Jennifer Garner: I ‘Would Do Anything’ for Ben Affleck

12/13/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Courtesy InStyle

With Hollywood breakups running rampant, what’s the secret to Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck‘s successful seven-year relationship?

“We both know we couldn’t do what we do without each other,” the actress says in the January issue of InStyle, on sale Friday. “Ben always says, ‘If you love it, we can make it happen.'”

Of course, jewelry helps, too! Affleck, 39, enjoys showering his wife with diamonds. He gave her a pair of pink and white diamond Harry Winston bands, one for each of their two daughters, Violet, 6, and Seraphina, who turns 3 next month.

“He knows when to swoop in with the gesture. He’s sweet that way,” Garner says. “Honestly, I would do anything for that man, because I know it’s not taken for granted.”

Also not taken for granted is their growing family. The actress, who is expecting their third child this winter, calls pregnancy at age 39 “a game changer.”

Garner admitted to having a difficult first trimester, complete with nausea, exhaustion and junk-food cravings.

“My kids had never seen Doritos before. They would say, ‘Mom, where did you get that orange chip? I really want that,'” she says. “I wish I was one of those cute pregnant girls who wear skinny jeans throughout their pregnancies. But I just gain weight. I’m trying really hard to be mindful, but when I’m making the kids mac and cheese, I want it badly.”

— Alla Byrne

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Karlisa on

She was always the perfect Jenn for Ben and he knows it.

addy on

Love Jen!

Shannon on

Meanwhile J Lo is still on the prowl. Ben dodged a bullet with that one.

klutzy_girl on

Jen and Ben are one of my favorite Hollywood couples! They’re so adorable together.

Karlisa on

JLO is a 3 time loser who pays younger men to date her she is pathetic.

JM on

Jennifer Garner is a perfectly healthy weight. this is exactly why it bothers me that for about two years when she wasn’t pregnant every time there was a picture of her on here there would always be some moron who said she looked pregnant, when in fact she was just carrying a bit of extra weight. healthy weight!

honestly ladies, why do some of you think it’s ok to say this? and then post in horror on news articles that talk about teenage girls obsessed with losing weight? like it’s a huge surprise! when we have anyone in the public eye who is a normal weight being called pregnant.

maybe we can curb the speculation, and if and when celebrities are pregnant we will find out in good time. let’s be mature, respectful grown ups shall we?

Lauren on

people are OBSESSED with jlo. GET THE HECK OVER IT! her career is hotter than ever and i really dont think she cares what people think.

Sarah K. on

Wow, what’s with all of the Jennifer Lopez hate? She and Ben were done way before he started Jennifer Garner, so how is this even an issue?.

I love Jen G just as much as the next person, but let’s not pretend she is some saint while Jlo is just trash. Jlo was married to Marc for several years and got pregnant after she got married. This is a second marriage for Jen G and she was already 5 months pregnant with Violet when she and Ben got married. I don’t have any judgments about that, but please tell me what makes her so much better than Jlo?

Just because Jen G looks like an all-American housewife doesn’t mean she’s any better (or worse) than anyone else. Both of them seem like very devoted mothers and generally good people. Some of you people are so harsh.

cct0303 on

Sarah K,JLo was married to Marc Anthony after she ran through so many different men and it was also the 3rd marriage for her. Lets not forget that she was also having an affair w/ Marc while he was still married to Dayanara. Still doesn’t take away from her talent and beauty but just a reminder;)

Sarah K. on

Ccto303, and Jennifer Garner is on her second marriage. Are we really going to claim that 2 marriages is completely fine, but 3 crosses some line? She has had her fair share of boyfriends too. In fact, she’s dated/married 3 co-stars.

She was married to Scott Foley,from Felicity, for 3 years. She got divorced while starring on Alias and began dating Michael Vartan. She then starred in Daredevil with Ben. A few months later she stopped dating Michael and started dating Ben. And, there’s some ambiguity of when she stopped seeing Michael and when she started seeing Ben. Michael was practically pushed out of the last season of Alias because of the awkwardness of Jen being pregnant with Ben’s baby.

Maybe there was no scandal, but we’ll never know. And, as I mentioned before, she was already pregnant with Violet by the time she got married again. This doesn’t take away from her talent or beauty either, but, neither gets to claim sainthood.

Michelle on

Yes, she left Scott for Michael and then left Michael for Ben, but it’s time to get over it. They have been together for over 7 years and have built a family together. I am pretty sure Scott and Michael aren’t still hanging on to the drama.

No, she is not a saint, but she is a human. An average/everyday girl next door mom/wife/mother. And she’s a great actress and beautiful to boot.

I’d be friends with her.

As for JLO. She shouldn’t be part of this conversation just because she dated Ben…unless you also want to bring Gwyneth Paltrow and all his other exes into the conversation too.

Sarah K. on

Michelle, I’m not sure what you think I haven’t let go of. I made it more than clear that I only brought that up to point out that she’s not superior to JLo, which is essentially what others were saying. If you re-read my posts, I clearly said that I was not judging Jen G, that I think she’s talented and beautiful, and that she seems like a devoted mother and good person. What exactly am I not letting go of?

My only point was that both Jens had their fair share of drama and neither is superior. I didn’t even bring Scott and Michael into it until ccto303 responded to me by bringing up JLo’s past relationships to “remind” me that Jen G is better. At no point did I bash Jennifer Garner, so please don’t make it seem like I did.

SadieA on

Sarah K, how dare you remind us of a past we want to pretend doesn’t exist!

Nella on

Love Jennifer Garner, she seems like one of the most down to earth, genuine celebs out there. Ben and her seem like a great couple, and their family is one of my favorite celeb families. As far as her weight is concerned, she looks healthy and wonderful.

Donna on

As many husbands and boyfriends JLo has been through, I think the greatest love of all for her was Ben Affleck. He just wasn’t on the same page in the end. They will always be associated, probably even in their obituaries, because they had the “it” factor in their relationship despite all the rest of it. It can’t be explained, “it” is just there.

Nak on


Poor Sarah K doesn’t realize that when the majority has decided (even if it’s simply groupthink), no amount of logic will change their minds.

Today Jen. G is a saint and J.Lo is a hoe, then end. It doesn’t really matter if that is actually the case.

It also doesn’t help that while they may have had similar pasts, Jen. G only dated All-American types while J.Lo dated Urban/Hip Hop “thugs.” Jen G. looks the part too. She’s got the dimples and attempts to look matronly, while J.Lo wears revealing clothing and makes music with sexual connotation.

I don’t think J.Lo was ever going to win anyone over when it comes to who deserves the “prize” guy.

Jessica on

I don’t think its fair for everyone to trash Jennifer Lopez, just cause she dated Ben? Get over it!! Jennifer Garner is no saint, she has dated countless co-stars and married two. This is her second marriage, and just because JLO has been married three times, it does not make Jen G. a better person. Jen G. was pregnant with Violet way before she married Ben. Everyone is trashing JLO and I’m sure if we trashed Jen G., everyone would be outraged! If JLO wants to keep dating, its her life. Look at Jennifer Aniston, shes’ dated countless men and no one is trashing her. Jennifer Garner is not a Saint!!

SMiaVS on

Secrets to a successful marriage would interest me if it had lasted for 20 years, or even ten, but seven? This is only a long relationship compared to most other Hollywood relationships. InStyle should talk to Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson, or Danny DeVito and Rhea Perlman, if they want to discuss marital longevity….

Harley on

OMG can we STOP with the BS about the Jen – Ben – Jen dating/marriage histories!? My God people! These two have been married for SEVEN years, 7! They are about to have 3 kids together, can we just be happy for them and love that she respects her husband as much as he seems to respect her and their marriage? Who gives a flying leap what these two did before they got married and had babies?

Sarah K. on

Lol SadieA and Nak. Logic is completely lost on so many people here that I don’t know why I bother. Apparently we only forget the pasts those who now wear mom jeans. đŸ™‚

AmandaK on

I think she looks great pregnant and not pregnant. She seems realistic and approachable compared to most celebs out there. I wish her the best with her new baby when it comes.

I think it’s sad that posters on here are bringing up her past dating history on an article like this. It has nothing to do with the present or the article for that matter. Get a life people.

ecl on

My guess is that JLo needed fertility treatments so to say that she is somehow “better” than Jen because she didn’t conceive out of wedlock doesn’t make sense to me. Not that I care if a baby is conceived or born that way. It’s about the commitment, not the piece of paper.

Michelle on

Sarah K, my comments were not directed solely at you. That’s quite an overreaction though.

My point being, why does anything in this article have to do with either Jennifer’s past dating/marriage history?

Sarah K. on

“Yes, she left Scott for Michael and then left Michael for Ben, but it’s time to get over it.”

“Sarah K, my comments were not directed solely at you. That’s quite an overreaction though.”

Michelle, I was the only one who even mentioned Scott and Michael, so out of curiosity, who else were your comments directed towards?

Anonymous on

What I wonder about J-Lo is why people have all of a sudden started to bring her up in comments about articles about Jen G. J-Lo NEVER used to be mentioned in the comment sections for Jen G. articles, and now she’s mentioned all the time. What gives?

missy on

Anonymous, I’m guessing J.Lo is mentioned now because she’s divorced. Some Ben Affleck and Jen Garner fans like to gloat that Ben& Jen are still together, while J.Lo’s marriage fell apart. It’s really silly and immature. These people need to move on and get a life.

Me Too on

Maybe the secret to the successful relationship is to keep getting pregnant?

Gina on

Let’s just say Jen G is not the active mom she pretends to be… I know from experience that she is in fact a VERY good actress! Good luck to her 2 and soon to be 3 kids and all their nannies!

Anonymous on

Gina- If the girls are raised mostly by nannies, then why do they look so happy and comfortable with Jen and Ben?

anonymous on

Good point, Anonymous. Of all the celebs to pick on about nannies, Jennifer Garner is not a fair target. Sure she has them, but she is very hands on with her kids. Unlike Gwen Stefani who can’t put one foot in front of the other without a nanny or 2 present – seriously, I have yet to see her ALONE with her kids without a nanny there to deal with the tough stuff. She puts on a show for the cameras though.

Carmen on

People lets remember there is no guarantee in life. They may be together today but for tomorrow who knows.

Marky on

OMG! Would you people STOP with the “nanny” crap?! Honestly, if you work and have a baby-sitter, there is no difference between that and a working actress having a nanny. Seriously. The amount of flap about some actress having a nanny helping with her baby is just unbelievable.

It appears Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck have daughters who do just fine, so how about dropping the cracks about their nannies and move on. This site has become some sort of insult session every day. Where are the people who used to make it fun and cheerful?

Terri on

I like both Jennifers. Move on, people.

Ann on

This is a cute story and she and Ben seem like a great match. So why is JLo being dragged into this or their previous marriages? I don’t get it. Not everyone finds ‘the one’ in their first or even second marriage. Glad we have options to not stay unhappy.