Hilary Duff (and Baby Boy) Ready for the Holidays

12/23/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Hilary Duff

The tree is decorated — and so is her baby bump!

In the spirit of the holiday season, Hilary Duff, who’s expecting a baby boy in March with husband Mike Comrie, showed off her embellished belly on Twitter.

“Happy holidays from the three of us!” she Tweeted.

The artist behind the festive message? Her sister, Haylie Duff, who designed the green and red-painted present that says “Happy Holidays.”

Earlier this week, the pregnant star, 24, brought home her sick Chihuahua from a Los Angeles animal hospital.

— Alison Schwartz

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m on

love her, love her. but this is a tad tacky.

Kelly on

I adore Hilary ever since I saw her in War INC.

Michelle on

I love her! She looks so cute!

Julia on

So cute!:)

kendrajoi on

Ugh she’s annoying.

Sarah on

She so cute pregnant!

Luis on

Absolutely adorable. She is one cute mom-to-be!

Maddie on

This is a really cute picture! Still can’t believe Hilary Duff is having a baby…she doesn’t seem old enough, lol. I still think of her as Lizzie Maguire.

Anonymous on

LOL, too cute! Some people have so much more fun with their “bumps” than others. May as well do something playful and cute while you have it. Side note – her sis is pretty good at painting.

e on

This is actually really cute! Just think ‘m’ – she could have been posing nude like Demi and some others. I think she’s just being festive. She looks so happy!

Lyoness on

Love it!!! So glad that she’s enjoying it. 🙂

Brooklyn on

Very cute! Love her.

RKF on

She’s adorable! I disagree with the poster that claimed this is “tacky.” She appears sweet and ecstatic to me!

Stella Bella on

Bit tacky for my taste, too. But that’s why I’m not the one in the photo! 😉 Maybe I’m just less festive?

J on

Anonymous, how can some have more fun with their “bumps” than others? So because others may not care to paint or do belly casts those aren’t as fun and boring? Alrighty then…

Anonymous on


Lucy on

Someone had to “design” that?? And then actually take credit for it….it’s basically a face painting (but easier) not a house.

m on

Sorry, guys! 🙂 I guess the reason it looks tacky to me is that the style of the picture reminds me of those personalized spray-painted t-shirts they sell at the state fair/the beach. She is adorable regardless. And has her head on straight, natch.

Cecilia on

one thing to do it on her own but to post a picture on twitter??? tacky, classless, and immature…

BetsyC on

Ah, yes, the first pregnancy where you can still be “all about me” I am glad she is enjoying it!

Jillian on

Cecilia, exactly what I was thinking!

Little Elf on

Cecelia & Jillan: if you don’t like, don’t look at it..Bah Humbug!

Jessica lee on

Too cute! my best friend has 4 weeks to go and did something similar and posted it on Facebook for all the world to see. She is 36, first baby, feels great, looks amazing, and enjoying every bit of her pregnancy. If you you want to call her actions tacky, I feel sorry for you.

Anonymous on

i hope the baby doesn’t inherit those chompers. oh right…….they’re fake hahahahaaaaaaaaaaa

Lady on

Are you people serious!? She looks super cute & excited to be pregnant. It’s just a fun picture to keep as a memory! Quit being so uptight….

seila on

i’d never liked the people who paints their bellies… but is their decision

Jillian on

Didn’t have a choice, little elf….it’s on the main page. Duh!

Jessica, dont feel sorry for people who don’t like it and think it’s tacky to share. Just our opinion. If Hilary didn’t want negative feedback……she shouldn’t have shared.

Nina on

Jillian,please never have children

Nina on

It’s tacky to attack pregnant women. Jealousy isn’t cute girls.

Little Elf on

Didn’t need to click on the story Jillian! So sorry you are a the Xmas grinch!I think she is cute!

Helena on

Right on, Jillian!

Helena on

Immature and trailer-trashy a decision to show this pic, if you ask me.

Jillian on

Little elf, you dont need to click on it to see the picture….that was the point. I guess there are many grinches, since many people don’t like it! And I think hilary is cute, too!

Nina, your comment makes no sense. To say that someone shouldn’t have children because they think sharing this photo is tacky, is one of th most ridiculous things! I think the idea is cute, I just don’t think sharing it is cute. I didn’t think it was when Mariah Carey did either.

Amanda K on

I think it’s a fun picture. Tacky is taking a pic of your belly in a bathroom mirror. This pic will be a neat keepsake for Hilary in the future to show her son.

k.t.m on

she’s so down to earth! haven’t heard about her in years…so happy for her! 🙂