Fantasia Barrino Welcomes Son Dallas Xavier

12/13/2011 at 07:00 PM ET
John M. Heller/Getty

Fantasia Barrino has a new little backup singer.

The American Idol season 3 winner gave birth to a son, Dallas Xavier Barrino, at 4:14 p.m. Tuesday, Dec. 13 in North Carolina,Β her rep tells PEOPLE.

Weighing in at 7 lbs., 9 oz. and 21 inches long, he joins big sister Zion, 10.

“I feel so blessed that my son Dallas Xavier was born healthy, and is a wonderful new addition to our family,” Barrino, 27, tells PEOPLE.

“I thank all my fans for their well wishes and continued support.”

— Sara Hammel and Carlos Greer

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Erika on

Congrats to her! Hopefully she can be stable enough to properly raise her son and daughter. Today is my birthday, and I already know like two other people who have had babies today. Must be a popular day πŸ™‚

Mandy on

Who cares?

That’s all.

Shawn Cox on

CONGRATS Fantasia!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Holiday on

Congrats! Glad to hear she kept this baby instead of aborting him like she did the last one.

ras on

congrats fantasia you rock

meghan on

Holiday, please go to hell.

Anonymous on

Congrats to her and Zion (I would include the father, but we don’t know who he is and whether or not he’s going to be involved in the baby’s life at all)!

Sarah S. on

Welcome to the world, Little Dallas!

Shannon on

Congrats on having a healthy baby but is the baby’s father divorced yet? So sad he has to stay hidden rather than share his excitement as well. 😦

Xavier Dallas would be better than Dallas Xavier. I think Xavier and Zion go well together as sibling names. Oh well.

J on


Meghan, please grow up.

Momof3girls on

I heard the baby was either Reuben Stoddards or Ryan Seascrest!!! Just kidding!!!!

Thought I would lighten the comments a little since we always have to have those negative ones!!!

Congrats to her and her family!!!

A. on

Glad the baby is healthy. Let’s hope he doesn’t grow up to be trashy and unstable like his mother…. Meghan, Holiday has a different opinion than yours. Deal with it.

jayNashay on

congracts im like one of her biggest fans she will make a better fam wit her daughter and new baby boy

Mandy on

Everyone is entitled to their own opinion and not everyone can be thrilled and positive. Deal with it.

Abortion is wrong. If she did it just because she didn’t ‘feel like having a baby right now’ she is an even worse person then I already thought. She knows how babies are made. If she does the deed she should be ready for what could happen. Its not the poor baby’s fault. It didn’t ask to be conceived by that wretched woman.

I can’t stand women who abort just because. Do you know how many women are trying EVERY SINGLE DAY to just have ONE baby and these women get knocked up left and right and just abort because its convenient for them. Whatever.

I could not stand her on American Idol. She was fake and phony and a horrible singer.

Siera on

Not everybody believes abortion is wrong. It’s not your body, it’s hers and it was her choice to have an abortion. Would you rather have women gut themselves with wire hangers in their bathtubs? Roe v. Wade made abortion legal, get over it.

Momof3girls on

Wow!!! @Mandy…are you having a bad day and need a hug!!!! I am the Mom of three wonderful daughters and have never had an abortion but I’m sure not every woman out there who has had one has an attitude of hit not being a big deal. How do you know that Fantasia had a past abortion?? Are you her friend??

You need to chill out, it’s a birth announcement…

anon1 on

meghan, so someone should “go to hell” just because they have a different opinion than yours? i personally believe that abortion is equivalent to murder so i agree with holiday on this topic but that doesn’t mean i should just attack others who have differing opinions.

Hea on

Mandy – I don’t think abortion is wrong and you can’t tell me that it is. I think the abortion laws around this globe need a good look through them but I don’t think it’s wrong. You can think it all you want though but that’s not my problem and my opinion doesn’t have to be yours.

annachestnut on

She’s young.

Mandy on

I didn’t say every woman has this opinion but I have seen many that do. Multiple abortions just so they don’t have to deal with the consequences of sleeping around.

Fantasia was 17 when she had her daughter. She was a teenager and inexperienced and definitely not emotionally prepared to be a parent. But sadly, many African American girls are sleeping with men and not worrying about their actions and having babies at 14,15,16, and 17.

Maybe this time around she will be more mature and have grown up some in order to raise her son the right way.

It is sad she’s with a married man though. What is that teaching her impressionable daughter? I hope Fantasia is prepared to be a young grandmother.

Mandy on

Whether or not she did in the past is no one’s business but her own. But everyone is going to have their differing opinions on it.

Telling someone to ‘go to hell’ because you disagree with what they said makes you just as bad as those people bashing Fantasia or whichever celebrity we are talking about at the moment. I don’t really feel Fantasia is a celebrity who needs to be talked about here and I feel many others don’t need to be either but that’s a different story entirely.

Anyways, Holiday was stating their opinion. They didn’t bash outright or say anything cruel. They said what was on their mind.

Meghan, I view your post as childish, immature and down right rude. If you feel their post was bad, there are other ways to express your thoughts other than telling someone to go to hell.

It seems maybe this is a touchy subject to you?

Ashley on

WAY TO GO Mandy, couldn’t agree with you more!!!!!! And Hea: you “don’t think abortion is wrong”? It’s a murder of a baby, plain and simple. How is that not wrong? Good Lord. Also, I’m really surprised Fantasia has any fans at all, her “singing” is laughable.

Holiday on

megan I believe abortion is murder so yes I am glad she kept this baby! She only recently had an abortion and the fact she got pregnant again and didnt kill the baby is a good thing. What is wrong with you megan??

daria on

meagan, your comments are racist and narrow-minded. not everyone believes abortion is murder (myself included) because i don’t think a bundle of cells qualifies as a life.

i’m hoping you and the other commenters who don’t believe in abortion rights donate lots of money towards helping unwanted children because, y’know, those fetuses become children. they even, gasp, become careless teenage parents.

Mel on

@Mandy, not sure why you brought race into this. I hate to tell you, but young girls of all races and ethnic groups are having sex. It’s been my experience that Caucasian girls have abortions. You’re so against abortion I would think you would be happy African-American girls are having babies. *rolling eyes

mitch on

congrats on your new love

alicejane on

I don’t want to get in to the abortion debate, but Mandy, if you think it is primarily African American girls having children at 14, 15, 16 years of age, then you need to educate yourself.

I’m glad the baby is healthy and best wishes to him and his family.

Holiday on

daria abortions happen at 24 weeks along LEGALLY~ 6 months~ A BABY is viable to live outside the womb at that point (granted there is a 50/50 chance of survival at that time. ) At just 3 months along a baby can suck his/her thumb in the womb, I know this first hand as I saw it on the ultra sound with my 2 kids. You have no clue what you are talking about.

jessicad on

I find it really sad that women don’t support each other more.

I’m pro choice, that doesn’t mean I believe in “murder” and throw 2 for 1 abortion parties at my house every weekend, it means I believe in a woman’s RIGHT to CHOOSE what happens to HER body and have safe options if she chooses abortion.

Personally, I don’t think I could have an abortion, but I would never tell another woman what she should or shouldn’t do. I pray to God I will always have a choice when it comes to my body, all women should.

Fantasia made a choice, and that child was obviously not meant to be, we should celebrate the birth of her son instead of picking on her.

daria on

holiday, most abortions do not take place at 6 months. those that do are due to mother’s health or fetal health reasons (as in, the fetus typically is not viable). most abortions take place earlier than 3 months as well.

for me, life does not begin at conception, it begins at birth.

Hea on

Ashley – As I said, abortion laws need to be looked over around the globe. Where I live we don’t abort at 24 weeks for example and I think that’s horrible that that happens to a baby that would stand a fighting chance outside the womb. I don’t, however, think of a fetus at, say 8 weeks gestation, as a baby. To me, it’s a cluster of cells starting to resemble what may or may not become a human being. The start of a new life, sure, but not a human being yet therefore not with the same rights as an individual who can live outside of the womb. It’s OK with me if you do, however. I completely respect that, Ashley but I don’t wholeheartedly agree with you.

anon1 on

when pregnant a woman’s body is no longer just her body, it is responsible for feeding an unborn life. The rights of the unborn child are not protected when one chooses an abortion for reasons other than personal health or the babies’ health.

I feel for women who are not ready for a baby, but if you are not ready for a baby maybe you should abstain from sex. Birth control and condoms are not 100% effective and if you are having sex you should be prepared to deal with the consequences.

There are plenty of families who are struggling with fertility and would love to adopt a baby. maybe instead of killing an innocent baby one should put the baby up for adoption, there are some agencies that help women get through the pregnancy when the baby is going to be adopted.

SMiaVS on

@Mandy, I hope you don’t have any impressionable children to teach your racism and ignorance.

Jillian on


We know she had an abortion because she told everyone! She had one in August 2010 around the same time she tried to commit suicide. She said it was all too much……because her married boyfriend’s wife was pissed at her.

I would never buy an album, song or anything of hers. Never liked her and my dislike grows. I find it so selfish to abort the child because of the stress, when she brought it on herself. Her stress compared to others seems so tupid. Could have chose adoption. She shouldn’t have been sleeping with a married man to begin with. If she wasn’t, the stress wouldn have been there.

She had an abortion in August…..and gets pregnant 5 months later? That makes me sick.

meghan on

Way to go Holiday, you managed to turn another Fantasia thread into an anti abortion debate.

If anyone cares why I told her to go to hell, I will tell you she has said much worse to me thank you. The self righteous pain in the ass got Fantasia’s birth announcement thread shut down because she could not shut up for over a week with her right to life rantings and personal attacks on myself and other posters. She had the gall to ask me how many abortions I’ve had because I dare disagree with her. That’s not voicing your opinion thats being a nasty piece of work.

Saying congratulations on not murdering your new baby is not voicing an opinion. It’s being a disgusting human being. There is a time and place to debate abortion. A birth announcement is not that place.

Mandy on

Daria- You need to educate yourself if you believe life begins at birth and not any time before that.

A baby’s heart begins to beat just 8 WEEKS after conception. 8 WEEKS. A beating heart is a sign of life is it not? I thought so.

If your heart is not beating you are usually declared dead and yet a beating heart in any other case except birth is not life to you?

Babies have been born at 23 and 24 weeks and LIVED! How can they not be alive and be considered a baby?

Life (however teeny tiny and small) begins at conception. Plain and simple.

Mandy on


I agree! You didn’t want a baby but 5 months later you get pregnant again and decide now is the time to have one?!!?! How selfish, self-centered and ridiculous is that?

meghan on

Well said jessicad.

Mandy on


A premature baby only slightly longer than a ballpoint pen at birth was due to be sent home in the coming days from a US hospital after four months of neonatal intensive care, the hospital said on Tuesday.

The Baptist Children’s Hospital in Miami, Florida, said Amillia Sonja Taylor was born at 21 weeks and six days on 24 October 2006, making her possibly the most premature baby on record to survive.

The claim was based on the University of Iowa’s registry of the tiniest babies. The university bases its registry on media reports and medical journal reports and says it does not attempt to verify the information submitted by contributors.

Amillia weighed just under 283.5 grams (10 ounces) and measured 24.13 cm (9.5 inches) in length when she was born.

Crimpe on

Jeesh this has got to be the most annoying thread I’ve ever read.

Shannon on

Congratulations to Fantasia!

Nak on

Mandy is a troll. I’ve been reading other posts and clearly she just comes to start controversy. She is looking for a reaction.

daria on

Luckily the law agrees with me. My body, my choice. Her body, her choice. Congratulations to her on her new arrival.

Marky on

Daria, One of the young women I know personally, had an abortion early in her first pregnancy, then another abortion in her 2nd pregnancy at 6 months, and the abortion was done because she decided she wasn’t ready to take care of a baby. It took 3 days for the baby to die. You can’t just say it never happens. It is what it is.

I hope all goes well with Dallas, and the rest of the family.. I really enjoyed Fantasia in her early days; she seems to have struggled with success.

Mia on

Most abortions occur within the first trimester – or usually less than 6 weeks when it’s just a cloud of cells + not a fetus with a heartbeat.

I think it’s selfish to carry a child to pregnancy + bring a life into the world that you’re not willing to take care of – it’s not fair for either party physically, emotionally, or financially.

However, it’s also extremely dangerous if it’s aborted after the first trimester – 6 months is a baby (premature yes – but able to live on it’s own…esp. now with the amazing advances in premie care.)

Marky on

As an adoptive mother, I would suggest that a viable option is to release for adoption the child you cannot raise yourself. Too many times in the last few years, I’ve seen mother after mother either abort, or choose to keep a child she has no real desire to raise, and making the child’s life a misery. Adoptions are not a terrible thing for the child or the bio mother. I’m not saying every single mother should place her child, I simply am saying it shouldn’t be a negative thought.

Alise on

“just a cloud of cells”?? aren’t those the basic building blocks of “life”???

daria on

Just because you know someone personally doesn’t mean it happens often in late pregnancy. Having the building blocks of life doesnt mean it is life. That’s rather insensitive to parents who have lost living and breathing children.

anon1 on

daria-your comment is rather insensitive to parents who have lost their children before ever being able to meet them. Losing a child is painful whether it is before the baby is born or after. How is it insensitive to refer to an unborn baby as life?

CantWaitForChristmas on

Hi Ladies and Gents –

I would just like to start by saying congrats to Fantasia and her daughter and I hope that Dallas is a healthy little baby. πŸ™‚

Secondly, I would like to say that I frequently read people/cbb for breaks between studying. I am a medical student and this abortion topic is something that we recently discussed and had a panel on. I would like to start by saying that I am Catholic and therefore I must say that I believe abortion is not the right choice for me. However, what people need to understand is that regardless of age, race or financial status, abortion is a difficult decision for any woman to make. It is not easy and it does not come without counseling, physical pain and emotional pain. I understand that everyone has differing opinions but we must respect those opinions. It is very disheartening to read some of the comments that are posted. As humans – and furthermore as women – we should be supporting each other during hard times, not throwing one another under a bus. πŸ™‚

Anyways, I guess that’s it. Congrats again to Fantasia!

daria on

Exactly that. You haven’t met them, so not the same. Painful, yes, but not equivalent to the loss of a child that you have cared for, held close, and nurtured. No one is forcing anyone else to have an abortion, so why would anyone prevent anyone else from access to one? Why criticize this woman for making her own choice about her own body?

Hea on

@ Marky – Where do you live that allows abortions at 6 months gestation?

A cloud of cells and/or a beating heart is a sign of life, yes. No doubt and I don’t think I’ve seen a post where that is doubted here. A cloud of cells and/or a beating heart is also a sign of life in fish, worms and, albeit heartless, leaves. A cloud of cells is not a human being yet though. Until people accept that we all define things differently we will never have peace on earth.

Holiday on

Hea I live in California and any woman can get an abortion for any reason up until 24 weeks gestation. So much for your “cloud of cells” theory. Sorry but that is a baby! A baby who feels pain, can cry inside the womb, kicks, smiles and responds to sound.

Megan I remember you, the 34 year old virgin πŸ™‚ I have an idea for you, get laid and maybe you will loosen up a bit?

Jordyn on

Boy is she one ugly woman.

anon1 on

holiday i defended you earlier, but your comment is just as unnecesary as meghan telling you to “go to hell” earlier. attacking a commenter is not what these boards are for, its about discussing differing opinions. Meghan’s personal life is not up for attack, just like yours shouldn’t be either. why can’t these boards have discussions without attacking individual posters or celebrities.

Jillian on

Holiday, I actually almost just vomited in my mouth when I read your comment. I guess I live in a bubble. I had no clue, people could have them for any reason at 24 months! That makes me sick to my stomach!! My best friends son is with us today and survived after being born at 25 weeks 3 days and was 1 lb 1 oz. He is 21 months old and a beautiful growing boy! To think people are killing babies when they can are kicking and can survive on their own is disgusting. How would they like it if someone killed them because they were too stressed, or money was tight, or scared….oh that’s right…’s called MURDER!

Ps……I don’t like your personal attacks. Just thought I would share. Don’t stoop to the level of immaturity like others.

Rikeia on


I’m sorry what is it that makes you believe African-American girls are the only ones getting pregnant and have babies at 14,15,16. If I am correct in saying so the reality show 16 and pregnant is mostly white young ladies pregnant at those ages as well. I don’t promote abortion but I do beleive in the right to CHOOSE what is best for you and your situation.

There are several things that are wrong in this world so unless YOU are doing everything right how about you just focus on your actions.

Mia on

Just a could of cells – is exactly what I said….yes – it eventually turns into a heart + can develop into a full turn baby…but it is a cloud of cells without any actual possibility of living on its own or have any biological function until weeks later.

Hea on

Holiday – I never said a baby at 24 weeks is a cloud of cells. Where did you get that from?

emily on

What a woman does with her own uterus is not anyone else’s concern. Period. Go save the world in a way that doesn’t infringe on other peoples LEGAL rights.

PreemieMom on

Omigosh…doesn’t the fact that she had a kid after having an abortion mean she’s “learned her lesson” for the anti-abortion activists out there since she carried her pregnancy through to the end just like you wanted. You’d think you’d be celebrating the “saving” of another baby instead of turning this happy occasion into a war-zone. There’s really no pleasing people.

I personally celebrate the birth of every child having suffered through two miscarriages (one at 22 months) and the premature birth of my own child at 25 weeks. Congratulations and Enjoy your new baby, Fantasia!!!

J on

It’s amazing how when it comes to the abortion debate, some need to announce their religion and then proceed to lecture like stating their religion will make some difference.

Alicia on

Congrats fantasia, but the father of this baby was present for the birth, why didn’t he give tne child his name? Just a thought..

A. on

I’m sorry about my comment before, Meghan. I didn’t realize Holiday had previously done something similar to this. I do agree that is completely uncalled for starting an abortion debate on a thread that is suppose to be a birth announcement.

Janna on

Alicia, what is this, the 18th century? Why should the baby have HIS name and not hers?

Cecilia on

She’s just another baby mama of someone. I’m saying that women shouldn’t have illegitimate children, but when they become baby mama of multiple men, that’s a bit skankky.

e m on

Abortion is bad because some people have fertility issues? That is your argument , really? I would think as adults the whole the “eat all your dinner because children in Africa are starving” would seem juvenile to the Pro life gang.

If you don’t believe in abortion; don’t have it! Its a very simple solution but do not use your religion and your god to tell me how to live my life or take away the rights I have over my body.

Mia on

There’s a reason why most abortions are only allowed within the first trimester.

A cloud of cells – @ 6 weeks can’t live on it’s own vs… a pretty much full term baby.

That cloud of cells may eventually turn into a fetus with a heartbeat + eventually a full term baby.

shaquita on

Mandy she is nt a bad singer you are just a hater….you just mad cuzz she is famous ans you are not…stop being so concerned bout dis grown woman who is making up for her mistakes why you worried its not you so get off her and let her go ok my mother had an abortion when she was young bt not everybody is perfect and im sure one of yo family memebers have done it so leave her alone the woman cant even have a babie without havin haters bt wats funny is you talk stuff bt will never tll her to her face

shaquita on

cecilia you are wrong why are you concerned your probably someones baby mama

Team Dani! on

Who CARES!!!!!!!!!, She had him with a MARRIED MAN!!!!!!!!!!!! HOME WREACKER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

deidra on

I wld like to start off by saying congrats to Fantasia!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am a proud parent of 3 beautiful boys and recently a beautiful little girl. And not to go into all of my biz but the decision to keep my daughter was a hard one due to financial reasons but I depended on God to make a way and he did. However my decision was my own and I wld not downgrade another wman for hers. Dnt we wmen have it hard enough in the world w/o bashing each other and tearing each other dwn. I also think it’s sad to read some of these judgemental posts. The bible says “Let he who is without sin cast the 1st stone”. So which 1 of u ladies (and I use the term loosely) is that????? May God be with u Fantasia and congrats again.

meghan on

Very interesting and hypocritical advice on life, Holiday. You realize “getting laid” is how unplanned pregnancies occur, right? I’d rather not end up in an unhappy marriage because I got pregnant and had to get married. Forgive me if I don’t follow your advice, but I usually follow the advice of people who aren’t jerks. Cheers!

micky on

Congrats on your new edition,Love the name & God Bless

Senalina-Mara on

Wow! I cannot believe many of the comments on here!!! Why can’t a new mom be congratulated instead of being called ugly, unstable and so forth! Last time I checked, she was very successful. Are you?

Frost on

Love your comment, @Can’tWaitForChristmas.

Terri on

Congratulations to her.

Jillian on

I have never in my life seen more grammar and spelling errors on one page. People should focus on learning how to speak instead of telling others what to do. Unbelievable!



Kiyah on

@ Mandy…
Mandy this is in reference to your comment made about African American women of a certain age getting pregnant and having abortions( you’re a creep)

White, Black, Asian and Mexican also have abortions at the same age.. You sound as simple minded as most republicans I bet you are one ..So judgmental and sin free (not)… What skeletons are you hiding in your closet.. And if you are hiding some let them out so we can throw stones at you…

Melody on

Am I the only one who finds it less than cool that she had a baby with a married man?

nicole on

Why is this train wreck even news?

J on

LOL @ Chris!

You’re not alone Melody. Fantasia has more than once told fibs about all sorts of background so when articles pop up I never know what to think of her. When she first got famous she fibbed repeatedly over various details of her past and then people from her hometown and friends and family were interviewed and cleared the air. I guess she just wants the attention.

Jillian on

Kiyah, you are calling Mandy judgmental……..yet you say, “you sound as simple minded as most republicans I bet you are one.” hmmm…..pretty judgmental, hypocritical, and stereotypical!

Melody, you are not alone. Second time she got pregnant with a married man. First time she had an abortion.