Baby No. 2 for Alyson Hannigan, Alexis Denisof

12/16/2011 at 05:00 PM ET
Noel Vasquez/FilmMagic

Looks like Alyson Hannigan is ready for another lottery win!

The How I Met Your Mother star, 37, and husband Alexis Denisof are expecting their second child, her rep confirms to PEOPLE.

The confirmation comes three months after Hannigan took to Twitter to shoot down pregnancy rumors when she was spotted leaving Malibu’s Chili Cook Off with a noticeable bump.

Already parents to daughter Satyana Marie, 2Β½, the actress — whose new movie American Reunion is due out next year — admitted last April that the couple were unsure as to whether they would be expanding their family.

“We hit the jackpot with the first one. If you win the lottery, do you keep buying lottery tickets?” Hannigan mused. “Or just enjoy the lottery you won?”

— Anya Leon

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klutzy_girl on

So freaking excited for Aly and Alexis! And at least they don’t have to hide it on HIMYM! (Pretty convenient too.) And now it can stop bothering me why Lily was showing earlier than she should have been.

Congratulations to them!

Jordan 1 on

Yes!! I hope Sarah Michelle is expecting too..that would be awesome and cute

tomfool on

aw! I’m so happy for them! She seems like just the best mom!

ney on

Hurricane would go well with Satyana! Just joking πŸ˜› Such lovely news, another happy child on the way πŸ™‚

canada girl on

Love them! In many articles she said she was most likely not going to have any more but it was meant to be that they have another one!!

Elizabeth on

Yaaaaayyyyyyy! Many congratulations!

Aura Lee on

So excited for her! Satyana is so cute! I’m sure this one will also be cute. So lucky it is lining up with her pregnancy storyline on HIMYM too! She won’t have to hide her belly this time!

Rebecca on

Love this family. And loved that she just posted on twitter: “Yes I am pregnant. This time it is not a food baby.” LOL πŸ™‚ Love Alyson, Alexis and Satyana!

Jordan on


niman on

Mazal Tov & Congrats!!

Tracy on

You people are way too invested in this

Alexia on


Maddie on

YAAAAAAAY!!!! *so* excited right now!!!!!!! Seriously, never been happier for people i don’t even know πŸ™‚

alicejane on

Ahh, congratulations to Alyson and Alexis! This is great news, I’m so happy for them!

jenn on

congrats to the happy parents and by the way she doesn’t look 37

Anonymous on

Tracy- This is a website about celebrity babies. Of course people are going to be commenting about celebrity pregnancies!

Anyway, congrats to Alyson and Alexis! I wonder when she’s due? And does anyone else think that it was rather insulting of PEOPLE to say this: “The confirmation comes three months after Hannigan took to Twitter to shoot down pregnancy rumors when she was spotted leaving Malibu’s Chili Cook Off with a noticeable bump.”?

To me, that sounds like they were insiuniating that she was lying when she said she wasn’t pregnant (which, after seeing her Twitter comment and the post on this thread about the one she made recently about it not being a “food baby” this time, I don’t think she was). The media needs to learn that having what looks like a bump doesn’t always mean a woman is expecting!

Nella on

Congrats! I love them! They both seem like such great and loving parents and Satyana is one of the cutest little girls. I wish them all the best. πŸ™‚

Brooklyn on

That’s great! Congrats to them!

Meaghan on

I don’t even think it matters if she was lying or not. Personally, I think that a celebrity has every right to deny their pregnancy if it is still within that first 12 weeks. They definitely deserve privacy if they want it.

Congrats to the family! So exciting. πŸ™‚

Mariana on

Congratulations!!! I love this family! This will be another cute and happy child!

Tara on

Ha! I was wondering when they’d have their second. Knew it wouldn’t be so far away πŸ™‚

Donna on


Kris on

Countdown until Cobie Smulders announces her second pregnancy…

Jessie on

Awesome! And I agree, it explains why Lily was showing so early!!

Crusader on

She’s so beautiful…. lucky man. they look so happy. Bet they have some AWESOME little people…. πŸ˜‰ Congrats guys!

Bancie1031 on

WOW didn’t expect this …. Congratulations To Alyson, Alexis and Satyana πŸ™‚

Bugsmum on

Such great news! Best wishes for a happy and healthy pregnancy

Lyl on

BIG CONGRATS!! another cutie on the way πŸ™‚

jessicad on

I just discovered the show How I met your mother and it’s hilarious, she’s a great actress! I thought her comment about the food baby was funny too, congrats to them!

katie on

how exciting! she seems like such a sweet mom. can’t wait to see their new baby and hear the name πŸ™‚

LuvBigCity on

Awesome! I wonder if they will be playing that into the show or is she too early yet? I wasn’t sure if she was wearing a baby bump on the show if it was a home grown one : )

I love her and that show.

joan on

what do you mean – lily showing early? Some people do show earlier than others – no one is the same. Considering they knew the sex of the baby several shows ago, means lilly was pretty far along, which means she should have been showing at least a little.

Harley on


Trazey on

I love that she’s married to Sandy Rivers LOL Can’t wait to see the giant bags and basketballs she carries around to hide the little nugget heheheh so fun! Congrats to her

Kate McIlwain on

I’m over the moon. I love you guys, so much. A new baby can only double your joy. You WILL love them the same….Amount. Being 2 different people, means you’ll have to be on your toes more. lol. God has surely blessed you all. A great family. xoxo

Carrie Jo on

How exciting for them!!

Mira on

Congrats, hope they pick a better name the second time around.

RainbowStar on

That is so awesome for them…best wishes…^_^

crg on

Anonymous- I think they were referencing her tweet about this baby not being a food bump, and saying that when she came out of the restaurant she wasn’t pregnant because it was three months ago and she referenced it as such in her tweet. This doesn’t say when she was due, and since people usually announce after three months, I think it’s safe to say that they weren’t saying she was lying.

kim on

love the show and was noticing the other day on re-runs that props and big bags were hiding her baby belly. I didn’t watch the show then, but am Addicted to it now.

I hope she has a boy

B.J. on

Hurray!! My favorite celeb family is expanding, how exciting!

Allison on

I love them and their family and that they didn’t have a “plan” for their family. I understand why some need to (take for instance those who can’t get pregnant without help), but I have a distaste for the celebrities (ahem, Tori Spelling) who plan another right after the kid is born. It’s like take a breather people! Even my two who are only 13 months apart (she was born premature), we weren’t like “ok, we got this one, when’s the next one coming along?” It is so important to enjoy each child individually and enjoy the early years because it all happens so fast!

kms on

Yay, congrats! Anyone else notice the article was written by an “Anya?” Thought I’d point that out for fans.

amy on

congrats girl

amy on

good job your girl will love the baby