Twice As Nice: Kingston Rossdale and Maddox Jolie-Pitt’s Cool Parka

12/11/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Ramey; Splash News Online

From afternoon playdates to their unique sense of style, Kingston Rossdale and Maddox Jolie-Pitt are two of a kind.

Recently, both boys rocked Tom & Drew‘s General Jacket ($110) while out and about with their families.

On Dec. 3, Kingston wore the cozy topper with a black tee, leopard print pants and hi-tops while visiting K-Mart with mom Gwen Stefani in L.A.

Days later on Dec. 7, Maddox sported the same coat with a grey top, jeans and black boots during a trip to FAO Schwartz with mom Angelina Jolie, dad Brad Pitt and his siblings in N.Y.C.

From Kingston’s rocker edge to Maddox’s casual chic, we love how the lil’ guys make the cool parka a part of their signature look.

Anya Leon

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Mira on

I don’t like the pimp look on Kingston.

Alexia on

An added bonus!!! The Tom & Drew generals jacket is ON SALE until Midnight!!!

jamie on

kids should not dress like hugh hefner..just saying, kinda gross

plannbb on

Kingston always looks so cray cray. I don’t want to laugh at a child, but his outfits are ridiculous. It’s too bad because I like the jacket on Maddox.

C on

Kingston dresses himself. Even Gwen said that sometimes the outfits he puts together are horrifying. This is definitely one of those times. LOL.

evie on

Kids can only wear what is in their closets! So if Gwen doesnt like the emsembles Kingston puts together perhaps she could buy more mix-match clothes so he cant go wrong. I agree with kids its all about experimentation and I let my boys dress themselves but even I would draw the line at them dressing themselves to look like a pimp. I had to laugh at your comment Mira. It really is not a good look for a little boy.

elissssabeth on

Who buys LEOPARD STRETCH PANTS for a young boy??!! Geez.

Amanda S on

Leopard print pants really? Why would Gwen think that was a good idea to buy? As someone else mentioned, if she finds his outfits horrifying, then she should select the pieces she buys more carefully. He looks like a Gothic Pimp and the coat is too big, the length on the one on the right is much better.

Mary on

Do they still make Garanimals? Just saying…..

Xoxo on

He usually looks like 100% like Gavin- but he looks a lot like Gwen in this picture – around the eyes/mouth.

steph on

i like his blonde hair better.

Reyes on

Cute coats. If they were just a *bit* cheaper, I’d definitely buy one for my son. And I like the so-called “pimp” look on King. He looks adorable imo, and so does Maddox. Smart thing buying the coat a size or two big; she won’t have to buy him another winter coat soon since he’ll just grow into that one. My mother did that all the time with us growing up. So much easier.

J on

All Kingston needs is clear shoes with goldfish in them, a wide colorful hat and a cane and he’s all set. Oh and change his name to Junebug. Are people just being nice just because he’s a kid when they say they like this outfit? LOL!

Ashley on

Ha ha, J—right on!

tlc on

Has Kingston’s hair been dyed again? It looks much lighter at the sides by his ears. This poor buy seems to be a fashion experiment for his mother. :S

addy on

Like Kingston’s look. One of the photos he’ll be laughing about in 20 years. Have fun people, no need to get riled up by a child whose having fun dressing up himself…Life isn’t that serious!

Shannon on

Dressing like a pimp is what’s in for boys now? OK. They are creating a monster.

Maddox looks much more appropriate.

plannbb on

@J-LOL@ Junebug.

Wren on

Looks more like a British punk rocker, to me. Exactly like his dad dressed in the early 90s.

angelito on

Oh, gosh, people! Chill! If boy is not dressed in ugly sweatpants and tacky light up sneakers, then he is not dressed appropriately? This kid had been growing up backstage seeing his parents in the stage costumes performing. His life is a little different from your suburbia bubbles where Gynboree rules. So you go ahead and draw the line when your kid wears something “wildly inappropriate” like black fitted t-shirt or skinny jeans, oh, gawd!!! Oh, wait, such atrocity would never make it to his closet!