Angelina Jolie: ‘I Could End Up Pregnant’

12/13/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Marie Claire

Six kids — and counting?

Angelina Jolie says that, while she’s thrilled with her family life as it is, she and partner Brad Pitt haven’t ruled out having more children entirely.

“Nothing planned at the moment, but we just don’t know. I could end up pregnant,” Jolie, 36, tells Marie Claire in its January issue.

According to the Oscar winner, who recently made her directorial debut with In the Land of Blood and Honey, the home life she’s built with Pitt, 47, has taught her invaluable lessons of selflessness.

“I suppose what I’ve learned from Brad is to be able to have the kind of family whose happiness and well-being comes before your own,” she says. “I’m very, very grateful to have such a loving family, and I wouldn’t have that without him.”

And though the couple won’t be getting married anytime soon, Jolie says they already have the strongest bond possible.

“[Brad] has expanded my life in ways I never imagined,” she tells the magazine. “We built a family. He is not just the love my life, he is my family. I hold that very dear.”

— Liz Raftery

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B.J. (the girl) on

My mom was saying recently that she didn’t like Angelina, because she can only play one type of roll: pretty action star (probably a spy). She’s no Meryl Streep, who can play anyone or anything.

I miss the old Angelina. Bring back the “Girl, Interrupted” star, who I took seriously as an actress. This Angelina is a joke.

ClaireSamsmom on

I don’t care for her. I am so sorry, Angelina fans. I just do not enjoy her movies and in my opinion, 6 kids is enough.

Catca on


Angelina has played many roles since “Girl, Interrupted” that were more than action movie stars. One of those roles even garnered Oscar buzz although she wasn’t nominated, where she played Marianne Pearl, the wife of murdered Wall Street Journal reporter Daniel Pearl. And she broke serious ground with the female action roles as well. She’s the first actress to take over a part written for a man (Tom Cruise) when the male actor dropped out. Her directorial debut is also not of an action movie. I think maybe you thought that’s all she’s doing now because those movies get a lot bigger marketing budget.

With how busy Brad and Angelina’s lives are, I can’t imagine them having more children, but I guess they probably could handle it (I know I’d personally be overwhelmed but if they can do it – all the more power to them).

River on

Not a fan. I think she’s physically beautiful, but she comes across as being fake and full of herself. It doesn’t seem like she really matured past her “wild girl” phase, she has just adopted a new phase of “humanitarian” that she uses to get attention and come across as interesting and compassionate.

6 kids is more than enough, too. I know money is not a concern because she is rich, but she is bordering on being a kid collector like Nadya Suleman. Nobody needs that many children. She should at least stick to adoption; there is no need to bring new children into this world when she already has 3 biological ones.

Brooklyn on

I’ve never been a fan of hers…but obviously she can do whatever she wants. Personally, I think 6 is a good number.

lc on

Gorgeous! God bless her family always.🙂

Hea on

Well, duh, Angie.

craigie on

I wish them all health and happiness. I wish you all health and happiness too!

Nella on

I am not a fan of Angelina, she had some decent movies earlier in her career, but lately none of her movies have impressed me. Personally I think she is way overrated, there are many more better actresses that don’t get the same paycheck as she does or recognition and that’s a shame. She seems to just be eye candy for some people and seems to love attention.

Plus, she just doesn’t seem genuine or lovable to me, sorry that’s just my opinion. I do respect her humanitarian work and that she adopted, but plenty of other celebs have adopted and are humanitarians but don’t get much recognition as she does. That kinda rubs me the wrong way. Despite my own opinion of her, I think their children are adorable.

Kelly Love on

My goodness, people…It’s so frustrating to see these comments every time Angelina does an interview. Why does she always have to be “fake?” All of us have gone through a wild or immature or crazy phase and (most) of us have grown out of it and matured in to beautiful, strong, independent women and fabulous mothers. Just beacause I partied hard in college and wore a lot of makeup and never missed a ladies night doesn’t mean I can’t be a quiet, peaceful, homebody who loves to just be a wife and mommy.

And for goodness’ sake! Who are ANY of you to say that “6 kids is enough?” I have many friends in our church who are amazing mothers who have 9, 10, and 11 kids, respectively. If Angelina can handle it, and wants those children, so what? Just because you have more than 2.5 kids doesn’t make you a Nadya Suleman! That’s just ignorant to even say that. My husband and I are both from large families (5 kids and 13 kids) and have 3 so far of our own and are trying for more. God forbid we end up with 7 beautiful much-loved and adored children and we get compared to octo-mom:-(

Angelina has used her humanitarian status to boost awareness to issues regarding human rights and children and God bless her for being the mega-star she is, because if she wasn’t no one would really ever pay attention. Let’s face it, there are human rights issues all OVER this Earth, but how many of us ever really hear a lot about them other than blips on CNN until a superstar draws attention to them.

Grow up, people. Stop hating…it’s so old.

Cindy Lunarde on

I agree with Kelly Love(december13,2011! Stop the hating, who are we to judge! God loves us all we are HIS children and so is Angelina!

elizabetholwigphotography on

I just love Angelina. Always have. She was amazing in her Girl, Interrupted days and now she has grown up and transformed herself and is amazing in a new way.

I think she seems like an incredibly loving & giving person. Judging by her past it might seem like she is being fake but it is possible for a person to change you know. Look back to the early 2000’s before Brad and all of her children. She put in much of her time working with refugees in Cambodia and other war ravaged countries. I don’t believe any of that was fake behavior or something she was doing simply for good publicity. She isn’t a Kardashian.

amw on

honestly angelina and brad dont impress me with their acting skills on the whole, but as whole people i respect them. they could have gone a million different ways with their fame and money but they are doing good work and bringing attention to people and situations in need. not everyone may agree with HOW she is doing it, but they are respectable people in my book.

i think they are doing an admirable job with the 6 kids. they take them out in smaller groups to give them one on one time and they all seem well-adjusted and not pushed to be anything. i love that shiloh is left alone in her tomboy-ness and the kids all have their own style.

JMO on

River who are you to decide how many kids YOU think she should have? How many kids have you fostered? Adopted? Angelina does more for mankind then most of us can say we ever have (or ever will do). She isn’t a kid collector she’s a mother who is giving a child a home. How is it that someone can go adopt several animals from an animal shelter and they’re a life savor and someone adopts 3 kids and now they’re a kid collector?? You cannot even compare her to Octo-mom. She chose invitro as a single parent knowing she could have multiple children and did while on welfare!

I hope she and Brad adopt as many or have as many kids as they feel fit to have in their family. They seem stable and I don’t thnk marriage equals stability. Whose to say they’ll last but who cares? I have no doubts that their kids will be loved and well taken care of.

As far as Angelina’s acting goes I’m not really a huge fan of hers either. I loved her in Girl Interrupted and The Bone Collector but that’s about it.

Colette on

Love Angie particularly impressed with her acting in A Mighty Heart and Changeling. Can’t wait to see her directorial debut. Appreciate her spotlighting the Bosnian War which has been largely ignored.If she and Brad decide to add to their family I’m sure they have given it cafeful consideration. The twins will be 4 next year.

Karen on

I’m not a big fan of her’s either. Didn’t she steal Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston? No one seems to remember that. You always hear about Leann Rhimes being the cheater, but no one barks on about Angeline stealing husbands.

And yes, 6 kids is 4 too many in my opinion. Everytime I see Angelina out w/ her kids they have a bag of Cheetos in their hands and they’re heading into a toy store. Nice.

mrsrochester on

I agree with everyone who is not a fan. Im sick of reading about how fertile she is and about her awesome family that she started with a married man and how they are too good to get married. annoying.

Melissa on

I think they need to settle down in one place before they have more kids. Yes it’s great that their kids can see the world and get to experience things that many people only dream of, however kids need stability and being uprooted every couple of months, going to a new school, new city, new culture, new language etc, can’t be that great for them. How are they supposed to form friendships and have a sense of security when they’re never in the same place for more than a couple of months at a time?

The kids do seem happy and both her and Brad seem to love and enjoy being with them, but it’ll be interesting to see what happens to these kids when they become adults.

What of it? on

I would rather see 20 kids with these two than 1 child with certain other parents. They have the means to support a large family and obviously have an enormous amount of love and care for their children.

They seem very conscious of the lucky position they find themselves in as celebrities and don’t pretend that they’re saving the world because they appear in movies. They’ve made genuine efforts to give from their enormous wealth to others and have championed the cause of some of this world’s most vulnerable people.

I say kudos.

Dee on

So basically, by her own admission, she is inately a selfish bitch.

Nancy on

Wow! Lots of haters on here. I have a feeling the haters are Jennifer Aniston fanatics who can’t get over the Brad/Jennifer divorce. Nobody knows for sure what happened in that marriage or if Brad/Angelina got together before Brad/Jen were separated.

I thought she did a great job in Changeling and if not for Kate Winslet, she would have walked away with Oscar.

Good for you Angie for adopting and having bio kids. It just shows the rest of the world that adoption is NOT 2nd best.

River on

JMO, learn to read before attacking me. I said she is BORDERING on being a kid collector, and that she shouldn’t have any more BIOLOGICAL kids, because she said its a possibility that she might have more. I didn’t say anything about her adopted kids.

It doesn’t matter if she can afford to have kids. The world is already overpopulated, there is NO NEED to have more than 1 or 2 biological kids. In fact, there is no need for the majority of people to even have 1 child. Not everyone should be a parent. The world would actually be a better place if some people decided NOT to have kids.

We are running out of natural resources, and the economy is horrible globally and does not look like it will improve any time soon. It is irresponsible to bring so many children into the world not knowing whether they will have a quality life or not.

Sure, you can make the argument that Angelina’s kids will never have trouble because they will be rich and won’t have to work a day in their lives because of their rich parents. But what kind of life is that? To be born into a rich family and be spoiled, and not know how to work or value anything?

Honestly, I’m not impressed by her humanitarianism AT ALL. I don’t think we should help other countries. We have thousands of starving children and adults in THIS COUNTRY that need help. I can’t stand it when I hear people like Angelina and other “humanitarians” talk so much about the crisis in other countries and totally ignore what is occurring in the US.

There are 50,000,000 uninsured people in this country. Many of them have life threatening conditions like cancer or aids and they are dying because they cannot afford treatment. How about these “humanitarians” help create free hospitals in America? How about they donate to charities here? But no, that wouldn’t be the trendy thing to do. Its only cool to help when you’re helping exotic orphans in Africa or Asia.

I’m not saying that people in other countries don’t need help, but it is not our responsibility as Americans to help them. As an American citizen, you should care about citizens of your country first. Perhaps if America were a near perfect country where there are no starving people or people dying of illnesses due to the sub-par health system in this country, THEN it would be commendable to go overseas and help others. But until our country is fixed, why would someone travel thousands of miles away to “help”, when they can make a difference right here?

Angelina Jolie did not really help anyone. As horrible as it may sound, all the children starving in other countries are better off dead. Yes, I said it. Don’t attack me without reading everything I said first and using your critical thinking skills (or lack thereof) to see the situation as it really is.

The children in 3rd world countries are a result of overpopulation. No matter how many millions of dollars we send them in aid, they will still die before their time. It is IMPOSSIBLE to make a difference unless you take over their countries completely and restructure their governments. Even doing that wouldn’t make a difference because there aren’t enough natural resources available in the world to support such a large population. Sending some food will not help them, it will just prolong their suffering temporarily.

What is the purpose of that? NO humanitarian can say they’ve really helped anyone. Prolonging someone’s miserable life for a day or a month or a year is not making a difference. Instead of sending millions of dollars to countries that are a lost cause, we should be focused on OUR COUNTRY that is NOT a lost cause. All that money would really make a difference for AMERICAN people.

I remember the time when I was uninsured and needed emergency care. I went to the ER and was treated and then spent a few days in the ICU to recover. My total bill? $70,000! A few months later, I remember going to the grocery store and being approached by individuals from the organization “Doctors without Borders”. They were staking outside of the grocery store asking for donations. This REALLY bothered me.

You know what I told them? I told them the truth they NEEDED to hear: “You guys are a bunch of phonies. You don’t care about anyone. Do you realize that there are 50,000,000 uninsured Americans who cannot see a doctor and many of them are dying of horrible diseases? I personally have a $70,000 hospital bill that will take me YEARS to pay off. Where were you when I needed you? How dare you ask me to donate money so you can go help people in other world countries when there are people who need you right here? This proves that you are arrogant and just want to do this as a means to brag about how compassionate you are to go overseas and help dying children in Sierra Leone (that was their mission at the time). F*** off”.

Bancie1031 on

Kelly Love – Nicely said.

I personally love this family. I like some of their work (as far as Brad and Angie’s acting goes that is), I love the work they do for the underprivileged. Their children seem healthy and happy. ALL of them are individuals, allowed to express their personalities to become the person they want to be. Are learning what it means to give while helping others AND NOT TO JUDGE people that are different from themselves or choose another lifestyle. I believe they will grow up to be happy well rounded grown-ups with a huge heart for helping others.

If Brad and Angelina decide to have more children; either biological or adopted, more power to them! Just because society has decided that each family should only have 2.5 children doesn’t mean that works for everyone!

Comparing her to Octo-Mom is just RIDICULOUS! First off she has a partner secondly and the most importantly she can afford to have and raise her children.

Kid Collector – I seriously hope a teenager made this comment and not a mature grown adult with children of their own …..

em on

I want to respect her as a mother, but – I just cannot stand her.

K on

River, I hate to say this, but get a grip. While there are various crises in this country that need to be taken care of, not having insurance is not nearly the same thing as what people in other parts of the world face. Yes, we need help here, but what are you doing to aid such people? What are you doing to help people out of the crisis that you faced?

Angelina and Brad have gone far beyond donating money to various charities. They actually show up and get hands on. When I watch interviews with Angelina, I actually feel embarrassed that I know so little about the various events and issues throughout the world in comparison to her. I commend her wholeheartedly.

And for goodness sake, she seems to be doing a great job with her kids. They smile in every photo taken of them. They love each other dearly. And when have you ever seen her and Brad in a photo where they don’t appear totally in love? They have a fantastic relationship which is even greater for their kids. I’d rather her have a few more than some of the other women in Hollywood. At least I know they will grow up to be well-informed citizens of the world.

ecl on

To River: To say that Americans are more deserving of help than others is disgusting. So some politicians created a nation-state? Big deal. We are all human beings and we all deserve help.

To others: I think it’s great that Angelina helps others, but… I am constantly annoyed how they are always getting kudos for being environmentally friendly when they zoom all over in a private jet and maintain numerous massive houses. NOT eco -friendly.

As for her specifically, her rumored political leanings make her unlikeable. Ayn Rand fan anyone? Who wants to help the people in the world and then at the same time is a fan of that witch? They are not compatible in my mind. As for the affair, it’s why I find Brad unlikeable. He is the one responsible for his marriage.

Alise on

Didn’t both pregnancies end with cesections? Her uterus may have developed a lot of scar tissue as a result, putting her life at high risk with uterine rupture. Would be a shame to put her life at risk.

amanda on

it always surprises me how lengthy and how much emotion goes into some comments on here about brad and angie. you would think some of you were personally invested. makes me LOL really!

Liz on

Bravo River, bravo!!! Everything you said is spot on.

And I too think Angelina is a poser. Her and Brad skeeve me out.

Maria on

My 2 cents on Angie and Brad:

I think they are great! I feel like I have feelings about celebrity couples regardign if they are really in love or not! I have no way of erufying this but I like to think my feelings have some truth. I feel like Angie and Brad are really in love.

I feel like their life is hard because they are followed by photographers everywhere they go. their kids have to endure flashing lights and photographers yelling all the time and that is sad.

I think they are doing a great job with their six kids and I can’t see the need for more but if they do then so be it.\

I think the amount of humanitarian work they do and the millions they give to charity far surpasses most other actresses and actors.

I think they are truly great! I often wonder where they get all teir energy to do so much!! I guess they have people cooking and clenaing and helping them all the time so that makes it easier.

Lau on

River: You see what you call “third world countries” with dying children as a lost cause, and say that your country, USA, is not.

By your post, which I read completely so I’m not just judging by what I think you said, I believe I have all that I need to say that yours IS a lost cause.

(I’m sorry if with this comment I offend people from the US with kind souls, which I know exist.)

To say something pertaining to the post, Angie looks beautiful, and I’m glad she’s not marrying Brad just for the pressure of it. They seem to be perfectly fine the way they are.

Catca on


I am very sorry to hear of your health care access problems. There is no doubt that there are serious issues/problems with the health insurance system we have established in our country. From the tone of your entry, it sounds as though you were not uninsured by choice and that is a terrible shame. Again, I am very sorry and wish that I could help you.

But with all do respect, the third world is overpopulated and western european nations and other first world countries like Japan have problems with an aging population not being replaced because people are having fewer children. It’s a major problem with paying for health care for seniors who no longer work as their health care is paid for those younger and still working.

To say that the world is overpopulated and that therefore it is irresponsible for people to have biological children is overly simplistic and as I demonstrated, if the advice were taken, you’d likely increase the number of people having problems gaining access to health care.

I’d also like to point out that Angelina and her significant other Brad Pitt have worked on humanitarian causes in the U.S. as well, particularly with respect to helping the people of New Orleans. Angelina’s work as the human rights Ambassador (forgot the organization’s name) is a very high profile role, and everyone who has held that position (I believe Audrey Hepburn was the first) has received a lot of press because that is the main purpose of the role, i.e. to spotlight the work the organization does.

Nonprofit groups are facing serious cutbacks in government support as well as decreased private donations. They need to demonstrate their relevancy to survive. Celebrities like Angelina help them do that by bringing attention to the important missions they undertake to help underserved populations. And the third world countries that are being helped are not lost causes. If they were, do you think businesses would be investing there and building distribution networks in these countries?

They are and I’m sure we all know that corporations don’t do it to be nice. They see the potential, and just as people in this country need help, so do those people (and frankly a great deal more help – the problems that plague the poor and middle class in our country pale to the problems faced by people in those countries – we are very fortunate even though it doesn’t always feel like it).

Finally, I’m not sure why people think it is appropriate to express an opinion that someone else should not have any more biological children when that person is young and only has 3 children. I’m not attacking you with that, as most of the posters on here have expressed exactly that. You certainly are not alone with that opinion.

While you certainly have the right to feel that way, what are you accomplishing by expressing that opinion? The only thing that can come from expressing an opinion like that is to possibly hurt someone’s feelings. You’re not contributing anything positive by expressing it, so why do it?

Katie on

I happen to like her. She has done so much to give back. She adopted 3 children which is more than many people would even dare to do. So she wants more kids? What’s wrong with that? She’s hard working and has the money to provide for all of them.

I want 6+ kids, but I doubt DH would want that many. Do not compare Angelina to Octomom. That’s just disgusting! SHe is beautiful and I love her! Hope she has more if that’s what she wants. She is a good mom.

elizabetholwigphotography on

River- You leave a precursor to try and cover your ass but your words are terrible. To say that poor children in other countries are better off dead? That they don’t deserve help? You shouldn’t even attempt to make it sound like you mean well and are making good points with the things you are saying. You honestly sound like you have a black heart.

showbizmom on

I’m not a praying person, not even sure if I believe in God. What I do know is that I’ll be praying to God or whomever, tonight for River. Wow!

lila s on

Karen: Unfortunately, YES, we do remember about Brad entering a relationship with Angelina instead of staying unhappily married to the woman whose only still famous because people like you continue to feel sorry for her. I’m not even that big of an Angie fan, and I’m sick of someone or multiple someones always feeling the need to bring up that marriage that has been OVER for many more years than it had lasted every single time an article about Angie shows up anywhere.

River on

USA is not a lost cause because our population only doubles ever 116 years as opposed to Africa, for example, whose population doubles every 29 years and South America, whose population doubles ever 46 years.

3rd world countries are a lost cause because because their populations grow at geometric rates, while food supplies grow at arithmetic rates. There simply are not enough natural resources on the planet to support such a large population. Research the “Malthusian Theorem” if you’d like to know more.

Angelina Jolie and other humanitarians are not making a difference AT ALL. I’m sure every poor person Angelina Jolie has “helped” has died either of starvation or disease in the mean time. Giving these countries food, supplies, and medical help is not helping their society at all because they are doubling at astounding rates. We are actually HURTING them by “helping”, because we are encouraging them to continue reproducing. It would be better if the majority of their population died out until a reasonable, manageable number of people are left.

Yes, “helping” them is bad. It is just like keeping a terminally ill patient alive against their will. You are just slightly lengthening their lives. And for what? So they can suffer more and eventually die?

None of you know what you are talking about. I’m speaking here from a sociological and epidemiological perspective using facts as backup. You guys, on the other hand, are speaking from an emotional perspective. Does everything I said sound horrible? Yes, it does, but its THE TRUTH!

River on

Elizabeth, my words are not horrible. They are the truth. Go to college and take a basic sociology 101 and an anthropology 102 class. Everything I said is factual. The truth sometimes hurts, but that doesn’t make it any less valid.

showbizmom, refer to what I said above. Its the truth. I’m sorry that the truth hurts, but it is what it is. And I don’t believe in God, so don’t pray for me.

River on

Catca- I didn’t “choose” not to have insurance. I couldn’t afford it. I was a recent college graduate still dependent on my parents. I’m not even complaining about that. I consider myself a fiscal conservative, so I don’t believe in universal health care.

I was just trying to make a point that “humanitarians” are phonies because they only care about people when it suits their agenda. Helping poor people in America and creating free hospitals here isn’t as trendy as doing it in Africa, of course.

drewsylla on

Bottom line is that Angelina Jolie is beautiful, talented and a genuinely good person. Because of that, there will always be haters. She can have as many kids as she wants. Why? Because it is her life.. who in the hell are any of you to tell her what she should or shouldn’t do. Your opinion, just like mine, doesn’t mean anything in the overall scheme of things. I applaud her for being happy in a world where many can’t find any happiness.

And please quit trying to educate everyone with your opinions. If they want to know something, they will figure it out without you shoving it down her throat.

Tami on

“USA is not a lost cause because our population only doubles ever 116 years as opposed to Africa, for example, whose population doubles every 29 years and South America, whose population doubles ever 46 years.”

Yes, and studies also show that education – specifically, educating girls – decreases the birth rate of any community dramatically. On the other hand, high infant mortality increases the birth rate. So if your solution is to let starving children die, that will only make the overpopulation problem much, much worse.

Actually helping these communities, on the other hand, by improving health infrastructure, making birth control accessible, reducing infant mortality, and most importantly educating women, might bring about a long term reduction in the birth rate because educated women have children later in life, and have fewer children in total.

No group of people is EVER a lost cause. It’s sad you feel the situation is so hopeless but it might help if you stop attacking people like Angelina who actually are trying to improve the situation.

Lau on

What you are saying may very well be true, I don’t know those sort of specifics, and it certainly is sad and something we probably all wish wasn’t like that, but there is exactly what I was pointing out: you’re stating that you’re not a lost cause from a statistics and numbers point of view. I’m talking about humanity.

You’re saying they should die because the natural resources won’t be enough, but your logic isn’t working for me. Unless you say it would also be okay if everyone from a rich country should die. I mean, that way there would be enough for those who are now poor, am I wrong?

I’m sure that the starving people from Africa, Asia, South America, etc. are giving much more to this world in the few years they live than your proper growth rate “Americans” (and I use quotes on that because everyone from the American continent is an American and not just people from the US) do in their somewhat lengthy lives.

showbizmom on

I’m not agreeing or disagreeing with you River. I feel as though your statements are better suited for another blog, maybe not one that caters to Celebrity Moms? You can’t and won’t change peoples minds in this forum, it’s just not a good place to try to do so……

You’re more then free to feel any way you choose. You are passionate can tell, which is good. I hope you are putting your words into action in our country, especially this Holiday season?

PS, fine by me in not praying for you🙂 But I’ll wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Marky on

I am continually amazed at the rotten, hateful posts that always accompany any article about Angelina Jolie. On this same site is an article about Tori Spelling and it’s all “Oooh, I LOVE this family”. “Tori and Dean are so adorable and their family is so cute!”. etc, Please help me understand what the difference is and why you people think she is just fantastic, while Angelina is thought of as horrible and a witch?

Tori had her crazy days, can’t act her way out of a paper bag, and would never have been in a series if her dad wasn’t Aaron Spelling. She had her gigantic wedding, and before you knew it, she was leaving her husband for Dean, who was married with a son, and in the middle of an adoption! They have since had 3 kids as fast as they can, and wow, they are though of as a precious sweet couple.

I’m not a “Hollywood fan”, but to seriously say Angelina Jolie didn’t do a great job in Changeling, and A mighty Heart, or isn’t enjoyable to watch in things like Bone Collector, Salt, and even American Tourist is just meaningless hatred. Brad has made some very good movies, and to say otherwise is, again, meaningless hatred. Even the most ardent Jennifer Anniston fan can’t claim she’s not one-deminsional in her acting.

It just doesn’t make sense to show such disgust and hatred for Angelina Jolie, and admire and “love” the Spelling-McDermotts when not only did Tori and Dean blatantly cheat, there were children who were affected. This is a genuine question, not an attempt to justify anything on anyone’s part.

River, I don’t even know where to start with your post. In the first place, most cities (or counties) in this country have hospitals which are required to provide medical treatment as needed by those who have no money or insurance. They will also adjust the bill and let people make payments as needed. The truth is, many have come to believe that they should never have to pay for medical care, they should have insurance whether they pay for it or not, and if they have insurance, it should cover everything, no questions asked.

Many believe all doctors are wealthy millionaires, and never do anything for anyone. Those doctors you felt so free to cuss out, most likely do a lot of volunteer work in this country, as well as providing free services to patients who have hit hard times.

My husband is disabled, as am I, and we have been both been the recipients of free medical help from our doctors, several of whom have provided free surgeries and treatment to people all over the country. I am a nurse, and I know what they do for others. Of course, not every single doctor does that, but many do. and you need to understand that all over this country those doctors you seem to have such a grudge against are helping people.

People like my husband and me are not worthless and incapable of helping others and providing what we can to those in need. Do you think we should be left to waste away and die? How would that help you?

Many of the children the Jolie-Pitts have helped will grow up to help others, so their efforts are not wasted. It is war and racism (much of which is fighting between tribes) in Africa which has caused much of the hunger and misery. Also drought and illness has left a generation without parents and /or food. The J-P foundation helps bridge the gap, and helps to raise up a generation who will be able to help their countries to heal.

If you stop looking in the mirror so much, you will be able to see we are a big world that needs to work to help those who are suffering, whether they are “next door”, as in Joplin, MO and NOLA, or in Africa, or in Haiti.

Anonymous on

Melissa- Brad recently talked about the kids spending time with friends in an interview. He said that whenever they’re away from LA (their main home base here in the states) for a large chunk of time, they fly the kids’ friends out to wherever they’re staying so that they can spend time with them. So yes, they travel a lot, but it seems to me at least that they go out of their way to make it as stress-free for the kids as possible.🙂

Anyway, I’m a big fan of Angie, Brad, and their family, and I love what Angie had to say in this interview. Now the big question is: Will they become part of the celebrity baby boom of 2012?!😉

ecl on

I don’t know what sociology courses you took, but as a sociology phd, I can say that there is almost no one in the field that would support what you are saying.

AND, your argument is not sociological in that you actually have provided NO empirical evidence for your claims. The argument you are making is a moral one, not a sociological one. Or you could pass it off as poli sci, but please don’t attribute your argument to sociology.

elizabetholwigphotography on

I really don’t mean to continue the sociological debate going on here and do believe it belongs on another message board but Lau really made me think of something:

River, you say that all of these people in third world countries are better off dead because they are a strain on the world’s already dwindling resources. It may be true that the world has dwindling resources but why should they die for that?

Why shouldn’t I die for that? I certainly use more of the world’s resources than they do so shouldn’t I be punished for doing so? The amount of resources that they use is a drop in the bucket compared to what the people in our country consume. If we let them die it would be just like executing someone for a crime they didn’t commit.

Anonymous on

Marky- Tori and Dean had three kids as fast as they could?! There’s a three-year age gap between Stella and Hattie! I agree with your comment, though. And thank you for referencing the help Angie and Brad gave to Joplin, MO in your post. They gave a substantial amount of money to help with tornado relief efforts, and of course Brad has his Make it Right project in NOLA. But the people who claim the J-Ps only help other countries forget about that.

Angie and Brad have actually done quite a bit for the U.S. It’s just not nearly as publicized as their humanatarian efforts in other countries. In fact, a lot of times we don’t even know they’ve done it until quite awhile after the fact, when one of the people or organizations they’ve helped comes forward and tells us about it!

A on

She’s only 36??? I thought she was 45 or something!

marina on

River – I took both sociology and anthopology (I’m study to became an academic/researcher in history) and not even the most concervative teacher has ever said anything like that. EVER. Maybe you should take some geography lessons to kearn you about demography as well.

Education is the key to reduce birth, letting them to die will only make the violence and the birth skyrocket.

Besides you have no right to tell who should die, and who shouldn’t.

Catca on


I said it sounded like you didn’t choose not to have insurance – i.e. it wasn’t your choice to be uninsured, you simply didn’t have to health insurance. That’s why I felt terrible for you. I had something similar happen to me. I left my job and started a business and had a baby during that time. When my COBRA was expiring I applied for individual health insurance for myself and my son who was 6 months old at the time. We applied jointly and were turned down for insurance because of “pre-existing” conditions that they said my son had.

What pre-existing condition did a 6 month old baby have that had never been sick a day in his life, not even a diaper rash have? Being “too tall for his age”. Yes, they put that in writing. He wasn’t even off the chart, he was 98th percentile. Once you’re declined, it becomes impossible to get insurance because they all ask if you were declined for insurance in the last 3 years. Then about 4 months after being declined, he caught a horrible croup virus that put him in the pediatric ICU for a week. Thankfully I did have savings to pay the bill, but it’s still terribly wrong that I couldn’t manage risk simply because I didn’t work for a large employer plan.

I have every empathy with your feelings about the health system in the U.S. and I do understand where you are coming from with your comments. But again, I think you need to look at the issue a little deeper as you are over simplifying the issues facing third world countries as well as not fully accounting for the negative impact we Americans are making in terms of the sheer amount of third world resources we are using.

I have no idea how to slow down their population growth (China’s one child policy didn’t exactly work out well) but I would hardly call them a lost cause and ignore them. I also would not say we are hurting them by helping them. I understand you are trying to say we enabling them, but I just don’t think you can say that and then advocate for helping Americans.

For me, all human beings need basic necessities and I believe as a human race we need to provide it. Yes, there are inherent issues with the growing population, but that doesn’t mean you sweep it under a rug and leave people to starve. It means that maybe we need to be more creative and invest more in finding new and alternative resources.

Shannon on

Angelina Jolie: ‘I Could End Up Pregnant’

So can other sexually active women of childbearing age…

Steph on

Thank you to Angelina for doing Humanitarian work on a scale that I can’t do, for donating money that I don’t have, and for adopting children that could have had a very unfortunate life. You don’t have to be a fan of her work, but none of you know her based on some snippets of interviews! I miss the old, edited Celeb Baby Blog.

Hea on

@ River – Thanks for posting. I love to read thoughts from an elitist. While I agree with you in a lot of things you’re saying, I don’t understand why it also wouldn’t be better if the $50,000,000 americans without medical insurance and what not also died? Perhaps the cost of insurance and food and such would decrease a lot if that happened?

As for the rest, I am so glad I live in a country where I don’t ever have to worry about paying for my medical bills. I’m sure my bills are high by now, brain surgery and all, but I have not spent a single crown for it.

soph on

“I’m not a big fan of her’s either. Didn’t she steal Brad Pitt from Jennifer Aniston? No one seems to remember that.”

I guess Brad had no say in the matter, huh, Karen?

And it’s “hers.” Try harder next time, sweetie.

Holiday on

I love all the humanitarian work she does! What exactly do you do to make the world a better place River? I am not being snarky I would like to know.

ClaireSamsmom on

lol, Karen…I’ve seen alot of those pictures, too.😉

Hea on

@ soph – What’s with the attitude? You didn’t complain about my post but I just thought I’d let you in on a little secret… Not all of us readers have English as our first language. We’re not all Americans. Some of us slip up sometimes and misspell words or fumble while typing. You don’t have to be a condescending bully about that if you don’t want to.

Anonymous on

My two cents on the whole “They’re always going to toy stores” comments. First of all, I would like to point out that Angelina has mentioned many times that they often buy toys to donate orphanages and charities that deal with helping underprivileged children (she’s also said that when they are in a location that isn’t one of their homebases, they’ll buy toys for the kids there rather than lug all their toys from one of the homebases with them…and then donate them when they leave).

So my guess is that some of the shopping trips that we see are actually to buy toys for that purpose (and thus teaching the kids to think about those less fortunate than them). Brad also has quite a few nieces and nephews, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some of those trips are to buy stuff for them (just as grandparents love to spoil their grandkids, aunts and uncles often enjoy spoiling their nieces and nephews! :)).

They may also buy toys to keep on hand for use as birthday gifts for the kids’ friends (it’s not all that uncommon for families, especially those with lots of kids who usually have lots of friends to get stuff for, to keep a box of gift toys on hand).

Pointing being, Angie and Brad probably aren’t buying toys for their kids every time we see them go into toy store (and when they are, those toys might very well just be “filler” toys that will be donated to other children later).

soph on

Oh, Hea, dear…please tell me what part of “just thought I’d let you in on a little secret” is NOT condescending or said with attitude.

Because it applies yet again: try harder.

Hea on

soph – Actually, it was said with a bit of sarcasm. And there you go again with “dear” and “try harder”. You must feel real good about yourself.

Carrie Jo on

Am I the only one who got the feeling this was her way of hinting that she may already be pregnant?

Anonymous on

Carrie Jo- I probably would have thought that too, had she not also said that “nothing is planned at the moment” in terms of kids. Then again, being pregnant would be a bit beyond the planning stage, so who knows.😉

Anonymous on

Also meant to say that interviews for monthly magazines like Vanity Fair are usually done a few months in advance, so if Angie were pregnant, she’d likely be far enough along now that she’d be starting to show (especially since this would be her third pregnancy)…and there doesn’t seem to be any evidence of that (nor has she been wearing super baggy clothes like she tends to do when she’s pregnant but not ready to announce).

So if she was hinting at anything with her comment, I think she was hinting that she and Brad might be trying for baby number 7 sooner rather than later!😉

soph on

Aww, why so cranky, Hea?

Anonymous on

Soph loves cheetos, don’t ya “dear..”.

soph on

Not clever enough to come up with anything better, eh, Anonymous?

Anonymous on


Guest on

What’s with you people and your long commentaries? Who cares?

SRH on

I think there are some folks that are taking this article way too seriously. Our comments and opinions about these celebrities don’t matter to them and sitting here insulting other people’s opinions when there are more important things in your lives (I hope) is really pointless. Happy holidays.

Lily on

You cannot “steal someone else’s husband”. No one stole him out of safe deposit box. Brad didn’t want to be with Jennifer any more. Anyone who was paying attention to that relationship HAD to see there were problems there, problems that were very evident. Meeting Angie simply gave him the out he was looking for. I don’t think either woman should be blamed or spoken badly about. Ultimately, it was HIS choice.

Angie is clearly a very devoted mother. She was devoted when it was just her & Maddox. That little boy was her world. She & Brad have a beautfiul family. I wish her nothing, but the best and look forward to seeing In The Land Of Blood and Honey.

Beth on

Wouldn’t she need to eat something first?????

Jeanne on

She has multiple personalities, she kisses her brother inappropriately at an awards show, then she wears billy bobs blood around her neck looking like vampira ,then announces to the world on T.V. that they just “did it” in the limo on the way to the show. Now she is trying to act like Audrey Hepburn, whose shoe angelina couldn’t even carry.She’s a ca million, she takes on whatever persona gains her the most, Her kids are always sloppily dressed.There are many children suffering in our own country, adopt one of them, but for attention she goes to another country to adopt.

ClaireSamsmom on

Jeanne…good points. I was just thinking about how odd she has acted in the past, and how she puts on this ‘holier than thou’ act now. I don’t care for her. I don’t care for her movies. I don’t care for the way she and Brad are. I don’t care for the way she was with her brother and the whole Billy bob thing. I just don’t care for her. And I don’t care much for Brad Pitt since he hooked up with her.

Jenny on


soph on

Guess I was right.

Trish on

I like Angelina. I think she keeps it real. Of course, she’s beautiful, but no one should fault her on that. I think she is as real as anyone else. The people that choose to argue her sincerity or whether or not she is self-centered, etc. just don’t understand. I have 4 children of my own. I LOVE them to death! But, juust like tha airlines say,”if you are traveling with young children, you are supposed to put on your oxygen mask before assisting others”… That’s not a crime. I’ve heard people say “happy wife = happy life”, but I also believe “happy mom = happy kids”…
I’d love to sit and chat the small stuff with that woman! I feel we have a lot in common.

Marky on

Really?, Really! Do you haters EVER let go of anything when it comes to Angie? If 15 people saw Jen Anniston having sex with Tom Hanks, who’s been married for many years, everyone would make excuses like,”Well after all, wasn’t there some cheating 100 years ago before they married?” Poor sweet Jen, she’s not to blame, no matter what. I’m so sick of the haranguing about Angie being a home-wrecker; I’m no teeny bopper, but when couples separate and aren’t “together anymore, most people, especially guys, start dating. Young or old, they just move on and look for the one they DO love. Brad wasn’t deeply in love with Jen at the point they separated and hadn’t been for awhile. Whether i think that was cool or not, it is the truth. Angie didn’t walk into their home, rip off her clothes and beg him to leave his beloved for her. She also didn’t wave Maddox in his face and weep about how poor little Maddox didn’t have a daddy and would Brad please be it? He wanted something different from what Jen did, and he left after an attempt to reconcile. He moved on and fell in love with Angie. Divorce takes awhile when you own property together, and one of you wants as much publicity as possible. (Not Brad or Angie; they stayed out of sight) Stop with the mud-slinging, and let it go!!!!

Terri on

Angelina is just beautiful.

Anonymous on

Eh, you were wrong.

ClaireSamsmom on

I really don’t care for Jennifer Aniston, either.

soph on

Lol. Sure, Anon.

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