Linda Cardellini: I’m ‘Not Prepared’ for Baby Girl to Be Born

12/14/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Jon Kopaloff/FilmMagic

For Linda Cardellini, experiencing pregnancy for the first time has been both exciting and terrifying.

The Return star, who’s expecting her first child — a girl! — early next year, is looking forward to motherhood yet is still “not prepared” for her daughter’s arrival.

“We’re getting there — it’s a wonderful, thrilling event. I think you can’t help but be slightly terrified because somebody’s whole life will be in your hands,” the actress, 36, tells PEOPLE Dec. 2 at the March of Dimes Celebration of Babies at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

While she is extremely “excited about this chapter in my life,” Cardellini admits enjoying her pregnancy hasn’t always been easy.

“It’s been really fun. I was really sick in the beginning and now I feel fantastic,” she shares of expecting her baby with boyfriend Steven Rodriguez.

Proudly showing off her baby bump in a fitted black Nicole Miller dress, Cardellini even donned a pair of high heels for the occasion.

“It’s like a novelty to wear heels. I’m usually in flip flops!” she laughs.

— Michelle Ward

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Melissa on

She looks beautiful!

cipper on

oh wondeful, she wore high heels. tripping and hurting the baby, yeah. soo cool..

klutzy_girl on

She’s such a cute pregnant lady!

jay on

Cipper….really? I’ve never tripped in my high heels ever. My flip-flops? Yup.

jenny on

She looks great!

Sarah K. on

Well cipper, she didn’t trip and she didn’t get hurt so what is the problem?

Siera on

She looks lovely and is definitely glowing.

I love how honest she is about she and her boyfriend’s anxiety about becoming first-time parents.

Jen DC on

And Cipper, what do you think amniotic fluid is for? It’d take a pretty hard blow directly to her uterus to adversely affect the baby. Through the amniotic fluid, through mom’s muscles and tissue, the bone cage of the pelvic area… There’s a reason the baby is surrounded by all that stuff.

Tee on

While I personally think a pregnant woman shouldn’t wear heels, it has little to do with the fall risk and everything to do with the strain that is put on the back. (And I’m a midwife, so I’m educated.) It would take an incredibly hard fall to injure the baby as the amniotic fluid provides quite a cushion. Can it happen? Sure. It’s right up there with the “Well, you could step off the sidewalk and be hit by a car” scenerio.

Linda looks lovely! I look forward to hearing what they name their daughter.

Mel on

When it comes to hurting the baby during pregnancy, the biggest worry isn’t harming the baby (because the chances are so slim!) but that you will tear the placenta from a fall

Sarah G on

Cipper is obviously a moron who has to sort through everything to find one negative thing to say about a gorgeous woman in her prime about to give the greatest gift of life…

A woman who was sick for a period and has a changing body (beautiful might i add) can wear a stupid pair of heels to “feel pretty.”

Plus if she were to fall do you think that whole crowd of people would start shaking their heads and tell her it was her fault for tripping and purposely hurting the baby??? so stupid cipper.

JenDC is completely right if you read up on pregnancy and the mechanics of pregnancy it would take more than tripping from shoes to hurt the baby in the womb.

Harley on

Well said, SarahG! There’s no harm in wearing heels every once in a while when you’re pregnant.

Linda looks fabulous!

Kris on

Aye yei yei. Can’t we all just get along?

Marky on

I fell down a fight of stairs during the last 3 weeks of my first pregnancy, and baby was just fine. In fact, though it scared me and I was sore, neither of us was really hurt at all. I wore heels all the way through (most people did then) and I didn’t gain 80 lbs, and everyone was A-OK.

Pregnancy is not a disease, people. I worked L&D, and honestly, people need to figure that out, instead of the big knock every time some one wears heels, doesn’t become the size of a freight car. or sits around scared to move for fear of hurting the baby” !

Shannon on

She’s very pretty.

Lea on

Maybe it’s a very slim chance to hurt the baby while falling due to wearing high heels, but it wouldn’t do her any good to break an ankle or leg now would it? With her body being more out front, wearing high heels would feel different and possibly through her off balance. I personally wouldn’t wear heels. And when I was 8 mths pregnant I did fall while wearing flip flops. Baby was fine, but you never know.

Alyssa on

What a cute bump!!! I’m 28 weeks pregnant today, love seeing these stars with their bumps too.

Kristina on

Clipper? Really? That was a extremly stupid comment. I’ve tripped not wearing any shoes. The baby is protected and rightfully so.

She looks amazing! 🙂

JM on

Pregnant women should stay indoors all day, strap a cushion to their stomach if they walk around a house and preferably push around a zimmer frame just in case.

come on people, women have been having babies since the dawn of time, i think some of you need take a deep breath and relax.

Crimpe on

She looks adorable. What a cute pic.

Kay Pasa on

36 is old to be having a first baby. She will be in her 50’s when the kid graduates HS!

A. on

Linda looks great! There’s nothing wrong with wearing a pair of heels every once in a while. The baby is extremely well-protected in the womb. Take a chill pill, Cipper.

Anonymous on

Whether or not you’ll fall in high heels depends on the person. Some women can walk around in heels almost better than they can in flats, while others can’t walk around in them to save their life (and I’m one of them. I’d probably end up in the ER if I tried to walk around in high heels!).

Anyway, Lisa looks great!

Lora on

Oh Linda looks lovely! Best wishes for her and her husband 🙂

bri on

Oh come on, let the girl wear a pair of heels. She looks fantastic. I fell a week before my due date in my back yard wearing flip flops. We were both fine. love her – and can’t wait to hear what she names her baby girl

ELO on

I think its different for everyone. Every woman should know what she can and cannot handle. I can’t wear heels to save my life and constantly lose my balance when I do. As a result I probably won’t be wearing heels while pregnant. However there are other women who are pros when it comes to heels. Look at Victoria Beckham, she sported stilettos constantly during her pregnancies.

emily on

All of you women are the people I’ve come to dread during my own pregnancy. The “should you REALLY be doing that?” people. Trust me, we preggos care more about our unborn children than any stranger looking in and criticizing. I promise!

Anonymous on

Lea- That could happen even if she weren’t wearing heels. My father fell going down the stairs this summer and broke his foot…and he was wearing regular old sneakers. And I severely twisted my ankle once as a kid, also wearing sneakers. Bottomline: If you avoid everything that could possibly cause you to get hurt, you would barely move, let alone go anywhere!

Megan E. on

Really Kay Pasa?!? What a rude thing to say!!! I think it wonderfully refreshing she’s having her first child at 36 instead of 16!!!

So what if Linda will be in her 50s when the kid graduates from high school, my mother was 54 when I graduated high school and was just as proud as the 39 year old mother sitting next to her, holding the 3 week old child of a classmate.

Anyway, Linda looks lovely and for all of you saying Linda will fall in those heels and end in the ER, I have news for you, Linda spent years in the ER and turned out just fine!

Melissa on

I’m 35 and just had my first and I plan to have at least 2 more. I wore heels and got my nails done and got my hair done too. I guess I should be shunned for doing this huh? Oh yeah I gained 41 lbs, is that OK or was that too much? I’d really like to know for the 2nd one, it seems we have some all knowing women with lots of opinions here who know better. So please, educate me.