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12/21/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Melissa on

The blog by “the Guncle’s” was so sweet, i can’t believe that people still treat gay people like that, its ridiculous. I am happy for them that they were finally given a baby. They always seem so happy with Simone 🙂

Erika on

The ‘Guncles’ article was very sweet and touching. Simone is adorable!

As for the article about the breastfeeding flash mob, I agree with the mall’s decision. It isn’t about not allowing breastfeeding, but about standing in a circle in the middle of the mall nursing, while other people are trying to shop. I have no problem with women who breastfeed in public. I’m not one of those people who insists they should be discreet or cover up. I think it is natural and great for both mother and baby.

This, however, was not just about feeding the baby. It was a mob, which was clearly prohibited in the mall. I believe that breastfeeding is about nourishment and bonding, not about having demonstrations or making a point. Not to mention it is the busiest time or the year for shopping and people are trying to get through so that they can actually shop. We’ve all seen those people who just stand in the middle of the mall chatting while you are trying to get through in a hurry, and it’s very annoying. And thats not even a big circle of people standing in the middle of the mall.

Olivia on

Not much of a mob if it was just 12 women.

Mya on

I am a Mom who is currently breastfeeding my 23 month old son – while I encourage breastfeeding and feel that it’s OK to nurse in public I really struggle to be okay with nurse-ins.

I get their point but I also get that it just makes a bigger scene.

I’ve never been asked to leave a restaurant/store/mall/church for nursing my son and I still do it in public and I’ve never used a blanket or cover. It’s about being discreet and keeping the moment as private as I can for my own sake as well as my son’s. To be honest I don’t care what people around me think or if they’re uncomfortable but I don’t flash boob either. In fact you’d think I was just snuggling my boy.

Rachel on

Honestly, the idea of a breastfeeding “flash mob” is ridiculous. Women who want to draw attention to the cause of being allowed to breastfeed in public should seek to do so in a positive manner and this woman and the woman she was with weren’t doing that.

The entire purpose of a flash mob is to draw attention. Now I am in support of breastfeeding 100% and even public breastfeeding, but really girls, c’mon. If you need to breastfeed your baby while you’re at the mall find a place to sit down and do it. I have no issues so long as you’re not doing it in a manner that’s pretty much screaming “HEY! Look at me, I’m breastfeeding my kid” which is EXACTLY what these women were doing.

Lissette on

That is absolutely wonderful thwey were able to adopt and become parents. Discrimination is horrible!

Having said that, I’m rather sick of hearing about the “Guncles” as they are not celebrities nor anyone important enough to post on here. Its a stupid nickname and they have no reason to be poted about here.

Their story is a beautiful one, I will give them that. I am in no way against them just the whole hype surrounding them.

B.J. (the girl) on

Lissette – They have been featured on Tori’s TV show, so they’re as famous as some of the other “celebs” around here. If you’re on TV, you’re “famous.”

The Guncles story melts my heart! As a proud lesbian (ten years this month spent out of the closet!), it really gives me hope to see stories like this. I hope someday to become a parent myself, and I long for a day where my future family will be treated with the same respect and dignity as my heterosexual family and friends.

Mandy on

I have to agree that there are many ‘celebrities’ who don’t really deserve to be mentioned on here.

The “Guncles” (I shudder every time I see that name) are one of them.

Oh well, like it was said above, if you are on t.v. anyone can be famous. I mean hey, just look at the Kardashians lol.

Anyways, congratulations again to this wonderful family and they deserve nothing but happiness and maybe siblings for Simone?