Spotted: Sarah Michelle Gellar and Charlotte Get It to Go

12/12/2011 at 11:00 AM ET
Sam Sharma/Miguel Aguilar/Pacific Coast News

Looks like Mom got her much-loved coffee!

Sarah Michelle Gellar and daughter Charlotte Grace grab a cup to go on the way to the 2-year-old’s ballet class on Saturday in Los Angeles.

“Child Protective Services will get called one day because she likes to get water, but in a hot cup so it looks like she’s drinking an espresso!” the Ringer star, 34, joked recently.

“They give her those little cups and then she runs around the store.”

Charlotte is the only child for Gellar and husband Freddie Prinze, Jr.

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Karen on

I think she is pregnant again. Her face looks fuller. Not being mean, just guessing that she might be expecting again!

Hea on

Karen – I was just about to write that. I think she is too. Or rather, I hope. 🙂

Mom*of *Boys on

I too was going to say the same thing. She definately looks preggo!

Lucy on


Lori on

Yep she really looks pregnant to me too!! I bet she is!!

Cassie on

I’d say she looks preggo too! She usually so tiny – could be the bulky sweater, but I doubt it 😉

Brooklyn on

I agree with everyone else, I think she might be pregnant again. If I’m wrong, sorry about that, but that’s just a guess!

kendrajoi on

Charlotte looks so much like her daddy! Adorable!

kate on

what a cutie! she looks just like her dad. i hope they are pregnant, i would love to see another sweet little baby of theirs 🙂

klutzy_girl on

Charlotte is adorable!

And as much as I wish she was pregnant again, it’s most likely just the sweater. Plus, she’s filming Ringer. (And one of her characters is pregnant, but still.)

Speaking of Ringer, I can’t wait until hiatus is over! I miss it.

evie on

I was just coming in the comment the same thing! Her face looks a lot fuller than usual. I think she’s expecting too 🙂

Anonymous on

I can’t say whether she’s pregnant or not. I don’t really see a bump, and while she might be a bit fuller in the face, that could just be due to the normal (albiet annoying!) bloat that some women tend to get for a couple of weeks or so each month. 😉 Also, Klutzy_Girl mentioned that one of Sarah’s characters on Ringer is pregnant. So I wonder if perhaps she was asked to gain some weight for the role (especially if the character is still in the early stages where a prosthetic bump wouldn’t yet be neccesary)?

So I’m going to hold off on playing the “is she or isn’t she?” game for right now.

Anonymous on

By the way, not a huge deal, but I thought that SGM changed her name to Sarah Michelle Gellar-Prinze (professionally, I mean. I remember reading somewhere that she’s gone by Sarah Michelle Prinze in her private life for quite awhile!)?

Marian on

Wow!!!! She looks exactly like Freddie!!!! Cutie!!!!

Doreen on

I was wondering if you ALL thought the same thing that I did–I wonder if she is pregnant!! She looks to be…hmmmm guess we’ll soon find out!!

kjc on

My first thought when I opened the article was ‘wow! That girl looks just like her daddy!’. Then I looked at Sarah, and thought ‘wow! She looks pregnant!’. Then I read all your comments, and it looks like we are all thinking along the same lines.
It could just be the sweater, but I don’t think so! I hope we are all right!

stacey on

She’s got to be pregnant, or else she’s gained alot of weight.

Mia on

I think the baby boom has spread to the Gellar-Prinze house-hold — she looks like she’s expecting baby #2.

alicejane on

Not gonna speculate on whether she’s pregnant or not, but I have wondered in the past if her and Freddie would have more children, both of them being only children themselves. Not that that would mean they would only want one, but while I have heard several only children speak about wishing for siblings, I have also known quite a few who really valued all the one-on-one time they had with their parents. I wonder where Sarah and Freddie fall.

Lauren on

toooo cute!

ChikNorTuna on

Charlotte is gorgeous and looks like a female Freddie.

Patrick on

I highly doubt that she is pregnant again. She has hinted in late night interviews that she wouldnt get pregnant anytime soon again. I mean hello, she just signed on for a four-season show (RINGER) She knows she got her work cut out for her.

Rebecca on

She looks extremely pregnant to me–in the belly area. I didn’t even notice the face. It looks like the toddler is strategically placed over a huge bump. I don’t get it. She’s pregnant now, but looks smaller? Did she miscarry at some point? Maybe they’ve been trying?