Charlie & Denise Vacation with Their Girls

12/20/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards seem to have reached an amicable friendship – so much so that they’re vacationing together with their kids this holiday, and both posting photos from the unnamed tropical locale.

“What’s better than a modern family vacation!?! love spending winter break w/ @denise_richards & my kids!” Sheen, 46, wrote on his WhoSay site.

He also posted a photo of himself, Richards, their daughters Sam, 7½, and Lola, 6½, and 6-month-old Eloise, whom Richards adopted in June.

Charlie Sheen's photo what's better than a modern family vacation!?!
love spending winter break w/ @denise_richards & my kids!
Charlie Sheen on WhoSay

Richards, 40, posted her own photo of the family to WhoSay on Wednesday, along with the note, “Dinner with the family … good times!”

Denise Richards' photo Dinner with the family...good times!
Denise Richards on WhoSay

It’s quite a change from a year ago, when Sheen was in the midst of the fallout from his notorious New York hotel escapade. As recently as this past April, Richards said she and Sheen were “not in the best place,” but that they were communicating.

The happier scenes began last month, when the actor and actress were seen smiling together at one of Sam’s soccer games.

Charlie Sheen's photo ...just when we thought the trip couldn't get any better... we met Nuna..!!
Charlie Sheen on WhoSay

— Tim Nudd

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Anonymous on

I think she should adopt his twin sons as well and make it one big happy family. Lord knows those boys are better off without a drug bag mom.

ClaireSamsmom on

I bet it makes those little girls so happy to have their mom and dad get along. That second picture warmed my heart….Lola looks so happy….good for them for getting along and being mature enough to be there for their kids.

Nancy on

I wonder if they will reconcile?

It is good to see them together. Denise had to put up with a lot when Charlie was having his meltdown.

Now, lets hope Brooke can get the help she needs and we can see pictures of her with Charlie and the boys.

JM on

these girls and charlie’s poor two little boys have been htrough a lot with their parents at such a young age. at least the girls have had a stable mother figure in their life. the boys don’t even have that. i can’t understand why charlie isn’t doing something about it immediately. while he’s with his girls, who is with his boys? who is taking care of them?

understand i’m not saying at all he shouldn’t have gone on holiday with them, of course he should. it’s lovely for them. but when he’s at home he should be getting his boys as far away from their mother as possible until she has straightened out. and preferably get some other stable figures in their life (grandparets, uncles, aunts, friends …) whom they can depend on. because their dad won’t always be there.

Nella on

I love that they are all getting along. I think it’s awesome that Charlie is doing better. Denise seems like a good mom who is actually able to provide a stable environment for their kids. I wish Charlie’s wife Brooke could do the same for their boys, it’s sad what’s going on with that situation. However, it is nice to see Charlie spending some time with his daughters, they seem happy to have him there. Btw I love how cute and chubby Eloise is, just adorable!

Anonymous on

JM- From what I’ve read, Brooke’s parents help out quite a bit with the boys (in fact, it sounds like they’ve practically been raising them while Brooke’s been on her downward spiral). And as for Charlie, he may be trying like heck to get those boys, for all we know. But the courts always favor the mother, so sadly it’s unlikely that he’ll get custody (apart from shared custody if that’s what he has currently) any time soon. 😦

But anyway, the girls are adorable, and I’m happy to see that Charlie seems to be doing so much better!

Hea on

@ Anonymous – Because their dad is so much better than their mom? I’m glad Charlie tries now though and I truly hope he makes it through recovery and sobriety.

This article makes me happy. I’m glad they are getting along for the sake of their daughters. Cudos to them for that! It amused me though when I saw what appears to be gaps of missing teeth in the kids’ mouths as well as in their daddys. Fix your teeth Charlie, you can afford it.

Sarah K. on

Hea, I agree. It was just a few months ago that Charlie was living with “the goddesses.” Maybe those boys are better off with their grandparents for the time being. Both of their parents need to get their life on track.

But, I’m glad to see Denise and Charlie can put aside their differences for their girls. Kids deserve family vacations and having both parents at soccer games/school plays, etc.

Shannon on

Lovely pics! I hope Charlie keeps it together!

Maria on

That is one messed up family! While it is fne for Charlie and Denise to make nice- weather it is for the sake of their kids or their reputation, it is still good. But that is just one messed up scene there on charlie’s end. I don’t know what I think of Denise.

Leah on

I truly admire Denise for her efforts. Even when Charlie hit the bottom, she always said that he is her daughters’ father and she did her best to keep him in their lives while protecting her children at the same time. She took the high road.

Eloise is a great addition to their family 🙂

I agree with you. Brooke’s mom is practically raising the boys. I read that her parents moved from Miami to Los Angeles in order to keep an eye on the boys. After the last incident, Brooke’s PR people reported boys also have a nanny, who has long been with them.

To be honest, from time to time, I also think those two boys should end up with Denise! She seems to be the most responsible parent in the picture.

Anonymous on

All the comments about how the boys should be with Denise made me remember how, back when Charlie was in his downward spiral, she herself said that she would be more than happy to take the boys for awhile so Charlie and Brooke could focus on themselves (or something to that affect).

I was extremely impressed by that. The fact that she’s not only been extremely supportive of Charlie (by that I mean she’s clearly been rooting for him to get better, not that she supports his at times questionable behavior!) but made it clear that she was more than willing to help out with his kids speaks volumes, in my opinion.

Sus on

Amazing parents!