Layla Kayleigh’s Blog: Melody Turns Two!

12/23/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crew Insiders host Layla Kayleigh is letting readers follow along as she tackles motherhood.

Layla and Sirius/XM talk show host Steven Covino‘s daughter Melody Rain recently turned two!

In her latest blog, Layla fills us in on Melody’s birthday party, her and Steven’s fall wedding, and asks for help on getting Melody back into her own bedroom.

Share your tips and tricks with Layla in the comments!

Birthday fun, holiday cheer and sleepless nights all over again?!

We just celebrated Melody’s second birthday this past month and it was so special. We made it out to New Jersey so she could spend it with Grandma, Grandpa and the rest of the family.

Babies and children really do bring so much love into the world with them — I definitely feel they bring families closer together. Ours has become tighter because of her for sure, and it warms my heart to see how loved she is by everyone.

Melody’s newest obsession is Mickey Mouse and crew, so her birthday party was Mickey Mouse Clubhousethemed, courtesy of her Aunty Mimi who decorated the grandparent’s house up to look like a Mickey Mouse heaven!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

Melody had a delicious Mickey-themed cake to boot — the amazing Mauro at Carlo’s Bakery cooked one up for us. It exceeded our wildest expectations — he always knocks it out the park. When Melody saw the cake, she even quoted Goofy by saying, “Garrrrssshhh!”

Even though it was her second birthday, it was the first one where she was really aware of what was going on and was able to talk to everyone and express her excitement.

It was so cool to see the look on her face taking everything in, watching her playing with her cousins, and all around seeing everyone having a blast and enjoying her.

I can see how parents could have a hard time not spoiling their children, because I think I’m definitely becoming guilty of it. I wonder where you draw the line to give your child/ren as much as you can, and at what point you curb yourself and don’t give in to their every want, so they can learn to respect and appreciate things … I’m still trying to figure that one out.

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

Something else I’m trying to figure out is how I can get Melody back into her crib and on schedule again! *pulls hair* About a month ago, she learned how to climb out of her crib and discovered she could sneak into my and Steven’s room and into our bed.

To resolve this, we got her a toddler bed with a safety guard so she wouldn’t fall out of the bed when she rolls over at night. Only problem is, she won’t sleep in her room anymore and still wants to come into our bed. 😦

I’m not going to lie, I do love snuggling with her but I know it’s much better for everybody in the long run if she sleeps in her own room and has a roundabout bed time.

A friend even suggested the Ferber method, which I barely attempted — I cracked after what seemed like forever, but it couldn’t have been more than three minutes. When I heard her say, “Mommy, I’m afraid” I couldn’t take it!!

So our dilemma right now is figuring out how we can get her to like sleeping in her room again, and not in our bed. Any suggestions would be awesome and greatly appreciated!

Courtesy Layla Kayleigh

The way I’m headed I’m becoming such a pushover when it comes to Melody. I can just see myself caving in every time she looks at me with those big brown eyes and asks for something.
I have to tell you though, she makes my heart melt every time. Can you blame me?

The other day we were playing in her room and she paused all of a sudden, took my hand and put it in hers, looked me dead in the eye and said, “Mommy, you’re my best friend.” I teared up!

What can I say, I know it’s usually the dads that are suckers for their little girls, but she’s got me wrapped around her little finger and don’t I know it!

Speaking of Steven, we’ve tied the knot since my last blog! We were married Oct. 9 at the Graceland Chapel in Las Vegas, with Melody serving as flower girl.

Wedded life has been awesome! Not going to lie, I was totally wrong — I never thought marriage would change anything. My theory was always that if a relationship is solid, it’s solid, and you don’t need a piece of paper to prove that.

But now being on the other side of that, being married does feel a little different. There’s something very special about looking the person you love in the eyes and making a lifelong promise to do your best — for better or worse, for richer or poorer, in sickness and in health, to love and to cherish til death do us part.

I’m really happy we did it. I don’t think we would’ve had the guts to do it any other way than impromptu though! 🙂

P.S. It’s been two years now I’ve been writing this blog for and sharing our journey with you. I just wanted to thank you all so much for your feedback and for sharing in this with us. We appreciate you!

Much love,

— Layla Kayleigh

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Doug on

That’s some great camera work. Did Rich Davis take that with his iPhone? Beautiful baby too guys!

Joanna goad on

The picture of her on the 4wheeler is so cute. The photographer was great, it looks like it was taken with an iPhone. Lol

JOE on

She looks like the cutest little girl ever.

Len on

Layla, you and El Covino have to be so proud. what a beautiful and happy little lady. keep up the good work. you guys rock.

Jazz on

You are guys are so cute together.

Our son just turned 2 and for the past few months he wakes up in the middle of the night and will only go back to bed if its in our bed. We struggle every night with his cirque du soleil / brazilian jititsu moves through out the night. i will be looking back at the suggestions too

Maria on

Personally, I think regarding her sleeping in her own room, be patient! 2 yr olds (newly 2) look like kids but they are still very much part baby! So don’t rush it.

Did she sleep in your room up until now? My 21 month old sleeps in his crib in our room next to our bed. I think I will have him in a toddler bed in our room before I put him in his own room.

Why the rush? It makes her feel safer to stay in your room- please don’t ferberize her- that is scary for the child and you want them to trust you!

If you do want her in her own room, make the transition slow and make sure she always feels safe. good luck

blessedwithboys on

The Ferber method is child abuse. A 2yo is a baby and babies belong in very close proximity to mama at night. At 2yo, my kids were just getting to the point of not needing to nurse and STTN.

Jillian on

At her age she is capable of understanding, communicating, and working with you to sleep on her own. Often it is the parents who don’t want there child to sleep without them and the child pick up on this and feeds off of it.

I believe children need to learn it is okay to sleep in their own room and know it is okay. My daughter loves her room, bed and every part of being a big girl. We made her. Part of picking everything out in her room. Make it fun for her. Let her pick out a new blanket, sheet, doll, book, nightlight, etc. If she wakes in the middle of the night, bring her back to her room and help her go back to sleep, so she knows it’s okay. You don’t want her to fear her room or being alone. Eventually she will fall back asleep on her own.

I would not suggest the ferber for her age. It would confuse her greatly. my daughter had a hard time t this age, but I understand your reason for wanting her to sleep in her own bed. It is important for all of you. It will work eventually, stay strong!

Iva on

Thank you so much for sharing Melody’s milestones with us. She just gets cuter and cuter (if that’s even possible) with every blog you do.

Our niece has stayed w/us just about every weekend since she was 4 months old….and I know exactly what you mean about snuggling. She is now 5 and when she’s here on the weekend we all still sleep in the same bed. In the morning waking up and looking in her little face is the greatest feeling. Melody sleeping in her room will work itself out, don’t stress. Looking forward to your next blog!!!! 🙂

Rockitdog on

Melody is so adorable! Having a daughter who was born a month after Melody it’s fun to watch how their little lives parallel eachother. I hope Melody (& Covino and Layla) had a great Christmas! Keep up the great work Covino & Layla!

Beckster on

You gotta be firm, Layla. Don’t let her guilt trip you into sleeping with you guys, she’ll get over it in time. But you have to be firm. My sister uses my nieces favorite toy to help them with that problem and it worked. Even a dim night light might help.

That said, she’s growing up so fast!!

John (JDubb) on

Layla & Covino your daughter is beautiful. You two are very lucky parents. I see Melody is starting to look more like Layla and not as much of a carbon copy of Covino.

What a beautiful family!

Pete Nice on

Great blog, good to see Melody’s progress. Seems like everything is going well despite the sleeping thing. That is a sweet picture Rich Davis took with his Iphone, imagine how much more amazing it would be had he used an android!

Dudebro on

Awesome. Here’s to 2012!

Loretta on

I never heard of the “ferber method” until I read this blog. I have three grown children and one granddaughter who will be 4 in about 6 weeks. I never allowed my children or granddaughter to cry it out.

My granddaughter is going through a rough stage – she is afraid of the dark and just about everything else you can imagine it seems. Instead of putting her to bed alone, we started a new routine for her. Bathtime at 7, storytime at 7:30, then lotion time right after storytime. As a baby many parents use lavendar lotion to calm their child so I decided to try this again with her to see if it would help. She looks forward to this everynight. It’s not the lotion in my opinion, it’s the “mini” massage she is getting that is calming her down and relaxing her body enough to get to sleep within minutes.

I do stay in the room with her until she is completely asleep, she knows this and it helps calm her fears that we are leaving her. She no longer wakes up and crawls in bed with her mommy. She also has a stuffed lamb from Scentcy that keeps her comforted as well.

I say you are doing the right thing, you need to do what YOU are comfortable with, not what everyone else tells you to do. If your child needs that snuggle and comfort time, give it to her. There will come a time she won’t want that and you will be begging for it.

Enjoy your snuggle time now. Your little one is a beautiful little girl.

FC on

Wow, I can’t believe Melody is two already. It doesn’t even seem possible. And I adore that photo of her in the stylish pink glasses while riding her four-wheeler, looking many kinds of cool and cute.

JoshinWinnipeg on

We are having the same problem with our son.

Mel on

My daughter was 2 in November and still sleeps with me. As an infant, I tried the “cry it out method”, but after a few hours of her constant screaming, not crying, screaming, I had to take her out and she has slept with me and my husband ever since. It’s not easy and it’s not always fun, but we work and need sleep. We converted her crib to a toddler bed and are trying to get her to sleep there, but she still screams for hours on end. Eventually she will sleep in her room…..I hope!

Cindy on

She’s gorgeous, you guys are doing an amazing job! xo

D_baggins on

We were having the same issue with our 2 year old Boy.

Here is what we’ve done, to get him out of our room and back into his.. And I George foreman guarantee this WILL WORK. Just need patience

1st – Buy a GOOD quality mattress, Full/double bed size (graduating from the single convertible crib bed)
A similar style, and comfort to your own.. (Familiarity is always key)
And put on a bed spread, of something she really enjoys (ex: Barbie)
Make sure the mattress is large enough for Either You or Covino, to be able Lay in with her comfortably, even sleep in (also it should last her into her early teens, beds are an investment)

2nd – get her into a Routine!
Bath time is at a specific time, and after that she goes Right into Her Bed.
She gets her bottle in bed (if it still applies)
Grab a book or two and most important make sure you also have an
Easy to Read Sleep Time book, that you read every night to her.. (Save that until last, so she knows after that story is read. Lights are out)
Once all the books are read, you shut the lights off.. And lay back down with her until she falls asleep. Before you leave (that amount of time will lessen as you continue with this)

3rd – if she wakes up in the middle of the night, make sure you get up and comfort her in her own bed! Even lay back down with her or most likely she will just fall back asleep knowing you are near. It’s not just an adjustment for Melody; for both of you as well. Hense, the large bed. The most important part is that Melody stays in her room. This will eventually stop her from thinking running down the hall into your room is even an option.

We are now on week 3 and our son is sleeping almost through the night, and he has only come down the hall ONCE.

Good luck I hope this helps

Gloria on

Layla, my daughter Leah has a 23 month old little girl (Myliyah) that rules her as your Melody is ruling you (smile). What I suggested to Leah was to give her bath, lotion her up with Johnson’s bedtime lotion, play with her or read to her and as she gets sleepy lay down in your bed with her until she falls asleep and then take to her room and put her in her bed so that she wakes in her room. It will possibly take a couple days for the routine to settle in but, my granddaughter sleeps in her own bed.

Patricia on

My advice to all young mothers, is. NEVER NEVER NEVER, rock your children to sleep at night or at nap times. Always put them in the crib awake, and let them go to sleep alone. My first baby cried for twenty minutes when I put him to bed on the first night. The second night it was ten minutes, the third night it was five, and the rest of the time, he’d go to bed and be asleep within minutes of going to bed.

By all means, rock your children at any other time, they need that special love and attention. But if you put them to bed after they fall asleep, you will be expected to do it for a while. My children ALL slept through the night at a really young age. (One month old), and still do. They’re grown now with children of their own LOL.

Patricia on

We adopted one of our grandchildren. Her name is also Melody, Melody Joy, one of Her sisters name is “Liberty Raine. Nice names huh? Their other two sisters are Destiny Syretta, and Serenity Faith.

Patricia on

We adopted our one of our grand daughters, and since birth she has slept through the night every time. (Unless she is sick, which isn’t often). Now she goes off to bed on her own too. We’ll hug and kiss goodnight, and perhaps I’ll pull the blanket up for her, but most of the time, I check on her before we go to bed, and she’s snuggled up sound asleep, we add or take away extra’s etc, but otherwise she sleeps well. Her name is also Melody.