Family Photo: The Kidman-Urbans Hit the Street

12/21/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
Elder Ordonez/INF

Three musketeers!

Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman stay in step with daughter Sunday Rose, 3½, while shopping in Soho Sunday afternoon in New York City.

The country crooner, 44, and his actress wife are also parents to infant daughter Faith Margaret, who turns 1 next week.

“Fertility is such a big thing, and it’s not something I’ve ever run away from talking about,” Kidman, 44, said when they welcomed their baby girl through gestational surrogacy.

Additionally, the actress is mom to children Connor, 16, and Isabella, 19, with ex-husband Tom Cruise.

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Nancy on

I really hope these 2 make it for the long term. They would seem so different but maybe that works for them.

Jesse on

What kind of mom is she exactly to Conner and Isabella? You never see her with them and when her and Tom split she just left them. They are like 16 and 18 and I’ve seen more pictures of them with Katie Holmes than ever with Nicole. If she wanted kids so bad maybe she should have not dumped them.

Jeannette on

I think Nicole hasn’t been seen with Isabella and Connor is because Tom Cruise has main custody and they prefer LA over country Tennessee. Plus I think Nicole really keeps those visits as quiet as possible

Tams on

Jesse that’s rude…you don’t know what their relationship is, how often they actually see each other (if they do) or anything so it’s really not fair to make comments such as yours (“If she wanted kids so bad maybe she should have not dumped them”)…just because they aren’t photographed together doesn’t mean they don’t see each other

Jonella on

Sunday is quite the little cutie. I love her cute!

Anonymous on

So nice for them to be able to buy babies via a surrogate. The rest of us cannot afford it.

lola on

i agree with jessie. we never see these the two other kids, really with either parent- tom or nicole. but probably seen more with tom. what i see on people and in the other media tabloids is tom with katie and SURI. or nicole with keith and SUNDAY. it’s never all of their kids together with each parent. i feel bad for those kids….and you are right, i don’t know who has custody or what they agreed upon, i just know what the paparazzi photographs…and it usually isn’t the two older kids. just my opinion.

Sophie on

Sunday is a very pretty little girl. Love her dress – age appropriate and beautiful.

Megan on

How is it that people look at this beautiful picture of mom, dad and little girl and immediately start ripping on everything about them…I mean honestly–I guess everyone here is pretty darn perfect then. Unless you know these people personally, I probably wouldn’t speculate on how they live their lives…we don’t know–and frankly it’s none of our business…what i see is an adorable family taking a walk…that’s all…on a side note, Sunday Rose is freakin adorable lol mom and dad aren’t bad either…haha

Sarah K. on

This again? It never fails. They lived with her immediately after the divorce and was photographed with them frequently when that news first became public (playing on the beach, going to church, etc.). They were a part of her wedding and she’s said that she has a beautiful picture of Bella with Sunday among other things. Tom has even said that their share custody. It might not be 50/50, but she has been seen with them over the years.

Nicole has said very clearly on multiple occasions that the teens have asked her not to speak about them to the press. She has also said that she prefers living in Tennessee because the paps don’t follow them there. And, we have never seen pictures of her in Nashville. She’s said the kids visit there but prefer to live in L.A. We would never see pictures of this since they don’t get photographed at home in Nashville. But, of course the most obvious explanation must be that she “dumped” her own children. That makes perfect sense…The lack of logic is astonishing. You don’t see pictures of them so she must have abandoned them? Please.

Anonymous, she used a surrogate once and so have many many other people. Even middle-class people use surrogates. And, how did she buy the baby when they used her own eggs and his own sperm? Faith is biologically their child.

Jillian on

Sarah k, I love everything you said! Love it!

The ignorance of people is astounding. To take a beautiful picture and turn it into comments about made up crap amazes me. Tom AND Nicole have also said there children don’t want to be in the spotlight and I think that is great! I would hate to be in the spotlight and have people on here call my clothes ugly, me fat, stupid, nasty, etc.

I know plenty of regular people who have used a surrogate. So, anonymous, just because you can’t afford this option don’t hate on those who do. And any intelligent person knows you are not buying anything. I think you are just trying to start drama.

christa on

Those two were raised in the faith of Scientology and it could be they chose to stay with their father.

ecl on

Who knows what went on, but Tom seems manipulative. I would sooner point the finger at him for wrong-doing. That said, why move away from your kids. Even if you hate the paps, oh well. Stick near your kids. She could have waited until they both left for college.

stacey on

How cute that their outfits all match. They look adorable.

Anonymous on

Sarah K.- I agree with everything you said! I have to say that it really surprises me that people seem so surprised that we don’t tend to see Bella or Connor with Nicole. I’m especially surprised when it comes to Bella since, as it says in the article, she’s 19 now. That means that she is legally an adult! She might be away at college or otherwise living on her own for all we know. Do we REALLY expect a college-aged woman to be spending a lot of time hanging out with her parents?!

Most people that age would much prefer being with their friends to being with their parents! And as far as Connor’s concerned, he’ll be turning 17 next month if I’m remembering correctly. So while he isn’t a legal adult, he’s not that far from being one (just one more year!), and he too is at an age where he’s probably going to want to be with his friends a lot more than his parents.

Incidentally, I’m also guessing a big part of why Bella and Connor aren’t photographed with Nicole, and very rarely with Tom, is because THEY don’t want to be! At their ages, they probably want their privacy, which it seems like both their parents try hard to give them. So I wish people would stop ripping Nicole apart for not being seen with Bella and Connor very often (a decision that, in the case of Bella, is no longer even hers to make!).

Anonymous on

Sunday is adorable, by the way, and I wish we could see a recent picture of Faith. I’ll bet she’s changed so much since this past summer (which is the last time I remember seeing a picture of her)!🙂

Sandra on

Connor and Isabella are also much older than Sunday and Suri… thus not obligated to be joined at the hip to mom and dad.

NickyAngel on

Nicole looks so much more relaxed in her relationship with Keith…with Mr. Cruise it was a different story. As far as her other kids with Tom see does have contact with them…I read somewhere that Isabella actually wants to go and live with Nicole and her hubby because she’s that unhappy with Tom and his scientology believes (I stand to be corrected).

Sarah M. on

I really just came on here to see how many people ripped them apart about Connor and Bella. I wasn’t disappointed.

To the actual point, great picture! I really like it!!

Sarah M. on

And to those defending them, I agree with each of you 100%!

Jen on

@Sarah K well said

Reese on

Anonymous, your point?

Ann on

I think that this is an adorable picture. To those of you ripping them for their other kids, maybe this is why. I think that it is great when celebrities keep their children’s lives private. Let the children decide whether or not they want to be photographed or famous for something. Nicole and Tom are aware of their children’s existance and that is all that matters. I really doubt that she just “DUMPED” her other 2 children.

As for the surrogacy, she had complications long before Sunday and was greatful to have her. She and Tom adopted because of them. Maybe she didn’t want to risk another child’s life by trying to do it on her own again. She is not young anymore and the older women get the less likely our bodies are to carry healthy children. I applaude them for the surrogacy because they have a healthy little girl.

Selfish people say horrible things.

Janey on

Nicole seems to have changed and matured a lot, and is no doubt a wonderful mother now. She was too young when she got her Connor and Isabella. Even before the split she was off making movies everywhere and Tom was the main carer for the children.

Sarah K. on

“Even before the split she was off making movies everywhere and Tom was the main carer for the children.”

Lol except for the minor details of her career not really taking off until the split, Tom being a major actor before the split, and them doing “Eyes Wide Shut” together. The things some of you make up is hilarious. We have no clue how much time they spent with their kids when they were younger.

Eliana on

Sunday’s so adorable! Hoping to get a glimpse of baby Faith again soon – I’m curious to see if she still looks like her big sis, or if she’s changed😀 Gorgeous girls – very happy for Keith and Nicole!

Anonymous on

Reese- My point is that, like Sarah K. and others, I don’t think we should be ripping into Nicole about Bella and Connor when we know next to nothing about the situation.

NickyAngel- There was a story in some tabloid that claimed that several years ago, but it turned out to be false as I remember. But if the report you saw was more recent, then I guess we should be seeing Bella with Nicole and Keith soon (since, given she’s a legal adult, it’s no longer up to Tom whether she lives with him or not!).🙂

Liz on

Nicole looks hot! She looks much younger and cooler now with Keith. I like them as a couple. Sunday is adorable and I’m sure Faith is too. I wish them much happiness.

Niko on

Give me a friggin’ break Jesse and Lola. You two know absolutely nothing about what kind of parent Nicole is. Its as if you two are flies on the wall in the Kidman-Cruise household. Just shut it, will ya? One of the most common mistakes in logic is jumping to conclusions without any evidence to back it up.

I’m sure Connor and Isabella talk to their stepmom everyday on the phone and see her in person quite often—again, she’s their stepmom!. A cameraman is not gonna be there for every family get-togethers for crying out loud. Stop speculating…

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