hope all goes well with the pregnancy! I wonder when she’s due?

Nina on

Congrats to them. I have to laugh at the people in love with the idea of marriage but more people are not getting married.

Mimi on

Get married already!

Mimi on

@Hope: I love your comments and couldn’t agree more. Where is written that the most important thing in life is to be happy even if it means sacrificing the happiness and security of one’s children? These Hollywood people are so self entitled!

Dawn on

I don’t really care whether she is married or not. I think that it is better to have children once you are married, but I’m not judging her. I still believe in the institution of marriage though regardless of the divorce rate. It’s just important that you marry the right person and work hard on your marriage. I hate to see people bashing the whole institution of marriage. They just sound so unhappy and bitter.

powrbtr on

Why do you have to get married to be a role model? Why do you have to be married to be committed? I have been with my other half for 17 years and we are not married. We choose to be together not because a piece of paper says we have to. Our relationship has outlasted most marriages. Get real, marriage doesn’t always mean committment.

Norma on

When you know you are starting a family with someone shouldn’t you care enough about yourself and the expected baby to marry the other parent? All babies are a blessing and I’m happy for anyone who has this exciting time to look forward to.

My thinking is if you don’t care enough about the other person to legally start a life together you should give a lot of thought to that before bringing a child into the equation.

JenLaw on

Congrats to them and God’s blessings! I’m a bible thumping Christian and my children are all out of wedlock, thank the maker. Finding a Godly man in this world? Good luck.

Megan on

Wow-gorgeous family! Congrats!!

sharon on

i saw no pouch on her during that fashion show i don’t know what the heck you saw…. she was as slim as the other girls if not more…

congrats to her and her lil family!!

Dolce on

ALL OF YOU ^^^ get a life! GEEZE!

Love on

Who cares if they are married? I have 2 children with a man that I have known since the 2nd grade, we plan to never marry. We both come from broken homes and would never put our kids through that mess of what people call divorce. We are happily together and are completely committed.

Marriage now a days means nothing people have ruined the meaning of marriage, its just a simple piece of paper now. Times are different, people need to grow with the changes or move the F**K on.

lauren on

@sharon it’s not something i noticed while watching the fashion show. after hearing about this,i googled pics from the show, because i couldn’t figure out how she was that far along w/o it being noticed. i forgot that most of her outfits were a corset, that covered her stomach, except for this one below

Molly on

Beautiful family! Congrats! 🙂

cct0303 on

Love, very well said!!

K on

Really? Are you guys serious? Let her live her life the way SHE WANTS TO. None of your remarks will make her change her mind. She is a grown woman who can make her own choices. It isn’t like the world will end because god forbid – she isn’t married and has kids!

Let her live her life the way she wants to. Worry about how you are living your OWN life and the way you are obviously judging this woman for making her own life choices.

Lisa on

Love, you say “We both come from broken homes and would never put our kids through that mess of what people call divorce.” So basically you are inferring that since you and the guy you’ve had 2 kids with aren’t married, you’ll stay together forever? If you do split, you’re still putting the kids through the mess of their parents splitting up.

It’s sad that there are people who are afraid of marriage and won’t make that commitment to their partner. You’re not better off because you’re not married, you’re just too afraid that it won’t work.

Lauren on

@Cory…really? “‘shack ups’ are NEVER as serious”? My eyes just rolled so far back into my head, I saw last week. Using your logic, Kim Kardashian’s “marriage” was serious, legitimate business.

My fiance and I are getting married in September after spending 5 years as “shack ups”. I guess we should just throw in the towel and break up, because our relationship will never be as serious as Kim K’s storybook marriage.

I think you should see a proctologist, Cory. Your head appears to be stuck in a very unsavory place.

Maria on

I agree with a couple of the other comments on this page. One of the things that has become enormously common today, and particularly for celebrities, is to have children with people they are not married to and have no commitment with. Things are done totally out of order. People have children first, and then at some point later down the road they get engaged or get married, or don’t end up getting married in the end at all.

I’m actually liberal when it comes to many things (eg. I support gay marriage equality for gay couples) but I find opposite sex couples irresponsible today. Statistics and case studies from family law show having children with someone you aren’t married to creates more instability and more likelihood of the parents spliting up. What’s the point of that? Get married first, then have children.

guest on

HOPE, you are awesome! It’s true. The thing is, life has gotten so much easier with technology, etc. that people want this same convenience in a marriage too.

I’m tired of this “marriage is just a piece of paper” crap, and “so long as we’re happy”. These people create a domestic partnership because they’re too scared to commit to everything. Notice that these people always bring up how “marriage always ends in divorce nowadays” This is pessemism at its best. Rather than thinking postively, they think the worst.

Marriage was also created so that when things get tough, you can look back and solve your problems without walking out on the other because you’re MARRIED and it’s not so easy anymore. But it’s so easy today to get up and leave. No wonder they’re afraid of marriage, but they still long for it enough to just simply “live together”. No one ever said marriage was easy. I’d rather stay single than live a lie by just “living together”.

Cromwell on

Read article. Dont see the word husband anywhere!!

Tara on

she must be praying the second one turns out better looking … esp if it’s another girl

Andrea on

Wow, Tara. Very mature. There is nothing wrong with their daughter, she is a beautiful little girl. I realize that people are entitled to their own opinion, but picking on a little girl’s looks – well, that is low. Just my opinion, of course!!

guest on

Jamie Mazur! Dude, her second pregnancy was the final hint! Walk her down the aisle already!

guest on

I think this second child was the final hint. Walk her down the aisle already, Jamie! on

Wow I only read some of the abovementioned comments, but that was more than enough for me. I think Anja is a very beautiful little girl and she seems to have a really cute, bubbly personality. And even if she weren’t ‘supercute’ or ‘toddler and tiara-style pretty’, it’s incredibly hateful to say something like that about anyone, let alone a child. Obviously comments like these are what makes young girls super conscious of their own looks. Way to go.

And as far as Alessandra and Jamie’s relationship goes, I think it’s really weird to assume that two people who aren’t married, are not in a committed relationship.

I know that in some parts of the US, people are still very religious, so maybe that’s where it comes from, but you really have to let people live their lives the way they want to. I’m from Western Europe, and here it’s actually quite normal to have children together but not get married. Not everyone needs a piece of paper to feel secure in a relationship :-).

guest on

No one should be a role model except for your parents good or bad. How can a model be a role model for me and I am my own person. Does she pay my bills etc….

vcc on

As I read this exchange, I notice one word :


another word: WANT.

“They will get married…”when they FEEL like it.
“They don’t need a piece of paper…to FEEL secure.”
“They will get married….when they WANT to.”

OK people. Let’s get serious.

1. When you start a family, you can no longer just think about what you FEEL and what you WANT.
Your choices affect your children, every single moment of every single day.

2. Children of single mothers….and it doesn’t matter how rich/not rich they are….are much more likely to become single mothers.


if Ambrosio wants her daughter to be a single mother one day, then go ahead. Shack up and have kids.
But, if she wants her daughter to have a marriage later, then she should think about what she is doing right now.
Because your children watch you. They know their history. They know what choices their mother made.
And statistics show….daughters repeat those behaviors.

Amanda K on

Congrats to her! I bet her 3 year old will be a great big sister. I don’t know why this story has brought out so many people bashing marriage and or living together. It’s to each their own. If you don’t believe in it then don’t get married or don’t live together but don’t bash others who do. I believe marriage is a whole lot more than just a piece of paper but I am not going to be critical of others who aren’t following that path.

kathy on

Another semi-celebrity telling our children that children don’t deserve a settled family, meaning they plan to stay together for longer than when the sex is no longer exciting. Another example of instant gratification over morals.

AR on

Legal document does not equate commitment or good parents. You have people who cheat or don’t take care of their kids. You have married folks that could be the worst parents.

She and her fiancé have been together for 6 years already. She’s not dating a slew of people. They’re committed to each other as couple; and as parents together.

QueenB* on

Why is everyone so concerned about the fact that she is not married? For all we know they could be. If not, you can all take the piece of paper she clearly doesn’t care about and shove it up your asses.

Who cares if she is married or not. There is no relevance to the situation. Marriage is not the same as it was decades ago. This is how it is now. Get over it.

Nancy on

NO again, the head scratcher is: Why are you engaged for several years and you have not tied the knot??? I just don’t understand it.

I personally know a man who had no intention of marrying this woman but once she became pregnant, they immediately began setting dates and looking at rings. When she miscarried, he called the engagement off. They still live together 6 years later but no engagement. I think it is difficult to understand because to most of the world, when you get engaged, you either get married or you split up!!

damoiselle on

I agree with everyone who’s said that marriage doesn’t make you a better parent or more committed. I’m married, and to me it’s more than just a piece of paper, but it’s a personal thing, and to each their own! However, what I struggle to understand is what Nancy said… why the long, drawn out engagement?

That being said, congrats to Alessadra, Jamie and Anja (who, I think, is adorable!)

christy myndzak on

Riv ..she isnt a regular girl tho so everything in ur own statment says they dont have to married cos she has more money then him so how would the kids not be taken care of? either way how would being married help? Im sure he has his kid in his will..And your kids are your next of kin anyway if u have no will and your not married..and im sure ur american with such stupid comments unlike americans i realize that other places have diff laws n things..being married can basically can cost more..paying more taxes..if u want to get a student loan ..u can be turned down cos they take both money earned so u can be denied on the fact they think u make to much n should be able to pay..Alot of crap to consider..and alot of people still saying when u have kids u should get married is sooo old nowadays getting married is becomming the stupiest thing to is true that people in unmarried committed relationships do last longer and have proven to be more faithful too..either way the divorce rate is so high everyone lives 2 lives first married then the 35-45 mid life divorce and remarry.So ya getting married means nothing unless ur to lazy to make a will and need it cos maybe ur a bum..stay at home lazy mom..crap like that.Im a woman 29 and going to get married..within the next 2 years and its for none of that its so we can go on vacation invite all of our familys and have a day of love for us and show each other we pick them..thats my ONLY reason.I think its amazing to find one person u want to spend your entire life with.Oh and we’ve been together 5 yrs and sometimes talking about getting married is just as fun as having one..i like waiting..once we have it..its over!=/

christy myndzak on

IF my daughter grows up and follows a woman like this who doesnt get married be happy wtf u talking about?VCC….She may get married who knows…a baby doesnt make a marriage and id feel more secure having a man stay with me after a baby for awhile unwed.But ya neway if my daughter is as sucessful as her smart n funny n has a beautiful family and she lives with his man it isnt like they dont own everything together..what the hell do i care if she doesnt have a piece of paper that says shes married to him?Sperm makes a baby doesnt make u dad..jus a peice of paper doesnt make nething they have nemore real to me.Yah it can help if he dies but im sure a man of his age has a will if not in my country canada everything goes to ur next of kin neway..ur kids..if u have none ur spouse..none ur mom or dad..ect so They r protected neway and i know thats in the US too..No woman she need a mans money anyways and ya i understand if u maybe have a situation where the mom stays home then protect urself get married get something get a job..who this day in age everyone knows better ..prob most welfare bums and stay at home moms on about this hole get married crap..I make more money then my fiance maybe thats why i have zero NEED to get married and dont care when it happens..hed get married tomorrow if i did it.Stupid people really shouldnt care its clearly ur issues.

Anonymous on

vcc- I hate to break it you, but Alesandra is not a single mother. If her boyfriend died, then she would be a single mother. If they broke up, then she would be a single mother (and he would be a single father). But at this point she is anything but a single mother. So applying studies done on actual single mothers to her doesn’t hold much water.

damoiselle and Nancy- I’m with you guys! I’m perfectly fine with the fact that they aren’t married (and this is coming from someone who is a rather old-fashioned Christian who doesn’t even believe in sex before marriage, let alone having kids before marriage!)- their lives, their bodies, their choices. I AM, however, puzzled by the long engagement. Since engagement is basically a promise and a commitment to get married, why bother making that commitment if you don’t plan to get married, or if you don’t intend to marry for several years?

In my opinion, since engagement is basically a promise and a commitment to get married, it should only be done when you are actually ready to get serious about planning a wedding. Not just when you’re like, “Oh, sure, we’d like to get married someday”. I feel that if you have to hesitate when it comes to marrying someone, then maybe you shouldn’t be getting married.

But anyway, congrats to Alessandra, Jamie, and Anja! 🙂

Anonymous on

I also don’t get why people always seem to blame the man whenever a couple has been engaged for more than a year or two? I’m sorry, but that’s an incredibly sexiest statement to make. Women can have problems in the commitment department, too! And sometimes it’s BOTH partners that are dragging their feet, so to speak.

Janna on

christy myndzak: This forum isn’t a text message. Learn to write, sweetheart.

claire on

You know that Miss Ambrosio doesn’t care what you all think right?

Really really doesn’t care about your opinions and she will never read them! You guys are just arguing amongst yourselves! But you seem to have fun so keep it going!

Reese on

Danny, the fact that you think you know her is just amusing.

Nancy on

For those of you who think marriage is “outdated” and so “last century”, stop judging people who are married.

Marriage is WAY different than cohabitation. In marriage you say vows in front of people and you sign a legal document. If people cheat on their spouse, it means they LIED about the vows they said, it does not mean and marriage is irrelevant.

Even Carrie Bradshaw realized that if she didn’t marry Big, she would be left with hardly anything if they “broke up”. Sandra Bullock got married because she wanted to have decision making capabilities in case her husband had a serious medical condition.

With marriage, everything is together. Nothing is held back Men know this. They know that if they can get a woman to move in with them and give them everything, if they are bored or find someone else, they can easily leave and they are not LEGALLY bound.

For all of you happy, long-term cohabitors out there, ask your man if he would marry you today and see what he says. If he is truly committed, he would do it legally also.

If you don’t want to ever get married, fine. Just don’t knock the institution of marriage and people who are long-term happy married. If marriage is so “yesterday” and “outdated” then why are gay people fighting for the right to do it??????

Nancy on

Let me add that another reason people get divorced is because they think that after they throw a $30,000 dollar wedding and have a beautiful dress and sparkly new ring, that everything is supposed to be a fairy tale. At the first sign of trouble, they “move on” but “deeply care about and respect one another”. People don’t want to choose 1 person and fight for that relationship the rest of their lives. Marriage is work but it can be so wonderful!

Amanda on

Hmm. Nobody even stops to think that maybe they haven’t been able to get married due to some possible immigration issues? She is a Brazilian citizen, I’m quite certain, and he is American. Perhaps it is an issue of citizen status, asset exchange (perhaps her money is in Brazilian funds and with our economy being crappy, they are waiting for her fortune to be more secure?) or maybe it’s a religious conversion thing or maybe it’s nobody’s business. They’re committed, clearly, and happy. The world is short on happiness, so let them live their lives the way that is best for them. Some of you are sanctimonious jerks.

Sarah on

People what is wrong with you.Why does everybody think you have to get married. I have never been married and no kids. Now a days in this society this is a…but its all in what that person wants..just because you want marriage does not mean others do…I luv kids, but did not want any of my own..So just go on with your life however you want but don’t judge people because they just live togather and don’t want to get married…for some it works for others it dosen’t. Congrats to both of them..

k on

The Victoria Secret Fashion show is filmed months before it ever airs. The only thing that is live is the pre-show. She was not pregnant during the actual runway show.

Indira on

Some people are dense. Obviously if they are engaged then marriage has some kind of importance to them. So why aren’t they married after about 3 years of engagement. It’s an entirely valid question.

The rate of marriage is going down much faster than it’s social importance. While betrothals can last years among common people an engagement usually signifies that you’re getting married in the near future. A year from what I’ve heard is standard. Maybe a year and a half.

Jessica on

Thank you, Nancy!! I could care less if Alessandra Ambrosio and countless others choose to raise families without getting married, but what I cannot stand is when people write it off by calling marriage “just a piece of paper”. Maybe that’s what marriage means to those of you who choose NOT to get married, but it sounds incredibly condescending and dismissive to those who do choose to commit their lives to their spouses. I respect others’ opinions, but I find it extremely offensive when people argue their position by knocking the institution of marriage.

Anonymous on

Nancy- You can care about and respect someone but still not want to be married to them. Believe it or not, people can get divorced without being bitter and hating each other’s guts!

Janna- christy myndzak made it quite clear that she’s not from the U.S. (by saying, “I’m sure ur Americans…”). So English may very well not be her first language.

Amanda- Very good point!

Kewky on

Congrats to them! Anya is an adorable little peanut and I’m sure the new baby will be a cutie pie too.

Off topic: It’s ridiculous that most American states won’t let two committed gay people get married or two committed straight people not get married!

Janna on

Marriage *IS* just a piece of paper. It doesn’t *PROVE* anything, it doesn’t *GUARANTEE* anything.

By getting married, it seems to me that you’re telling the world “We’re in love! We’re committed! We’re going to share our ups and downs, raise a family, and share our lives! We’ve pledged ourselves to each other for eternity.”. That’s great, seriously, but you don’t need a wedding, a judge, a dress, a ring, a church or the involvement of the government in any way to do that. If you *CHOOSE* to go that route, great, but stop pretending that married people have somehow committed themselves to a greater degree than those that are not married.

People certainly do put down people who DON’T get married when the reality is that you have *NO* idea what commitment these two people have made to each other. There are people who don’t take marriage lightly and there are people who treat it like a joke, but there are people who take commitment lightly and people who treat that like a joke, too. Doesn’t matter what you call your commitment.

Also, the reality is also that *MORE* than half of married folks won’t be married in the next ten years, so what does *THAT* say about marriage?

Nancy on

I don’t focus on the 50 percent who divorce, because I am one of the 50 percent who are happily married.

Whats wrong, won’t your honey marry you??