Willow Smith Teams Up with Target for Holiday Shopping Spree

12/19/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Slaven Vlasic/Getty

This year, the holidays came early for eight New York City kids and their families.

However their pile of presents weren’t courtesy of a man in a red suit, but rather an 11-year-old girl with a desire to give back: Willow Smith.

Teaming up with Target for work with her Kids Helping Kids campaign, the “Fireball” singer treated a group of children — selected through nominations from The Boys and Girls Club — and their families to a holiday shopping spree in Harlem, New York.

“It’s been awesome because Target is one of my favorite stores and it’s just awesome to share that with the kids and be there for them,” Willow told reporters.

Once the event ended and families headed home with their gifts, Willow did a little shopping of her own and picked out a new toy for herself. Her choice? An Easy Bake Oven.

But more than new toys, the mini pop diva is looking forward to another special treat this holiday season — a vacation with dad Will Smith, mom Jada Pinkett-Smith and brother Jaden.

“I’m going skiing with my family for some family time!” she shared.

— Anya Leon

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cn tower on

Although I think it’s pretty safe to assume that Target picked up the tab for the shopping spree, it seems a bit misleading to state that Willow “treated a group of children ….and their families to a holiday shopping spree in Harlem, New York”.. Maybe she did pay for it, who knows, but it’s more likely that Target paid.

Kim on

I seriously doubt she actually paid anything out of her pocket..probably just trying to get some good press because she is doing something for the “misfortunate” i.e. those that weren’t as lucky as her to be born into a rich family with connections..

Toya L. on

Kudos to Will and Jada, I’m glad they are teaching their children how to give back like they do. I don’t care if it’s for publicity or not, it still benefits others in need. Keep up the good work Smith family.

cris on

If this were anybodies child besides Will and Jada’s, I would not be as skeptical; as these parents’ seem to use every opportunity available to pimp their kids out for attention.

Cortney on

Just a question cause Im curious…I thought Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas? (Reffering to the little girl in the picture with the head wrap)

Jen on

I’m with Courtney on this one. What the heck is a muslum (sp?) doing anywhere near Christmas? Got me.

missy on

Why does it matter if the Muslim girl doesn’t celebrate Christmas? This was a “Holiday” event, not just a “Christmas” event. Muslims celebrate holidays. There’s a big Muslim holiday in December called Eid al -Adha.

What of it? on

Muslims don’t celebrate Christmas from a religious perspective but some are happy to join in festivities. I have both Muslims and Christians in my family and we all open gifts together at Christmas. Good time all ’round.

eva on

It doesn’t sound like Jen is “with Cortney”. Cortney asked a legitimate question out of curiosity.Jen comes across as neurotic and angry that a muslim child is somehow included on her precious,all-important Christmas. Not the same sentiment at all.

I read the article and noticed that it doesn’t say that Willow Smith/target are helping Christian-Christmas-Celebrating-Children but rather,children and families in need.No other criteria had to be met.I don’t celebrate Christmas nor am I a Christian,but helping people and being generous sounds like a good gesture to celebrate any holiday.Is charity supposed to be about helping only people like “us” or can different groups of peoples be included?

I believe Eid was on August this year but it doesn’t mean that this girl won’t benefit from having new warm clothes and perhaps a few things her parents cannot buy.Isn’t that a good Christmas present to give to anyone?

Brooke on

This has more to do with the discussion than the actual article so I’m sorry in advance. I just wanted to make a comment about there being a “Muslim” girl in the photo. Though what we mostly see are Muslim women wearing the headscarves, most religions actually partake in this. I think it has more to do with how conservative or orthodox they actually are. I have many family members who are very conservative Christians who wear them as well as Jewish friends.

Then again the little girl in question could very well be Muslim, I doubt they would discriminate against her, at least I hope not for her religion.

Crimpe on

Sad that someone would neither know nor care how to spell Muslim. Sadder still that they would question why a Muslim be “near Christmas.” For the record, “Christmas” is not referenced in the article. The girl is wearing hijab, the proper term for a Muslim head scarf (not a wrap). Jesus is in the Koran, and is believed to be a messenger of God and the Messiah. Do a tiny bit of research. And hey, even if it is for publicity, let Willow use her powers for good!

JM on

‘Muslim child’- seriously?

Yeah and what about that Marxist child? Or that Republican child? or that Liberal Democrat child?

Do people really label children in this way?

Amber on

@ Cris- Stop it! Those kids don’t care about Will and Jada and pimping…they are just kids having a memorable time with a celebrity they probably love. Goodness. Take notes and give back!

Jillian on

Jm, well said! It’s horrible that people are labeled……especially children!

Manal on

Eid Al- Adha was in Nov , not Dec nor was it in Aug. I am a Christian Arab living in Jordan. I see nothing wrong with Muslims joining in Christmas celebrations, but I have a problem with a child wearing a headscarf, we see it rarely here in Jordan so I was surprised that there is such a thing in the US. Its not in the Qur’an anyways the girl should be at least 11 or 12.

Hea on

Why do you care that a muslims sometimes join in on christmas? Christmas is not an all christian tradition and I thought the giving spirit a lot of us get into this time of the year extends to everyone?

anonymous on

Who cares if the children are Christian, Muslim , whatever. The point is that Target is helping needy kids. Get over it. Oh and it IS Target footing the bill, anyone who believes Willow Smith dug into her pockets needs to get a clue.

JM on

Jillian, totally agree. i will never understand why anyone feels right calling a child a muslim/catholic/protestant/whatever-religion child. don’t people stop to think about how ridiculous that sounds?

Hea on

I guess my kids will be the atheist-kids? Catchy!

JM on

Hea, when my people ask me if my kids are atheists like me, i tell them that they will make up their own minds what they are when they’re adults. for now, they’re just kids.

seems to work.

Chris on

There’s a pretty good video of the event here: http://abullseyeview.com/video-willow-smith-target-holiday-shopping-spree/

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