Spotted: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Charlotte – Tutu Cute

12/20/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Sam Sharma/Miguel Aguilar/Pacific Coast News

Ballet babe!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and daughter Charlotte Grace, 2, toughen up their look with black boots while leaving class on Monday in Los Angeles.

The toddler was clutching a book — reading is one of Charlie’s favorite past-times, the Ringer star says.

“We read every morning [and] every night and sometimes throughout the day,” Gellar, 34, tells PEOPLE.

“My husband [Freddie Prinze Jr.] reads to her and my mother reads to her. We do voices and she loves it.”

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klutzy_girl on

Charlotte is so cute! Also, I miss Ringer. Hate that we have to wait a month for a new episode!

Still doubt she’s pregnant, but this latest set of pictures have made a lot of people suspicious (me included) since she’s using the bag to hide herself.

look on

She is purposely using that bag to block–it’s flung forward in front of her body.

Shelby on

I want to know who makes that bag she is carrying

Bancie1031 on

Charlie is so cute! I love Sarah Michelle Gellar and Freddie Prinze Jr …. I would love to see them have another baby but since she’s got a new sitcom (love Ringer btw) I doubt she’s pregnant yet.

Jillian on

Klutzy girl, I love ringer, too! Also don’t think she is pregnant. I personally hate speculation and think it is hurtful. Many celebs have spoken about it.

Look, there are a bunch of pics without her covering her stomach.

Anonymous on

Jillian- I am right there with you in regards to celeb pregnancy speculation. I remember Carrie Underwood saying earlier this year that she and her new husband (Mike Fisher. I think he’s a hockey player or something) don’t plan on having kids for awhile and so she’s going to have to wear form-fitting clothes to avoid speculation.

That made me feel sad, and after reading that I refuse to speculate as to whether a celeb is pregnant or not until either the celeb announces it or it becomes completely obvious. Really, it’s no wonder why eating disorders are so prevelant in Hollywood these days!

But anyway, Charlie is a cutie! 🙂

Catca on

I don’t think she’s necessarily purposely covering her stomach. It’s a big bag that can be awkward swinging at your side. If you hold the bag to keep it from swinging, it will naturally move in front of you a bit.

I’ve seen no pictures where she looks pregnant. Just pics where she’s wearing a big shirt. I know it’s fun to speculate, but it is kind of hurtful.

jane on

what a beautiful little girl! she looks just like her daddy. i like this family- they’re on the better side of normal.

Jillian on

Anon, I read that too and it made me so sad. Nicole Richie also said something about how hurtful it is to body image.

Vanessa on

She’s so cute, and looks just like her daddy!!! I would love for them to have another baby. But, Its up to them when they are good and ready. Let them be.

sara on

“But, Its up to them when they are good and ready.”

Really, is it? Glad they have your permission.

me on

Wow, Sara, are you having a bad day because that was needlessly catty. Vanessa simply stated a fact. There was nothing in her statement to warrant hostility.

krissa on

The first thing I thought was that she was preg as well.

Well actually the FIRST thing I thought was what an adorable little girl…

And I don’t think it’s intended to be hurtful to celebs. I think we, as readers get excited when there’s a new bump watch announced and look forward to hearing of new pregnancies.

I know that I check here everyday to see if there have been any celeb babes born or pregnancies announced.

Helen on

Such a darling little girl, and Sarah seems like a wonderful mom.

JM on

i can’t believe people are still justifying pregnancy speculation. whatever your reason for it, please please stop.

it comes across as rude and ignorant every single time i read a comment like that.

would you like it if every time you were carrying a bit of extra weight (that you might be a bit self-conscious about anyway!!) the whole world started speculating that you were pregnant?

why not just let these women be? we should be glad that they are a healthy weight. but honestly, i am a healthy weight, however, if people kept wondering whether i was pregnant i would become worried about losing weight too. if you don’t want to perpetuate a culture of women having a poor body image, then don’t participate in these discussions.

it’s childish and very poorly judged, and no, there is no excuse for it.

Jillian on

Krissa, it is hurtful to people…celebrities or not. Many celebs read these pages. They have admitted so and those that write blogs here have commented about the comments. Imagine walking down the street and once a month someone saying to you, “congrats, when are you due?” Several celebs have spoken about how it damages their body image. If someone asked me if I was pregnant and I was not, I would have body issues and become insecure about my size…..and I am petite.

krissa on

Jillian and JM,

You’re damned if you do and damned if you don’t.

Too skinny? You’re a bad role model and damaging the body of those who are not skinny.

Too fat? You’re unhealthy and don’t take care of yourself.

Carrying a little extra? You’re pregnant.

Do you guys comment with this much annoyance when they post the “Body After Baby” articles showing how unrealistically fantastic a new celeb mom looks just weeks after giving birth? That can be damaging…

And I said in my comment – it is not INTENDED to be hurtful. The majority of people don’t say it to be mean. They say it because they probably hope the celeb is pregnant.

These sites are just a bit of fun for me to escape a little with.

If you’re going to get all worked about comments like that then maybe you need to get off these sites and spend more time on your real life.

It makes me laugh when people get worked up – as though the celeb they are defending is their best friend.

ecl on

I agree with Krissa. People comment because they want it to be true so they can follow along a bit with their personal lives. I mean, really. It is the whole point of this site.

And this speculation doesn’t cause eating disorders. My guess is all these women already have body image issues. All the bump sitings are the result of them being so skinny. A food baby shows more when you are super skinny to being with.

No one is sitting here saying, she looks so fat. If they find it so harmful so have people interested in their personal lives, they are free to remove themselves from the public eye.

People on here also get a bit ridiculous about insisting we not comment. I mean, Jessica Simpson was clearly pregnant before she announced and yet so many people were saying, don’t say anything. It’s so rude. Well, there is an obvious difference between baby and fat pretty quickly.

Anonymous on

krissa- I don’t care if it’s intended to be hurtful or not. The fact of that matter is that intended or not, it IS hurtful. And you don’t have to be someone’s best friend to defend them. If I see someone who is being bullied, picked on, or having hurtful comments said about them, you can bet I’m going to defend them, regardless of whether that person is a relative, a friend, or some stranger on the street!

Jillian on

Krissa, it doesn’t matter what your intentions are, it matters how it is perceived. I am not defending one person, this is something in general that I find wrong. I wouldn’t approach a person on the street or a friend and say, when are ya due? Just like I wouldn’t approach someone on the street or a friend and say, your kid is ugly.

I don’t hope anyone is pregnant. If they are, great…..if not great. I hoped, I would get pregnant and my sister, but I don’t read these blogs hoping for girls or boys for certain people. That is weird. I read this page for the updates/news. The only one getting worked up is you, Krissa….you are all flustered bc people disagree with you. That is how the world works. Telling people they should leave……really mature!

Body image issues doesnt only equal eating disorders. My old boss lost her baby before she announced her pregnancy to everyone. It was very clear she was pregnant. She was in her second trimester and had a stillborn. Experiencing that with her……I will never ask or comment. She had to take an LOA from work until her belly went down so ppl wouldnt ask questions.

I guess it boils down to my personal experience.

Sarah K. on

Jillian, I agree with everything you said. How embarrassing to have people speculating that you might be pregnant based on your stomach not being perfectly flat. If those people have said that they find it hurtful (Nicole Richie) or feel like they have to explain their appearance (Jen Garner. Katy Perry, etc.), take a hint and stop speculating.

JM on

Krissa is that really all that matters to you? that you don’t intend it to be hurtful? how about how it sounds?

fine, maybe they are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. but why participate in these weight-obsessed posts?

and all i can repeat is, would you like it is if someone kept commenting on your weight?

seriously, some people need to grow up and act like mature and respectful adults.

Kristin on

I guess it was too much to hope for that all these comments were about how awesome it is that she reads to her daughter.

Jillian on

I agree with you!