Dido Celebrates First Christmas With Son Stanley

12/26/2011 at 02:00 PM ET

It looks like Dido had a new special someone to ring in the holidays with.

The singer-songwriter celebrated Christmas — and her birthday! — with her first child, son Stanley, whom she welcomed with husband Rohan Gavin in July, reports Britain’s Daily Mail.

“I’m ridiculously excited about stanley’s first christmas this year!” Dido, who turned 40 on Sunday, wrote on her Facebook page before the holiday.

“Hope you all have a brilliant one and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in 2012.”

And if the name sounds familiar, perhaps Dido, who announced her pregnancy in February on her website, was paying homage to the song that helped launch her U.S. career.

“Stan” is the name of the 2000 Eminem single that samples her hit “Thank You.” She also starred in the music video as the tragic pregnant girlfriend.

“There’s a real calmness about it which I think is really nice,” Dido said in March about having a baby on the way. “Your decisions are sort of made for you. You just have this priority that is unchangeable and I think that’s a great calmness that comes from that.”

— Alison Schwartz

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Dou on

I’m so happy for her, she deserves all the best !

gigi on

ironic that she named him stanley 🙂

don on

Lets hope Dido is not a parent dodo…

Jordan on

I’m happy for her and her husband. It’s hilarious that she named her baby after that song.

Jess on

congrats on the baby

kasia on

why it’s surprise? it was not secret so she eventually gave birth. or for somebody it’s surprising that pregnant women gives birth?

Michelle on

I don’t think that is why she named him Stanley. Note the writer’s use of “perhaps [she] was paying homage…” That is his assumption not something from her website.

I think it is just a random coincidence.

Se on

Wow she does not look 40! 🙂

Mira on

It must be a random coincidence. The Stan in the song commits murder suicide. I doubt she’d want to “pay homage” to that… what a stupid assumption.

Congrats to Dido and family. I love her music!

Tara on

that kid’s gonna hear some sweet lullabies eh?

abby on

I love her voice and her songs,she looks so young!

congrats to them!!

Em on

Wasn’t she “Stan’s” pregnant girlfriend in the video? Not Eminem’s?

Emily on

I’m sure that song Stan provided her with a lot of money and introduced her to a lot of people. I had never heard of her until the song came out. I can see someone paying homage to that.

Julianna on

What’s up with celebs naming their babies grandpa names? Theodore, Stanley,Arthur etc.

ELO on

Julianna- I wouldn’t call them “grandpa” names. I think maybe they were wanting something “traditional” and lesser used as opposed to a name that is popular and used by many ie: Mason, Jack, Max, Aiden.

Also, as many will say- It all boils down to personal preference and opinion. In the end that is the only explanation.

kendrajoi on

“Stanley” is pretty horrible. Paging Mr. Roper….

Amanda on

Julieanna & Kendrajoi – I gave birth to a little boy in May and named him Stanley after his great grandfather. My grandmother was honoured to have her great grandson named after her late husband, and every person I have met has said ‘Stan’ is a great name and how wonderful it is to have the old fashioned names making a comeback.

I understand the name ‘Stanley’ may not be some people’s cup of tea, but it’s definately not a horrible name, and I don’t appreciate people making such a harsh comment.

Amanda K on

I think she’s beautiful and the name Stanley is a nice, respectable name.

Anonymous on

Congrats to her! And as far as the “grandpa” names go….Well, grandpas were once babies, too! 🙂

meghan on

The poor woman grew up with the name DIDO, it makes sense that she would give her child a more classic name. I love it, personally when the classics come back around. Especially when it is in honor of someone.

Kay Pasa on

wow 40 is the new 30…or 25? she looks great

Cass on

Whats wrong with naming a child Stanley? I mean we don’t know if there is some family meaning behind it.

Who cares. It’s up to the parents of the kid, not the people around them.

Hey, it’s better than some of the names celebs give there babies these days (Bronx, Zuma, Atlas, Story).

Imogen on

Grandpa names are back, y’all. Wake up and smell the Oscars, Henrys, and Maxes!