Spotted: Ali Larter and Teddy – Baby Love

12/17/2011 at 01:00 PM ET

Grab and go!

A beaming Ali Larter can’t keep her eyes off adorable son Theodore Hayes — who turns 1 on Dec. 20! — while out and about on Friday in Los Angeles.

“We’re doing a big one on the actual day in Chicago where my husband [Hayes MacArthur]‘s family is, and we’ll do a mini one with my family,” the actress, 35, tells PEOPLE of the parties she has planned for her son.

“He’s so musically inclined, I think we’ll do something with lots of drums, tambourines and guitar.”

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stacey on

He is precious!!

aj on

I adore this baby and his mom!!! I love how little Theo is always dressed so well but he is dressed LIKE A BOY! I hate how parents are dressing their sons like girls because (in mist cases) it creates problems in the future. He is just so adorable!!

emily on

aj- what are you talking about? who dresses thier boys like girls and exactly what future problems are you refering to?

Anonymous on

aj- Actually, just dressing a child a certain way doesn’t really matter. You could dress them in a paper bag and that still wouldn’t change who they become as an adult. It’s not clothes that make a person gay or transexual (with Chaz Bono being a very good example of the latter, as his mother dressed him in frilly dresses all the time as a kid and he still grew up to identify as a male rather than the female he was born as).

Those things are due to nature, not nurture.

Anonymous on

Oh, and Teddy is adorable!

RKF on

@aj – Who are you referring to? I can honestly say, I’ve never seen any parents’ dress their boys as girls (unless it has been a publicized story of a child with gender identity disorder.) Odd statement as a whole…

Anyway, both mom and baby look precious!

kjc on

I can’t believe he is a year already! Wow, time flys! Cute kid!

Brooklyn on

He’s adorable!

ChikNorTuna on

Teddy is a gorgeous baby boy!

Janna on

Which “parents are dressing their sons like girls”?

How will it “create problems in the future”?

You must have some scientific data to back up those bold statements.

aj on

When a parent lets their son get his nails painted and dress rather feminine (Kingston and Zuma!), it really does confuse the child in most cases, I know this because this actually happened with a member of my family less than two years ago. But the one half-decent thing about America is that we all have the right to free speech and can form our own opinions; I can respect yours and I hope that you can do the same.

Carrie on

I know lots of little boys with sisters who painted their nails and pranced around in those plastic high heels and one even carried a purse with him everywhere he went for about 6 months when he was 3 or 4. All of these little boys turned out just fine, grew up to be happy, productive members of society. What happened with the one little boy you knew? What problems did it create?

Anonymous on

aj- What exactly makes Kingston and Zuma’s outfits feminine?

Jillian on

Kingston and zuma dress more masculine than most boys. Not that I would care if they wore pink. Wearing pink, painting nails, etc….I don’t see how this confuses a child.

Aj, you can’t say it confuses the children in most cases……cause that isn’t true. Just bc ONE person you know was confused doesn’t mean anyone else wa. Also, how do you know that’s what made the child confused? And how was the child confused? I have known boys to wear dresses, make up, etc and not be confused. Parents can make it confusing if they act weird!

MiB on

aj – hate to break it to you, but one child does not equal most cases, and it wasn’t long ago that boys and girls both wore gowns/dresses during their baby and toddler years (like Theodore Roosevelt as a baby in this picture, not to mention that pink was considered a boy’s colour and too powerfull and masculine for delicate little girls. As for Kingston and Zuma, I get more associations to punk rockers like Sid Viscious than girls.