Baby Boy On the Way for Jeremy Sisto

12/22/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Michael Tran/FilmMagic

There’s another baby on the way for Jeremy Sisto and his wife Addie Lane.

The Suburgatory star confirmed the news during a Tuesday appearance on The Talk adding, “It’s a boy!”

Due in March, the couple’s son will join big sister Charlie-Ballerina, 2ยฝ.

And while the actor didn’t divulge any hints about a possible name for their little one, perhaps they plan to hit the books as they did with their daughter.

“I never really pictured myself having a family so it felt strange to name my child after anyone else alive. So my wife went through the dictionary, page by page, looking for words that weren’t normally names,” Sisto, 37, shares.

“Ballerina, we liked it. But we saved her a little bit, we made it a hyphenated name … so she can go by Charlie … Chuck B.”

“I’m hoping she goes for Chuck B,” he adds, laughing.

— Anya Leon

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Shannon on

Charlie-Ballerina? LOL!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! I like Jeremy’s character on Suburgatory. Interesting to find out what this baby’s name will be after Charlie-Ballerina.

boohoobytch on

always thought he was cute, congrats to him

Jen on

@Shannon – was thinking the same thing.. Ballerina? Ugh. Poor Kid. Are they going to name the boy James-Astronaut?

Joanna on

I’ve liked Jeremy ever since “Clueless”. I’m so happy for him and his wife; babies are such a blessing. My best wishes to them all.

Mira on

I’d suggest Kelly-Lumberjack. That is if they want to keep the androgynous first name-ridiculously stereotypical gendered profession combo.

Mary Beth on

Loved him in “Clueless” as Elton…

kat on

That is about the dumbest name I have heard… not Charlie for a girl, although when she is older she will HATE it! The Ballerina part however… really??? Ughh… famous people need to not name their own kids.

Cali on

Love him. ๐Ÿ™‚ He’s been one of my favorite actors since Six Feet Under. and he’s hilarious on suburgatory.

ecl on

This is called naming with your ego.

Birdie on

I can’t wait to see pictures of little Jennifer-Postal Worker. (FYI, for those who will say something– his daughter has a more male name– so just making it even.)

Tessa on

Loved him as “Chad” in Some Girl (1998) -love that he’s still around!

ELO on

Kat- You’re so sure she will hate the name Charlie how? I know someone named Charlotte who has gone by the name Charlie for the past 32 years and loves it. She cannot stand it when people call her otherwise.

As far as the name Ballerina, I would rather be named something semi-quirky ala Charlie Ballerina than to have to go through school being one of the 50 Avas or Olivias in my grade.

K.W. on

Seriously Charlie-Ballerina?? Guess the boy will be Tommy-Tango??

Gail on

Congrats to them on the new forthcoming baby. But as far as what they named their little girl- OMFreakingGod-what stupidity! I hope when she’s much older she’ll tell them she’s changing her name (hopefully to something normal). I really hate when these ppl go naming their kids such dumb things,makes me nuts. Get a CLUE…this is something their stuck with til their old enough to possibly want to get rid of it.

Fayzer on

@Birdie: Oh My Gosh, laughed till I cried reading your short hysterical comment. Thanks for that. I needed a good laugh today and man, you nailed it!

Licia on

Wow. I mean, I like uncommon names, but Ballerina is ridiculous. Charlie’s not bad, although I’d prefer if they used Charlotte and then use Charlie as a nickname.

ana on


My daughter’s name is Ava and as far as I know she is only one of two in the school she goes to and it is a rather large school, Daycare -12 grade… Bumped into just a few other kids named Ava…so your comment is a wee bit exaggerated. But regardless–

Back to outlandish names– If the parents’ intent is to want to make their child a laughingstock and to make them stand out in school as an oddity then by all means they should opt for naming them something nonsensical, something most normal humans would balk at, like tree, banjo, pilot inspektor, rumer, apple, need I go on???

Questions you have to ask yourself are this– are you naming the child something that 1) they can actually live with without being tormented at school or ridiculed throughout life 2) are you naming them something because you want to prove a point and/or attempt to be considered “avant garde”? or 3) are you naming your child something off the wall just to garner attention? Be it positive or negative?

What we are named effects how we are treated, regarded in business and society and how we view ourselves. Studies have been done on this exact topic. Check out the book Freakonomics by Levitt and Dubner… it is pretty interesting…

Jesse on

Well all in all it’s not your kid so it’s none of your business.

JulieA on

After “Charlie-Ballerina”, will they name the new boy “Lisa- Construction Worker”?

smalltwnfashion on

Mira, if I could like your comment, I would. Hilarious.

Kim on

Sorry I would rather be named Olivia any day than Charlie Ballerina, are you kidding me. What is it with celebrities naming their kids these sorry names, the kids are going to hate them I agree…Hello Apple!

sunny on

I actually like the name Charlie ballerina

Kim on

Ana just wanted to comment love the name Ava, thinks it’s a beautiful name and not popular at all like someone else stated!! Way better than Charlie Ballerina, another celeb has a Charlie too as a girl’s name and a Dolly, sounds like an old lady’s name….lol…

Trudy on

It may be none of our business, but when celebs put it out there… I can comment. Charlie is a very cute name and I like it, Ballerina ..hmmm I would’nt name my kid that. But none the same, they can name their kidds what ever they like. I just know Ava, Olivia or Sophia or Isabella are names that are great names. But all the same congrats to the parents and we all have our opinions and I really do not think what we say really matters to the new parents anyway. But gotta say Ballerina is just weird!

Maddie on

The next baby will be named Choo-Choo TuTu

maggie on

I like Ana’s comment the best.

mypiecesandbits on

@Ana, I think her comment was meant to be sarcastic. Yes, the chances of there being 50 Avas or Olivias in one grade are quite slim.

I think Ballerina is a little odd choice for a name. I actually didn’t know until today that it was a hyphenated first name, I thought it was her middle name.

They could always have done worse though. Bob Geldolf named his daughters Peaches Honeyblossom, Fifi Trixiebelle, & Little Pixie. Jamie Oliver named his girls Petal Blossom Rainbow & Daisy Boo. on

To Mira: Your comment is hystercial!!!

I really like Jeremy Sisto, he seems to be so normal and private which is refreshing; and if you look at his acting profile he has had quite an array of characters and portrays them all extremely well. Can’t wait to hear the boys name- just wish for health and happiness first and foremost!

Ella on

@kat – the last line of your comment made me LOL

Kembek on

Even though the parents’ naming skills are questionable, at least they’re married. So refreshing!

Tee on

You know, I’m not one of those people that complain about what another person names their child. I love reading this site and like other people, there are names that I think are completely insane. I just don’t tend to vocalize my dislike.

All of that having been said, does anybody else really hope that this little girl, Charlie Ballerina, grows up wanting to take gymnastics or tap? Maybe play soccer instead?

ruby on

If it’s a boy, Susie-Male Model!

Rose on

Always kinda sad when the parents are blessed with normal names (well Addie is ok) and they name their kids so strangely. Charlie is fine but Ballerina? Just think parents owe their children “normalcy” — if the kids want to stand out and change their names to something ridiculous – let them do it when they’re old enough.


They are a cute family. I saw them at the Los Angeles Zoo last year.

mo on

Footballer-Sue is my guess for Charlie-Ballerina’s brother’s name.

Or Shotputter-Barbie.

J in NYC on

He was absolutely adorable in “Clueless” and totally frightening/intense in “Six Feet Under.” And he just gets better and better, cuter and cuter. Wow. His wife is a lucky girl!

Amy on

Jeremy just gets better and better with age. One of my favorite actors. Congrats on the new addition!

Christian on

Of all the silly celebrity baby names I’ve heard, I don’t think it gets any worse than Charlie-Ballerina.

And yes she can go by “Charlie” but in yearbooks they state your whole name as well as at graduation. Imagine being called out during graduation and they go “Charlie-Ballerina”. I’m sure she’ll convince them to have her name changed by the time she’s 12 or so.

Anonymous on

ELO- I agree with you entirely. It’s hardly a given that Charlie will hate her name when she grows up. She may love it for all we know!

mypiecesandbits- Don’t forget about Jamie Oliver’s other daughter Poppy Honey or his son Buddy Bear Maurice! ๐Ÿ˜‰

Anonymous on

And congrats to Jeremy and Addie!

Andre on

I like Jeremyโ€™s character on Suburgatory. He is so hot. Great guy and looks good.

Christie on

Actually, Ava and Olivia are incredibly popular names….like the 4th and 5th most popular in the country. And if you are fine with your kid sharing a name with many, so be it.

Really, though? Who cares what people name their kids provided they are not profane or cruel? As long as they love the kid, raise the kid, and teach that kid to be a good drown-up what does it matter in the grand scheme of things?

But then I have a kid named Talulla (which she loves), so what do I know?

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations …. love him on Suburgatory

Maria on

Like so many other couples today, they had their first child before they got married. People do things out of order today. It’s best to get married first, and then have children. Still, at least they got around to making a commitment, unlike some.

emily on

I actually like “Ballerina” i think its pretty and cute. and ITS A MIDDLE NAME. Not something that gets used regulary. Lots of parents use the middle name as a way to have fun, pay homage, etc. Nothing new.

NeeNee on

what a stupid ass name, where do these so called stars get the most hideous names from? jeese! and for the record I hate mine too and it’s a relatively normal name.

BytchEPoo on

Kelly-Lumberjack was the best sugestion! LOL

@Christie – heaven forbid anyone like old fashioned names like Ava from the past. You’re oh so rebellious naming your daughter after Bruce Willis’ and Demi Moore’s daughter. Big deal. Ballerina is a stupidly, cornball name.

AB on

I agree the Ballerina is a bit silly. Charlie for a girl is cute however, I would have spelled it Charly (Like the perfume was named many years ago). I do think they were trying to be a bit to clever.

Ramatoulaye on

i have a “boy” name (which is actually a nnaikcme for Anthony, i was named after my grandfather) – its masculine enough that when my hubs and i started dating, people thought he was spending an inordinate amount of time and going out with some dude every weekend hahai have LOVED having a “boys” name, and think its adorable on little girls. and, i don’t think i could be any girlier if i tried (think: pink, pearls, and cardigans) – i definitely would not hesitate having a “boy” name for a future daughterETA: my first name is Toni – i forgot to add that in the first paragraph ha

Crystal on

Is Kick the legal name of Bastian unitl they change it?? Were they smoking crack when they signed the birth certificate??? That’s crazyyyy!!! Poor little guy! At least they are changing the name. Although, it’s been 10 months what’s a few more??? ๐Ÿ˜‰