Katie Finneran Expecting Second Child

12/22/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Courtesy Katie Finneran

She plays a frustrated parent on TV, but Katie Finneran is embracing her new role as a mom — twice over.

The I Hate My Teenage Daughter star, 39, and her husband Darren Goldstein are expecting their second child — a boy! — early next summer, they tell PEOPLE exclusively. The couple are already parents to son Ty, 10 months.

Finneran, a two-time Tony Award winner for her stage roles in Promises, Promises and Noises Off, married Goldstein, an actor known for his role on Damages and his Broadway turn in Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson, in August 2010 in New York City.

“Life could not be better right now,” Finneran tells PEOPLE. “The idea that our 10-month old is going to be a big brother is simply thrilling!”

— Monica Rizzo

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Jennifer on


Tammy on

I did not know who she was until I started watching “I hate my teenage daughter.” I love her and the show!

Sara on

I think the show isn’t particularly funny, but boy, what an adorable couple! I bet they make pretty adorable babies, too.

katie on

how nice for them!

Anonymous on

If she’s not expecting until early summer 2012 how could she possibly know the sex of her baby already?

emily on

If she’s due in late May early June, it’s feasible she could know the gender already via ultrasound. Or she could have had a blood test which can tell you much sooner.

Ella on

She probably had CVS testing as she’ll be 40 next month. She could know the sex already even if she’s due in July.

Jillian on

I agree Ella. Its the only sure way to know this early on. Summer begins June 20th, so if she’s due in the summer, then she is at most ending th first trimester. The only way to know for sure it’s a boy, is through CVS, which is done in the first trimester.

Someone You Know on

Geez…she moves quick.

Congrats and many blessings.

mrsw on

Wow, 2 children under 18 months. She has my adniration for having the strength for that. Congratulations.

Mother of 2 on

my kids are 11 months apart…..i hope she has lots and lots of patience. congrats to them

Katie on

Mine are 30 months apart and at times it was hectic. Can’t imagine two under two years age gap! But she is 39, so i would of done the same thing. Hope the baby has red hair!!!!!!!!! Congrats!

Mrs. D on

Oh Geez! Well it’s good to know that somebody else is in my shoes….her situation is very different of course…financially! But we have a 10 month old and we’re having another boy at the end of June. Btw, it is possible to know the sex of the baby already via ultrasound. We found out at 13 wks!

Shannon on

Well she IS pushing 40 so time is running out. Congrats to the very cute couple.

P on

As someone who worked in “the biz” in NY until very recently, I can say assuredly that their son Ty is adorable and I’m certain this one will be just as precious! Katie is a treat both in person and on stage (as is Darren, though I am less familiar with him) and I wish them both well! She’s currently slated to do an Encores show next year, I wonder if the pregnancy will effect if she does the show or not (it’s a short contract).

sara on

Saw her in promises, promises on Broadway. She is amazing!!!!!

Miz on

I wonder, wonder why the wonderfalls…

Congrats, Katie! ❤

Anonymous on

Congrats to Katie and her husband! I hope she takes more time to bond with this baby than she did the last one, though. If you click on where it says “are already parents to son Ty, 10 months”, it takes you to a recent article where Katie said that she audtioned for “I hate my Teenage Daughter” while she was “practically still in the hospital” (and then shot the pilot when he was only six weeks old). I have to admit that made me sad.

I mean, a “regular” woman probably wouldn’t start searching for a job almost immedietly after giving birth. Katie’s priority should have been her son, not work!

Anonymous on

By the way, I agree that it’s entirely possible for her to know the sex via ultrasound already even if she isn’t due until late June or July, especially since the baby is a boy (obviously it’s going to be obvious sooner if a baby is a boy than if it’s a girl!).

Anonymous on

I also meant to ask…Have we ever seen a picture of Ky (I can’t recall seeing him)?

Marky on

Anonymous, we’re usually a bit more in agreement, but this time I have to say, sometimes people don’t have options, or circumstances are such they have to make choices they wish they didn’t.

When my daughter got pregnant (a surprise that happened in spite of multiple kinds of BC), as a recent college graduate she was struggling to get started in the world of accounting. She took her first CPA class on Tuesday, had the baby on Thursday, and was back in class on Tuesday. She went to work when he was was 2 months old.

It’s the way it worked out and the truth is, she would have liked to stay home longer, but the opportunity she was looking for so she could support her child was available right then and she knew she had to take it. Today, she owns her own company, but back then it was a different story. I have no real knowledge about this particular actress, but sometimes you have to take the role when it comes.

I think it’s nice the new baby will be another boy; my sister and I are 11 mo. apart, and always had a lot of fun together and knew we had a ready-made friend!

Anonymous on

That show is a sad disappointment

Mom on

She can know by CVS at 10 weeks. (A blood test does not tell yuo the sex, sorry). My first 3 kids are 2.5 years apart and I wouldnt have had it any other way. Except for a few patches in grade school they have been pretty close and always have each other to rely on. Now they are 24, 23 & 22 and best of friends.

me in Phila on

My mom had my twin sister and me when my older sister was 2 – now THAT’S a handful!

@ Marky – I know what you mean – I’ve had 2 built in best freinds my whole life.

Hannah on


Who are to to say this woman hasn’t spent enough time with her first child? In her type of work she can easily take her baby on set.

Get over yourself.

Answer to anonymous on

Hannah – you are 100% right. i know this family and they are the most fantastic family you can imagine, and Katie is one of the most fantastic, devoted mothers i have ever seen. Ty is a happy, terrific and adored baby.

Anonymous – you should probably get your facts right, especially before judgment is passed. The baby’s name is Ty.

Alivia on

I wish they were having a girl

Ella on

I wouldn’t put much effort into replying to Anonymous/CelebBabyLover. She isn’t genuinely concerned – this is her MO, leaving long, rambling responses, asking questions, judging … yet from past posts she appears to be a teen or young adult still living with her parents. I wouldn’t put much stock in it or take offense – she isn’t a parent and has no idea what she’s talking about.

Lady Nikkitron on

How do they know it’s a boy so early??

Lisa on

I had 4 kids in under 4 years, I love having my kids so close in age 🙂

Dr. Joran on

As a radiologist, I can confirm to you with 100% certainty that ultrasound would NOT be able to definitively confirm sex until closer to 20 weeks gestation.

Therefore, for those of you stating that it is possible that an individual would know the sex of an unborn child at 13 weeks gestation, I can assure you that that is not correct.

Genitalia is still forming until 18 weeks, so a clitoris could easily be mistaken for a penis, and vise versa, until that point.

In fact, there are MANY documented cases of ultrasounds being interpreted incorrectly even after 18 weeks.

emily on

Anonymous on

Dr. Joran- Isn’t there some kind of “line” that’s visable on an ultrasound before the genitals form that ultrasound techs can use to tell the gender fairly reliably (based on the angle of the line)? Or is that a myth (I’ve been wondering that for awhile, and figure that as a radiologist, you ought to know! :))?

Marky- You are absolutly right. Sometimes I forget that even actors don’t always have the luxury of choosing when to take/look for jobs. I shouldn’t have been so judgemental, and I apologize. Thank you for putting me in my place. I deserved it!