1 Trend, 3 Ways: Cool Tie Shirts

12/07/2011 at 10:00 AM ET

When it comes to adorable kidwear, we have a tie — literally! Recently, we spotted Shiloh Jolie-Pitt (in Fat Tie on Sept. 1 and Dec. 3) and Mason Disick (Nov. 11) in the cutest neckwear design tees. And as these celeb kids stylishly prove, wearing a tie isn’t always for dressing up.

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A fun twist on the classic shirt and tie combo, these all-inclusive tops will kick your little one’s style up a notch. Ready to shop? We’ve rounded up our top picks — for every budget — below.

Courtesy Pink Taffy Designs


Dress up your dapper dude in Blume‘s cozy Little Man Tie Thermal ($56). Not only does it feature a real tie, it’s the same style as Mason’s!

Courtesy Quiksilver


Talk about cool! Quiksilver‘s Clip-On T-Shirt ($18.50) includes solar powered designs that appear when exposed to light.

Courtesy Crazy 8

Bargain Buy

Want to keep it casual during the holidays? Our pick: Crazy 8‘s Tie Graphic Tee ($9) — it’s comfy and fashionably festive.

— Anya Leon

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Patsy on

Aww… Those boys look so cute! :/

Jorp on

Mason sure is an ugly little dude. And his mother isn’t doing him any favors w the old man clothes she chooses for him

Jesse on

Wow Jorp I’m sure you rate at a supermodel status… And you talk crap about a cute kid that is not even 2 years old? You need to grow up…

Lis on

Oh Shiloh….. 😦

Michelle on

Patsy: Shiloh is girl, not boy ;).

TV on

I didn’t realize this was a new trend for toddlers. A friend of my cousin has been making onesies like this for the past four years now. Was a bit surprised when I recently started seeing the celeb kids wearing shirts and onesies that my 4 year old cousin has been wearing occasionally since he was a newborn.

Tee on

Except that one of those boys is actually a girl. I know I probably won’t make any friends by saying this but I think it’s horribly sad that this little girl looks so much like a boy that people literally can’t tell in pictures. (And please… that goes for any child, not just this child.)

smile on

I am not convinced that Shiloh is a girl. Brad & Angie have never dressed the child like a girl, unlike Zahara and Viv, who has been dressed like a girl since being an infant.

I think Shiloh could be a boy, and that Brad & Angie are doing some sort of social experiment

stacey on

Shiloh could be such a beautiful “GIRL”. Why her parents let her dress like a boy every single day is completely beyond me. Can’t they just let her play alot of sports or something????? They need to explain to her that she was born a girl for a reason, and all of the positive things that come with being a girl- and then draw a line with the boy clothes and haircuts. What a waste of a gorgeous “girl” face.

Avery on

I agree with Smile! I have little ones and they do not dress themselves or have a clothing preference as a baby. She’s been dressed like a boy since we’ve seen her in public. Please to the whole “my child has been masculine since day one.” I think we can all see where this is going. Thankfully Shiloh is a gender neutral name so she won’t have to change that later on in life like Chaz did.

Corie on

I think Shiloh is very cute and I love the way she dresses, like it is really who she is. I dont know, if that was your child, would you really dress her up in dresses and bows knowing she was miserable ? Come on, its 2011, girls have more choices in life than to be cutesy and feminine to be accepted. I’m glad she chooses to be herself and that her parents encourage that.

lena on

Its sad how bothered you all are by shiloh’s clothes! It’s like your personally offended that a girl is not wearing pink! Main thing is that she seems like a happy little girl.

Ann Marie on

Shiloh is a beautiful little girl who is clearly precocious, unique and probably much loved for it by her parents.

Whomever comments on her gender orientation should do some introspection and find out what inside them is bothering them so much.

Jen DC on

EMPHATICALLY NOT TRUE that they have “never” dressed Shiloh as a girl. She was in lacy dresses from birth until she hit toddlerhood, which is likely when she put her wee foot down and demanded to wear clothes she could rock out in. Like I did.

Shiloh in a dress: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/f123/katiezo/marcha/shilohheader.jpg

Shiloh in a dress:

Shiloh in a dress:

Forced to wear dresses, I would still climb trees and walls, make mud pies, play tag with the biggest kids I could find who’d play with me, skin my knees and elbows, sit down in the dirt with dogs… My mom finally got tired of mending my dresses and hearing people gasp about me showing my underpants while climbing and put me in the boy clothes. Maybe Shiloh is a tomboy. It doesn’t stop her from being a girl or being beautiful. And when she gets older, she’ll discover that she can dress either way and be comfortable. I wear dresses all the time now (but feel momentarily sad those times I want to climb or do something less-than-feminine and find that my clothes are restricting me).

Just b/c your kid doesn’t have a clothing preference doesn’t mean that all kids are that way. Some people know their minds earlier than others.

Ali on

Some of you people are NUTS! You think Shiloh is a boy and what Angelina and Brad are performing a social experiment???? SERIOUSLY. Get a life. Angelina has always been incredibly sexually open. She went through a phase in her life where she was romantically involved with another woman. I think she just embraces things around her as they are. Her daughter WANTED to be like her older brothers so they LET HER. Big deal!? I think it’s awesome to let your children experiment and be who they truly are. I have three kids and they are all completely unique and like things certain ways. My two girls are polar opposites. My older daughter likes pink and dolls and dressing pretty and my middle child is a total tomboy. She likes cars and getting dirty and playing sports. My little boy is a complete individual in that he doesn’t conform to ANY stereotypes. He will play with my daughter’s dolls or will sit on his own and flip through storybooks or play sports with his older sister. Kids need to be free to become who they ARE…not what we WANT them to be.

Ali on

Well put JEN DC! Thanks for providing these ignorant people with some proof that Shiloh has indeed worn girly clothes in the past!

Carrie on

@Tee, the first comment was meant to be a remark on how Shiloh dresses the :/ at the end of the comment implies the poster does in fact know she is not a he.

Also to all of you saying she has never been dressed like a little girl do a google search there are many pictures of her as a baby and toddler wearing dresses and ballet leotards and little girls pea coats, not to mention shirts with cap sleeves or lace around the neck and arms and cardigans.

Amanda on

Or, you know, we could stop imposing gender stereotypes on our children and let them explore who they are…and teach our children not to pick on other kids because they’re “different” in the way they dress or the things they play with. Clearly this should have been emphasized a few generations ago and we would not be having this conversation right now. It’s unhealthy to force children into our preconceived notions of what we think is appropriate for a specific gender…not to mention restrictive, absurd, and sad.

Sophia on

Does it really matter that Shiloh chooses to dress herself with a tomboy style? Like, does it REALLY matter? She’s just a happy little girl who happens to like having her hair short and wearing clothes that are traditionally more masculine than feminine. If that’s what makes her happy then who is anyone to say that it’s wrong? I think she looks gorgeous whatever she’s wearing, which by the way has been dresses at times.

Tiffany on

Thank goodness Shiloh was born to loving parents who understand accepting children and their very simple likes and dislikes. They obviously support her independence and allow her to make her own choices in such a small and unimportant matter as clothing. I’m no fan of the Jolie-Pitts, but I do admire this trait as it’s obviously so rare for some strange reason.

She’s a tomboy- so what? A ton of us girls were, and many of us grew up to still like boys and identify as a woman. And those who didn’t- and I know this is shocking to some of you- but they are perfectly lovely people, too, and valuable and special. Shiloh’s identity isn’t set yet, but I find it so refreshing that she has parents who don’t freak out like so many about it.

It’s JUST clothes, people! On a little girl!! Get over it and realize the terrible comments you are making (all you adults?) about a child don’t really reflect well upon you as a person.

ej on

mason is very cute, shiloh is very cute, how horrible that people think it’s ok to say such mean and judgemental comments about CHILDREN and their CLOTHES…geeesh

Jillian on

Wow! Some of these comments should be deleted! Parents are fighting everyday to keep their children safe from bullies. I can’t believe People magazine, who had a huge spread about bullying, is allowing children to continually put down on their site. It’s horrible. Children cry and commit suicide over being called ugly, “gender issues”, making fun of clothes, etc when is enough enough posters and People?

Mia on

Shiloh looks so much like Brad Pitt-it’s amazing…except for those lips.

Bancie1031 on

I think Mason is one of the cutest celeb boys on here …..

Shiloh is beautiful!

Smile – (And All the other nay sayers) Angelina did use to put dresses on Shiloh until I guess she (Shiloh) started voicing her own opinion and deciding what she is comfortable in. She is still beautiful no matter the clothes ….

Bancie1031 on

Here is Shiloh in a dress: http://www.aceshowbiz.com/images/news/00033563.jpg

Picture #2: http://entertainmentbuzz.info/files/8fba2_angelina-jolie-shiloh-walk.jpg

pic #3: http://www.chicagonow.com/ay-mama/files/2011/07/shiloh_jolie_pitt.jpg

pic #4: http://www.chicagonow.com/ay-mama/files/2011/07/407973001_2caac3f3ea.jpg

pic #5 Oh and what is that she’s holding, a baby doll: http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/05/20/article-1020591-014EB72800000578-753_468x574.jpg

pic #6 : http://i.dailymail.co.uk/i/pix/2008/05/20/article-1020591-014EBAEA00000578-515_468x593.jpg

Picture #7: http://img2.timeinc.net/people/i/cbb/2007/08/07/angelinajolie8_cbb.jpg

Some of these are from this very site. I found these 7 pictures in just a few minutes of looking so I’m sure if someone actually digged a little deeper they could find more pictures proving that Shiloh has worn dresses (NOT that it really matters one way or another if she wears dresses or not – just saying).

Jen DC – Very nicely said …. I didn’t realize someone else had posted pictures as well, sorry if we posted the same ones 🙂

joan on

dressing like a boy does NOT a tomboy make. There are girl clothes which are not pink or girly. My middle child was into sports and wore boys basketball shorts which were the only things available. She wore sweatpants instead of jeans, but no one mistook her for a boy. She wore girl athletic shirts which emphasized tomboyishness. No tomboy I knew actually could pass for a boy. I think there is a way for a girl to express their identity and not actually constantly wear a boy’s wardrobe. And a parent who cant figure that out has issues.

tlc on

I was a huge tomboy to the point I cut my own hair off when I was 7. My mom tried to force me into long dresses with frills and lace (this was the late 70’s) and I HATED every single second of it. Of course, it was frowned upon for girls to wear jeans to school back then, but I wore overalls and when my mom put me in a dress, I still got down and dirty anyway.

I find it amusing that people think Shiloh picks her own clothes and are okay with it, but yet on every Suri Cruise post, people are SURE that Suri is TOO YOUNG to be choosing her outfits and it HAS TO BE Katie’s influence. Laughable at best…

Rock on Ms. Shiloh!!!!

JM on

one day the narrow minded people will shut up and realise there are more important things than how a child dresses.

please answer one question:


seriously! i mean as long as she is happy and healthy isn’t that enough? your kids are the ones who go to school and bully the kids who look or dress differently because they’ve heard mummy and daddy talking about how wrong it is that a girl wants to dress in boy’s clothes. are you proud of yourselves? you are breeding a bullying society.

if people don’t judge you for how you dress what gives you the right to judge a child for the way she dresses?

sad, sad people….

Ashley on

My sentiments exactly Jorp!!!!! WOW

River on

You people are sad. There is no such thing as “boy clothes” or “girl clothes”. Gender roles also do not exist, they are social constructs. Why is it bad that Shiloh is dressed like a boy when boy clothes do not even exist? That’s right, boy clothes do not occur in nature. Humans are conditioned to believe that certain things are feminine or masculine, but those beliefs are not indicative of what is really true or natural.

My cousin has a six year old son and she lets him dress like a girl. He has an 8 year old sister, and he loves wearing her hand me downs, sometimes he even parades around in her princess costume dresses! He even goes to school wearing “female” shirts with girly print such as pictures of barbie or hello kitty on them. Luckily he hasn’t been bullied about it yet. He says that some kids have picked on him, but he is confident and not a pushover so he doesn’t let their insults get out of control, and he doesn’t really care what the mean kids think about him. Nobody forces him to dress like that. He was clearly influenced by his older sister. Of course not ALL of his clothes are girly. Most of them are more gender neutral, but he LOVES really bright, “feminine” colors such as pink, baby blue, pastel green, lilac, etc. He also loves “feminine” print on clothes such as polka dots, flowers, and his current favorite shirt is a girly white shirt with little pink ice cream cones printed all over it. He is developing normally and has many friends and most importantly, he is a straight A student with minimum effort and he has above average intelligence.

I guess its the smart kids that are comfortable enough in their skin to cross barriers and be their true selves without shame regardless of how society wants them to act.

Leslee on

And we wonder why we have an epidemic of children committing suicide? Hoards of women deciding that a girl dresses too masculine or is a social experiment just because she is not wearing dresses and pink. Probably the same people that brought you the theory that Beyonce isn’t really pregnant and Suri Cruise is really L.Ron Hubbard’s child. Calling Mason ugly is pretty transparent cattiness.

Shiloh was one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen and she is growing more and more beautiful. She is on track to eclipse her mother.

Amy on

Ummm Mason is an ugly kid! looks just like his grandfather…doesn’t matter is he is a little boy..ugly is as ugly does!
<<<<>>> so save your fingers from furiously typing NO ONE CARES!

Marky on

The reason people say these things about Shiloh is they are still hung up on Brad and Jen’s breakup, so they take it out on Shiloh. Like someone else said, you are the ones raising bullies who treat other kids like dirt and make their lives a living hell. It won’t be her parents’ choices that upset her, it will be crap like you are slinging out that hurts this innocent child. All Angelina has known for years is hateful rude judgmental ugliness from people whose own children were not much better, so maybe she can help Shiloh get through it like her own mother helped her. Your cruelty is disgusting!

Jillian on

I am equally disgusted that this site is allowing the comments. My friend buried her 10 yr old who was bullied for some of the very comments said here. As I said on another post, People had a spread about bullies and it was a wonderful article and tribute to those who lost their lives. I find the behavior now hypocritical and disrespectful to all of those families.

Marky on

I agree, Jillian. In our community, we buried a 9 yr. old who hung himself in the closet at school, because he had been bullied by kids who acted like the posters here. How sad that a person would make fun of 2 yr old boy, and a little girl. And Amy, what the heck could you possibly mean to say Mason is ugly and “ugly is as ugly does”? What does that even mean?

Where I grew up, bullying was not allowed by a single adult; they didn’t bully any of us children, and they didn’t tolerate any of us acting rude. Every day, I am grateful to have grown up in such a great atmosphere. We may have been poor, but we knew how to treat people of all ages.

Helen on

Mason is one of the cutest, sweetest celeb babies out there, and Shiloh is a beautiful girl. It’s so lucky that she was born into a family where she can express herself freely.

Janna on

joan… Are you really this stupid or just simply self-centered? This girl *IS* expressing her identity, but in a way that CLEARLY makes you uncomfortable, so you figure her parents have issues?

Has it ever, even for a teeny tiny second, occurred to you that it’s YOU who has the issue? How can you POSSIBLY care if this child wears a pink tutu or a blue-striped baseball uniform or your own tomboy-approved clothing?

Bancie1031 on

I have to say that here lately I’m very surprised and disappointed by what the moderators let be posted here! I stopped going to other websites because of all the ugly comments and hatred going on and ENJOYED coming here (when it was CBB) because that type of behavior wasn’t permitted. Yet here we are allowing grown adults to bully and pick on a boy that isn’t even 2 years old and a 5 year old little girl!!! Not to mention rude comments towards one another. I understand that everyone is entitled to their own opinion but This Is Ridiculous, bullying and hatred shouldn’t be allowed! I miss the safe haven this site used to be 😦

Indira on

I just wanna say how shiloh looks just like Brad in the first picture.She’s a gorgeous by and, she’d make a gorgeous boy too! Who cares how she dresses.

Jen on

Both kids are adorable.

If you feel the need to insult a child I worry about your mental health.

Shiloh is a GORGEOUS little girl and letting her be herself is good parenting. I agree what someone else said about how you close-minded posters are the ones raising bullies. Shame on you!