Roselyn Sánchez Celebrates Her Baby Shower

12/07/2011 at 03:00 PM ET
Albert Michael/Startraks

Bonita baby!

Roselyn Sánchez celebrates her upcoming arrival — her daughter is due in early January — at a shower thrown by Johnson’s Naturals on Nov. 5 in California.

Pretty in a long purple dress, the actress, 38, welcomed guests — including husband Eric Winter and close pal Eva Longoria — to the outdoor garden party.

Baby girl received many gifts — including a pink tricycle!

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Albert Michael/Startraks
Albert Michael/Startraks

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kjc on

She looks gorgeous!

Amber on

she’s going to be a beauty! Eric is so handsome!

Kayte on

Yay for Johnson’s Naturals for throwing Roselyn a shower.– You got great advertising out of the deal… And isn’t that what baby showers are all about? (I wonder why close pal, Eva, didn’t host the shower.)

Tee on

My goodness, she sure is beautiful! Pregnancy really suits Roselyn!

SLB on

so pretty…that dress is gorgeous and super flattering on her. she looks very happy!

Anonymous on

Kayte- Nowhere does it say that Eva didn’t host the shower. From what I can figure out from other articles I’ve read about celeb baby showers, these companies sponsor the baby shower, but it’s someone else (usually a family member or close friend of the mom-to-be) who does the hosting.

But anyway, it looks like it was a fun shower (albiet a late one! I wonder if she’s superstitious when it comes to having baby stuff in the house before the baby is born since the shower was hosted less than a month before she’s due? Nothing wrong with that, just something I wonder.), and I love that her husband was invited, too!

Anonymous on

Kayte- Whoops! I just re-read the article, and they DO state that Johnson’s Naturals threw the shower. So I stand corrected, and I apologize!

Nella on

Roselyn looks beautiful, love her dress as well. I think they’re going to have a beautiful baby, they seem like a lovely couple and i can’t wait to hear the name.

kat on

she looks great!

sara on

@ Anonymous – CelebBabyLover, is that you??

Melanie on

Sara – YES!!!! Thank you. I also noticed she was back in the last few weeks, leaving Anonymous comments on everything, but it’s very easy to tell who she is given the content and wording of her remarks.

Roselyn looks beautiful – the dress is a wonderful color on her. Hot hubby too!

Anna on

Wowwwww most beautiful couple ever. Can’t wait to see the baby.

Kim on

That baby will be gorgeous and have a lot of love. So happy for this wonderful couple. Much Happiness in their future!

sara on

Melanie – Thank YOU for noticing! I’ve been suspicious for a while but at first I thought it might just be someone else. However, her posts are absolutely unmistakable. Apparently she truly did not get why so many people had a problem with her before, or is just too obsessed/clueless to keep away. Oh lord, the peace is over…

Catherine on

Roseyln bettr be careful—next it will be rumored that she’s wearing a fake belly too…like Beyonce.

Amy on

My goodness,could Roslyn get any more beautiful???

huh on

She looks beautiful, and what a hot hubby she has. I had a dress like that when pregnant with my first, and I used to get compliments all the time. I went and got one like it after giving birth and the fit just wasn’t right–it looked like a tent. Roselyn looks adorable.

Wondering if she had an earlier baby shower in Puerto Rico also, for family and friends over there.

Marcie on

Good God this woman is beautiful…
I so did not look like this when i was preggo.

Best of Wishes to the parents.

Kaylie on

That girl is going to be prettiest celebrity baby! I’m sure she’ll have a beautiful name too!

Tee on

I like Roselyn, happy she’s expecting. Hate that ANY business sponsors a freakin celeb’s babyshower, wedding, etc! It sickens me, those who can afford anything they desire, yet, all the freakin businesses suck up and give them unlimited free stuff alllll the time! Celebs need to hand over all the FREEBIES businesses given them TO LESS FORTUNATE PEOPLE immediately!

Gigohead on

I agree with Kayte and those who feel these company sponsored gifts are in an essence “over reaching”. I am one that will NOT buy a product used by a celebrity because I know it will be way expensive. I like the openness of celebrities to show off their bellies, but to hawk products is not the way to go. Baby showers are personal and meant for families not a place for shameless plugs.

guest on

She had her first baby shower in her home land (Puerto Rico) and she looks BELLA!!!!!!

Bazkor on

My most heartfelt congratulations to the happy couple. Roselyn is a beauty and very talented lady. Eric is very Lucky!

Aria on

I love Roselyn, she is gorgeous, Congrats! Her husband is hot too!

Cris on

She is absolutely beautiful—just glowing

boohoobytch on

gorgeous couple

Jesse on

I’ve never been to a baby shower in the middle of a pregnancy always a month or so before the baby is due, so I don’t find it odd at all.

sandra on

Wow! She looks gorgeous! I guess this is what “glowing” looks like. Congrats to her and her hubby. They will have a beautiful child. I mean look at them, what a great looking couple. But more importantly I hope they have a healthy baby.

Guest on

What a beautiful couple. I wish them a healthy happy baby girl!

djg on

Wow, look at those arms! Someone’s been working out. Good for you and baby…

Patti on

She is not only beautiful but seems like a real down-to-earth woman.

Their daughter will no doubt be a beauty.

Diane M on

This shower was held on Nov. 5, not this month, when the weather was still warm in Southern California.

Jiji Moran on

Roselyn should donate all the gifts to charity. She and her husband CAN afford to buy things for their baby, so why not donate the stuff to people who can’t?

Karen on

How cute is she? And she’s MARRIED!

BFD on

Who is Roselyn Sanchez?

guest on

Her husband is HOT

Kat on

@BFD: I had to look her up on Apparently, I’ve never seen any of the things she’s been in, but they are well know – Rizzoli and ? and Without a Trace, etc. She’s gorgeous though. I do think it is interesting how people presume that two attractive people will automatically produce attractive kids. I think most all babies are cute, but definitely not all. People need to read something about genetics to understand how everything works. But, I suppose they are too busy reading People.

Kacie on

Shes beautiful & hes hot. That baby is going to be blessed with some good genes. I just love Roselyn (love the name) and Eric. I wonder what name they have picked out.

Carrie on

She’s got great taste in men. That baby is going to be beautiful.

Ayantika on

WOW she look beautiful! She def. has that pregnancy “glow!”

J on

LOL! Melanie and Sara, you girls have good eyes. I always thought I was the only one who thought celebabylover loved these kids a little too much. I guess not!

It just seems cheesy to see that a celeb’s shower is sponsored by a company.

@Kat, it’s like when two comedians have a baby and assume the baby will be a laugh riot.