Family Photo: The Holmes-Cruise’s Big Apple Babe

12/16/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Taking a break from Mission: Impossible — Ghost Protocol‘s promo tour, Tom Cruise returns to daddy duty with daughter Suri, 5½, and wife Katie Holmes in N.Y.C. on Thursday.

PPNY/ GSNY/Splash News Online

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Lucy on

Wow, did Suri mug a hooker in the Bronx for that get-up??

Well, at least she has a coat on…what the heck is it made of though, nutria?

J on

Lucy her outfit looks better than Kingston’s pimpstyle options Gwen keeps giving him.

rebekah on

there was a hilarious and epic suri meltdown at fao schwarz. she certainly plays her parents well, as she left with some goodies!

Lisa on

I’m not going to criticize but it’s a thursday shouldn’t she be in school? I always see pictures of her out and about never pictures of her going to school? Anyways, she is a gorgeous little girl.

Sarah K. on

That melt down thing was blown way out of proportion. Every 5 yr. old cries or throws tantrums, even in public. They feel what they feel and can’t always control it. It’s embarrassing, but it happens to parents everyday in every part of the world.

Lisa, I think all of their kids are home schooled, so they don’t have regular school hours.

Anonymous on

Sarah K.- You are corrected about the homeschooling. Katie has mentioned in the past that Suri is homeschooled.

Lucy- I’m guessing it’s not real fur. I doubt Tom and Katie would want to risk getting yelled at by PETA! 😉

Anonymous on

By the way, Suri is adorable!

Melody on

Why can’t anybody EVER give this little girl a break? (a) She is gorgeous. (b) Her outfit is very cute. (c) Every little kid throws a tanty in public sometimes. I was always a very well-behaved child – but once in a while I’d flip out in public because you’re feeling these emotions and wanting something and you don’t know how to rationalise with a grown-up about it. It happens. I remember one time we were clothes shopping, and very uncharacteristically I said to my mother, “I’m not leaving this shop unless I’ve got that outfit.” She was so amused by my nerve that she actually did buy it for me!

So give her a break, stop hating on the kid just because her father is commonly viewed as a fruit loop. The end!

meme on

A hooker? seriously? holy f*ck, give it up! She looks fine. This family can do right in some peoples eyes!!

tlc on

AMEN Melody!!! I came on here to read this because I KNEW that even though Suri was in a winter appropriate coat AND TIGHTS, that people would still be nasty! Tom and Katie can’t win no matter what….people are going to pick at every little thing with this family just because….

And to whomever asked about you ask the same about Kingston or the Jolie Pitts? Those kids are never in school either…and we know Suri is homeschooled, Katie has said that many times.

Suri is a gorgeous little girl and she’s going to be a stunner when she’s older.

Bancie1031 on

I think Suri looks cute 🙂 I think this is a good family photo. What is she holding in her hand? It looks like a artificial flower maybe ????

Janna on

Lucy, you must lead a really really sad life to have to pick on a 5-year old. Shame on you. Shame on your parents. Please do not reproduce and add more scum to the world that would think it’s okay to call a 5-year old a hooker. Please. Really. Sterilize yourself now.

RKF on

@Janna — You are one to talk about bad manners and being scum. What kind of individual tells another human being to sterilize themselves? Lucy didn’t call Suri a hooker, so apparently you have problems with reading comprehension as well.

Jillian on

No matter what this girl does people find some fault. I would love to know how you perfect parents get your perfect children to never have a meltdown/tantrum in public. For the most part my children are very well behaved but everyone has the occasional bad day….even I have! I have cried in a store. So shame on me!

The jacket she has on is not fur. It’s already been researched and determined. She only wears faux. Not sure about you guys but our children here go to half day kindergarten. So isn’t it entirely possible that if she went to a school, not saying she does, she would be out for the day?? The last time people complained it was a public holiday and all schools were closed. Schools close all the time for so many things….if she went to one. So I don’t get how you would know she is missing class…if she went to a school.


Lucy on

I didn’t call her a hooker, learn to read. Nor am not picking on a 5 year old; I was making a joke. High heels are INAPPROPRIATE health wise for a child that age. And gold heels, pink tights and a fur coat look like something a stereotypical bronx hooker would wear…sorry you don’t have an imagination or sense of humor, fool.

Catca on

When I look at this picture I see a little girl happily spending time with her parents.

Janna on

“Wow, did Suri mug a hooker in the Bronx for that get-up??”

Well, you’re right. I stand corrected. You didn’t call her a hooker. You just said she LOOKS like a hooker. Ha Ha Ha.. that’s so funny to make jokes about 5-year old looking like hookers. I just can’t stop….. shaking my head at your stupidity. If that’s your sense of humor, I stand by my comment. Please don’t reproduce!!!!

(and sorry, RFK, there are enough bullies on the planet. We don’t need the Lucy’s of the world reproducing and creating more of them.)

tlc on

While I don’t agree with Janna’s delivery, I agree with what she is saying. You just DON’T refer to five year old girls and hookers in the same light EVER…NEVER…whether you think she LOOKS like one or not. It’s just not right. She’s FIVE….

Gawd, I hope you people don’t ever have to read such things about YOUR children some day. It’s really out of line. Sheesh!

Crimpe on

I clicked on this because I love Suri’s coat and was hoping for more info on it. It looks like those made by American Wigeon which make super fashionable faux fur and faux shearling coats for girls and boys. I’ll take your word for it that she’s in heels, you can’t tell from this photo, I just see cute gold shoes most little girls would love. I am not a Suri fan, but I am also not a detractor…I think she looks cute, and it’s a sweet shot.

Maggie's Mom on

Hey I am from the Bronx, and I’m offended! 🙂 Seriously, I’ve never seen a hooker where I live!