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12/09/2011 at 12:00 PM ET

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Erika on

Regardless of how many children someone has, a miscarriage is devastating. Especially so late in a pregnancy. I wish Michelle and Jim Bob and family the best in dealing with this loss. Hopefully they will be given privacy during this time.

Rachel on

Whether or not I agree with the Duggars’ decision to continue having children well into their 40’s and well after they’ve had what any normal person would consider ‘enough’, no one should be cynical enough to not feel sorrow for anyone who loses a child. This baby was due to be born in April –Michelle was in her second trimester… that’s not really a miscarriage. At that point in pregnancy a woman is required to give birth to a “stillborn” baby. Heartbreaking for anyone. My prayers are with her.

B.J. on

I feel bad for the Duggars (but honestly, I’m not surprised, my mom and I were just discussing that Michelle or the baby had a good chance of dying), but can’t help but wonder if they’ll take this as a sign from God to stop? She is lucky to be alive. I have a sinking feeling she would have been done for, had she carried this baby to term.

I also wonder if any of her children were scared for their mother’s life after her previous battle with preeclampsia.

Janna on

B.J. Why on earth would you think that Michelle or the baby had a good chance of dying????

Shelby on

I’m thankful to see this board hasn’t been taken over (yet) by negativity. I agree that miscarriage is absolutely devasting and my heart breaks for the entire Duggar Family. I cannot imagine the pain they must be feeling and the heaviness that came with telling the news to the other children. I wish them prayers of peace and understanding during this difficult time.

JMO on

I had a feeling that something bad was going to come of this pregnancy since the one with Josie didn’t go well. I am sad for anyone who has a miscarriage but I do agree maybe she needs to take this is a sign that her body can no longer carry a child.

I would hate to see her continuously get pregnant and have miscarriages or premature babies. It’s not fair to herself or her other children or the child she’s trying to bring into this world. And quite frankly they have 19 healthy kids that in itself is a HUGE blessing sometimes people need to just recognize that and move on to something else. She’ll have plenty of grandkids to hold in her arms.

Tee on

BJ, there is absolutely NO reason that Michelle or her baby would have died during this pregnancy. Yes, she had pre-eclampsia with Josie but that had nothing to do with the fact that she has had so many pregnancies. It was a fluke, plain and simple. (She also had it during her second pregnancy!) There is no correlation between the number of pregnancies a woman has and still born babies.

I know a lot of people don’t agree with the Duggar’s family decision to forego birth control and that’s fine. There’s no rule that says everyone has to agree. But I sure do with people would educate themselves about pregnancy and child birth before condemning them.

Jillian on

Jmo, I totally agree with you. My heart breaks for the Duggars.

I will say I was confused that their initial statement said they had miscarried and to protect their privacy. But they have done not one, but two interviews telling their story to a magazine. That is not keeping things private. I wish some of these families would stop selling their stories and not contradict themselves.

Jen DC on

@ Janna: Because of the serious problems with the immediately prior pregnancy and her truly advanced maternal age. BJ didn’t say s/he had hopes that the pregnancy would fail, just that the risks seemed rather high. And after double digit pregnancies (I know they have two sets of twins, right? so 17 pregnancies ending in live births?), it doesn’t seem unlikely that the muscle tone of her uterus and surrounding supportive tissues has been compromised. I’m no doctor and have no personal insight; I’m just guessing.

That being said, I enjoy watching their family occasionally and send condolences to them. I have no doubt they love their children and are strong in their faith – and jaded atheist child-free person that I am, even I can appreciate that. And loss of a child… I can’t imagine their anguish.

Sarah K. on

Janna, Michelle is older now which makes any pregnancy she has a high-risk pregnancy. She’s also had several c-sections, pre-eclampsia, and her uterus has prolapsed 3 times. These are not good indicators for a healthy pregnancy. Continuing to get pregnant will put Michelle and the baby at risk.

Having said that, regardless of how many children they already have, they must be devastated. I feel sorry for anyone who has lost a child. They clearly love their children very much.

B.J. (the girl) on

I never said it was certain mother or child would die, just that the chances of survival for both were diminished because of the risks involved.

Jen DC and Sarah K. already explained my reasoning: advanced maternal age, numerous high risk pregnancies, preeclampsia, having had four C-sections previously, all these risks alone are bad enough, but together… It’s like asking for trouble.

Anonymous on

What did Michelle mean by her doctor telling her to let the miscarriage happen naturally? Does that mean wait for labor and have to give birth? Sorry, just not very educated on this.

mary on

Anonymous Yes that is exactly what her dr wants, is for her body to deliver and expel of the baby (fetus).

Otherwise after some time goes by and her body does not deliver they will have to do a D & C (dilation and curettage) which is a surgical procedure and can cause scarring, infection or bleeding.

I personally believe either way is a traumatic experience for someone to go thru.