Kendra Wilkinson: Christmas Isn’t About Me Anymore

12/23/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Splash News Online

It’ll be a merrier Christmas than ever before for Kendra Wilkinson and Hank Baskett: after over two years of marriage, they’ll spend the holiday in their own house with son Hank IV, 2.

“This holiday season is so special to us because this will be our first Christmas as a family in our first home together,” Wilkinson tells PEOPLE while attending Project Angel Food‘s Divine Design gala in Beverly Hills.

“We haven’t had our own house before, so this will be the first time we get to spend the holiday season as a family in our brand new home. That’s the best thing ever,” the reality star, 26, explains.

“We’re so appreciative, so thankful and so blessed to be able to celebrate Christmas in our beautiful home with our beautiful family.”

Wilkinson also revealed that it’s the first time she’s put her jet-setting impulses aside to enjoy the first holiday season that her son will be actively engaged in.

“Before I was being a little selfish,” she admits. “I was saying, ‘Forget Christmas — let’s go to Hawaii. Let’s go to the beach. Let’s do something crazy, something non-traditional.’ But then I woke up and I realized that this is going to be baby Hank‘s first year to really know what’s going on. It’s not really about me anymore — it’s about him now.”

The couple is eager to include some long-standing holiday traditions: Kendra says for her it wouldn’t be Christmas without “a Douglas fir tree — that’s the number one tradition of my family. Last year we just had a little Charlie Brown tree.”

Her husband is eager to introduce some first-time twists of their own.

“We did have the family traditions growing up, but she said it best the other day: ‘Let’s start our own,'” says Baskett, 29. “We’re going to build on those right now. We’ll go get the tree as a family — Hank was out there helping us pick out a tree.”

“It’s exciting because what’s the tradition? We don’t know yet. We’re making our traditions,” he adds. “This is our first real Christmas and we’re starting those traditions now.”

— Scott Huver

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Are You Serious? on

She looks pregnant in this photo.
Has anyone else thought how boring this site has been lately?

tontitown on

Traditions are built over the years. This marriage won’t last long enough to support traditions.

ladyofargonne on

Christmas never was about you Kendra.

Danielly on

Maybe its time to cut little baby hanks hair!!

Anonymous on

Seriously, I have never understood why these people are news? Kind of like the Kardashians, there are REAL things going on in world, why is this newsworthy?

Christine on

Okay, they are a really cute family but get that kid a haircut already!

Jennifer on

That kid has a massive head of hair. I wonder when the boy gets older, will they still be calling him “baby?”

Well, hope that they have a nice Christmas.

Jennifer on

Is it me or does Kendra look like she’s hiding a baby bump?

Grata on

I love how real she is in this interview! One of the best reality TV stars I know!

mom2three on

Aww, be nice to this family – I love them!! Go Kendra! I bet sweet baby Hank will have the beginning of wonderful Christmas memories!

mary on

well welcome to adulthood you dumbass

Juicy on

Umm… I call my daughter baby and she’s 12! It’s not like I introduce her to people and say “Hi this is Baby (blank”) and it’s not like she says “Hi I’m baby blank” It’s an at home family thing. So lady You can call your kids baby til they’re 100, nothing wrong with that. You’re children must hate you for being so unaffectionate.

babylove on

Please get his hair cut, He is a boy not a girl you need to understand that one and big Hank you are suppose to be a man get the boy a hair cut, your wife need to have a little girl maybe she thanks little hank is a girl but you need to let her know he is a boy , it time get the hair done please…

Eve on

Yay!! No Kardashians on home page for once. Thank you People for listening to most readers to keep those pigs out the mag.

Kendra’s son is beautiful.

Guest on

UGH! Yes, there are REAL things going on in world but People is NOT a news site!!! It’s about celebrities and Hollywood, not world news and politics. That is like going to and complaining they don’t have Coke products.

sar on

ummmm…. to the Anonymous commenter, you do realize you are in a blog section about celebs and their babies?????

Kazoobazoo on

Hmmm… I thought Christmas was about Jesus Christ, not Kendra. Looks like I was wrong.

MRJ on

Do celebrities not own hair brushes or have a clue how to maintain their childs hair??

Ella on

Ha, funny because christmas isn’t about Christ Anymore…

Kat J. on

Kendra, don’t listen to the negativity on this blog. You and your family deserve the very best Christmas! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to the Baskett family!

Cinder Lou on

Not sure Christmas still isn’t about Kendra and what she feels in important. How many times does she have to mention her beautiful brand new house?

Anonymous on

what a bunch of idiots man! what she means is that before having kids, people think only of themselves, but once you have a child is all about them and what you can do to make their holidays special. I can’t believe someone has to explain this to some people. stop hating!

RE on


S on

It has been so much fun watching you grow on TV. I have to say little Hank is one of the most beautiful little boys I have ever seen. I hope you have the best Christmas with your family.
God Bless you

Anonymous on

OMG people! It’s Baby Hank because he is named after his dad, and that’s how they refer to each other… have you never had boys named after their dads before? Jeeze. And it’s a BABY. Leave her alone about his hair! He is a beautiful child, I don’t blame her for not cutting his hair! It’s her child, her decision, BACK OFF. Why don’t you go and donate to a charity or do a good deed for someone… try to find the Christmas spirit and be kind instead of using the internet to tear someone down to make you feel better about yourself.

Renee on

Can I get 1 parent of a bi-racial child to comb/cut their hair? That baby is too gorgeous to have that hair looking such a wreck! And yes Kendra, Christmas isn’t about any of us, it’s about Jesus Christ:-)

wenlyn on

I love her. I love how hard she’s worked at creating a ‘family’ not just having a kid and dumping him with a nanny. I love how much she’s changed since a few short years ago when she was kickin it at the Mansion – and let’s face it – it can’t have been that easy. Some people need to LIGHTEN UP! Does it really matter when they get his hair cut??? and if you want world news try!! Merry Christmas to a beautiful family!

Aleah on

I feel like everything is Hank’s first. The boy is getting older, he’s not just a little baby. I mean, come on.

dmd on

Cut that kids hair he is gonna be so mad when he’s older and looks back on footage of the show and he will be so embarrased

Jillian on

She’s not pregnant in this photo. This photo has been on here before and he said she’s not pregnant. He doesnt need his haircut. He needs love, food, care and attention.

It’s hilarious the things people nitpick! If a celeb people love said, it’s not about me anymore, they wouldn’t flinch. I totally understand what she is saying. For starters, not everyone believes in Jesus. Next, my husband and I love Christmas and had amazing traditions as a couple. We made the comment, it’s not about us anymore, when we had our daughter…..because it wasn’t. It was about making new traditions and memories. Just like Kendra said. Regardless of what Kendra says, people will write negative comments.

And regarding Baby Hank’s name…..we call my nephew Little Mark and his dad Big Mark, to differentiate. He is a dad, in his 20’s and a detective. He loves the nickname.

Judy on

Christmas is still about the celebration of Christ’s birth. It is up to you, Kendra and Hank, to teach your son all about this. It is your job to teach him, so that when he’s older, he can see the difference between this and the secular world.

talida on


prustcw on

Terrific, more from the endless supply of Celeb nit wits…

ddjj77 on

who cares? who the hell are they anyways? a former playmate and never was athlete, wow tabloids need to start covering things that matter

Mya on

Not just girls can have long hair.. geesh!

The only reason anyone would feel ashamed is if some ass made them feel that way. Worry about what yourself. My son is 2 and when I ask if he wants me to cut his hair he says “NO MINE”

Toddlers are human too and have just as much right to have their body the way they want as adults.

Maybe Hank LIKES his hair long.

ashley on

Hate to tell you he is not a baby any more.

Kim on

Kendra disgusts me. She won’t cut the boys hair because she wants everybody to see that her kid has good soft curly hair like white folks and not kinky hair like he’s gonna really have. She makes my skin crawl everytime I see her. I just can’t stand the sight of her and it’s funny because I don’t even know her but she’s a phony and fake and a glorified ho.

Niko on

I’m amazed. The word “sex” nowhere in sight in a Kendra Wilkinson article!

Me on

It never was Kendra….

Juicy on

Hey Ashley, how about you ask your mom if you’re still her baby? Some people on here are horrible.

No One on

Christmas is now about shopping and getting things. It used to be about religion, family, and friends.

Cathy on

Let’s cut this girl a break. I’m am not a Kendra fan but I understand what she is saying. Christmas is a whole new experince when children come into your life. It’s important to start bringing in traditions from both sides of the family and start some new ones. Who can deny that Christmas is better and more meaningful with children. It takes having children sometimes to realize that.

Jaki on

sound a bit prejudice to me that last comment. Geesh get a life!

have two beautiful neices who are bi-racial and their hair is beautiful long or short!! i still call my daughters (in their 30’s) my babies and both my sons(in their teens) my babies….and they don’t mind a bit. An neither of my sons got their hair cut till they were almost 3 and then it was just enough to get it out of their eyes! I loved the curls and I miss their ‘baby’ hair. An NO they aren’t embaressed at any of the pictures of them with long hair!

Marky on

Thie women who post on here are the most unforgiving bunch of self-righteous p&^*&ks I’ve ever seen! Wow! It’s just sad to me that all of you believe you are so perfect and unbelievably nice that you think you can be so ugly and hateful about someone who is trying to make a new and different life for herself.

Wonder if you get treated like this when you make a mistake of any kind? There’s just no quarter given for Kendra, is there?

I’m a very conservative person, but I truly think she is trying to do a good job with her child and her life. I don’t know how happy she is, or how fantastic everything is in her life, but I do think she’s doing okay from what I see.

Some of you need a real dose of “get over yourself” so you can be a bit kinder to the celebs. Why does Kendra deserve such hatefulness? Sheesh!

heartsounds36 on

He’s probably a rambunctious 2 year old, so any attempt by Kendra to tame his hair will be destroyed 2 seconds later! I love Baby Hank’s his hair and hope she never cuts it.

christie on

I agree with Kim and MRJ:

The kid’s hair is messed up for life – it will cost thousands to get it looking nice due to the interracial marriage. Have Fun!!!

Anyway – who would touch the ho with a 10 ft. pole after her past at the playboy mansion and sleeping with that nasty old man…UUUGGGHHH

msfaye2u on

and here i thought christmas was all about me. i didn’t know it was about this woman. billions of dollars spent, people out decorating, stealing, homeless, foodless, flying, buying, cooking, families all getting together. and they are all doing it because they all want honor this woman on christmas day. what a selfish conceited self centered media ho.

Ella on

Amazing how you ladies can always find something to complain about. You bitch when the site isn’t updated, then they post a whole bunch of stories and you bitch about that too. Nevermind the posters that seem to be confused about the difference between hard news vs. soft news. Happy holidays.

Marky on

msfaye2u, you cannot be serious. Really? Really. That was one of several posts on this thread that just are unbelievable. Are you truly that stupid? Obviously, she did not mean, “all about me to everyone in the world”! She meant “my Christmas celebration in not all about me anymore, since I have a child. It’s about him, his needs, teaching him traditions, seeing Christmas through his eyes”. Honestly, if you snakes can find something ugly to say, you will. You are so hateful, it is sad…….

cct0303 on

Christie she obviously got someone to touch her w/ more than just a 10 ft pole, She got her HUSBAND to sleep her w/ his 10 ft c*** miserable b****. Where’s your husband at to give you some type of attention that most likely you didn’t get growing up. Your parents must’ve abandoned you and left you for dead telling by the way you express yourself about someone you know NOTHING about BI***!!;)-

Anonymous on

I, for one, love little Hank’s hair, and I think Kendra has matured a lot since her days at the mansion!

Barbara Irving on

Jews wait until the child’s 3rd birthday before cutting the hair. Not sure why but it’s a tradition.

tontitown on

Kendra thinks the world revolves around her. EVERYONE comes after her.

angela on

First – when has she ever thought any part of her life wasn’t about HER?

and second – get the kid a haircut for Christmas Kendra – try to be a good mom…

Marina on

Christmas is about family getting together and celebrating life.

Why celebrate Jesus birth on Dec 25th if that wasn’t even the day he was born?

Women here keep talking about religion and Jesus but are nasty and bit$#”#$ to this woman and her family.

What’s the matter with you? Is it because she slept with Hugh? What the he// you have to do with it? It’s HER body. It’s HER life. And HER son’s hair.

Nikki on

I too was wondering if they’ll be calling him “Baby” Hank until he’s an adult. I think he’s cute, hair and all and I also think she looks pregnant.

I agree that there are more important stories out there, but it’s a celebrity site and if you don’t want to read stories like this, check out CNN.

Stephanie on

yayyyyyy family traditions are always fun!! this year i didnt get to do alot of our traditions because im a single parent of a 16 month old and just had so much stuff goin on. but next year he will b 2 and things will b diff. hopefully all my christmas decor can be out and the tree fully decorated… and i can finally bake my cookies and pies and candies and such. but this year it got very simple…

i think we all need to take it easy on this family… so they arent like you or i. they are themselves.. whats so wrong with that??????

and leave lil hank and his hair alone. i think he looks cute! and OMG she calls him baby hank.. OH WELL.. im 24 and my mother still calls me her baby.

and for everyone elses information.. THIS IS A CELEBRITY NEWS SITE… IF YOU DONT WANNA KNO ABOUT THE RICH AND FAMOUS WHY ARE YOU ON HERE READING ABOUT THEM?????? if u wanna kno real news then go to a news site, or watch the news on TV…

Wondering on

I wonder how old little Hank will be when he figures out his mom’s claim to fame. Seriously, this person is “famous” for being naked in front of the whole world and for having an affair with an 80-something-year-old.

Minn on

WHY would she ever think Christmas was about her in the first place? Oh, wait, she’s a stupid, selfish &^%$# …

Bobbi122 on

Who cares? How is this People’s top story?!?

Marija on

My boy was born on the 28th of December also two yrs ago – just few days after Kendra’s and I know exactly what she is talking about! May we all have great Christmas and Happy New Year everyone may it be better than the last one!

christa on

I like their little family and their precious little boy.

Sara on

Wow. I take it a lot of you like celebrating Christmas by being hateful b*tches. What a sad lot you are. How unkind.

Additionally, Christmas is a secular holiday as well as a religious one. Christmas was a pagan solstice celebration, even several hundred years after the birth of Christ and only became “CHRISTmas” as part of a highly politicized campaign on the part of the early Christian church to get pagan converts. Same with Easter, which is the festival of the pagan goddess Isis. Easter is literally the Norse word for Isis. My family is not Christian and we celebrate Christmas.

No one owns Christmas or gets to say their version of Christmas is more legitimate than anyone else’s. In fact if anybody does, its practicing pagans.

Donna on

Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh That about says it Kendra

joe walton on

Kendra, the fact you believe that Christmas was ever about you…speaks volumes. I am glad that you are seeing, as most of us do as we get older, that giving is what Christmas is about….not what we GET!

Aligrew on

Ouch. I didn’t realize so many “mean girls” read I guess the true meaning of Christmas must be to insult, discriminate, call names, make rude racially biased comments and to just generally be a jerk. Way to go readers! Jesus must be so proud!

janet schasteen on


Jennifer on

Really? You don’t know why this isn’t real news? that there is better news out there, more going on out there. HELLO ITS FREAKING PEOPLE MAGAIZINE!! its a gossip magizine about celebrities.. Wanna know whats really going on in the world..? go to…

angel69127 on

I am guessing that the people saying the comments about calling little hank “baby” are not parents. My sister calls her son baby and he is 5. My parents call all three of their daughter baby girl and we are all well into our 20s. Different people have different opinions. Now, for the people talking about seeing real news…go to a news website or watch the news on tv. If you don’t want to know about celebrity news, then dont come to people or any other tabloid website. That’s common sense. I find it amazing that no matter what, there is always something negative to say. It’s unfortunate that there are some people that are unhappy with their own life and therefore, they have to try to make other people as miserable as they are. Someday, you will be a happier person =)

Bobbish on

It says volumes about this country when some airhead trailer trash who has had more wieners than Nathan’s hot dogs, becomes someone we glorify. She’s been punched more than Mohammed Ali. Must be a slow news day at People,

J on

ladyofargonne and Janet Schasteen,she never said Christmas was about her. If you two would be a little less hateful it’s not hard to see what she’s talking about.

J on

Exactly Sara!

J on

Minn, seriously grow up.

ELO on

“Toddlers are human too and have just as much right to have their body the way they want as adults.”

My 2 year old niece recently commented on how much she liked my tattoo. Does this mean that I should tell my brother that even though she may just be 2 she should be able to get a tattoo also because its her body and her right to do with it what she chooses?

Guest on

If you don’t like Kendra, why do you read stories about her? Yeah, she made mistakes in her life, but she is doing amazing right now. Her family is so beautiful, and she looks fantastic. I’m so happy for the progress she’s made out of the mansion. Go Kendra!

hahaha on

Yes, Kendra, please tell us what you bought for your son with your sex tape money?

look on

Somebody else said it best, “I thought it was about Jesus.” haha

Sandy on

although I to think this story is boring- as anywhere you live you make it a home for your family so this shouldn’t be her first home. But what I notice the most is all the Debbie Downers on these comments. Talk about hateful jealous people!! Many of you need to find your happy place and look to being more positive in the new year.

lissa on

she has grown up a lot since GND
he is age 2, still THEIR baby
their choice to snip his locks
i think he is gorgeous

Jillian on

Double standards are all over this page it’s making me crazy!

Glad some of you don’t care who the person is but care what the person says!


sara on

Oh my god, what a bunch of morons so many of you are. She’s just saying the same thing nearly every other parent says, celebrity or otherwise, when they have kids – that their lives stop being focused on themselves and start being all about their children. She just applied it specifically to a particular holiday and the way she will be celebrating it. How on earth that translates into to all the absurd, hateful things people are saying here, I have no idea.

Anonymous on

Wow, so much anger. Really, beautiful family, allow them to start their own traditions. Allow them to push whatever faith they wish. Allow them to choose how they wish to groom their child. I’m completely shocked by how many people feel the need to demand how others should “raise” or “groom” Kendra’s son, and participate in this holiday. For all you blind Christians, EVERYTHING about our modern day Christmas is actually Wiccan/Pegan – just to let you know. So, I’ll leave with this note, Bleesed Be and Merry Yule!

JMO on

Wow you guys are really taking everything out of context.

For one she wasn’t saying that everybody on Christmas should celebrate KENDRA day, she’s just saying that Christmas isn’t about her wanting what she wants anymore. Ya know the thing that all kids do every year when they write out a list of things they WANT! When you have a baby you realize that it’s about your child and what they need and not about you and what you need.

Secondly, she refers to her son as “baby” because to her he is her baby and he’s two so to me he’s still a baby! My niece is just about to be two and I still say “baby” when referring to her. Guess I should stop!

I think the first 10 comments were from one Kendra hater with a different username! I don’t care for this family either but I have no reason to bash them. They don’t do anything to annoy me but some how they’ve really annoyed alot of you!

Jennifer on

Did Ryan Seacrest buy this site? Because there sure are a lot of posts about his show’s “stars”. I guess the viewing figures are down for Kendra this season because while it’s not “all about her”, here she is talking “all about her”.

And yes I think she looks pregnant too.

seriously on

seriously, is this really celebrity news duh i wanted to go to hawaii for chrismtas but then I remembered I have a kid, duh, how stupid can you get. Former Hugh Hefner ho.

Marktpy on

Boy, I just finished reading all these posts, and I have to say….What the heck is the matter with at least 85% of the posters on this site?

You are on a celeb site; no world shaking news here, and as Stephanie said–move it on over to the main world news site for that!

2) Kendra didn’t say the world celebrated Christmas because of Kendra. She said she was GRATEFUL and HAPPY because they finally had their own home and they would be having a real Christmas with their family.

3) Whatever she did in the past, it’s in the past and you numbnuts should get over it! My word, you are mean-spirited and hateful to the bone, and YOU want to criticize HER? You’ve got more nerve than a tooth! Get a grip; the B#$%#$hes are YOU guys who are freaking out about her.

Merry Christmas to you, too!

Susan on

I do hope Kendra remains dedicated to the traditional way of life…time will tell if their marriage will last. I think Hank is an upstanding guy, raised very well, Kendra is use to drama and lets hope she is wise to be committed to a great man and wonderful son.

Can anyone tell me why PEOPLE magazine has the most terrible cover stories about celebrities and not the REAL people out there?

Demi Moores cover and the statement that people magazine printed was….HER FINAL DAYS……final days??? Does she have cancer or an incurable disease? It was her final days of a divorce. Why is that getting the cover story??? 50 % of people get divorced. It is not news…

please people magazine, listen to your readers and smarten up! We want stories about real people all the time who are making sacrafices, not people who are spoiled and have all the money in the world. Thank you.

me on

It is good of her to realize this, now if she could only realize this about the other 364 days of the year that would be great.

borenki kojenkas on

“Where will Kendra spend Christmas?” is one of the burning questions of our time. Thank you for exhausting your considerable resources and talents in getting to the bottom of this question. I know I will sleep much better knowing Kendra will be spending Christmas in her own home; what a revelation! I’ve got a sneaking suspicion that somebody I know named Scott Huver is gonna get a Pulitzer Prize in his stocking this year!

Alch on

I read some of the comments and as usual, a lot of you are really judgmental and make unnecessarily harsh and untrue comments.

Kendra is growing and maturing and she now realizes that with a baby, Christmas is not about you…it’s about the kids and ensuring they enjoy the holidays. This has nothing to do with the real reason for the season. We ALL know that, but never the less, we make sure that there’s something under the tree for the kids. At 2 yrs old, I’m sure that baby Hank is now getting to know Santa Clause, be fascinated with the christmas lights, etc.

I have 2 daughters..28 & is engaged & live in another state and the other is single and live at home; no children. I refer to my girls as my baby girls. So, with YOUR kids, it’s never too old to call them your babies.

Grapost on

When is this White Trash Bimbo gonna disappear into obscurity? Her 15 minutes is UP! I can see the National Enquirer headline 20 years from now. KENDRA BROKE, LIVING ON THE STREET!

Flipper on

time to cut little hanks hair and donate it to locks of love kendra that would be a great gift from him to another…..

Danielle on

Hank has no job….? well now KENDRA is the bread winner and soon…she has to go back to do porn movies…..that’s her talent….!to support her life style……!

Tonya on

Judge judge judge! Geez! Kendra, you go girl! Baby Hank is beautiful! As for his name, he is named not only after his dad but his grandfather and great grandfather- It is rather amusing to read some of these hateful comments, people just assume that “Oh she is a ditzy airheaded blonde” or “trashy” Well She has more class than the Kardashian girls combined!

Danielle on

Once they cut his hair …it will never be blond again…it will be like his father and grandfather…..

Amanda on

ELO, really?!? A haircut will grow out. A tattoo is permanent. If someone has to explain to you why there is a difference between temporary and permanent, you must not have played with markers as a kid. 😉 But yes, thus entire website is out if control these days. Women are so catty and petty, just searching for a disagreement or something to trash someone about. Who cares how she made her money? Who cares who she slept with? How does that impact how she’s raising her child?

I’m sure she’s a wonderful mother and she obviously loves her family to pieces. Never once did she say that Christmas was all about her to everyone in the world. I’m sure that it used to be that way, though, for HER, like at every point in our lives, something is all about US. Raise your hands if you all think you’re perfect. I know I’m sure not, so you won’t see me on here trashing people I don’t even know because it makes my life have done sort of meaning. Go out and enjoy the holiday, and be nice to someone to undo all the hate you’ve perpetuated here, because damn.

Tammy Scott on


Wondering on

When was Christmas all about you anyway, Kendra? Just proves more what a marsissistic person you are–it is all about YOU. I would rather lead my hum-drum life and am blessed that my children will never have to make the decision to look at the pictures of my sorid past. Let’s get this right–ages are spproximate. 20-year old Kendra becomes porn atar sex partner of 80 something year old — 60 years old difference. Kendra, let’s turn it around — Little Hank is 20 and moves in with an 80-year-old woman. Would this be okay for little Hank to hump an 80 year old old just as it was okay for you to?????????

Sae on

If some of you are Christians…no wonder more people are turning away from the Church..

Also, I am surprised by the level of comprehension from some of you.

I agree with Kendra that Christmas was about ME before I had my daughter.It was about what parties I was going to, gifts to be given and received, how to decorate, what to cook, and what church services to attend etc…..

When I had my daughter it became about HER. What to get her, how to make memories with her, making sure she spent time with both sides of the family. It was about togetherness for my daughter, showing her that she has so many people that love her and want to spend time with. So every Christmas since she was born its Been ABOUT HER and not Me. Get Idiots???

Sarah K. on

Wondering, what exactly do you want her to do about it? She can’t change the past. Is she supposed to stop living because of something she decided when she 20? Should she return her son because she might have to explain her past one day? Why don’t you try using a little common sense? You’re acting like she robbed a bank or killed someone. I’m not a fan of hers, but she is allowed to have a baby and live her life.

Also, Hank’s only 2! She’s allowed to call him a baby still, jeez. Since when is it a sin to call a 2 yr. old a baby? I hope some of you realize in retrospect how irrational your comments are. The fact that she was a playmate has no bearing on your lives. You really should reflect on why her former profession inspires so much irrational anger in you that you’re faulting her for calling her 2 yr. old a baby.

Nora on

Wow, does anyone moderate this site any longer?

I bet my post won’t get added but some of these posts….WOWWWWWW!

Amanda K on

I think Lil Hank is just so precious! I can’t believe the nasty people on here. I feel sorry for those of you that are such bitter hags.

Jes on

Amanda K you said it perfectly.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE baby Hank’s hair. This is such a beautiful family. Best of luck to them!