Tori Spelling Introduces Hattie Margaret

12/13/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Meet Hattie Margaret McDermott!

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott introduce their 9-week-old new addition, who arrived the morning of Oct. 10.

Joining siblings Stella Doreen, 3½, and Liam Aaron, 4½, as well as 13-year-old Jack from McDermott’s first marriage, the Home Sweet Hollywood stars say their delivery surprise really was a shock.

“We thought we were going to have a boy,” Spelling, 38, admitted recently.

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Albert Michael/Startraks
Albert Michael/Startraks

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Mia on

Her husband has some strong genes – this little one looks just like her siblings + her dad!

klutzy_girl on

Aww! Hattie is so cute.

Amy on

Oh my she is adorable! Looks a lot like Stella as a baby! Oh, and Dean’s eyebrows freak me out!

Jasmine on


Jordan 1 on

That’s another Dean(well kind of)….Stella looks just like Dean but I just think Hattie has many of his features. I can’t rule out Tori… Hattie has her head shape to me

Michelle on

I love this family, but Tori’s hair drives me crazy. It always looks dirty and damaged. She would be such a beautiful girl with more natural hair and make-up.

Hattie is freaking precious though!

Ashley on

What a sweet little girl, they are very lucky. I love reading Tori’s books as well, she is awesome!!!!

LuvBigCity on

Cute baby!! But TorI—SMILE, really SMILE!!! Her grin gets annoying sorry to be a debbie downer.

karen on

soooo pretty love tori

Heather on

They are too cute!

B.J. (the girl) on

Beauiful baby! But Hattie? Really..?

ClaireSamsmom on

She is just beautiful! What gorgeous pictures…I really love this family! I love the name…very old-fashioned and pretty!

kim on

She is a wonderful addition to an already fantastic family. Congradulations 🙂

Anonymous on

Congratulations to the Family. PS>>> Deano, please bring back the longer hair.

Erin J. on

They have the CUTEST kids!!

dawn vonk on

Beautiful baby…but geez, Tori…whats up with your smile??

becky on

she is precious i think she looks like her daddy.. congrats to you two both.. you have beautiful children.

Anonymous on

WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE CELEBRITIES naming their kids these RIDICULOUS names? It’s NOT cute…Apple, Bronx Mowgli, HATTIE????….come on!!!! What happened to the NORMAL, nice names? R they too cool to have “ordinary” names? OMG…’s so pathetic, and sad for the kids!

AllisonJ on

Hattie is such a cutie! Looks a lot like Stella and Liam.

Anonymous on

Hattie is a real cute name.I agree with the lady that said tori’s hair it does look a mess most of the time but the baby does look like daddy good luck guy’s the show is good to much with the kid’s the little boy is nerve racking get into each other more yeah one can say they just made a baby ok but to much with the kid’s

Erin J. on

um, Hattie is a normal name. Old fashioned maybe, but it was pretty popular back in the day.

Ever heard of Hattie McDaniel???

lisa on


Aimee on


klutzy_girl on

Anonymous – Hattie *is* a normal name. Just an old fashioned name, but a normal name none the less. Calm down.

Tee on

Hattie looks JUST like Stella did as an infant! Precious!

Ana on

Why can’t she smile?? Her grin is so whack!!!

Lissette on

Hattie looks just like Stella did. I can’t wait to see who she favors more as she gets bigger.

Dean is such a creeper. He can never smile either. He’s got that constipated look.

Josie on

Hattie is an old-fashioned name. Not in the same vain as Apple or Mowgli or Bronx. Names are cyclical. The Sues and Beths and Lisas and Kathys are gone.

Stella, Hattie, Olivia, Victoria, Emma, Sophia, Isabella… They’re coming back.

Beautiful names; beautiful kids.

(I would also like to see Tori more natural, and a real smile in photos, but I think she’s a sweetheart.)

Lisa on

Baby is adorable but really they chose the name “Hattie”? It reminds me of ‘Hattie the Witch’ but that might be just a local thing. Hattie was a puppet from many ages ago.

Anel M on

The baby looks just like Stella and her Daddy. Liam looks like Tori and Grandpa Spellling.

Guest on

So cute but Daddy, please bring your hair back.

Kelly on

I had an aunt named Hattie, and she was a beautiful woman. Hattie is a good, strong, feminine name. Congrats to the family.

Adora on

Another gorgeous baby for their family. God Bless them all.

KLS on

Beautiful baby! I don’t particularly like the name though…too old and hard for an infant IMO.

Robin on

I agree, Hattie looks a lot like her siblings and the kids do look a lot like Dean LOL. Speaking of Dean, he looks tons better with short hair. Congrats to them all!

Kandee43 on

Beautiful baby, congratulations.

Nicky on

Awwwwe, she’s so pretty! They are a cute family!

jam on

Tori, you are too beautiful to pose, try being natural and smile as if you were not on camera. Baby is beautiful, favors Dad most, but babies change throughout the years. I felt sure, as did others, that I was going to have a boy, and like you was very surprises that it was a girl! Be happy and healthy.

Robin on

Cute baby! Hattie has a strong resemblance to Dean and the older sibs. I think Dean looks much much better and masculine with short hair.

Jesse on

Poor kids, they really do make some unattractive babies… And I’m one who always said there are no ugly kids… Hattie (is she a maid from Gone With The Wind?) looks like a duplicate of Tori.

Mrs JP on


Congrats to the Happy Couple!!!!!!!!

Cidney on

Liam was born looking like Tori’s Dad and brother. He still looks like them. Stella was born looking like Dean and now looks like Grandad and Uncle. And now Little Miss Hattie looks like dean again. I wonder if she will look like Tori later. The girls are born looking like Dean and end up blonde like Tori… Funny, I love watching genes change…

karen on


Beautiful family BUT why do you have to curse, swear, make filthy jokes – why, why, why? Is that the way you want those precious kids to talk and act? You have some influance with public, why not use correct grammer and no dirty words that are constantly being bleeped.

Tori is maturing into a lovely lady with three beautiful children.

Aloha & Mahalo,

Nancy on

Adorable! I think they seem to be great parents.

Jay on

lst. of all, I dont think Tori ever had dirty hair, that is the style for young people. long and straight. and their babies are just beautiful. they make wonderful parents. wish we could get Oxygen channel again. not able to watch their show.

MJ on

I love Tori & her family! They seem so normal. I’m thrilled for her and that she had another healthy baby girl. Liam & Stella are so cute. Tori & Dean are wonderful parents. I love their old-fashioned “classic” names. They’ll never go out of style. Congrats to the McDermotts!

jsp81355 on

What an adorable baby. It is true that all three of Tori’s kids look just like her husband. One thing that bothers me, though, is that Dean had a son with his first wife and they also adopted a baby girl together before he left her for Tori, but mention is never made of his daughter. I just think that’s kind of sad.

LA on

Absolutely Adorable! I love Tori and Dean and their cute children! Congrat’s to you all! Keep Smiling and Stay Happy!

Torifan on

I love Tori and Dean and their family. They are so down to earth and normal acting for being in the lime light. I wonder if the baby nurse is coming back, she ads alot to the show. I have to agree that whomever did this article could have probably chosen some better photos to go along with it. Dean looks like his shirt needs to be ironed, I am not sure what is going on with Tori’s hair!! Very happy for the family though!

Liz on

So sad she has a homewrecker for a mother!

LA on

Oh Liz! You don’t know all the facts so Hush!

isabella on

i just realized neither of them have jobs.

JMO on

I think Hattie is a beautiful name for a baby! Yes old fashioned but certainly not another made up name that makes no sense!

I think the baby is a cross between the two looks more like Stella then Liam (who I think looks like Tori’s brother Randy)! I don’t get Oxygen anymore so I can’t watch the show which is a bummer. I hate to admit I enjoy it.

Susan Lewis on

Hattie is old fashioned, used to be a short form of Henrietta. Not a bad name. They look so happy, and the little one is adorable.

Tori, did your Mom have an affair with Paul Stanley? Geez, you look like him!

Shawna on

re: other daughter – she is not his daughter. They split up while they were in the process of adopting and his ex-wife decided to continue the adoption alone. He is not legally or in any way her father.

I have to say I’m still not feeling the name Hattie. It just sounds like ‘hat’ to me.

leslye on

She is so beautiful but not sure about the name Hattie, cute for now but as she gets older not sure it will be so liked by her little girl. Wonder if it has to do with family name or something. They have cute kids. At least THEY seem to be acting like a family and have a good marriage and making it work. Congrads to them!

Linda on

They are such an adorable family I just don’t know how you can’t love them!

Jesse on

Hey LA they both have owned up to the fact that they were indeed married to others when they hooked up, so yes, Liz’s homewrecker comment is kind of factual.

Jesse on

As for the person who said her hair is the syle with young people… Ummmm, she’s in her late 30’s not 17.

Kim on

Beautiful family. Hattie looks just like her Daddy!

Guest on

Who cares! Tori S has to be one of the most unattractive celebrities in Hollywood, even after all the plastic surgery.

stacey on

cute baby, HORRIBLE name

Anonymous on

Seriously? Yall are making fun of the name of the child? Im assuming all of yall have kids with the trendiest names too, like every other person out there. Its their child, their name. Good lord…get over it.

Romy on

Hattie’s really cute and looks like Stella and Dean to me while Liam looks like Tori. I like the name Hattie but prefer it as a nickname. Wow, Dean, grow the hair out!


it’s so hard to believe Dylan and Dean are brothers.. Dylan is so fine, and Dean just is NOT !!

Anonymous on

She can’t smile because she is a husband stealer, and afraid that at any minute someone else might steal him!! HAHA

jillian on

JOEBECCA—who told you Dylan & Dean are brothers? Assume much??

Hattie is cute, and I’m a fan of Tori’s and all but she looks like the Joker in these pics.

Guest on

Oh, and it’s clear that Dean has found his sugar mommy…

boohoobytch on

somehow this looker (Tori) makes some cute little babies

Cathleen on

Oh my god! Their daughter is just darling! Her skin is so fair and her eyes are gorgeous blue! I think the name Hattie is cute, too. They are so blessed to have 3 beautiful, healthy children!

Anonymous on

~JOEBECCA- Dylan and Dean aren’t brothers. They aren’t even from the same country

sous chef on

Like all babies, she is beautiful! A true gift to her parents. Just precious. Really precious.

tessa on

Thank God she doesn’t look like Tori. Sorry, but there is nothing pretty about that woman.

Haveacutename2 on

Hattie is a beautiful name. My daughter is Natie.. want to make something of that? I wouldnt advise you to do so. She is an absolutely beautiful baby who looks just like her daddy. So precious!!! Many congrats!!!

Dana on

absolutely adorable. congrats McDermott/Spelling families 🙂

just my opinion on

Finally a name that sounds normal. I just love their little family.

ampy on

she is so cute! Congrats!

Kat J. on

Hattie is a cute name and she is adorable!

Best wishes to Tori and Dean and the whole family.

Luv ya!

Stephanie on

I think Tori’s hair is pretty, it’s more natural than so many other’s with extensions and wigs. She’s a mom of 3 +1 and I think it’s wonderful she is real, well as real as Hollywood can get:0) The fact that she is a buisness woman, dedicated mom, as well as tv personality and a fantastic artist amazes me. She is a true buisness genius, just like her Dad before her. I also love that she is human and it shows….not many people in Hollywood impress……she’s just doing what she needs to do to keep her family and herself happy. GOOD FOR HER….and her pretty blond boho hair!

Anonymous on

9 week old babies do not need shoes. inappropriate. babies aren’t dress-up dolls, they’re young humans.

tori, your hair is an abomination!!!!

Lisa on

Tori needs to go away, she looks like a horse!

Kira on

Tori seems like a nice person, and the baby is cute

Ashley Morris on

She looks just like Stella! So happy for you both.

itznia on

They are adorable!

Mari on

Beautiful baby-lovely family but what’s with the ugly buzz cut Dean and how about shaving once in awhile? Nothing attractive about a scratchy face.

Mari on

Tori and Dean are loving happy parents with 3 adorable children. Take a good look at Jennifer Anniston-talking about horse faces…

emily on

Hey Anonymous – Those aren’t shoes. They’re baby socks that are made to look like little shoes. But I’m sure everyone appreciates your unsolicited and rude advice on how to raise children…

Jen on

yeah, you are right, i was thinking it was because his other daughter with his ex ended up having some kind of problems so it was like he totally rejected her, but like you said, she isn’t even his anyway. But they should talk more about the older son, but maybe he is part of the picture and Dean and his mother would rather that he was not all wrapped up in this fame stuff with the rest of the family. Very wise of her probably. Cute babies. I hope Tori doesn’t get quite as thin as she did after Stella. Not good for her complexion. Merry Christmas wee one, you are a blessing!

Anonymous on

Tori and Dean are wonderful parents who have beautiful children…I think Tori is beautiful who dosn’t judge others…Those who said Tori is ugly are haters and I guess you think you are a prize…lol lol..Tori and Dean have it going on with their beautiful family and show…I am a real fan of theirs….Shame on all of you who pass judgement…

Anna on

Cute baby, hideous parents. I’ll never forget Tori mocking Dean’s ex-wife about being too old to have kids while Dean stood by, smirking. Ick. They are both a disgrace to humanity…and I wonder how their actions will come back to haunt them. Tori has a way of making her ugliness (inner and outer) seem like a silly quirk to be laughed about. She’s offensive, has slammed the parents who GAVE her the career that she doesn’t deserve based on TALENT, and only has because Daddy produced the first show she was on. She exploits her children on reality tv instead of allowing them to grow up with privacy, all because of her desperate need for attention.

How does karma work on someone who has no soul, that is what I wonder….

Kelly on

My baby boy was born that day as well…congrats to the happy couple!

Vickie on

How beautiful she is!! Tori and Dean make beautiful babies, Congratulations!!!!!!!!

Stormy on

Hattie has a special place in Tori’s heart , didnt any of you read the
first book ? I think it is sweet to name her that , and I think they
make cute kids too !

kjc on

To the poster who commented on babies wearing shoes, for a pic or special outing, I think it’s just fine – although I don’t actually think those are shoes Hattie is wearing. They make adorable tights and socks for baby girls that look like shoes, but are just a pattern.

Hattie on

I certainly appreciate the people who hate my name, thanks a lot. ::insert sarcasm:: To those of you who appreciate a good old-fashioned name, thank you. I grew up with many people complimenting my name and telling me their grandmother, great aunt, etc. had the same name. I’m happy to see old-fashioned names making a comeback.

Tee on

Anonymous, are you seriously complaining about a baby wearing shoes?! First of all, that’s a rather idiotic thing to complain about. Second of all, Hattie isn’t wearing shoes! She’s wearing socks that look like Mary Janes!

Guest on

What a smunkin. Congrats!!!!

Anna on

The baby is cute, the parents are terrible. Poor kids of these soulless parents.

moonbeam on

both are uuuugly parents. cheaters. I don’t respect of like people who cheat on their spouses, for any reason.

wonder when baby daddy is headin out the door to another woman; it would serve fish face tori right.

moonbeam on

parents who are cheaters on their spouses.

tori’s husband should be ready to move on to another woman by now.

ChikNorTuna on

All three of those children look exactly like Dean. To answer some questions, Tori cannot give a natural smile or look because she’s had so much plastic surgery. I mean a LOT of plastic surgery and that’s a well-known fact in the industry – multiple facial surgeries and procedures and breast implants and lipo. The Botox works by paralyzing muscles, so some of them work and and some of them don’t which yields a mask-like face. The cheek implants, nose job and eye surgery have remolded the shape of her face so there’s no way those kids can look like her because even SHE doesn’t look like the real her anymore. Dean has a biological son and was in the process of adopting a little girl with his wife when he hooked up with Tori and left his family for her. His part of the adoption of the little girl fell through. This is one dysfunctional family and Tori wouldn’t have any type of TV show if she were not Aaron Spelling’s daughter for she is a horrible actress and is not the brightest crayon in the box. She makes for good TV for those who like to follow her trainwreck life. She’s nice enough to work with but all is not peachy in her current household.

Here’s what Tori looked like before plastic surgery:

Sarah on

I am so glad they found each other even though it caused others a lot of hurt.. But they make really cute babies..

But Dean.. Please.. never cut your hair again.. It’s like a serious blow to your hot factor.. if it was for a role.. demand more money.

Maybe if Tori and Candi can make up there is hope for me and my mother..

Arielle on

Aww, she is adorable 🙂 I just wish one of their kids would turn out to look like Tori- darker hair and brown eyes. They are all little Dean Mini-Me’s though!

Big Fan on

They are awesome parents and they have the CUTEST kids ever!

Rachael on

Cute kid, Tori looks great. Dean, on the other hand always seems to have some stupid smirk on his face or the pic looks like a mugshot.

They seem like a happy family!

Sasha on

Very Cute!! Congrats!

Cammy on

I LOVE Tori and Dean’s show. Their newest addition to the family, little Hattie is a cutie. And yes, as others said, she does look more like Dean, and her older sister, Stella.

Bugsmum on

What a beautiful wee girl!! I love the nice normal names they have given their kids. Hattie is a great name, KLS “too old and hard for an infant” you get that one day she won’t be an infant right???

Anonymous do you feel better after that random outburst? they look like socks to me, my 5mth old has some that are similar looking. Dress up doll?? inappropriate??? If I knew photos of my wee girlie were going to be seen (and commented on) all over the world I’d dress her up too. My MIL handmade Bug some beautiful little felt shoes, so I dressed her in a lovely little dress and put the shoes on, then took a photo then I took them off. Does that make me a bad mum? nope it makes me a great daughter in law because my MIL loves that photo and it has pride of place on her desk at work.

Best wishes for a happy and healthy life for this precious little girl.

Sarah K. on

Jsp81355, that’s because Dean and his ex-wife were still in the process of adopting Lola when he left her and backed out of the adoption even though the baby was already living in their home. Luckily, his ex was able to adopt Lola as a single parent. Lola isn’t mentioned here because she is not his child.

TBB on

Wow–some people are just so judgemental–it’s their baby so they can name her anything they want! Hattie is an old fashioned name just like Stella (which happens to be my middle name). So no its not some new weird Hollywood name!

And to the person who commented about the baby having shoes on–I always put my kids in shoes unless of course they were just hanging at home. It helps them get used to wearing them and then you don’t have that kid that is always kicking them off! Plus it looks so cute!

Jenn on

When I first heard the new baby’s name was Hattie, I thought of Hattie the Witch too.

Bancie1031 on

AWE! Hattie is a cutie, she looks just like Monkey and Bug! Dean does have some strong genes ….

mistie on

Adorable. I believe, but could be wrong, Hattie was the name of her childhood nanny..if not its still a cute name.

Mandy M on

I love Tori and Dean! Hattie is adorable! Congrats Tori and Dean!

Alise on

Hattie is a nice, old-fashioned name. Heck of a lot better than Jubilee or even Harper Seven, imo.

Flip on

They’re not shoes – they’re socks that look like shoes!!! Don’t be a hater

Susan on

What a pretty baby! I like her name.

talia on

all of her kids look the same. you’ve seen one, you’ve seen them all.

Maria on

I saw her recent reality show and I did not like how she treated her son- I did not think she was respectful or aware of his needs. I also don’t like the dynamic between her and Dean. they don’t seem happy together. Just my opinion!

Tango on

@Haveacutename2 Natie is a ridiculous name. Natty Gnat.

Hattie's mom on

I love the name Hattie . . . not so much when my husband wanted to name our daughter that, but it grew on me. I could have been completely lame and named her Olivia, Bailey, Ashley, or Jessica, like all of the other un-original parents I know. So . . . name your children what you like, and Tori and I will name ours what we like.

mona on

What is wrong with her face? tori’s….



christine on

michelle: i never thought much of her hair but you are right. i think she should tone it down with the bleaching and go more natural. she is getting older and i think it would make her look so much prettier.

Sholi on

I think the reason that her grin is a little off is because she is trying to appear as thin as she can. After I had my second child, I practised my smiles, and my 3/4 smile without showing my teeth was the one that made my look the thinnest, IMO. Nonetheless, Hatie is a cutie!

Suze on

Not a fan of either of these two. The baby is sweet looking. Thank God she looks like her father.

PShack on

It’s not a bad name except that it rhymes with “fatty” and kids can be cruel. If she doesn’t get fat until she’s an adult, she will probably be okay. But, heaven help her if she’s fat as a kid!

Marky on

As crappy as Billy Bob Thornton was about the adoption of Maddox, he went through with it to keep from ruining things or making them difficult for Angelina. He then gave up his rights, so she became a single parent.

I have a hard time respecting Dean for what he did to his former wife, though I don’t think these things are our problem. It just seems like it’s really sad when kids are so affected.

f*ck off tori on

she bugs me so much

Raynie on

You know what is annoying is people always cutting celebrities! Let them live their own lives, name their children whatever they please (which I think Hattie is adorable), wear whatever close they want to wear, wear their hair the way they want & smile however they please…quit judging others and only worry about yourself!!!!!

evansmama on

baby hattie is very cute…looks a lot like stella! tori looks sooooo much better with a lil meat on her bones! way better then before she was preggo and a stick…she looked way unhealthy. hope she keeps these pounds on for a change!

elz on

I saw the family when they visited Texas earlier this year and Dean and Tori are both a SO attractive in person, both are really amazingly good-looking. People can be so unfair. Their family is working and I wish them good luck.

Laura on

Finally there’s a baby that looks like Tori – and a little like her father. This beautiful baby has her mother’s nose, chin and pretty big (not too big) eyes. Yes, she is a combination of both parents, but I think she’ll favor her mother more as she gets older. The first two kids look exactly like their father.

As to Tori’s hair, what is wrong with it? Her hair is in really good shape in spite of having been dyed.

Tori and Dean, Congratulations on your new baby! God bless you all.

Kim on

The baby is very lucky she looks like Dean and not Tori-all of her kids look like Dean. I know, sounds mean but I know everyone is thinking the same thing!

Anonymous on

Hattie is a cutie, and I think she actually looks a lot like Tori!

Sophia on

Aw, what a sweet baby girl! I am absolutely loving the name Hattie right now- I just think it’s the cutest! Hattie’s lucky to have such loving parents and wonderful, hilarious siblings.

Ali on

What a darling baby! She looks JUST like Stella! Liam seems to take after Tori so much more then his sisters! They look just like their daddy!

I think Tori seems sweet. I don’t know where all the animosity comes from. Sure, they probably had an affair and that is horrible. A family was broken up…but, it’s in the past. People change. We can’t loath the way they came together as a couple FOREVER.

I have a friend and his parents actually had an affair and he was conceived during that period of time. His father divorced his wife he was with and remarried his “mistress” who he has been married to now for 30 years. I know them personally and have heard the story many times and I can’t judge them for what they did 30 years ago. Yes, they hurt people (including my friend’s half sister and brother) and evaporated a marriage in their coming together but they were in LOVE. I don’t think it’s worth hating them over. It’s worth not TRUSTING them over…but, we should just move on. They have 3 lovely kids and they seem very happy…so, just let them be and not be so negative.

Denise on

Agreed. I think all those babies look just like him. Really down to earth people. God bless your family

Ang on

To the person who said maybe kids will be blonde like Tori when they’re older she is not a natural blonde!!!

Rainbowstar on

Congrats to you both what little cutie she is…
Your children look just like you BOTH…
You both have great genes..
What a wonderful family you both have…

melinda on

aw so cute, but this one looks more like tori then dean does.

sam on

What’s going on with Dean’s left eye/eyebrow? Wonky-eyed.

christa on

She looks so precious.

snowangelsarah on

It’s nice to see how homewreckers like Tori Spelling are glorified. You are a homewrecker Tori. You stole your husband on a movie set from Jo eustace from Canada, and he has two children, his son Jack and their adopted daughter from China. And how patheric this guy cheated on his wife. Now, they parade it in his ex’s face. Very pathetic. They are all a joke, except the kids. Donna Spelling graduates. Yeah, she is so depserate, she wrecked a marriage. I feel sorry for her kids. Go away.

ericka on

What a beautiful baby, looks like Stella what a darling.
Watch your show all the time..

Sally on

Beautiful baby, beautiful name, a beautiful family….Congrats to all.

Sus on

Love Tori, Dean & their family!

gottabelieve on

Her husband is so ugly. Those poor kids look just like him. They are cute when they are born, and then they get more and more hillbilly like him as they grow up.

gottabelieve on

Tori Spelling is fug! He ain’t too good looking either. Poor kids. Have to find out about their homewrecking mom when they get older.

Amy on

Ok, so we are still on the homewrecker crap? We all make mistakes and we all have skeletons in our closets. Get over it. I’m sure all parties involved have.

w78ppk on

It’s unfortunate the other two kids look so much like Dean. He’s not attractive, thus, ugly kids…

Alexandra on

I just keep remembering that Tori wrote in one of her books that divorce was out of the question because they wanted to have a third child. I think that’s the wrong reason to stay married. She also said she was afraid that Dean would cheat on her. Well yeah Tori, that’s called Karma.

Elena on

Well, the first two kids look like him and it seems Tori lucked out again as this one seems to look like him too! He may not be the most gorgeous man, but he still makes cute kids. Trust me, if the kids looked like Tori, they wouldn’t be as cute. Did you see what she looked like as a kid?

I just have issues with them using their kids as props in their reality TV show, like they need to use them to make the show interesting/cute and hence make money. Why don’t they just get regular acting jobs and keep their privacy?

I prefer the name Stella, but find the name Hattie is OK too, old-fashioned.

Noodles on

Good thing, none of the kids look like Tori.

Jen on

The baby’s adorable, but what is up with her husband’s expression in that first picture???

Veronica on

She looks just like Stella!

Linda Whisler on

Oh Tori , What a beautiful baby. You’ve got a sweet family, with beautiful children, and you work so hard and make it look so easy. Alot of people really look up to u . I’m one of them. Just wishing you and you’re husband the best ,just love love on the babies.



Dee on

Instead of protecting and caring for those poor kids from an intrusive and potentialy dangerous public (kids of celebrities and the wealthy are always potential targets), these two spotlight-whores use them to try and gleem a sliver of attention from the media at every opportunity. They are both self-absorbed and conceited and hurt anyone who gets in the way of their own selfish needs. Unattractive, spoiled and manupulative…how can anyone like these people? Pathetic.

Bree on

People are so judgmental, honestly!! It doesn’t matter when or how they met, the fact is they feel in love and they have a beautiful family. Hattie is very beautiful baby and does look a bit like Stella.. Congratulations on a healthy baby girl. Tori and Dean you are both wonderful people and continue on your path. Do not listen to the negativity as you are above that!! Love the show and will keep tuning in… Bree from ABQ!!

raicha on

@joebecca – Dean McDermott and Dylan McDermott are not brothers.

P on

Hattie is a cute name, it’s the name of one of the daughters on the show Parenthood. I think Hattie looks like Stella from the nose up and Liam in the mouth/chin/jaw area. Liam looks just like Tori and Stella looks like Dean. His oldest son with Mary is such a doll.

Kara on

Hattie is so adorable! Love her little dress and shoes…precious.

Anonymous on

Elena- Actually, if you look at pictures of Tori’s brother Randy when he was a child, Liam looks just like him! 🙂

snowangelsarah- Tori was also married when she and Dean got together. So if she’s going to get called a homewrecker, shouldn’t he be called one, too? No, there weren’t kids involved in Tori’s case, but a marriage was still broken up. Also, people aren’t objects, and they can’t be stolen. Unless I hear that Tori held a gun to Dean’s head and forced him to leave his first wife, I’m going to assume that he left her of his own free will.

Kim- No, not everybody thinks that. I don’t. 🙂

Mol on

CBB should get rid of the comment section. It just makes women look hateful

Debbie on

TORI– Get rid of your bleached blonde hair. It looks terrible!

tlc on

I knew if I came on here to read the comments that people would STILL be bitching at these two and calling them names. Why is it that Tori is a homewrecker but Angelina Jolie is revered here? Tori was separated from her husband when she met Dean. She hadn’t gotten divorced. Mary Jo and Dean were having problems for a LONG time before he left her. It’s well known here in Canada that Mary Jo has moved on and it is HER decision to not allow Jack to be in the public eye. But it’s always Tori and Dean’s fault…It was also said that Dean was not ready to adopt a child and Mary JO started it anyway…hence the problems in their marriage.

Why is it that Angelina is held on a pedastal? Brad was NOT divorced when she hooked him (or stole him or whatever you want to call it) yet she gets a free pass? I’m sure there are MANY many more celebs that have gotten together in a non conventional way, we just don’t hear of all of them. Mary Jo wanted vengence for a man that didn’t love her anymore so she made sure he paid publically.

Get over it’s been more than six or seven years now. Sheesh!

Sarah K. on

tlc, you tell people to get over it, but also accuse Mary Jo of seeking vengeance and claim baseless rumors as fact. Her desire to adopt is not excuse for her husband to cheat on her. Besides, you don’t even know what went on between them. Didn’t Tori even say she was afraid Dean would do to her what he did to his ex? And, since Tori purposely lives her life in the public eye, why is it that Mary Jo (also a tv personality in Canada) is vengeful for doing an interview?

And, Angelina is constantly ripped by posters here and by the media. Every week there’s another tabloid rumor about her and Jennifer Aniston. It’s been 6 years since that’s happened as well. Comparatively speaking, Tori lives under the radar (except when she calls the tv crews)

Anonymous on

tlc- If anyone “gets a free pass”, I’d say it’s Brad. As Sarah K. has said, Angie is constantly ripped apart by both the media and commentors on media websites. She gets called a homewrecker, a husband stealer, and other, much more colorful, names that don’t need to be said here! Yet Brad is virtually never taken to task for whatever it was that went on at the end of his marriage (obviously we’ll never know for sure exactly what that was). As they say, it takes two to tango, and he’s just as guilty (if not more so, since he was the one that was married) for whatever happened as Angelina is.

Also, you pointed out that Tori was seperated, though not divorced, from her first husband when she hooked up with Dean, and that Dean and Mary Jo were having problems long before they divorced. Well, guess what? Both things appear to be true of Brad as well. He and Angie have said several times that they didn’t do anything (physically, anyway) until after he and his wife had seperated.

And if you go back and look at Brad and his wife’s interviews from the last 18 months to two years of their marriage, plus comments both have made since the divorce, it’s pretty obvious that just like with Dean and Mary Jo, their marriage was on the rocks long before Angelina came into the picture. The only real differences between Tori and Dean’s situation and Angie and Brad’s, in my opinion, are that Angie wasn’t married when she and Brad hooked up, and that Brad and his wife didn’t have children together.

Anonymous on

I also think that a big part of the reason the Angie/Brad situation is such a sensitive issue is because we all have different beliefs when it comes to when a marriage is over, and how long people should wait after a divorce before moving on with someone else. For some people, a marriage is over when the couple legally seperates. Others firmly believe that a marriage is over only when the ink is dry on the divorce papers, and several others fall somewhere in the middle.

Same with moving on. Some think it’s fine to do so once the divorce papers have been filed or even once the couple is legally seperated, others think people should wait several months or even a year or two.

So because of that, we’re never going to agree on what happened between Brad/Angie, and to a certain extent Tori/Dean.

Someone You Know on

There’s no doubting that’s his kid…the resemblance is uncanny!

Congrats to the family on the new addition…cool name!

Troy Aditya on

Congratulations on your new addition to the family, LOVE YOU guys lots, have a great and loving family Tori….xo

Crow on

Those McDermott genes are STRONG. She is so pretty and I like Hattie! Its my 81 year old grandma’s name 😀

melissa on

I just dont get how two horribly ugly people make such cute kids…it amazes me.

Lori on

Hattie will become more popular again due to the show Parenthood. The teenage girl is Hattie. Lovely name. I used very old fashioned names for both of my kids. Congrats to the beautiful family!

Silly Silly on

Okay, I am going to hear it now…Yes, cute baby, but the baby won’t look like Tori since Tori has had so much plastic surgery done. I think Tori only shows one side of her face since that is the side that has had the best work done.

Jen on

Cute bubba. Congratulations!

S on

Is her face permanently fixed in that expression?

NYLA Princess on

Little Hattie looks exactly as her Mom. If you look at old pics of her as an infant and little girl — that is Tori. Her oldest, Liam, resembles her father. But Stella is her dad. She even looks like her aunts from Canada. The perfect family of five, not including all the animals and guncles!

wdc on

The baby looks ok, but Tori is one ugly long face actress, must have some good stuff.

Barbara on

Why don’t you let this beautiful couple alone, they can name their babies anything they want. And the ones commenting on Tori’s looks, I bet we could all comment on yours too. So if you can’t say something positive, don’t say anthing at all and go to another site where you can voice yourselves into a tizzy.

Tori, I would give anything to have my children over again. I just love the time when they were small, ENJOY your time with them, it only comes around once. Don’t pay attention to those people who comment on anything about your family and you, they would give their eyeteeth to have what you have (Brains) and a wonderful family. Be Happy, you have everything. God Bless All of You!!!!! I just love watching your show, its like watching my own children and grandchildren grow up again. Keep the show going, I love it!!! Take Care!!! Barbara

Sydney on

Congrats Tori and Dean on your new addition, she’s beautiful.
Along with Stella and Liam. Tori I love love love your show.
You do a great job with the kids. There great kids…
Congrats once again..

Cindy on

Beautiful family. Love your show. Tori and Dean you a perfect couple. Beautiful

Ali on

Hattie looks IDENTICAL to Stella in that second picture but in the other shots you can see some similarities to Liam. So cute!

Ashley on

I don’t think I have never seen so many hateful comments in one place!! Geez people! Some of you are acting like Tori stole YOUR husband! I think they are a beautiful family and I love them and their show. And I agree 100% with Barbara. The people talking about their looks.. I would love to see what you look like, cause I assume you have no flaws right? People are ridiculous! Leave them alone, they can name their kids what they want, dress them in what they want, smile how they want.. JUST like you or anyone else!

donna on

To the people with the rude comments. Are you so miserable with your life that you have to criticize other people.The way they look or the name’s they give their children. Im sorry that not everyone is as perfect as you. They are nice enough to share their life with everyone who is interested. So if you have such a problem with them or anything about them , quit looking !

char on

IF YOU DON’T HAVE SOMETHING GOOD TO SAY, DON’T SAY ANYTHING! I am so sorry Tori and Dean for the ridiculous people in the world that only see the negative. We can only imagine what a sad life they must have. You both seem to be good hearted people and loving parents. I envy Tori’s imagination and drive! Hattie is a gorgeous doll.

Anne on

I cannot believe the comments from people saying they are glad they don’t look like the father. Are you kidding? Have none of you seen photos of Tori Spelling as a child? Google the one of her when she was on Love Boat as a child. That’s all I have to say about that.

Anonymous on

Ignore the rude people…they have nothing good to say because they are ignorant.

But I think the McDermott family are great and enjoy their show. They have 3 beautiful children and they look like their handsome dad. Yes, I think he is a great looking guy and their mom is beautiful as well…inside and out. there are many people in the world that need to get past that beauty is only on the outside….the true beauty is in the inside. So you ignorant people, get a life and mind your own business.

Debbi on

Congrats, to the parents of Hattie…she`s a cute girl and their other children are beautiful as well. And I think their father is a handsome looking man and their mother is lovely. They do look like their dad.
As for the rude people that have made awful comments…you are ignorant.
If you have nothing good to say then it need not be said here or anywhere else. Obviously you all lead unhappy lives and can`t mind your own business. With that said, I hope they ignore your awful comments. People like you disgust me.

Stine on

Baby Hattie is beautiful! I think the Spelling-Mcdermott family seems so strong, loving and happy.

aliya on

she is looking beautiful ui like her style and smile