Spotted: Jennifer Garner and Seraphina – Tickle Monster

12/16/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
GSI Media

Gotcha giggles!

Jennifer Garner tickles daughter Seraphina Rose Elizabeth, 2½, while out shopping at Splendid and for balloons on Wednesday in Santa Monica, Calif.

Expecting her third child with husband Ben Affleck this winter — elder daughter Violet Anne is 6 — the actress calls this pregnancy “a game changer.”

“I wish I was one of those cute pregnant girls who wear skinny jeans throughout their pregnancies. But I just gain weight,” Garner, 39, tells InStyle.

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Katie on

She just got bigger in the past week! I say a boy!! I love this family!!

Anonymous on

I really admire Jennifer for admitting that she gains weight during pregnancy and does not try to be one of those other celebs whose baby weight seems to just “disappear” in two weeks! Every pregnant woman gains and loses on their own timetable, and that’s the way it should be.

I really admire her for being honest and not just caving to Hollywood’s (and America’s) peception of how pregant women should be back to prepregnancy weight mere weeks after giving birth. Kudos to her!🙂

Megan on

Seriously how adorable is this entire family! I mean Jennifer has to be the most adorable pregnant woman…and look at Sera rockin the side pony! I’d love to be a part of this family for a day, they seem like they have so much fun together! Can’t wait to meet beautiful Affleck baby #3🙂

Pamela on

I’m also feeling a boy, but they really make the most beautiful little girls!!!! I bet they have another one after this one too🙂

Romy on

the best way to do it is let the cardigan hang by your sides but let the belly show through. more flattering. Not that she looks bad, but she does look a lot bigger here.

Sasha on

Maybe she wants to be cozy and wrapped up!

Julianna on

Wow, she looks huge. Maybe she’s further along than she’s saying?

Lisa on

She is getting big! Looks like she is due within the next few weeks. I agree that Violet and Sera are adorable girls and I cannot wait to see the new addition. I also love the way Jen dresses and how she dresses the kids. Sera is beyond precious in this picture!

Isabel on

I really adore Jennifer, she’s my favourite Hollywood Mom and one of my favourite actresses.
Her 2 girls are very pretty and so cute, I hope she will have a Baby Boy😀

JM on

it’s going to really annoy me if and when they do have boy there will be all these people going ‘i knew it would be a boy!’. you didn’t know it ok? unless you personally did her ultrasound.

seriously all this ‘i’m feeling it’s going to be a boy’… from what? why do some women like to make themselves sound stupid? we’ll know what it is when they tell us, any guess before that is always going to be 50/50.

Brooklyn on

Looks like baby will be here soon! And Seraphina is just too cute!

Anonymous on

I think it might just be the angle and the outfit making her look bigger than she is. I’ve seen other recent pictures of her, and in those she looks much more like the six or so months along that she is (she said back in November that she had four months to go). Anyway, Sera is a cutie, and she seems to have really grown up all of a sudden!

That being said, I’ve noticed something interesting: When Jennifer was in the later stages of her pregnancy with Sera, people got up in arms practically every time she was seen carrying Violet, who was pretty much the same age that Sera is now (saying it was dangerous for her to do so and such).

Yet people don’t seem to have a problem with her carrying Sera during this pregnancy. I wonder why that is? Just wondering.

sara on

Anonymous/CelebBabyLover- You just love to start trouble when there is none, don’t you? I wonder why that is? Just wondering.

Bancie1031 on

I think Jennifer looks great … The baby has seem to have grown a lot in the last couple of weeks …. I’m going to say I think that she’s having a boy🙂 Sera is so cute … I love this family.

Sara on

Yikes she’s about to pop!

katie on

can’t wait to see their new baby! they are such a sweet hollywood family! jen seems like a happy person and a great mom- their daughters are precious!!

Daniela on

Oh I love that sweater she’s wearing! Does anyone know where to find it? Or one like it?

Love this family – Hope it’s a boy this time. 🙂

Pamela on

JM, you’re seriously saying that if someone says, ‘I have a feeling it’s a boy’ they come across as stupid? There are old wives tales and theories and it’s not always the case and of course we don’t actually know, but it doesn’t do any harm…it’s just fun.

Please relax and maybe get off your high horse?!?! And fyi, to me, when people don’t use capitalization, it makes THEM look stupid.

ELO on

JM- Get over yourself.

JM on

pamela, yes, because it’s like flipping a coin and when it’s tails going, ‘i had a feeling it would be’.

i mean it’s just silly. and as for old wives tails, they are not based on evidence at all so why give them any credence?

of course everyone is free to do and say as they please. i wouldn’t say people shouldn’t be allowed to speculate. i just wonder why people like to look so simple. i am allowed to say that just as you are allowed your silly speculation.

i can’t account for your problem with how someone types on the internet🙂 that’s your problem.

ELO – lovely. mature.

Louise on

Sara – I didn’t read Anon’s comment as trying to make trouble at all, more that she was asking a genuine question. Why so quick to judge?!

Amber on

She already confirmed the sex- she’s having a boy.

Anonymous on

Louise- I was indeed asking a geniune question. But I forgot that asking questions isn’t taken well on this site.😦

JM- Haven’t you ever had a gut feeling about something? And then felt happy and/or amazed when it turned out to be true?

Melanie on

Amber – No, she didn’t.

JM on

Anonymous, no, unless i had some reason to have a got feeling (ie that one option was more likely). in this case it is purely guessing, nothing to go on, so why fee clever about ‘getting it right’ when you could just as easily have been wrong.

like i said, people are free to do what they want. i just don’t understand this persistent belief in old wive’s tales and myths.

sara on

Louise – You’re not familiar with Anonymous’ (aka CelebBabyLover until recently) posts, are you? She’s asked this type of question often in the past, generally when all or most posts in a thread are drama-free and pretty much warm and positive. I think she likes to stir up a discussion, drama or just attract attention to herself. So no, I don’t feel like she’s ever asking a genuine question, and I don’t buy the ‘nice little girl’ online act. Because I think that’s just what it is. An act. Rant over.

Janna on

JM, I’m with you. I think it sounds ridiculous when someone posts “I knew it would be a boy” as if they had some special divine knowledge.

JM on

Janna, THANK you. i’m glad someone else hears how silly that sounds. it’s even more silly when they base it on the way the woman was carrying when she was pregnant, or what she was craving, or where she gained weight. so odd that in this day and age with all this scientific knowledge people choose to believe in this stuff…

Anonymous on

Amber- Melanie is correct. If she’d confirmed the sex, we’d have seen it here on PEOPLE.🙂

Indira on

Everyone at this point knows that there’s no way to determine the sex of a baby just by looking at the pregnant mother. It’s still fun to guess. Like picking animal shapes out of clouds or wishing on daffodils. Some people are so cantankerous.

Jillian on

Jm, totally what I am thinking! I chuckle when ppl say, it’s a girl bc she eats fruit or a boy bc she carries low and so on. Then when it’s announced, they say, I knew it! Really? More like you guessed it…..a 50/50 guess.

look on

She’s lucky cause she doesn’t gain weight in her face when she adds on pounds.

JM on

Jillian, I hear you! there’s a difference between playing a game knowing that it means nothing, and saying that you ‘knew’ something you couldn’t possibly know.

i presume when people say a cloud is shaped like a cow they don’t actually think it#s a cow.

invalid comparison.

Indira on

My point was you’re a cantankerous twat.

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