Viola Davis: Genesis Weirded Out By My Wig

12/08/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Marion Curtis/Startraks

Viola Davis couldn’t be happier with her new family of three.

The actress and her husband Julian Tennon welcomed daughter Genesis in October and the first time mom is over the moon for motherhood.

“We adopted a little girl at 14 months,” Davis, who shared a picture of the sweet toddler, said during a Friday visit to The View. “It has just been wonderful.”

And while the trio have settled in nicely, The Help star admits her relationship with Genesis had a hairy start!

“She had to get used to me because black girls, sometimes we wear wigs and weaves,” Davis, 46, explains.

“So the first time I took my wig off with her, she was like, ‘Nooo!’ She literally did that.”

Fortunately, adds the new mom, it just “took her a minute” for the initial shock to fade!

— Anya Leon

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Mary on

CONGRATS!!! She is beautiful! And that is so funny about the weave!!!! I can only imagine

Anonymous on

I love that the picture she showed of Genesis is a picture of her (Genesis) being held by her father. I also like the fact that Genesis isn’t an infant. Since they adopted domestically (that was mentioned in the intial article about them being in the process of adopting), I’ll bet they probably adopted her through the foster care system.

Nothing wrong with people adopting newborns (which is usually the case with domestic adoption), of course, but it’s nice to see a couple giving a home to an older baby (well, toddler really) who’s probably had to go through quite a lot already in her short life! 🙂

ToRo on

Congrats on the baby girl. She is adorable 🙂

Hea on

Doesn’t she have her own hair? It sounds as if it’s a cultural thing or whatever, is that so?

Sarah S. on

I think domestic adoption is a wonderful thing–we certainly have our fair share of foster care homes, orphanges, etc. in the USA.

kimdione on

No, Hea its not actually a cultural thing. Yes,some blacks wear false hair to protect their own or for a different look;but not everyone. Im sure she has hair…

Tracy on

I really hate stupid comments. Does she have her own hair? White people wear wigs and extensions too. Do you live under a rock?

J on

Kimdione, I’m not sure you should say that some women wear false hair to protect their own because I have seen way too many women with the hairline now on the very top of thei head due to weaves pulling too tight and killing the hair follicle, among other damaging hair style procedures.

J on

That’s ok Tracy, I hate it when people blow a question out of proportion and feel the need to insult. Grow up.

Tracy on

J, I hate it when it people respond to comments not meant for them so do me favor and shut up

Toni on

For the life of me, black women have hair! All women SOMETIMES wear wigs or weaves. She should have said, ‘some black women wear wigs’ not all black women wear wigs. And our hair come in different lengths and texture. And all women have either healthy hair or damage hair. Not all black women hair and scalp is damaged…for crying out loud. Stop the ignorance!!!

kp on

J, was that necessary? really?

kp on

Tracy, the same applies… so not necessary. you both need to look at your driver’s license to remind you to act your age.

Jewel on

White people wear extensions and wigs as well. It’s not indigenous to the african american community and amongst black women. Damn near all the people you see on television/celebrities, white/black have weaves, wigs, extensions, lace fronts etc. Not all wear wigs and weaves, but the majority do. Even Britney Spears when she shaved her head had extensions for months. Still wears them.

Lots of women wear them regularly. Even asian women. But as soon as you say extensions, weaves, and wigs, people automatically assume black women wear them because they don’t have hair. That is definitely not the case. For some maybe, but not for all. I have hair hitting my bra strap and personally don’t wear wigs and weaves regulary. But I have worn them before.

Tracy on

KP, who made you my mom? I don’t think needs you to police the site and scold people. Get a grip lady.

Ashley on

I am an Afro-American with shoulder length hair which I fix daily into 4 braids that I pin up. I wear shoulder length wigs (same length of my natural hair) because it is convenient and I never have a bad hair day.