Jessica Simpson: I Cried When I Felt My Baby Move

12/09/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Jessica Simpson‘s love of being pregnant just hit an all-time high.

“I felt [the baby] move the other day for the first time and I had big crocodile tears,” the mom-to-be reveals during a visit to the Rachael Ray Show, airing Monday. “It was the coolest thing ever. It did a flip or something. I was like, ‘There it went. It’s there, it’s really there.'”

David E. Steele/Disney/ABC

But shedding a few tears isn’t anything new for Simpson, who admits she has been crying “at the drop of a hat” throughout her pregnancy. “Even a great soufflé would make me cry,” she adds.

And just as Simpson, 31, and her fiancé Eric Johnson have their guesses as to the sex of the baby, it turns out younger sister Ashlee Simpson‘s 3-year-old son Bronx Mowgli has his own ideas, too.

“He rubs my belly. He said he wants it to be a girl, but he thinks it’s going to be a boy,” Simpson — who has admitted she has no qualms about playing dress up with a son — says.

— Anya Leon

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ArabicRican on

I hope she has a girl my first thought was a girl but we will have to see I have been getting thoughts it might just be a boy you never know… Can’t wait.

J-Nelle on

“Crocodile tears” are a false or insincere display of emotion. Surely that is not what she meant!?

SadieA on

lol hopefully someone will let her know what “crocodile tears” are

ParrotsX3 on

She’s just such a DUMB*SS! If she’s just feeling the baby move now-as big as she is, I would be concerned!

Kit on

She always seems so sweet and down to earth. Love her.

Karen on

She is huge for being only 4.5 months along! I hope we don’t need to hear every detail of this pregnancy!

Amanda on

Many times first time moms don’t feel movement until 20-24 weeks…I think she looks like she could be within that range and it’d also explain why she didn’t announce until the end of October. Not all women show the same, some show earlier and some show later.

Violette on

LOL @ “crocodile tears”… I think Jessica just thinks that means big tears?! And I agree, for 4 months along, she is easily as large as me (I’m 7 months along with my 3rd child)… Some people DO carry bigger and right out in front though…

Katie on

She’s huge, but you have eyes to see that. But saying …” It did a flip or something. I was like, ‘There it went. It’s there, it’s really there.’” She is an idiot! To call her baby an it!

Megan on

Jessica Simpson has said a lot of stupid things, but I don’t see how calling her baby an “it” falls in that category. “It” is a gender-neutral pronoun, so it’s perfectly acceptable to use when you don’t know the kid’s sex yet.

mom on

she seems so happy. am glad for her. congrats jess and eric. they will be a great family.

Janna on

Katie, what do YOU think she should call it? The world can’t use pronouns now?!?!

Anonymous on

She sounds so happy, and I see nothing wrong with her comments. That being said, I’m confused about something. A lot of people in this thread are saying that Jessica is four months along. I thought she hadn’t said anything about when she’s due. Did I miss something?!

Brittany on

Wow, go easy on her. I didn’t know there were so many hateful people on here. A lot of people refer the their baby as it before they know what gender it is, especially when she’s not far along.

Crocodile tears…well, we all know what she meant but she didn’t know the literal meaning of it. She’s admitted she’s a bit of a ditz, so we expect nothing less from her at times.

She does seem bigger, but she’s not been skinny skinny recently so I expect her to look this way. And everyone carries different. As moms we should ALL know this and not criticize her for it. I personally didn’t have a belly until I was 6 months pregnant and NO ONE believed me when I told them how far along I was.

All that said, I wish her all the best.

JMO on

Wow people are harsh!! Really she’s an “idiot” because she called her child an “it”. I hope you guys are not raising children yourselves and hear you so blantanly call someone an idiot.
Jessica may not be the brightest crayon in the crayon box but an idiot is very uncalled for.

Cooper on

She shouldn’t have said croc tears or “it”. She could have said heshe if she didn’t want to give away the sex.

Kasee on

Gosh some of you people are mean. I am a smart woman with a masters’ degree, and I am sure I called my nephew (due in January) “it” more than a few times when we didn’t know what sex he was. I love him so much and he isn’t even here yet, but apparently I’m terrible because I used a non-gender specific pronoun!

lola on

three of the most annoying people in the world are in that photo above….and oddly enough, jessica is the least lame of them all. who’d thought that could be possible. her sister and rachael ray tie for 1st!

Mira on

Grammatically speaking, she’s correct. The proper pronoun for “baby” is “it”, not “he” or “she”. But the crocodile tears thing is too funny. She has a serious problem with idiomatic phrases.

Anonymous on

I agree with all the people who have said there’s nothing wrong with her calling the baby “it”. While I personally wouldn’t choose to refer to a baby that way, I understand why people do it, especially people in the public eye like Jessica.

“He or she” or “the baby” can get to be kind of a mouthful after awhile, and if she said “they”, twin rumors would start up in about two seconds. So refering to the baby as “it” until she finds out the gender (or even after if she opts to keep it for just her, Eric, and their families until the birth) is probably the safest and easiest term for her to use!

If Jessica is still referring to the baby as “it” after she or he is born, THEN I’ll start worrying! 🙂

sushi on

For god’s sake. Could we all get off our high horses for a moment and realize that we’re not perfect human beings?? Not every woman looks the same at each point in their pregnancy. Height, weight, torso size are major factors here. She looks fantastic and I really couldn’t be happier for her.

The whole crocodile tears thing was really just over dramatized. *Yawn* we’re back to the whole “Is it chicken, or is it tuna?” thing again. But she is right about calling the baby “it”. Seeing as she hasn’t found out the sex of the child, (she must be about 16-20 wks) “it” would be the best pronoun to use. Couldn’t be happier for Jessica and Eric.

Sisely on

it’s a boy. trust me.

Kresta on

I thought she was due soon. If she has only just started feeling the baby move then she has months to go. She’s going to have a very big bump.

Maeve on

I think its a girl you can really see it in her face

I swear people just come on this site to talk trash about celebrities.

If the original people who started this site still owned it things would have never gotten this bad.

and everyone gets what she means when she says “big crocodile tears” there is no need to point and laugh especially when Im sure everyone says something like that at some point in their life. As for the whole calling the baby “it,” im pretty sure thats normal too, especially when she doesnt know the sex, or she doesnt want anyone to know, before I found out that I was having a boy years ago I called the baby it. “The baby” is just too much to say all the time lol

Jillian on

She said she is having a spring baby, which means she is due between March 20th and June 19th.

The crocodile tears made me laugh! Poor Jessica. I know what she meant, but it still made me laugh

Julianna on

Does anyone know when she’s due? It doesnt look like her belly has changed much since Oct when she announced it.

melissa on

she’s not an idiot for saying crocodile tears… I didn’t even know what that meant, and I’m not an idiot either. She should say “It” isn’t of saying girl or boy or a name that she doesn’t want people to know! Are you kidding me?

She might say some stuff overall that’s a little weird but that doesn’t mean she’s an idiot. And “that idiot” is laughing her way to the bank. I love her… much success and happiness to her!

jayne on

Do you people have such empty dull lives that you have nothing better to do than to put others down?Were you bullys at school too?Or are you just green with envy that she has the money to do all she desires while you sit at home in your sweat pants and dirty t-shirts spewing hatred? Enjoy your child Jess…enjoy you well earned life…

MollyF on

So we can’t call a baby we don’t know the sex an it? What would you call the baby then? It is a proper way to call something you don’t know the gender of.

I wish people would stop calling her an idiot. I’m not a fan of Jessica’s but I’m happy for her and Eric. She does look pretty.

ClaireSamsmom on

I didn’t think it was that big of a deal to say “it”, but she could have just said, “the baby” instead. This may be a very long pregnancy……

Alexandra on

Yay 😀 I felt my baby move for the first time when I was 16 weeks and 3 days along. Felt like little bubbles brushing against my uterus. It was the cutest feeling. I loved every kick and every turn of my baby. I can completely understand her excitement. Congrats, Jessica!

And yeah, of course she’s not too bright…that’s obvious after watching one minute of Newlyweds 😉 But bashing her because she refered to her baby as ‘it’ is just as silly as ‘crocodile tears’…

Remmy on

I carried VERY big and it was obnoxious to hear everyone commenting on it constantly. Like, gee, thanks for pointing out the obvious.

Melanie on

Jessica may not be the brightest crayon in the box but I will tell you that she is one of the nicest, sweetest celebrities I have met in my PR work, and that means a lot in this industry. She’s also a hustler. The singing success has petered out but she focused on her shoe collection and that has blown up and expanded into clothing – she’s laughing all the way to the bank! Good for her.

And Maeve, Danielle didn’t care THAT much about the direction the site went in or she wouldn’t have sold it. And the other girls that run the site are the same as they always were (or were over the summer at least, when we were emailing for work).

Anyway, back on topic, I don’t think she’s due until April or May if she’s just feeling the baby move and finding out the sex. She may just be one of those people who gets big fast and stays that way. As Julianna says, she’s been the same size for about two months now.

Anonymous on

I think jessica seems very sweet.

ClaireSamsmom on

She is pretty tiny to begin with, right?…so, maybe she just looks all-baby because she is so little.

eribri on

I thought I heard she was due early Spring but if she’s only 4 months (if you suspect) that would be like March & that’s not 9 months. So she must be like Late Spring.

She really is glowing with her pregnancy! I’m so happy for her, I always loved her. SHe has a great up beat personality it seems. Can’t wait to hear the baby’s name and all 🙂

Jessie on

Wow, some people want to hate on her just to hate on her. Calling the baby an it is a horrible thing? She doesn’t know the sex yet! And not everyone feels their baby move early on. I didn’t feel my first until about 24 weeks, and I didn’t feel her moving strongly until about 28 weeks because I had an anterior placenta. Even if she is early on and has just gained a lot of weight, SO WHAT? She’s happy and she’s healthy, who cares??? Not every celeb can be Victoria Beckham.

angel on

Jessica looks great, seems happy, and appears to have a lot of love to give. So give her a break and wish her well.

I was big at first with both of my pregnancies, and ended up only gaining 25 lbs by the end of each. She is giving her baby what he/she needs by acting on her cravings.

I am so tired of these celebrities who brag about not needing to wear maternity clothes, return to their ultra skinny shapes immediately, blah blah blah. There is not much room for vanity and self-absorbed behavior in motherhood. Eat sensibly, exercise moderately, and take care of your children and everything will fall into place.

J on

Obviously she didn’t have fake emotions over feeling a baby move J-nelle. 🙂

Sisely, what does that mean? Nobody knows what she’s having except for Jessica and those involved.

MMK on

Karen- What do you expect this is the moms and babies part of the people site and she is expecting a baby so of course articles in this section are going to be about her pregnancy. Don’t like it? DON’T READ IT!

Anonymous on

J- And even Jessica may not know yet, actually! She and Eric alluded to that about a week ago.

angel- Some women carry small even if they eat, as you say, sensibly during pregnancy.

jenny on

My very intelligent cousin used “crocodile tears” incorrectly on Thanksgiving. She thought they meant the big, wet tears. We laughed and corrected her. No big deal. Sheesh people.

Elise on

Ah, hello? I’d like to point out that there are constant references to a baby being an “it” on this website/everywhere. When people are guessing the sex of someone’s baby – “I think it’s a boy”, “I think it’s a girl”. On greeting cards you don’t see “The baby’s a girl!”, the card says “It’s a girl!”. “It” is hardly uncommon! It’s the norm!

jes on

I was really small before I had my first. And I got as big as Jessica by the time I was five months and I didn’t eat a lot and most of the waight was the baby.

Jen on

Well Jessica found her way back in the the media. She is going to sell everything about this baby.

Maya on

I also wanted to comment on the “crocodile tears” – I guess I was beaten to the punch… lol

Sarah on

I don’t think people realize how small and petite Jessica is. She is really little. There is no place for that baby to go but out. I say she is due around April.

Helen on

Hopefully Jess will get her high school diploma one of these days…

Anonymous on

I have a better question….why is her sister there? Why is Ashlee Simpson there? She is not famous anymore. Nobody cares about her or likes her…she hasn’t done one damn to deserve to be on a talkshow, except ride the coat tails of her sister, like she has done her whole life.

I don’t like Jess that much either, but at least she has an amazing voice and made her way in the industry without having a famous relative to depend on. Ashlee sounded like a screachy sick person and attempted to be “different” from her sister with an edgy style to gain fans and popularity. Truth is, she wanted to make a name for herself so she’d never have to work a REAL job.

Jamie on

I am sorry, but she looks like she is 7 or so months along! Is this serious or just a ploy to throw ppl off? There is no way this woman is this huge at 4 or 5 months!! Even without the baby she is semi non-recognizable compared to the bombshell she used to be!

Melanie on

Anonymous, Ashlee worked with Jessica on the new Jessica Simpson Girls collection that just came out. Between that and BeautyMint, Jessica has been doing a lot of press promotional stuff lately and that’s why we’ve seen her so much. I’m sure it’ll die down soon.

Mia on

She looks 7 months along – she’s probably due around Jan. -or Feb.

ChikNorTuna on

Goodness gracious just when I think this girl can’t get any dumber, she surprises me. “Crocodile tears?” She obviously doesn’t know the meaning, for she just stated (unbeknownst to her) that she shed “false tears.” I think some good baby shower gifts might be a dictionary, a thesaurus and a community college English course where she can learn the basics.

Stormy on

Please dont be so mean to Miss Simpson , she plays dumb but I highly
doubt she is as dumb as we think she is . If she were that dumb than
why does she have such success in her life ?

I am happy for her and I dont care what she has as long as it is a
healthy baby . I am sure he or she will be well taken care of !

Anonymous on

Sarah- Exactly! Petite women tend to carry big and get really big really fast (which is what appears to have happened with Jessica, since, as other people have said, while her belly is quite big, it’s been about the same size for the last two or three months). The same thing happened with Isla Fisher and Naomi Watts (in BOTH their first and second pregnancies to boot!), who are also quite petite.

We tiny ladies simply have nowhere for anything “extra” (whether a baby or non-baby-related weight!) to go but out!

Renee on

Have any of you been pregnant? I’m guessing “crocodile tears” was a baby brain moment. I’m not an idiot, but when I’m pregnant you should hear the silly things I say. Everyone carries so differently during pregnancy… I was probably her size at around 8 months but I have friends who look huge the whole way through. Not sure why it’s anyone’s concern how big Jessica is.

She’s cute, she looks happy. Let her enjoy “it” 😉

Catca on

I never felt my baby move when I was pregnant and the doctor always had a hard time finding the heart beat so we constantly had to do ultrasounds to determine the baby was alive and kicking. In the ultrasounds the baby was extremely active. I couldn’t feel the baby and the doctor couldn’t find the heartbeat easily because I had a large fibroid.

She never stated a due date so who knows how far along she is. I’m guessing around 5 months because she said she was finding out the sex of the baby last week.

As far as the crocodile tears thing goes, I think she just meant big tears and used the wrong idiom. And I would NOT call this woman dumb. She’s not a genius (and not educated) but she does have a high level of creative intelligence and by all accounts is VERY involved in her fashion lines and actually does quite a bit of the designing, working on the cut, etc. She didn’t hire a designer to do it and slap her name on it (or a designer paying her for her name). She’s never been accused of knocking off designers for lines (ala the Kardashians) so give her some credit.

As another commenter pointed out, she’s also a hustler and works very hard. You never saw her complaining on her Newlyweds show about her schedule, etc. (ala Kim Kardashian who is constantly whining) so again, give the girl some credit – she deserves it.

Jacqui on

Those of you commenting on her size and how she’s carrying, do you realize how RUDE, MEAN, and CATTY you sound? As if there is a right and a wrong way to carry a child while pregnant. You must be miserable in person if this is how you comment on a blog post.


I think she is due in Feb. Sometimes its hard to distinguish those early movements as being the baby. Maybe she meant a full fledged kick! That usually doesn’t happen until later in the pregnancy. I am 4 months and just started to get a bump…and its my second!

ang on

Well, apparently I’m an idiot too because I always thought “crocodile tears” meant big tears, heavy sobbing. My mother always used that term when my kids would be crying (for real) and the tears flowed down their face. I never looked into the meaning so what do I know? Learn something new everyday! Now off to tell my mom, lol!

AmandaC on

ang…I’m with you. I would have said “crocodile tears” also and I is very smart! I find it funny that so many people are so quick to cut people down. I have always found that people like that are very insecure in themselves.

shasta on

Man, you people are HARSH! I normally don’t post in these comments sections, but come on!! We all know that Jessica says some strange things sometimes, but you obviously knew what she meant!

And for the record…I bet I looked like that when I was at her stage of the pregnancy. I ate right and took good care of myself and still gained 60+ pounds for my 6 lb boy…and I showed EARLY. It was exhausting and very depressing to listen to people (INCLUDING complete strangers) constantly tell me how big I was and how I must be either (a) wrong about my due date or (b) having twins.

Take it easy on the girl. She’s obviously not a complete idiot. She’s made over $750 million this year (not including the $3 million deal she just cut with Weight Watchers for after she has the baby) so she’s clearly doing something right.

Kim on

For those saying she’s too big, I looked like I was overdue when I was 4 months pregnant with my first one and then with my second, I didn’t even look pregnant at all until I was 7 months! Every single pregnancy is very different for every woman. People need to stop criticizing over every little thing.

Jeanine on

Wow a lot of hateful people on here. I would hate to see all of you judged the way she is. Have some compassion! Either that or simply grow up, running down someone else is pathetic as well as childish and it makes you ugly no matter how pretty you may be! She is and always has been a stunning women. I wish her and Eric nothing but the best with their new little one.

Ashley on

She seems so happy, good for her. One celebrity who is at least real! People need to give her a break. Every woman I have ever known has gained weight with there pregnancy, people who are calling her fat are the true Dumba@#’s.

boohoobytch on

her normal confused state is to blame for her lack of understanding the term “crocodile tears”…geez, this woman is going to teach a child?

Betsy on

Crocodile tears? She’s as dumb as a rock.

alexis on

Jessica is one of these celebrities that you have to love. She’s gorgeous and so real.. Love her!!

Denise on

Sorry – but I also hate when people say the word “it” when referring to their unborn child. I always said him/her or he/she. I just flipped back and forth between the two when talking about what turned out to be “her/she” until I knew.

Anonymous on

Crocodile tears means huge tears people !!!!!


Crocodile tears (or superficial sympathy) are a false or insincere display of emotion such as a hypocrite crying fake tears of grief.

Susannah on

She’s still endearing to me and I’m very happy for her and her fiance. She looks very happy and at peace. As for some of the mean-spirited commentators here, I don’t know why you’re dumping on her other than jealousy/envy over the fact that 1) she’s a pretty woman, 2) she has/had a singing career, whether you like her voice or not 3) she gets to rub elbows with celebrities. I’m just guessing on these. Remember, unless you’re part of her actual family, you worked with her or hung out with her, you don’t know her or her family. On TV, we’re the victims of editing, so we’re not seeing a true likeness ever of anyone that we see slammed on places like E!, Entertainment Tonight, TMZ, etc. Let her be already.

Char on

Well at least she can gain weight and no one will call her fat,until after she has the baby and she can’t loose it. OMG what size bra does that girl wear now. She is gonna have some major back problems carrying those puppies around.

Jessica on

I think we got a look at the real Jessica Simpson when she divorced Nick for NO reason. Jessica has NOTHING that anyone should be jealous of.

I would not want to be her in a million years…….

resa on

just be happy for her, and that saying also can mean big tears for the simple minded people out there who just want to find anything and everything to pick at

Debbie on

Nothing against Jessica. It is very wonderful to feel your baby move for the first time, and each time after. It is an emotional time. I wish her all of the happiness the baby will bring her.

But, IT MUST BE A VERY, VERY SLOW DAY FOR NEWS. This is for family and friends to know.

Big Tears on

I know crocodile tears means false tears, but some people use that term when meaning big tears.

Jessica is refreshing.

just saying on

Wow Bullies everywhere.. What a sad society we have.. I just wonder how many of you talk out two sides of your mouths while promoting stopp bullying campaign but feel Jessica is fair game because she is a celebrity?

How many years ago was Newly Weds? What were many of you doing in your younger years & are you still accountable & take responsabilty for being immature at that age? Jessica has done a lot of maturing & growing for those to see that acre to see it. Those who live in the past & a certain bubble will never see it or give Jesica credit for that & that includes Tabloids & magazines. Jessica will be a very loving mother & a child should be so lucky.

Jessica is very real open & honest & says many things normal people do in real life. She is self depricating & loves life & knows & does laugh at herself quite regularly. How refreshing to see that & deviate from others that shall be unnamed but only show phony, greed & attention & have shows that no self respecting family should be allowing there young daughters to watch let alone there sons.

Cassie on

Is it possible that Ashlee is growing her old nose back? :/

emme on

I tend to think she’s air-headed too. But I give credit to ANYONE who can run a multi-million dollar clothing empire. Well, maybe she doesn’t run it…but she did something right to be raking in that kind of money. Does anyone else find it ironic that someone who was known for saving herself for marriage back in the “Nick days” is now getting the “cart before the horse?”

rivers on

“Crocodile tears” She’s so stupid lol

jojo on

I think she is so beautiful.

Susan Lewis on

I remember the first time I felt my baby kick (she’s going to be 19 next month) I got goosebumps, and butterflies, and cried too. Like Jessica, I wanted to be a Mom and thought my turn might not come. I was about her age at the time. She’s going to make a great Mom. “Crocodile Tears” was cute. Jess may be a little goofy, but she’s a good person.

Callie on

To those commenting that Jessica is huge…you do realize that she is only a little over 5 feet tall and is a size 2 or 4? Where exactly is the baby supposed to go? She doesn’t have much room inside for a growing baby, so of course she’s showing quickly. Jessica is tiny, so any additional baby weight is much more noticiable. Why do women have to be such haters? We have plenty of men putting women down, we don’t need to be doing it to each other!

Susan Lewis on

Anyone else distracted by Ashley’s ugly shoes? EWWWWWWW

heath on

She isn’t due next month? She is HUGE!

Awww!! on

I really like Jessica Simpson, she’s been overseas to entertain the troops a number of times, you never heard of her getting into trouble with drug/alcohol issues when she was younger, she is sincere and has a great head for business. I wish her much happiness.

On another note, what the heck is Ashley doing there? She is so not relevant to anything. Yes, she is so riding on her sister’s and ex-husbands coat tails!

carrie on

According to People on the due dates section it says Jessica is due beginning of May 2012. How is that possible? I guess she won’t be keeping her weight at 200 pounds…just saying.

kim on

lol…she is dumb as a brick but I love her. Also- I definitely think she’s having a girl, she looks like she’s gaining weight everywhere and that’s exactly how I was with my daughter!

Nichole on

Wow what a bunch of caddy judgemental ladies posting on here. I’m glad I’m not famous so that random strangers feel the right to tear me apart over the internet. If the only thing you got out of her story about feeling a life moving inside of her for the first time was that she misused the term crocodile tears; well I feel bad for you cause clearly you are a miserable unhappy person. Jessica looks great, she’s glowing and she’s having her first baby. How about if you don’t have anything nice to say you not say anything at all. =0)

Traci on

All you Jessica haters need to “SHUT UP”. Obviously you were interested if you’re commenting you “MORONS”.

I wish Jessica and Eric the best. They’ll be great parents.

I’m thinking she’s having a girl.

me on

crocodile tears . . .Not the first dumb thing she has said, and I am sure it will not be the last. She has a lot of those blonde moments.

I like Jessica, and do not doubt she will be a great mom. But sometimes a dumb blonde to a T. No offence to blondes.

Audrey on

Seriously, how cute is she in that picture? Pregnancy certainly agrees with her! 🙂

Brittany on

Okay people..first of all she said she cried the first time she felt the baby move not that it JUST happened she is farther along than you people think. She said she is having a spring baby so she is probably 5 or 6 months along. Second..calling her an idiot because she called her baby an it? WOW! I always thought crocodile tears were “big” tears too so I guess I’m an idiot too…ahh shoot.

tui on

People can be so judgemental and mean. Come on lighten up, she didn’t kill and animal, she just speaks funny and says strange cute little things…lol.

Good luck on your marriage and your pregnancy Jessica.

Jodie on

Did she feel her baby kick or was it gas? With the way she eats who knows?!!

Anonymous on

Brittany- Well, “spring” can mean anywhere from around mid-March to mid-June. So that means Jessica could be anywhere from three to six months along. 🙂

Tiff on

I have been pregnant 3 times and called the baby “it” from time to time…That is something you do when you don’t know the sex. After I knew the sex it was he/she. She will be a good mom, congrats to her and her fiance!

Ralph on

Parrotsx3 – you are the dummy. Many of us are pregnant for months and do not feel the baby. Not every baby moves much and not all of us feel it. I was 8 month pregnant before I felt anything really obvious. She’s still my quiet child. My second baby moved so much I felt it around 3.5 months so it’s all different. She’s my wild child.

Anonymous on

croc tears = fake tears… but she can get away with it because she’s so sweet

NeeNee on

I think it will be a girl with the way she is gaining the weight all over, dayum she is freaking HUGE! She is gonna have a heck of a time trying to get all that off!

Benefit of the Doubt on

For all those haters out there, I think what she’s saying is her pregnancy has made her cry at the drop of a hat, and even feeling her baby move made her cry. That’s why she described her tears as crocodile tears – because they were hormone-induced rather than a true display of sincere emotion. Geez people, get over yourselves and lighten up!

Anonymous on

crocodile tears….lol. she needs to brush up on her phrases

rudy on

What is the big deal, she is happy now, leave her alone. She has always wanted a child and now she is pregnant. She will be a great mom. I love per personality.

Kat on

She is such a dipshi(*

Crocodile tears are not “big ones” Jess, unlike your humongous Hooters, but Insincere, “Fake” tears….GOD you need to buy a brain. Eric, really?! THis the best you can do??

rudy on

We talk about high school kids being bullies, when you have adults everywhere bullying people. Shame on you. You are not happy until you criticize someone for their weight, they way they talk, or how smart they are. When truth be told, look in the mirrow.

Nicole on

Geez people…give the girl a break. She’s probably just over 5 foot tall, so there is really no where for that baby to go but out. I say good luck to her…I am glad so glad not to be a pregnant celeb where everyone feels it is not only okay but their place to make catty comments on your size!

SAE on

I used to call my baby “my tenant” before I knew the sex 🙂 ….I didn’t like calling my baby “it” but that certainly doesn’t mean it’s wrong. Give her a break….it’s her first baby and she’s excited…why are there so many joy killers on these blogs!!

Diana on

Iam 6 months and not even close tobeing that big,lol and its my 3rd baby..she looks ready to give birth now!

MMK on

Debbie- It was on tv so obviously it wasn’t out there for just family and friends. The article was based on a tv interview she gave on RR.

Cheryl on

Maybe she’s further along than she’s saying, that way when the baby is almost due, people won’t be expecting it.

annab on

She acts like she is the only woman to give birth….reality will set in after the baby is born…it takes work to be a mom…but worth it. Right now…she hasn’t a clue.

Terri on

Jessica looks great, but I also thought she was much further along.

Rae on

We doubt 2010 can get any better for Jessica Simpson.

First, the star met, fell in love and got engaged to beau Eric Johnson, and now we find out Jess’ fashion lines have already raked in more than $750 million this year—and will hit the $1 billion mark by early 2011!

How the hell did that happen?

For all of you calling Jessica a dumbA** ,she sure is a rich one.
Do I smell jealousy?

Anonymous on

Jessica looks like hell. Jessica has a terrible case of man face.

Arun on

“She’s probably just over 5 foot tall, so there is really no where for that baby to go but out.”

Actually this is a complete myth, height has nothing to do with how big you get or how much you show. I’m under five feet tall and with every pregnancy but my last, my uterus grew back into my body first, and I barely showed at all until my last trimester. Even then, no one believed I was 8 or 9 months pregnant because I was “so small.” How big you are is merely which direction your uterus decides to go. It’s entirely possible that Jessica’s not that far along, but her uterus went straight out without going to the back at all.

It’s her first pregnancy, a lot of women don’t feel more than flutters until well into the 5th month, and Jessica’s size is easily in that range.

The crocodile tears comment, well that was just airheaded. She should stick to straight statements without trying to embellish.

Becca on

Okay ladies, while I may not have been blessed with children over my nearly 10yr battle with doctors and seeing all the women that came in pregnant and left with healthy babies they ALL CARRIED DIFFERENTLY. One woman even had her period all throughout her pregnancy with no problems. Another didn’t show at all until one morning at 7 months the baby decided to make itself known and turned and you saw there was definitely a baby there. Another started showing at 4 months, tiny. Not the bump, her. Made her look huge, but a decent human being isn’t going to go WOW! YOU’RE HUGE! Give her a break, not every woman carries or even delivers the same. Some just minutes, others have to have Caesarians. Let the girl enjoy her pregnancy without being scrudtinized because you’re either envious or just mean and have nothing better to do than post mean things.

Kimberly on

I say she’s pretty ‘darn’ smart to be the millionaire that she is.. More than u or I can say with our ‘intelligence’ that “y’all” are talking about.. lol.

Monika on

Jessica is amazing, she is always so sweet and honest 🙂

granny2.4girls on

Nothing feels like a baby moving inside of you.

Ann on

ok! she’s pregnant……move on to something that is news worthy…..

maddmommie on

When I carried my 6 children the boys were low and wide like Jessica is carrying hers. Not saying it will be a boy but everyone I have ever known has carried boys low and wide

eya on

Jessica Simpson’s refreshing personality is a rarity in the movie world. Her TMI (too much info) moments are really funny. I like her a lot.

Norma on

I’ll add my two cents. There’s an old wives tale that if you’ve gained weight all over you are carrying a girl. A woman who is having a boy doesn’t even look pregnant when you see her from the back. Jessica looks like she’s having a girl. I know it’s only an old wives tale but it turns out to be right every time.

Katherine on

For those saying she’s too far along to feel the baby for the first time; my Stepmother NEVER felt either of her daughters during her pregnancy. She swears up and down she never felt them move. Some women either just don’t feel their baby for whatever reason, or only feel them occasionally. It is not nearly as uncommon as people think. How do you think there’s enough women out there who get to full term and go into labor NEVER KNOWING THEY WERE PREGNANT?

Go educate yourselves, take stock of your own lives, get off your high horses and leave the poor woman alone.

Katherine on

@Norma – NOT true! I only gained weight in my belly and you could not tell that I was pregnant from behind. I had a girl. So you’re comment about how that old wives tale is right “every time” is false. My girlfriend who was pregnant at the same time, gained weight all over and she had a boy.

Every woman carries differently, gains weight differently and has difference experiences during pregnancy.

Melissa on

My goodness people, give her a break! Just because she may not fit the “celebrity pregnancy” mold where all women retain their size 00 figures & just have a blip of a baby bump doesn’t mean that she doesn’t look beautiful. Sometimes, regardless of what you eat or do, you gain weight or carry larger than others. She is not a lazy girl. She’s always running around so it’s not like she’s just lounging on her bum all day long. I have an almost 3 year old daughter & an almost 4 month old son. I carried big with both of them, especially my daughter. I used to hear all kinds of comments about expecting twins, the size of the baby, etc. I cried nearly every day because people can be so thoughtless & rude. People think they can say anything to a pregnant woman when really, that’s a time when she should be treated with kindness & understanding. What woman wants to walk around 24-7 feeling like a blimp? If you’re big, believe me, you already know it. You don’t need some stunad pointing it out to you. I wish her nothing but the best & hope that people can be mindful of someone else’s feelings. It’s amazing how one minute you can be up & adored by gazillions & the next minute people just want to tear you down & rake you over the coals.

Melissa on

And not for nothing, calling the baby an “it”, while it may seem insensitive, is perfectly acceptable if you don’t want to reveal the gender to the whole world. Just sayin’…

LolitaNYC on

LOL@the crocodile tears comment! Jess looks so happy and beautiful I will just let it slide! I hope she delivers a healthy and beautiful baby!

shell on

I love Jessica. But we all know she isn’t known for her genuis remarks….think she just meant huge tears. : )

Lisa on

I was huge… all belly… and I had a girl… both times. 🙂

I’ve said “crocodile tears” when I was sobbing buckets before.

I know I wanted to talk about MY babies when I was pregnant to ANYONE who would listen.

She seems like a NORMAL woman to me! Congrats on your bundle of joy!

abserbean on

as women we should be more supportive of each other! I am glad to see all of the people on here defending Jessica at least. She is pregnant, so what if she gains weight? Your body does what it wants to when you are pregnant.

I have three children, had three very different pregnancies, and gained about 50lbs with all three. And lost it all after they were born! (although it took 9mths-to a year, I certaintly didn’t bounce back in 6 weeks)

Give her a break! She is excited to be pregnant, so maybe she says something silly, you guys have never done that? I’ve said some pretty crazy things while I was pregnant, your brain get foggy, it happens. I’m not a huge Jessica fan, but I think she deserves respect and support. She is beautiful, and seems like she will be a great mom!

Hannah on

I am pregnant right now and will find out what IT is in March. Until then, it works perfectly fine for me. I don’t know why you negative people even bother commenting, do you have nothing better to do with your time? And for whoever called her an idiot for using it, clearly you should check your definition of what “it” really means. Go take a look. ITS perfectly acceptable to call the baby it. She’s a cute pregnant girl, and it clearly very happy. THATS what matters 🙂

Anonymous on

Katherine- My guess is that Norma meant that she’s always been able to correctly predict the genders of celebrity babies going by that old wives’ tale. 🙂

Ceecee on

She’s 5 months pregnant and due in April.

HSC on

The Simpson Girls are a lesson to all parents about jamming religion down their childrens throats when the child doesnt really understand what it means. They claimed to be such Holy Rollers and judged so many people for having premarital sex or being divorced. Imagine all of the damage their dad did while he was a “Youth Pastor”? Talk about not practicing what you preach! It is ironic that both of his daughters were knocked up before they were married and both are divorced. Talk about not practicing what you preach! I had little respect for them in the first place but this really takes the cake. The dad basically made his money off of Jessica being a virgin before she was married and now she’s knocked up, not married and engaged to a guy that has no job. Nick Lachey really dodged a bullet!

Anonymous on

HSC- My father is a pastor and believe me, while there ARE pastors (and other people) out there that shove religion down people’s throats, not all of them do. Nor is raising kids in a certain religion always damaging. In fact, NONE of the people I know that was raised in a certain religion (myself included) was damaged because of it!

And just because someone is raised as Christian but chooses to, say, have sex before marriage, doesn’t mean that they’re rebelling against their upbringing, nor does it mean they’re rejecting their faith. It just means that they’re making different choices.

Mia on

She’s due in April? – she looks like she’s 7 months pregnant — maybe it’s twins.

liz on

that was cute:)

Brandi on

@ Katie, what else would you call it. She obviously does not know the gender. Therefore there is nothing wrong with referring to the fetus as an it. I called mine an it until I got the ultrasound. I’m 9 months pregnant, and I would punch everyone of you catty little girls in the face for saying the crap coming out of your mouth to me. People are mean to her all of the time, she should at least be able to enjoy her pregnancy. It is a wonderful time for every woman. Grow up and get over yourselves.

Rachel D on

First of all I have been a Jessica fan for a long time. I think she has said and done some pretty dumb things; however I don’t think any of us can say we are not guilty of doing the same at some point. She has really let me down in some ways going from her values to seemingly fitting in and trying to do so by acting dumb.

However, it’s appalling at how rude and catty some of you women sound. Jessica has gained weight but I don’t know of many women who have not at some point, unless they starve themselves. I was always tiny, gained weight, and now back to being tiny again. I think Jessica is beautiful and she is a good person.

I have not been a mom but if I ever am I do plan on waiting to find out the sex of my baby. I will probably be referring to it as it. Between the catty comments about her and the Kardashians I think people forget that Hollywood is not always REAL. The media and cameras show you what they want too about people. But people act as though they really know someone.

I think it’s insane and just really stupid how women treat each other over the dumbest of things. I have had so many women trash me just as I see girls trashing girls like Jessica and Kim K etc. They may do stupid things for the world to see, but bashing them and calling them idiots, ugly, fat, etc, is only doing one thing… making you look like a catty bitch that is probably so insecure that you want to make them look bad to help yourself feel better. Grow up and get a life people.

All the best to Jessica who is also a real human being with her baby to be.