Katherine Heigl Wants ‘Three to Four Kids’

12/06/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
Eric Charbonneau/WireImage

Katherine Heigl definitely wants siblings for her 3-year-old daughter Naleigh. But just how many is up for debate.

“I used to want like six kids,” the New Year’s Eve actress, 33, says in an interview airing Wednesday on The Ellen DeGeneres Show. But she and husband Josh Kelley have cut that back a little.

“We’re thinking maybe like three to four kids,” Heigl says. “That would be my ideal.”

“That’s still a lot,” DeGeneres points out. To which Heigl replies: “That’s still a lot, isn’t it? Alright, maybe two.”

— Tim Nudd

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Anonymous on

Sooo not a fan of hers and her mom hair.

sara on

My sentiments exactly, Anon.

Jesse on

Well then it’s a good thing no one is forcing it on you then isn’t it? Grow up.

Catca on

That’s exactly what I thought too. She’s a beautiful woman, but that hair style ages her 10 years!

Karen on

Four kids? 33 years old? Tick tock!

SnarkyEyeCanBe on

If you look up “LAME” in the dictionary you will undoubtedly find pictures of both Katherine Heigl and Ellen DeGeneres. Boring.

Jenny on

Karen first of all she is only 33 and her first kid is adopted. I think she’ll be fine.

Sandy Cheeks on

Wow! I thought she was almost 40! They’ll probably adopt more kiddies! I sure hope so… more people need to help orphans! 🙂

JDK on

Who cares??? I just wish she would go away – she gets on my last nerve.

Amanda on

I was the opposite. I always wanted one child. After I had him I wanted a 2nd. Now that I have my 2nd I want one more! I’m afraid after my 3rd, I’ll want a 4th.

Ami on

She is super annoying.

PeopleReadingHousewife on

I have never understood this obsession with pre-picking the number of kids you want to have. Unless the number is zero (e.g., “I don’t want kids”) or the number is one (e.g., “I would like to have *a* child some day”), I really, really don’t see where people are coming from with these random numbers.

Have you got the genders and names picked out already too? Really, you shouldn’t. This just leads to disappointment when things don’t work out the way you “planned”.

And what is up with three TO four kids? There are no whole numbers between three and four, so I think the proper way to say it would be three OR four kids. The way she said it makes it seem like she’d be happy with 3.6 kids…you know, one that’s only 6/10 of a human being or something. 🙂 OK, OK, now I’m being really nitpicky, but can anyone explain why having three or four kids is so important to them? Why not just have one first and then see if you are good to go for another, and then again, and so on. Why is a specific number so important (unless it is none or just one)?

Kira on

That would be nice, a big family to surround her and her special needs child! I regret not having more children because I do have a special needs child and she only has one sibling.

Kira on

Not feeling the hair either, she needs the longer straight hair

Ali on

I’ve liked Katherine Heigl since her Roswell days. I think she is a talented actress who doesn’t adhere to the normal Hollywood standard of being 2 different people (one in front of the cameras and someone different behind closed doors). I like that she speaks her mind, even if her thoughts are unpopular 🙂

Also she seems like a devoted parent so I hope she shares that love and devotion and has a few more (adopted or not).

Cat on

I am glad she is happy in her life and being a Mom and that she wants more kids. What I wonder is why people bother to read the article and comment on it if they don’t like the person it’s about?

Just a thought: If you don’t like Katherine Heigl don’t read about her.

Congrats on your gorgeous daughter and here’s to a big and beautiful family Katherine.

Lynda on

Why do people have to be so mean and negative? If you don’t like her, then why are you reading an article about her? Any of you ever take a picture that was not as flattering as you would like?

Belle on

Don’t like the hairstyle but love Katherine Heigel

KMC on

PeopleReadingHousewife – you are going way overboard with your comment. So she said 3 to 4, who gives a crap about how she said it. Her point is she wants 3 maybe 4 children. And what’s the big deal with people saying how many children they want? Or already having a name picked out? Who cares. Why does it bother you that people like to pre-plan. There is nothing wrong with that. People pre-plan a name when they find out they are pregnant, long before they know the gender of the baby. People can plan for their life however they see fit. If you don’t like it, so what. Keep your rude comments to yourself.

People on here complaining about her and her hairstyle need to get a life. Who cares how she styles her hair. It is her hair and if she likes it, that is all that matters. She is not here to please all of you on how she looks. If you don’t like her, don’t read articles about her.

Ann Marie on

Although she’s only 33, she probably has the oldest clothing and hairstyles I’ve ever seen in a woman.

Avery on

Kids are such a blessing! Why should anyone care if she has 3 or 13? Good for them for wanting a big family! Thirty-three still gives you some time to have children by the way. She’s not 43!

Alyssa on

Why does the image of good ol’ Mommy Dearest Joan Crawford come to mind when I read about Katherine Heigl collecting…oh, I mean adopting children?

“No… wire… hangers. What’s wire hangers doing in this closet when I told you: no wire hangers EVER!!!”

Alyssa on

I have a cousin who works for Universal and was behind the scenes of some of the press junkets for ‘Knocked Up’. I can tell you that straight from my cousin’s mouth…Katherine was a complete diva and almost impossible to work with, even her co-stars could barely tolerate her. She was supposed to show up to do an interview at one point but instead she threw a fit and didn’t show. I find it funny that I keep reading and hearing about how she’s a total monster….pretty much spot on with what my cousin was describing.

Sarah K. on

Really ridiculous to read an article about someone you don’t like and then comment just to say that you don’t like them. Um, then why did you bother reading/commenting at all? Oh I’m sorry – you were just expressing your opinions…

Anyways, I don’t think it’s ridiculous to decide how many kids you want. What she’s essentially saying is that she wants a big family. Nothing wrong with knowing what you want and then tailoring that to be more realistic.

Naleigh is a beautiful child and they seem to adore her. Also, the entire family seems really close, which is awesome. I’m sure any child would be lucky to be adopted or born into that family.

Alyssa on

Sarah K. Since when is it against the rules to comment even if we don’t like the person? I don’t care about the story or Katherine…I do feel strong enough to throw out my 2 cents. Not everyone feels all puppies and rainbows over her…deal with it.

Sarah K. on

“Sarah K. Since when is it against the rules to comment even if we don’t like the person? I don’t care about the story or Katherine…I do feel strong enough to throw out my 2 cents. Not everyone feels all puppies and rainbows over her…deal with it.”

You are correct. It’s absolutely not against the rules to comment even if you don’t like the subject of the article. But, it’s also not against the rules for me to find it utterly ridiculous. Besides, my comment wasn’t even targeted at you since your post wasn’t up when I wrote mine. It was more to those who read the article just to post “I don’t like her” type comments without any reasoning behind it. I’m not against posting not-so-nice things here. I’ve done it myself. But, irrational hatred towards a stranger is bizarre – that’s my opinion. Deal with it.

elizabetholwigphotography on

Karen- If she wants 4 kids I’m sure she will have no problem achieving that. She is only 33 & has many years ahead. If you recall, Kelly Preston recently had a child at 48.

I know that Katherine is very passionate about adoption and is a huge advocate as her sister was adopted but I thought I had read somewhere that she was unable to have children of her own. Does anyone know if that is true?

ashley on

Who cares…she is super annoying…nobody cares.

ashley on

Who cares, she is super annoying…nobody asked nor do we care.

eribri on

I wonder if she’ll adopt or conceive herself for the next kids?

I’m actually surprised with all the negative comments on her! She’s not my cup of tea but wow.

to404 on

If you don’t like her, then if you knew her i bet you guys would hate her even worse. How she gets on your nerve when you never met Katherine Heigl. People have so much hatred for no reason whatsoever. I wonder what she did to those people who don’t like her

to404 on

Can somebody explain to me how you hate someone you dont even know or how does she get on your nerves?

Anonymous on

ashley- I’m sorry, but the “nobody cares” comments (not just from you, but from other people as well) always make me laugh. If nobody cared, then no one would bother commenting!

elizabetholwigphotography- I’ve never read anything about Katherine being unable to concieve. What I DID once read was a comment from her stating that that she was “turned off” to the idea of giving birth (she made that comment right after doing “Knocked Up”…which is, of course, about a woman who gets pregnant and gives birth to a baby!) and didn’t think that was something she’d do.

But obviously she may have changed her mind by now, or perhaps she said that because she DOES indeed struggle with infertility and wanted to get the media off her back about having kids. In anycase, adopted or biological, I’m sure any future kids of Katherine and Josh’s will be just as loved as Naleigh is! 🙂

Anonymous on

PeopleReadingHousewife- Nothing wrong with knowing what you want ahead of time. My parents knew they wanted two kids…and that’s exactly what they had! Sometimes you just know in your heart what’s right for you. 🙂

Marky on

Wow, some of you are just disgusting with your rude comments, not only about Katherine, but about others. Alyssa, she is NOT “collecting” kids because she adopted from Korea. One of my own daughters is from Korea, and believe me, she’s a walking advertisement for adopting from there. If one of my other children was adopting, I’m sure they would be adopting from there. She is adored by the whole family, and an amazing woman.

People adopt for all sorts of reasons, and chose the country of origin for different reason, so the rest of you need to put a sock in it where criticism is concerned. The truth is, the only thing you know is what you see from afar, and that is very little. How can you be so judgmental about someone you’ve never met, and likely never will? Just sad…..

Nancy on


Why is it when a person adopts, they are “collecting children” but when they have 4 biological children, they are not???

BTW Katerine, I can tell you are in love with your child so conceive/adopt as many as you want to!!!

You guys are unbelievable. Every picture I see of Katherine shows that she adores that child and you are negative. Meanwhile I know women who have 3-4 different kids with different guys who are more concerned about partying than taking care of them but because they got pregnant, they were showered with positive attention.

Jamie on

Love her! And like Ali said, I like that Katherine speaks her mind and isn’t a phony. I also have a great deal of respect and admiration for anyone who adopts.

Grace on

I think it’s almost amusing to see the transparent attempts some of you are making to villify Katherine for innocent comments. So she knows how many kids she wants. Why is this a bad thing? I guarantee if Jennifer Garner made that same statement people would be gushing about how wonderful it was. You’re making yourselves look folish, narrow minded, and childish to rant about someone saying they want 3 or 4 kids. Get a grip people.

Catca on

Okay, I understand the posters defending Katherine for saying how many kids she would like to have. It is a rather benign thing to say so I’m not sure why it inspired negative comments.

BUT, I don’t get posters telling others it’s rude to comment on her hairstyle or dress, etc. She’s at a red carpet event, this is a celebrity news website, and there are entire tv programs devoted to assessing how good the celebrity’s red carpet ensembles look. That’s their job/industry. It’s why they hire stylists, etc. They get PAID (indirectly) for the fashion they promote and trends they set on the red carpet. Comments directed at that are completely fair game and NOT rude.

Amanda on

Alyssa- you post that same thing multiple times, we get it, your ‘cousin’ has stories about a celebrity. You want to believe them, yay for you!

Peoplereadinghousewife- lots of people know how many kids they want ahead of time, nothing wrong with that. I know lots of people who are adament they want 2 children, some of them say they are open to 3 if the first two are the same gender. I always knew I wanted 4. I grew up in a family with 2 children, my brother being 5 years older than me. I always wanted a big family with my kids close in age. My kids are 3 months, 2 years, 5 years and 7 years and I love it just as much as I thought I would. I knew I wanted 4 because I didn’t want an ‘odd’ number, not because of the number but because everything you do as a family is usually done in 2s, don’t want someone left out all the time. 6 kids would require a larger vehicle and make it harder to travel and do as much as we do, so 4 is perfect for us.

River on

33 is not old. Most healthy women are able to conceive until their early 40’s without problems. If she were to have 4 kids, she could have one at 34, a second at 36, a third at 38, and a fourth at 40. Not bad.

Jillian on

Why is it not okay to say negative things about her, but bash another celebrity? I know why because people are hypocrites. I read a post on here the other day where peopl tore apart a celebrity as if they knew her. There were so many false statements said, it made for some great reading. Not one of us knows any of these people. Of course we can form are opinions, but some people go way overboard!

And saying “nobody cares” or “nobody likes her” makes ZERO sense because clearly one person cares and likes her making somebody and someone who cares!

Anonymous on

Marky and Nancy- Exactly! I’ve also noticed that some celebs who adopt get accused of collecting children, while others who adopt get praise for it. For example, Angelina Jolie gets accused left and right for adopting kids, and now Katherine has gotten that same critcism (and of course both Brad and Josh get a free pass!).

Yet Hugh Jackman and his wife get praised left and right for adopting their two kids. Heck, even Mariska Hargitay gets praised for the most part about her adoptions…and her second adoption happened just half a year after her first one (not saying there’s anything wrong with that. Just that if she were Angelina or Katherine, people would have been jumping down her throat like crazy!)!

I could be totally wrong of course, but it seems to me that the “collecting kids” comments tend to be aimed at celebs who adopt outside the U.S. I guess some people think that only American children deserve to be adopted!

Grace on

Jillian: It’s not hypocritical for some of us to defend Katherine and not all celebrities – some of us don’t read every single article on this site. I stay out of threads involving celebrities I don’t like (such as Tom Cruise) and I also avoid threads where there are an insane amount of comments (such as the Beyonce one that had over 200 posts because that many comments generally means there’s a brawl going on in the comments section, and I don’t care to get involved in that.)

And I have no problem with people disliking Katherine. What I think is ridiculous is people picking apart a statement like “I would like to have 3 or 4 children” and acting like it’s a horrible thing. I, of course, recognize that people have the right to post ridiculous statements like that, but I also have the right to tell those people that I think they’re making themselves look petty and foolish.

Janna on

Alyssa…. “I don’t care about the story or Katherine…I do feel strong enough to throw out my 2 cents.”

You feel strongly enough about your dislike of this woman that you spent your time reading an article, reading all of the comments and then commenting yourself by saying you don’t care?

Alrighty then . . . . . .

AManda C on

She adopted from Korea because her mother adopted her sister from Korea. I think the think with Katherine is that she is a woman who has strong opinions, and doesn’t feel the need to censor herself. People are always saying “Celebs are so fake”, but when they don’t put on a constant show, like Katherine or my favorite hillbilly Britney Spears, people tear them down. So what do you want? Real people, or a constant show?

Jillian on

Grace, Some of the very people on this page are guilty of what I stated……maybe not you. Never said everyone…..and never said you!

I read your posts. You don’t like people attacking Katherine, so your solution is to attack the people who wrote the posts by telling them they look, “foolish, narrow minded, childish and petty.” I don’t think you could be more hypocritical if you tried.

Grace on

@Jillian: Well you obviously don’t read my post very carefully, because I have already stated that I have no problem with people disliking Katherine. I think there are many reasons that people dislike Katherine that actually make sense.

My issue was with them picking apart an innocent statement like “I would like to have 3 or 4 kids” and acting like it was a horrible, awful thing for her to say. That’s the part that makes them seem foolish and petty. There is nothing about any of my posts that would in any way indicate that I have a problem with people disliking Katherine. I don’t even particularly like her myself.

Reading comprehension is key here.

Anonymous on

Grace- For what it’s worth, I agree with your comments and, in my opinion, I think your posts are some of the most respectful on this thread.

Jillian on

Grace, I comprehended what you said and agree 100% that people are nitpicking and it’s silly. I don’t agree with your response to name call. Never said you had an issue with them disliking her. I said you had an issue with what they are saying about her. Big difference.

Reading comprehension is key. You seemed to miss that when you read my post.

Hea on

Someone said she gets on his or her last nerve. Why do people allow celebrities to do that? Masochist much?