Tori Spelling: We Were ‘Really Surprised’ with a Girl

12/05/2011 at 08:00 AM ET
Marion Curtis/StarTraks

Three kids? New house? No problem for Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott.

Since welcoming their third child — daughter Hattie Margaret, now 8 weeks — the Home Sweet Hollywood stars are continuing to take it all in stride.

“It’s not that crazy juggling three kids because after the second one you’ve lost your mind,” McDermott, 45, joked during a Monday appearance on The Talk.

“But to top it all off we moved, so we have a newborn and we’re still in boxes, that was the hardest thing. The place we have now we love and I want to grow old there.”

Also having to adapt to the changes are Liam Aaron, 4½, and Stella Doreen, 3½, who — despite an initial adjustment period — has now taken to the role of big sister.

“We didn’t find out what we were having — we thought we were going to have a boy. So we were really surprised when we had a girl. Stella wanted a girl and Liam wanted a boy,” Spelling, 38, shares.

“Then I think once we had a girl, she was like, ‘Wait a second.’ But now she loves it because her thing is that she picks out [Hattie’s] clothes — she styles her.”

But while the new family of five may be settling in nicely, a recent picture-perfect moment temporarily turned their world upside down!

“It was the evening of my birthday … the kids stayed up to give me their presents and they had made the box that they gave me the present in,” McDermott recalls. “They put little stickers on it of things I like, like rolling pins and frying pans because I’m into cooking.”

And when McDermott and Liam started “goofing around” as Spelling nursed Hattie behind them, the proud papa couldn’t resist snapping a shot of his son for Twitter.

“We were having so much fun so I stuck [the sticker] on his head, took a picture and I sent it. And then we went to sleep.”

The result? After his followers realized McDermott had accidentally included Spelling breastfeeding in the background, he jokes, “The next morning it was like boobie city!”

“What am I going to do? I am a mom, I was nursing my baby,” Spelling tells CNN in a separate interview. “He was so devastated about it that I couldn’t be mad. I mean, it was genuinely an accident.”

— Anya Leon

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AmandaC on

I really love this family! So glad that they are so happy together and seem like such great parents.

saydee on

I love their show! Congratulations to them & many blessings!

Rebecca on

I thought she said earlier that Stella didn’t want to have a baby sister…? I remember her saying that Stella apparently got all sad and said “What if it’s another Stella?” So this is completely the opposite of what she said before…

Anonymous on

Rebecca- I’m guessing that Stella probably changed her mind at some point during the pregnancy. Anyway, I love their story about the photo mishap. That’s why it’s always important to check what (or who!) is in the background before you click that button! 🙂

sat on

Congrats on finding “the house”! I know the feeling!

Bella on

I think they seem like a normal family! Any one of us on any given day could end up with egg on our face if a private moment ended up on the net.

And, they handled it with dignity. It is what it is……..

gottabelieve on

ugliest couple ever. Their kids look okay now – not the cutest – but okay. But when they get older……..ugh!

gottabelieve on

And I think they keep moving because they can never pay their rent on time. They’ve lived in like, 12 houses, in the past three years. Ridiculous! And they rent – they don’t own a home. How weird is that for people trying to pretend they are so wealthy.

Melisa on

Uhhhh….why was it a surprise? It was a 50% chance, no?

Karen on

Why is it so taboo to show a mom breastfeeding a baby????? We’re mammals for crying out loud!!!!!!!!!!!! We are all over Lindsey Lohan modeling nude for Playboy but we freak out because of a little breastfeeding??? Very, very confused.

Annette on

I don’t understand the fuss of having a picture of a woman breastfeeding. Our culture is so obsessed with breasts that it is ridiculous. Grow up people!

robby on

Hattie also released a statement requesting respect for her privacy during this difficult time as she tries to cope with the fact that she spent 9 months in a womb only to encounter tremendous heartbreak upon realizing that her mother is Tori Spelling

Anonymous on

U are funny lmao

kandice on

I love the show and am so happy for the family w/their newest addition; they’re great parents!!!!

ToRo on

LOL…how are u gonna be surprised that you had a girl when you didn’t find out what you were having beforehand? Don’t you get one or the other?

Congrats on the new baby.

Sloane on

The saddest element to all of this and especially to them is EVERYONE SEEMS TO FORGET, not us necessarily, is that not only did Dean cheat on his wife “for Tori” (Karma, Tori; if they will do it with you they will do it to you!!), but he has TWO CHILDREN WITH HIS EX-WIFE AND THEY ARE NEVER DISCUSSED! Dean – you have 5 kids, not 3, 5. Tori, he has 5 kids, 2 with his ex-wife and 3 with you. Get it now?

laurie on

He actually has 4 kids sloane, he and his first wife we in the middle of adopting her, i think she was 2 weeks old when they broke up, he never signed off on the adoption papers, so he in not the father of the second baby, not that im defending him, i always thought it was so scummy how he dumped his wife and 2 kids, on a holiday in Hawaii no less!!

JC on

These two are always moving houses.

Jean on

Dean and Tori DO own their houses, they are not renters. They make a very comfortable living from all of their businesses. Dean has ONE child from his former wife, and that had been discussed ad nauseum.

This is the only “reality show” that I watch. It’s clear how much they love each other and their children and friends. Life is an adjustment and they do have ups and downs…don’t you? Looks have nothing to do with it, they love their children…let’s move along.

Samantha on

I dont understand why people have to be so mean. This is a lovely couple. Not everyone has to be supermodel material.

Who cares if he was married before and has 2 other kids… maybe there is a mutual agreement between him and his ex regarding those kids. Maybe she isnt cmfortable with them being on TV.. There is ALOT that happens between closed doors. Why must everyone think they know everything?

Big Fan on

Great article. They are awesome hands on parents. Love them!

Patti on

I will give anyone kudos who love and take good care of their children. I don’t condone affairs while one is married, but let us not forget “it’s none of our business”. Tori, love your show..

Shannon on

I love this couple, honestly they’re a real set but I do get a little dissaponted when they don’t include Jack. He’s Dean’s son and Tori’s Step-son. Liam, Stella and Hattie should feel like he’s their brother not just Daddy’s son.

Lauren on

Samantha- I wish there was a LIKE button here like Facebook. Well said!

swansrswimn on

Congratulations on the new baby! Glad, but not surprise, that the move went so well. I guess with enough money and assistants on hand, the wealthy can do anything!

Kim on

Love them! I think they have the most adorable family and kids! Plus, they have my baby names… I’ve always loved “Liam” and “Stella.”

Lalaeh on

I don’t think people have anything against a picture of a woman breastfeeding- but it’s Toris boobs- and they are UGLY- and scary….

sharon on

I love this show and this family. Tori was raised extremely priviledged but she seems to have the hardest work ethic in anyone I have ever seen. Dean seems to work very hard as well. While I know this is a reality TV show they both seem to love and respect each other very much. Honestly I don’t see how they do everything they do!

Regardless of how they came together I think that Dean is a great father and from what I understand his other son lives pretty far away and may not be as accessible to him as he would like. Tori seems like a wonderful mother as well. Maybe they have both asked forgiveness from their exes, who knows but clearly they seem to love each other and their kids very much.

I think they are a beautiful couple with beautiful kids. I just can’t believe some of the hateful comments that have popped up on here about them.

sarah on

That photo snap was not an accident. That was a way to get more publicity. Plus to get people looking at her b oob rather than her face.

Can she breastfeed for real with the botched b oob jobs she has had?

And who names their kid Hattie? Sounds like a maid’s name from the 50s.

Tori on

Tori and Dean do include Jack alot but were not privy to it. His mom,Deans ex had alot to say regarding them showing him on their show so he keeps it very limited,if you look in the right places online however you see alot of photos where he’s with them and the other children. Dean doesn’t disregard Jack,he just trys to make his life as normal as possible.

cici on

His ex wife doesnt want her son on tv.

Sloane on

Why is it that every other celebrity couple that get caught cheating are slammed for years; Jolie-Pitt quick example, yet both Tori & Dean were married to other people, both cheated while married & divorced which is not the worst part! Worst part is Dean HAS 5 KIDS NOT 3 – GET THAT TORI? HE HAS 5 KIDS! He has 2 w/his ex-wife he never talks about and 3 with tranny Tori! Fine, cheat, divorce, do NOT deny your kids! How could you do that? Bet that will change their followers when they find out the truth!

Crystal on

So I wonder if Patsy will be coming back???

Anonymous on

Sloane – their “followers” do know the truth. It isn’t a secret that Dean has 2 other children. They don’t need to be mentioned in every article about their family. We know they are there – his ex doesn’t want them a part of all of this, which is fine.

Angela on

I like Tori. Congrats to them! She seems anti-boy though. She is always making comments about the sexes of her children. When pregnant with Stella, she was gonna have a heart attack if she didn’t hear “girl”. Gimme a break, you should just pray for healthy.

I also wonder: what happened to the red head she was very good friends with? Did they stop talking?


People are so dang judgmental. You have no idea whats his or her previous marriages were like. It is not YOUR place to judge. Especially considering most of us on this planet are not perfect, espeically YOU! Why do you bother to read these stories just to bash them? So, he has 1 son from the previous marriage? So what! They DO discuss him all the time, he was on the show and is not excluded from their lives. In addition, they do not rent! And even if they do, so what?! Not everyone in this world WANTS to buy homes. Some of us like to keep our options open. They feel like they were meant to be with each other. Which is better than most people who stay in unhappy relationships out of fear. Sometimes, things change and you meet someone new to share you life with. Let them live.

Jesse on

Not that I’m defending him but Dean has one kid, he didn’t complete the adoption of the little girl, his ex adopted her on her own… And while breastfeeding is a natural thing that picture was NOT an accident, so don’t act like it was all in innocence… And those kids are NOT attractive which is sad and I hate myself for saying it but what do you expect with those parents.

Suzie on

I think that Tori & Dean are a lovely couple who seem to be very real, down to earth and in love. They seem to be great parents, who love their kids. Yes, they cheated on their spouses and fell in love. It happens unfortunately. Sometimes the heart can’t help who it falls in love with.

And all of you who say that they “boob” shot was on purpose, how do you know that for sure? I saw the pic – it was in the corner and if you were just looking at Liam and how he was being goofy you might not notice the national geographic shot goin on in the corner there. People just like to hate on others…

Heidi on

We did not find out the sex of our two kids. For the first (a boy) we weren’t that surprised. But for the second when we heard, “girl” we were very surprised. We just felt like it was going to be a boy. So ya it happens. (Melisa, etc….)

There was a lot of uproar about the boob picture. Some people were saying how bad it was for her 4 year child to see her boobs.

It was obvious to me she was breastfeeding and should never of been such a big deal! Who doesn’t nurse in front of their older kids?

carol on

Where is all the outrage for this couple as there is for Jeff Probst,and his new bride?Tori had just had a huge wedding,and McDermott’s wife had just adopted a baby with him,when they met on a movie set,and had an affair.That’s why she didn’t get much of an inheritence from her father because they were disappointed she had left her marriage,and ruined another marriage.Cheating shouldn’t be okay for one couple,and not okay for another.Where’s the outrage?

tlc on

Carol..get your facts straight. Holy Hannah!!! Tori did not lose her inheritance from her marriage to Dean, she lost it because HER MOTHER was the executor and she and Tori were on the outs for years.

Tori was also planning on separating from her first husband when she met Dean on set. Dean and Mary Jo were already having HUGE issues/problems when he met Tori. Why is this rehashed every time there is a post about these two?

They are obviously very much in love and they treat their kids (ALL OF THEM) with respect and lots of love. That’s what matters.

Cilla on

gottabelieve, No they are not the ugliest couple ever and their kids are adorable.I find it disturbing when people who are grown sit back and tear down children and the way they look. You are a bully and a child should never be bullied by an adult as you are supposed to know better.Do you enjoy picking on 3 and 4 year olds?

Do some research before you comment as it shows your ignorance.They owned their houses and since they bought the house that they just moved out of in 2008 that means they lived in 3 houses not 12. Boy you have it all wrong don’t you!

People like you get a kick out of tearing people down and spreading lies to build themselves up.Don’t you have something better to do than picking on kids and lying about their parents?

Vicki on

Oh my gosh……The first thing I need to address is that whoever the idiot was that said those kids were not cute, shame on you. I personally think that they are absolutely adorable, not to mention very bright.

Secondly, who cares how many times they move? There started out being only 2, then 3, then 4 and now there will be 5 in the family. You do outgrow homes and move on to bigger and better. Jealous a bit perhaps? Love your show T and D. ❤

Jenn on

Dean’s ex doesn’t want her son seen on the show. Whenever he’s visiting from Toronto, his face is blurred out.

Congrats to Tori and Dean on a lovely family.

Jewel on

perhaps you should have found out the sex so you had time to think about a nice name!

Anonymous on

i prefer hattie over jewel….

Trent on

Congrats Tori I’m A big fan!!

look on

I just can’t help but wonder sometimes what type of marital advice Tori will offer her children when they get older, considering that when she got together with Dean he was in a long-term marriage and only weeks away from bringing home a new baby. Like, will she tell them it’s okay to break up a family when your own happiness is on the line.

Liz on

This ugly homewrecker actually has fans? It’s shccking what people condone these days.

Anonymous on

First of all, I’m assuming that the commentors who have said Jack isn’t being talked about here are referring to the Dean’s comments about juggling the three kids. I can actually understand why Jack wasn’t included in that instance. For one thing, as other commentors have said, it seems like Jack lives mostly with his mother. So it IS only three kids that Tori and Dean have to juggle on a regular basis.

Plus, Jack is quite a bit older than the others, so a lot of the stuff they say about parenting Liam, Stella, and Hattie simply isn’t going to apply to him. There’s quite a big difference between two preschoolers and a baby and a preteen!

I also want to add another possibility as to why Jack isn’t talked about or seen nearly as much as the other three: He is old enough now that him not being talked about or seen much might very well be largely HIS choice. Just because his father is famous doesn’t neccesarily mean that he wants to be, too!

Anonymous on

Okay, so Tori and Dean are horrible for not talking about their stepson, while Gisele Bundchen is horrible for talking about hers and being open about loving him as her own. That makes perfect sense!

Anonymous on

If you don’t like them they why are you commenting?

How do you know if they talk about jack if You don’t watch the show?

How dare you call a child ugly! Your the problem with America, you self righteous jerk!

I love the show, I think Hattie is a pretty name, I’m sure they have a reason for it, if you want the give your kids boaring names that’s your choice. I’m sure tori didn’t say oh I hope my fans or non fans will like Hattie’s name….

Get off your high horse and don’t comment own stuff you don’t know about.


I love Tori and Dean and there kids are super cute!

YawnsForTori on

I don’t understand why people claim that these “celebrities” deserve privacy. They have a reality show to show the dopes in this world (IE- their fans) that they are just like you and me. They are famous because of this. She is a terrible actress but wants to remain famous so I guess this is a way to do it. I feel bad for the children except for the one that didn’t get adopted by him. That precious child is so lucky!!

Kim on

Whatever people think of this couple they seem to be nice and down to earth and have a nice family. It is really nobody’s business if they were each married before, their ex spouses have moved on with their lives. The heart wants what the heart wants, it happens all the time and just because Dean left his first wife doesn’t mean he will leave Tori. All of you judging them are not perfect so stop criticizing them. I happen to like her alot and enjoy their show. Haters are always going to hate!!

Sharon on

I’m really proud of Tori..Wish her dad is alive to see his grandkids .Tori came a long way from a spoiled kid to a great monther and wife..

Alexandra on

Actually, I always thought Tori was a spoiled ugly brat. BUT…I actually really like her now, she seems like a great and caring mother. And while one can debate her looks ( I don’t consider her pretty ) she has the most adorable and beautiful kids! So sweet!

I’m really disgusted by people who use the anonymity of the internet to verbally bully children. If you don’t think they are cute, that’s fine. You are entitled to your own opinion. But keep it for yourself. How would you fell if somebody insulted your children? This is just sick and insane.

Guest on

LOL= Robby..

Patty on

Tori Spelling really surprised me. She turned out to be a very sweet woman. She seems like a great mother. I’m very happy for her.

Jane on

What she keeps her boobs exposed even in front of her other kids? She’s topless around the house? SHUT the door if you’re breatfeeding with your boobs out, isn’t that supposed to be private anyway? Unless like I said she goes around topless in the house all the time anyway. gross. No way I’d want to see my moms boobs hanging out, cover them up Tori!

Friend Frendly on

I’m glad they have kids! They don’t go around stealing child from third-world needy mothers like the Jolie-Pitts! As bad as Tori is.. she and Dean, have more class than some Hollywood scumbags!

Kim on

I am happy for Tori and Dean. Congrats!

YawnsForTori on

Love the handslapping over judging Tori. It must be wrong to judge Tori but not each other. So stupid! How do people know she is a great mom or a great wife? Because she presents that on TV. She is an actress, albeit a terrible one but an actress just the same.

Anonymous on

Kim- “The heart wants what the heart wants, it happens all the time and just because Dean left his first wife doesn’t mean he will leave Tori.” Here, here! I guess the people that claim that Dean will cheat on Tori ad leave her because that’s what he did to his first wife must have forgotten about Tom Hanks (who left his first wife for another woman and is still with that woman- Rita Wilson- several years later), Paul Newman (who got together with Joanne while still married to his first wife, married her literally the day after his divorce was finialized…and remained with her until the day he died.), Julia Roberts’s husband (he and Julia got together while he was still married and they are still together several years later), et. al.

Even in Hollywood, “once a cheater, always a cheater” isn’t always true!

Also, why isn’t Dean ever called a homewrecker while Tori is? Tori was also married when they hooked up, so you could say that Dean helped destroy her first marriage, too. Oh, wait. I know why. Because he’s a man, and men get free passes in that department!

Judi on

Congrats on your baby daughter. Sweet bundle of joy!

Mavery on

I am SO glad to hear someone FINALLY say exactly what I was thinking!!! Why are we so congratulatory for this family? We are talking about two people that not only cheated on their previous spouses, but left them for each other. What the heck are we condoning this for? Wow, they cheated, busted up two marriages and got married and had kids! Woot-Woot! Not something I would be too proud of!

Alexandra on

Jane – you’re a prude. Like most Americans. Europeans don’t have a problem running around naked infront of their children. It’s considered normal over here…oh well, yeah, in America you’re probably considered as pedophiliac or dangerous.

J. Thomas on

I love them and the kids, and all their friends. I love watching the show. I do not get why everyone has to always bring up Tori being so ugly. That is such a horrible thing to say. And to whoever said the kids are going to grow up to be ugly, that is just wrong. I think all 3 kids are gorgeous.

As far as Jack not being seen on the show, I believe that is a choice that his mother made. On one episode he comes to visit and they have his face blurred. I am pretty sure it is by choice that he is not shown, not because Dean doesn’t care about him.

Kelsey on should disable the comment feature because this is just ridiculous.

Judy on

I don’t usually comment to things like this but can’t help it this time! I condone commitment and family wherever I see it succeeding and kudos to Dean and Tori in this dept. And yes to breastfeeding and not “hiding” in a separate room. We are mammals and this is perfectly natural, never be embarrassed by this wonderful thing. I have nursed 4 children anywhere they wanted to be FED. Also some are saying adopt or don’t continue overpopulation! It is precisely the 1st world people that should bear as many as possible because it is our families that will grow up and be the responsible ones who care for the 3rd world hungry!

liz on

I do not condone tori or dean for being adulters or homewreckers the heat wants what the heart wants is no excuse for breaking uo any marrige or promise made in a church and to god and vows broken and the bible agree”s with me.they both should of waited for his divorce to at least me final in court instead of having affair on a movie set if they love each other then love can wait and do it right its not love just lust it will run out as soon as tori stops having kids to keep dean and plastic surgery and her looks go then she might know how it feels to get cheated on she would not be worrying about dean if she did things right way and was not such a adulter homewrecker whore.

liz on

And do not talk bad about innocent kids there are innocent u all this and gods little angels

liz on

They are beautiful kids