Beyoncé: I’m Not Pigging Out During Pregnancy

12/02/2011 at 04:00 PM ET

Beyoncé‘s baby bump is growing right on schedule – but she’s working hard to make sure the rest of her body doesn’t expand right along with it.

“I’ve been really conscious and I’ve been trying my best not to lose control,” she says of her pregnancy eating habits on Friday night’s 20/20.

“Because I’ve met so many people that say, ‘My second baby, my third baby, I’ve learned my lesson.’ So I haven’t been going crazy.”

She added, “It’s important that I don’t lose myself … I believe that life doesn’t stop.”

She also dismissed rumors of wacky cravings involving ketchup, hot sauce and ice cream, saying her desires don’t involve “anything crazy.”

“I was on a plane and the flight attendant came and was like, ‘I have your hot sauce and pickles and bananas.’ And I’m like, ‘That is absolutely disgusting, what are you doing?’ He’s like, ‘I read it on the Internet,'” she says.

The expectant first-time mom admits she knows things won’t be perfect, but says she can handle whatever comes her way.

“It’s exciting! I know it’s gonna be difficult at times,” she says. “I know that, like my mother, I’m gonna get on my child’s nerves [but] I’m just ready. I’m ready for the next chapter.”

Though she doesn’t exactly respond to reports to PEOPLE that she is having a girl, Knowles does share that she’s not picky about the child’s sex.

“I don’t care. I just want — I’m just like everyone else. And now I know why people say that, it’s true. I just want [a healthy baby],” she said.

— Sara Hammel

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Steph on

Love her!!

Tee on

I think she looks lovely!

okbut on

beyonce flies commercial airlines?

ruby on

I won’t believe she’s pregnant unless I see the kid come out myself. And I don’t really want to do that, and I’m sure she doesn’t either so … yeah, surrogate.

Shannon on

Kind of hard to believe considering her pre-pregnancy food and weight issues.

Kimi on

So happy for them!

juleah on

Only time will answer our questions if the surrogate mom decides to talk for a little money to be on a talk show or an interview by Diane Sawyer. I just hope Beyonce is not trying to pull this on her fans that made her so many millions of dollars in sales. That would be devastating!

Cinder Lou on

Interesting that this article should come out now when there are so many rumors flying around that Beyonce isn’t really pregnant – that the baby bump is fake, and that she and her hubby are adopting. Ruby is right, but I guess we’ll never know.

Alexandra on

Her bump is growing right on schedule? Is this a joke?

FrenchLady on

That is one woman that I do not believe a word of what she says she is pregnant just by looking at her. Jessica Simpson, Hilary Duff, Jennifer Garner are really pregnant as it shows in their face and body. And I remember Alyssa Milano, Jessica Alba, Pink and Salma Hayek. But this one, Beyoncé, is sure not!! She does not look pregnant at all. Her face is the same although she should show signs of her pregnancy – other than the baby bump especially at this stage by looking at her “baby bump”…. I agree with a lot in here: surrogate mother for the win!!!

Shawna on

You guys are pathetic. Seriously. She has absolutely no reason to fake a pregnancy. None. There is no shame in surrogacy or adoption. She is a healthy 30 year old woman, what need would she have to fake a pregnancy? You guys sound like a bunch of crazy conspiracy theorists.

linda on


Leslee on

So silly to think she is not pregnant. When I see Elvis at the Burger King in Kalamazoo, then I will know that Beyonce isn’t really pregnant.

cc on


Tee on

Okay, help a girl out here. I don’t follow that type of music, so I really don’t know much about Beyonce. She looks pregnant to me, though! I’ve seen plenty of women that only show their pregnancy in their belly. Where are all of you hearing these rumors that she is faking a pregnancy? I remember reading something once awhile back but haven’t heard anything since then. That’s a pretty bold claim, so I’m curious what everyone is backing it up with.

Fatima on

Beyonce’s preganancy is real!!!!!!! if you don’t believe me then go google up those pics of her in miami 2 weeks or her in italy back in september her showing off her bare baby bump!!!!!! leave her alone and let her enjoy her preganancy & baby!!!!!

ps. stop believing in everything you hear & read because the media lies too!!!!!!

JM on

genuine question here: why do people think she is faking? what i mean is, what makes you think she is? why her and not any other celebrity? honestly that is a real question because i seem to have missed out on whatever it was that lead people to believe that.


jeanette on

if you go back and look at pictures of her, the size of her “belly” varies greatly. in a NEW picture of her the other day, it was waaaay smaller than it was when she had the famous “incident” on the talk show…ummm, that isn’t really “growing right on schedule”…your belly certainly doesn’t get SMALLER the more you progress in your pregnancy. previous poster was correct…her face has not changed one iota…other pregnant ladies get fuller in the face. this has been a huge sham from the beginning…i think she just got the order of her fake bellies mixed up and wore the bigger one before she should have. NO WAY is she pregnant.

AnonymousMama on

@FrenchLady- that is the most stupid thing I’ve ever heard/read in my life. I’ve had two successful pregnancies and I never “showed in my face.” I showed in my belly. And my ankles…Not every pregnancy is textbook. I’ve seen plenty of pregnant women who didn’t have the puffy face. And why do you people care whether or not Beyonce is pregnant? How does it affect your life? It doesn’t. Will it make the world end? No. Will it change your beliefs in God? No. So then lay off. Beyonce has a right to privacy and we should respect that. Using the media to examine every aspect of a person’s life is cruel and seen as an invasion of privacy.

Who cares if she is pregnant or not? It doesn’t matter to you and it doesn’t matter to me. I don’t care if she faked it, etc. As long as she is happy, then who cares?!

Donna on

I really wish they would stop calling a pregnant woman’s stomach a baby bump. It sounds asinine.

Phyllis on

When Beyonce wasn’t pregnant, every other week, there were bogus reports “BEYONCE EXPECTING” Now that she “IS” pregnant, BOGUS REPORT: “BEYONCE NOT PREGNANT!” WOW!!! Why do we as people feel the need to build a celebrity up, only to try and watch, no, only to try and “CAUSE” them to plummet to the earth. Beyonce seems to be a very well grounded young lady knowing through “much experience” how to avoid the toxic results of stupid gossip by stupid people. I hope she never falls victim to hatred and turn into a Britney or Whitney, or any many other celebrities, that lost track of whether they were going or coming. I hope with all the love in her life, her family will continue to flourish.

Catherine on

Not pregnant, fake belly? It’s pretty sad that THIS is what’s heavy on so many peoples mind…how about focusing on all the other horrible mess that’s happening in the world today??

HJ on

Actually your belly CAN get smaller as you go along. I’m 8mos pregnant (#3) and I’ve only gained 8lbs. Especially in the 2nd trimester it looked like my belly was SHRINKING because I was losing weight. And my belly size LOOKS like it changes greatly depending on what I wear and if pictures are being taken- the angle at which it was shot. My pregnancies don’t “show” in my face until I’m at term ‘any day now’…Then I get a little puffy looking and kinda “ready”. Every body is different and that a celeb would fake a pregnancy: they would have to be mentally ill, seriously. People need to get a life. Just saying. And actually, so do I for even bothering to comment on this. :0)

Nikki on

Why would she fake her entire pregnancy? Can you imagine how hard that would be to keep up? The amount of people this girl is around, she would have been ratted out in no time. I did see the video of the “squishy bump” she was sporting, but I think that was more of concealing how far along she is so when the time comes she will have some peace….Geez

Liz on

So if she is faking, explain the swollen nose/face and pregnancy glow? I’ve had three children and that ish cannot be faked. She is a walking water balloon.

jenny on

This is the first I’m hearing that she is faking her pregnancy. I don’t get why she (or anyone for that matter) would fake a pregnancy. My face, arms, ankles, etc. didn’t change when I was pregnant. I didn’t even change bra sizes! My belly did get big though. However, it looked bigger on same days. When I woke up in the morning, my belly was much smaller and it literally got bigger as the day progressed. She may be having a pregnancy like I did.

Lady from the West on

To all the people saying she’s faking her pregnancy, please explain to me what I’m seeing in this photo, personally that’s what I call a baby bump, a REAL one !!!

christina on

She is def. not pregnant. Her bump is different everyday. Just yesterday you could barely see it on one of the photos on here and then today its that big….. please.. why cant she just say she’s adopting or having a surrogate. In you can tell always in the face n just looking at them that someone is pregnant is she is def. not. I knew the moment jessica simpson was pregnant because she looked pregnant just like all women do when your pregnant.

ADZ on

I’m not really sure what all of the people are saying about her not being pregnant. Espescially to “French Lady”–I’m 6 months pregnant now and have not gained weight anywhere but my stomach. I regularly work out and I’m vegan. Not everyone that is pregnant has to blow up like a blimp. Why don’t people believe she is not pregnant?

mona 1973 on

You people are so pathetic, Beyonce don’t have to lie about being pregnant, you act as if you are up in her face literally and inside her marital bedroom while she is having sex with her husband and you were there to confirm or deny rather she was or wasn’t impregnanted by her husband.One thing I do know is Jay-Z is not going to have know other chick carrying his child (MICHAEL JACKSON YES, but JAY -Z Hell No!! thugs don’t do that ) especially when this baby was planned. are you people stupid or what, black people don’t use surrogates out of fear of ruining thier bodies. The same people who bash barack obama,and live in denial and disgust that they have a black man as their president, will act the same way towards a successful rich black 30 year old woman who is married and then got pregnant , (not the other way around)Trying to convince and prove truth to ingnorant people is a waste of time and space.

Lady on

She’s so gorgeous, love her!! Can’t wait to see what she names her little one =)

MsJ on

Congratulations Beyonce…. I honestly think that anyone who thinks this woman is faking this pregnancy and has a surrogate has to be really hateful or mentally disturbed. And I am not trying to be nasty or rude, but honestly there has to be something mentally or hatefully wrong with someone who has to continuously be negative and ill mannered towards this woman because of something they THINK they saw on television. People look inside yourself and judge your thoughts. Judge why you don’t believe this woman is pregnant because “she hasn’t blown up like a balloon” when you didn’t second guess Sarah Jessica Parker’s pregnancy or Katie Holmes both of whom also maintained small figures through their pregnancies… I pray for you guys. Again, this is not me being vicious or rude simply stating that something is clearly wrong with anyone who ONLY has negative things to say about this woman’s pregnancy. Wow folks!

MsJ on

@Phyllis – Amen I totally agree! Thank you for your positive post! Praise God there are still many people with something nice to say! I concur!!!!

Ridiculous! on

It’s ridiculous that you people think she is not pregnant. There is absolutely no benefit to pretending one is pregnant – especially since Hollywood has done it all to make a family. In this celebrity obsessed culture, a woman can’t get a pap smear without TMZ knowing about it, so there is no way in hell anyone would be stupid enough to pretend something that has to be carried off forever. RIDICULOUS to even suggest it. I had a gelatenous belly with my daughter – grow up!

Charlotte on

She’s totally using a surrogate

cee on

for those of you who say she’s faking, it looks like she’s gained weight in her face & her boobs are definitely bigger.

public consensus on

Who knows what’s really underneath the clothing? Real or fake?

Charlotte on

I see Beyonce’s P.R. team has found this page!

Lailah on

The people that are believing this lame story that her pregnancy is fake are just plain stupid. Really? I have never heard any other celebrity pregnancy being questioned ever. So why when its Beyonce some bizarre story is made up? She’s clearly pregnant and I can tell she is watching what she eats. Because once you hit thirty those lbs are hard to come off. She’s a fiercely private person so I guess the media had to go to extremes to make people continue to talk. Leave her alone. Blessings Beyonce to your baby and’re going to be a great mom.

Anonymous on

HJ- Thank you! You just said pretty much exactly what I was thinking! And to add to what you said, there are internal variables (as opposed to external ones like clothing and photo angle) as well that can affect belly size. Position of the baby is one of them (let’s face it, unborn babies are not exactly sedentary creatures! Up until the last couple months of pregnancy, when they finally run out of room to do so, they move around all the time!).

Another thing that can affect belly size is having a full bladder, which tends to push the uterus forward (which is why a lot of doctors and ultrasound technicians prefer that women drink lots of water before an ultrasound. Having the uterus pushed forward means the doctor or technician can get a clear picture of the baby.), thus making the belly look bigger. And those are just two internal factors that can contribute to the way a pregnant woman’s abdomen looks at any given time!

Also, Beyonce is hardly the only celeb who’s belly appears to change size. For example, about a week ago I saw a picture of Jessica Simpson looking huge…and then just a few days ago I saw another picture of her where she hardly looked pregnant! Yet no one accuses her of faking her pregnancy. Double-standards, people, double-standards!

08girl on

Good gravy people. She certainly looks pregnant to me. Not only does she have a belly, but her face is kinda looking more filled out too. Why have I never heard this rumor going around about anyone else? Of all the pregnant celebs, why is Beyonce the only one that’s faking it?

Lady on

Lol @ Charlotte – get a life hahah!!

Anonymous on

MsJ- Um, plenty of people questioned Katie Holmes’s pregnancy. She, too, was accused of faking and using a surrogate.

JM- I can’t answer why people seem so insistent that she’s faking, but I CAN tell you what it was that “started it all”, so to speak. Beyonce went on a talk show back in October (if memory serves), and as she sat down her belly appeared to a lot of people to “fold” or “collapse” (not everyone saw that, though. All I saw was part of the material of her dress folding over).

But anyway, I agree with you completely. This insistence of Beyonce faking her pregnancy is getting ridiculious. And some of the claims people are making are beyond ridiculious. For example, that Beyonce is faking her pregnancy and she and Jay-Z are adopting. How people think that Beyonce and Jay-Z can pull off an adoption without anyone knowing that it was an adoption is beyond me! Why? Because the baby obviously won’t look a thing like either of them, so the jig would be up the minute the public got a glimpse of him/her!

And Beyonce has to be faking her pregnancy because her face hasn’t changed? Come on! Not everyone’s face changes when they’re pregnant. As other posters have said, some women gain only in the belly.

Nunya on

I have only one child and I did not show “belly signs of pregnancy” until I was well into my sixth-seventh months, breasts mostly until seventh month when like overnight I had a belly. I was very much in shape (athletically built). I believe many of you forget that Beyonce does a lot of working out, entertaining, concerts, etc. involving cardiovascular exercises which burn fat! She was always in great shape before her DEFINITE pregnancy. Let the mother-to-be and her family enjoy this blessed time by being supportive! Go Beyonce and Shawn! I believe you both are with child and blessings to you and yours toward that healthy baby!!

Amanda S on

She appears to have gained weight in her face already, which you can’t fake. Her bust is larger as well. She looks pregnant to me. I think what happened with the collapsing stomach, was her ‘people’ wanted her to look more pregnant when she announced it, so she wore the fake tummy. After all that, did you notice that her stomach was much smaller and real looking….and has since gradually gotten bigger? I think after that whole fiasco she just started showing her true belly.

Anonymous on


laura on

her pregnancy is real but her hair color is fake. How about that?

All these people who say “I just want a healthy baby.” Do they smother their infants if perfect health isn’t the immediate outcome? It seems just as much an imposition as “I just want a brunette” or “I just want a baby with pianist’s fingers.”

Nikki on

I don’t know or care if she is pregnant! She looks beautiful. And as for her face gaining weight or her body gaining weight in the arms or neck, that is bull! I am 120 lbs and gave birth to two babies, one weighing 10 lbs 12 oz and the other weighing 10lbs 7oz and I did not put any weight on my face or arms during prefnancy. My sister however, did put it on her face. Just because a woman doesn’t gain weight everywhere when she is pregnant, it doesn’t make her a liar. Some do, some don’t.

Delicious on

Interesting. Beyonce is just perfect. Perfect shape. No cravings, And pregnant. Mmmmm …. interesting.

Margarita Polyak Platunov on

Beyonce is really pregnant and you can see that! Why would she lie about having a fake baby bump just because someone said this? Maybe someone hates her and decided to make a fraud video about her posing as if she really had faked her pregnancy. I really do believe that she’s pregnant and she looks fantastic!

beth on

Just wait, she’ll be hungry the last couple months. And that when the pounds come on. Other women don’t lose control, it just happens ’cause they have another human inside their body!

Liz on

Good Lord this woman is atrocious. First craving rumours are offensive to her, now she’s talking as if eating a lot during pregnancy is something to be ashamed of and disgusted over.

Get over yourself, Beyonce. Keep up that kind of attitude and you’ll wind up being a TERRIBLE mother.

sullyjo on

Umm, i am just about 8.5 months pregnant and I am only showing in my belly–with my 3 yr old, I showed everywhere. Every single pregnancy is different as is every woman’s body. Did you not see the pics of her on the boat in a see-through white cover up? You can clearly see a baby belly. I don’t think someone like Beyonce is going to fake a pregnancy. Seriously. Not that it matters to any of us since we don’t know her personally but to go out of your way like that to fake everyone out?? I don’t think so. Someone mentioned a pic on here from yesterday where she supposedly didn’t look pregnant–well if you’re walking, have on a baggy shirt and the paps are right smack in front of you, you might not look preggo, even if you are….

brenda on

Come on people- she IS really pregnant. Look at her face; its so swollen!

Monica on

Besides all of the obvious reasons her belly would appear to change sizes- uterus position, clothing, camera angles, etc. I would like to point out that not all the pictures posted on any website are chronological. So just because they posted the above picture with the article today, doesn’t mean that it came from today or anytime recently- it could be from a month or two ago.

I say get off her back!! She is a happily married woman expecting a baby with her husband. What’s the big deal?? And everyone carries differently.

I did not show anywhere but in my belly. I got several comments all the way to the end of my last pregnancy that you couldn’t tell I was pregnant from behind- only sideways or straight on. I didn’t get puffy until the very end, maybe the last few weeks.

Jen on

hj fu

Jen on


Jen on


Jen on


kjc on

People have been saying she is pregnant for years, rumor after rumor of her having a baby… And now that she actually is, she’s faking it?!? You people are nuts!!

Also, just because she hasn’t gained weight anywhere else yet means nothing. When I was pregnant I actually lost weight during the first three months due to constant nausea. I am not a big person by any means, so that 10lbs was a huge amount. After that I only ended up gaining 15lbs over my prepregnancy weight – and it was all baby. Someone in the spotlight like Beyonce is certainly going to try to keep healthy, if not everyone would be bashing her about how much weight she’s gained.

I say congrats to her and Jay-Z, I am thrilled they are expecting!

Jen on


KaraR on

She is obviously pregnant. Her face is a lil fuller and her nose is starting to look slightly wider..which happens to a lot of women as their pregnancy progresses! Some ppl have too much time on their hands..get a life.

Karen on

Yep, faking it! LOL at the PR comment!

Why would she need prosthetic boobs even….explain that one! Her due date keeps changing drastically. She got huge overnight. It’s too bad she had to go this route. Sarah Jessica Parker did it right with just coming out with having twins and no one made a big deal over it.

K on

There have been several photos on the internet showing Beyonce’s baby bump in a bathing suit. She sure looks pregnant to me! A very beautiful pregnant woman. The glow is all over her face!

Fatima on

I hope & pray that Beyonce will continue to have a very healthy safe preganancy, safe easy delivery & a very healthy beautiful baby 🙂
May God Bless & Protect Beyonce, Jay-z & Baby Carter (I hope it’s a girl):)

ps. To all of the haters who still think she’s faking her preganancy grow up, get a life & stop hating on her!!!!!!!!!

leah on

I”m baffled people would even think she’s faking a pregnancy. Think about it, what would she really gain from faking a pregnancy. Maybe kim kardashian would fake a pregnancy, but why would beyonce. She’s a musical artist. She doesn’t do a lot of interviews anyway. She’s a full grown woman capable of being pregnant.

All you ladies obsessing over whether it’s fake or not seriously need to evaluate the purpose of your own existence and why you would even be so gullible to entertain such bullsh**.

Sam on

So did everyone just to deicide to ignore the pregnant bikini picture of her? Because … that’s pretty straightforward evidence that she’s pregnant.

me on

The comments that she’s not really pregnant show there are some people who will believe ANYTHING if they read it on the internet. And once they develop their opinion, no matter how stupid it sounds, refuse to change it, especially if it puts a celebrity in a bad light. I guess it makes them feel better about their own lives.

Holiday on

I also do not get why people think she is faking a pregnancy. That just sounds like crazy conspiracy talk to me! She looks great pregnant too!

Anonymous on

laura- Well what are they supposed to say? “I could care less if my baby is healthy or not?” Come on! Of course you’re going to hope for a healthy baby. But that’s not the same thing as say that baby had better be healthy or else! And Beyonce is a very delicate situation considering that she’s in the spotlight. Can you imagine what would happen if she said she didn’t care if her baby was healthy or not? She’d get blasted left and right!

pookiewookie on

Shes a big liar! And everyone knows shes not preggo, but she keeps on with her wild stories. Dont believe anything she says.

Tracy on

This woman has EVERYTHING. The looks, the talent, the body, the life….a family and man that loves her. Gosh WHATS not to like about her. I so understand why people hate on her so much…she is near perfect.

A on

I know a lot of people think she is faking her pregnancy, but there were pictures in bikini clearly showing a pregnancy bump, that would be pretty hard to fake, no?

sat on

Dang! This is a wild thread. This is why celebrities don’t talk to the press.

Lynne on

Who cares? Seriously is she the only pregnant woman in this country?

Carole on

I’m like, thinking, you know, like, it’s not really intelligent sounding when you know, you like, use ‘he’s all’ and ‘she’s all’ and then ‘i’m all’ and like, you know, stuff like that, and then say, you know ‘i’m like no way’ and he’s like ‘way’ and then you know, we like go ‘wow, way’ and then I’m all like…. CHRIST. I’m like, thinking she’s all needing to use her wealth to hire a personal coach to assist her with speaking real good and using words and stuff. I’m like, you know, thinking she needs to talk with better words and stuff.

Lynne on

Who cares if Beyonce is pregnant? I don’t.

Sera on

I dare all the haters saying she is not really pregnant to look at the pictures of her in a bikini on the beach showing a bare, pregnant stomach. How can anyone deny that? Moreover, why are people so adamant and hateful that they need to create/spread this rumor? Best wishes to Beyonce.

Wendy on

@ Laura – Seriously, did you wish for an unhealthy baby? No one in their right mind would do that. Just because someone says they wish for a healthy baby does not mean that if the baby is not healthy they would smother it. Wow..

Also, if she is or isn’t pregnant why is it anyone’s business? Can people not just say congrats anymore?

lovetia;) on

right on scheduhle? beyonce i seriously hope that you believe in god and not in yourself because you are no god. Why do you continue to talk about your pregnancy all of sudden? you where such a private person but now your so out and open about everything you do. Make a twitter and update us about your life, because its all weird and sounds too fake.

Angela on

I actually don’t like Beyonce. I think she seems a bit fake and she always has somewhat of an egotistical sense about her. I don’t know. I just never get good vibes from her. I just think she is probably a witch in real life. But, that’s just a guess.

That said…I don’t get why people think she is faking this??? I don’t understand it at all. She looks pregnant to me. I carried differently with each of my kids. I gained 40 pounds with my first daughter and only 15 with my second child. I carried differently both times but mainly because of how I was eating during my pregnancies. I don’t get why people doubt the validity of her pregnancy???? SO WEIRD!

Dani on

I do not believe she is pregnant. No changes in her body or face to be this far along. Beyonce loves to show off her body we haven’t seen that “baby bump” yet. And last, but certainly not least, when her ” baby bump” folded and collasped on that talk show, that was all the proof I needed. I don’t care who you are, THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE.

Marky on

This is so ridiculous! I didn’t look any different from Beyonce when I was about to actually HAVE my baby, either time. I didn’t get some huge moon face, I looked no different from behind, and we actually had a portrait made 3 days before the baby came! No one looks at that picture and thinks I was pregnant, because we had the photo done with a vignette appearance, so no one was looking at the belly, and just focused on our faces. We had a separate picture made of the baby after he was born. Everyone doesn’t look as if they are a baby elephant, we don’t all struggle to get out of a chair, and we don’t have trouble walking because our thighs rub together! How unutterably rude!! Let the woman enjoy her pregnancy!

JM on

Anonymous, thanks for clearing that up. i had heard about that and the media hyping that theory but i didn’t think anyone would actually be stupid enough to take that seriously. *looks around* seems like i was wrong.

seriously though, you guys? you actually believe because of that that her pregnancy is fake? did any of you go to school? have any level of education? that’s ridiculous and quite pathetic….

Colleen on

It doesn’t matter. And more than that, it shouldn’t matter. That kid is going to be like the luckiest kid on the planet. She’ll be a great mom. And those that love her will continue to do so.

Pipsqueeke on

All you haters will say anything when your jealousy takes over, won’t you? Good luck, Beyonce. I hope the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly! As for the rest of you, you should be ashamed…so sad.

Sammie on

If she’s pregnant or not is not the problem or question. Why she’s faking the pregnancy is the weird question. She is not pregnant. It all started with the strange video of her sitting down for an interview and her belly collapsing! That’s when it started. Unless she is starving herself the rest of her doesn’t look pregnant. Sorry but true. This is a strange thing going on. And her comments of actually being pregnant don’t sound real either. Why the farce? No one would care if they used a surrogacy mom.

Janna on

Jen, lots of pregnant women ARE pigs. Why so defensive?

Leslee on

I feel really badly for this child. There will always be some crazy element saying Beyonce was never pregnant and the child will always have to deal with off the wall rumors, the same as Michael Jackson’s children do.

Can we be any more awful than to casually speculate on these things, in public no less, at the expense of an innocent child?

mom on

I didnt eat junk either. started out small. gained the same amount with all of my kids. and i still had swelling, and a little padding. I dont believe shes preg. I also worked on obgyn office for years, and did ultrasound. even skinny girls show in the face, etc…….what she doesnt realize is everyone gains water weight, etc…..cant fake that. look at Jen Garner, Jessica simpson, hillary duff…..etc….they look great, and by no means fat, but they look genuinely pregnant. When you get to be 8 and 9 months, your bump gets big, low, and sometimes unnatracctive. Remember Katie Holmes at 9 months? she had a huge low belly. Bey is usually fat, and thick. those girls get big during pregnancy. I dont believe for a second shes pregnant, because of the video of her sitting down and her bump folding over itself…she also tucked her pelvis under and bent forward to sit. when preg you sit kind of upright. you darn sure cant tuck under, bend over, etc…..and she was dancig pretty hard and wiggly for a preg girl in her ‘oh baby oh baby ‘ video shoot. No respect for a faker. thats shallow. Nicole kidman and keith urban had a surrogate. no big deal

mom on

“”Another thing that can affect belly size is having a full bladder, which tends to push the uterus forward (which is why a lot of doctors and ultrasound technicians prefer that women drink lots of water before an ultrasound. Having the uterus pushed forward means the doctor or technician can get a clear picture of the baby.), thus making the belly look bigger.””

lol- um NO. im an ultrasound tech.the bladder sits in front of the uterus. you drink water to create a window to look through when people arent preg(reg gyn scan) or very early preg. you dont need a full bladder at all when slightly further along. the bladder doesnt push the uterus out. good lord, look at an anatomy book. a full bladder will NOT make your belly look bigger. the bladder is actually quite small.

shunda on

i wish you all that is hating on her to leave her alone. you can see it in her face. the hater out there wish they had her life it sad a woman cant enjoy her pregnancy without stupid people like you bashing her SHUT the HELL UP!!!! thanks

MW on

I’m 24 weeks pregnant with my 4th child and with NONE of my pregnancies did it show in my face. Not everyone does! People are ridiculous … the only people that can truly know if she’s pregnant or not are her and her doctors and anybody else that can feel the baby kick. Pictures can be deceiving and by the way, depending on how the baby is in the tummy a pregnant woman’s stomach can look smaller after looking bigger, it also depends on if they have eaten or not before a picture was taken. Any pregnant woman knows that EVERY pregnancy is different.

Ridiculous! on

I am amazed how the negative comments have gone from questioning if she is pregnant to now attacking her for saying she wants a healthy baby or she’s trying to watch what she eats while she is pregnant…wake up people! She didn’t call a press conference… she was ASKED these questions and she is simply responding! She doesn’t think she’s special or going through anything others haven’t already done before….she’s responding to questions people ask because they want to know, period. The fact you clicked on the link to read it and took the time to post makes my point. She has fans who want to know how she’s doing, it’s that simple. No conspiracy, no special agenda – just feeding the fans what they want: Info on their favorite singer and this phase of her life. Good grief!

star on

I love her!!!! I’m such a Beyonce groupie. I questioned it at first when I saw her at an interview but I don’t see why she would fake a pregnancy. She’s 30 and seems healthy. Either way her baby will be lucky and loved.

Love on

Beyonce has so many people fooled! She iS NOT pregnant, she’s using a surrogate. It will all come out in due time.

carol on

I don’t understand why in 2011 someone would have to fake a pregnancy.There is no shame in surogacy,fertility treatments,or adoption.Plus who wears a figure hugging dress if they have a fake baby bump?,wouldn’t they have on a tent dress?No one questions Jennifer Garner,or Jessica Simpson’s(unwed mother)pegnancies.So what’s the difference?

Joyce on

Beyonce now claims to be 8 months pregnant (lol) — she has not been seen visiting a doctor’s office every week, or even bi-weekly, as is the norm for a woman in the 3rd trimester. So I know about Beyonce not pregnancy …sad

amy on

she does not seem like the type of person who would risk her reputation and say she is pregnant when she isn’t. she has too much to lose if she lies about something this big. she’s pregnant!

Jeana on


JMO on

I just don’t see how you can fake a pregnancy. It would be too hard and way too stressful and Beyonce knows and is around a lot of people something more reliable would of come out by now saying she’s not pregnant. I think the beach photo clearly shows a “bump”.

People said Katie Holmes wasn’t pregnant either bc her stomach was shaped oddly and different sizes for months.

Kate on

Some of these comments are just stupid. If they were adopting or using a surrogate, why even go through the charade of pretending to be pregnant. They are so secretive, I am sure that they would not even announce publicly (until absolutely necessary) that they were parents. Beyonce is not a small, stick of a girl…meaning that her baby bump is not necessarily going to pop right out like a basketball.

Keli on

Im not really a fan of hers, dont care too much for her music. I do like a few songs though, anyways, when I first saw that video of her collasing belly I admit I was like whoa thats not real, and even her bare belly, yes she did have a bit of a belly but that could have been her being bloated, full stomach, she could have been easily pushing it out even, I could do that right and and look pregnant. but after I watched the video again with different angles and slowed down, you can really tell that her dress was being a little funky.

But for some of you to say that besides her stomach she doesnt look pregnant, are you crazy? Have you guys ever really been pregnant? Jeez I had two and boy were they different. With my first I showed ALL over. But with my second, I only got big in the belly. I worked for 8 months while pregnant behind a deli counter and not one customer knew I was pregnant until I went around onto the sales floor. Everyone and every pregnancy is different. For a good almost 2 months with my second, I had a bigger bump on my right side because of how he was positioned in there. it looked like I had a weird shaped stomach. I bet if I were famous you guys would say I was faking it. It seems like some people want to make something of nothing and it so sad that as mothers this is how we talk about other mothers. Its not a popularity contest. Wht cant we for once just be happy for people. I also wanna know how many of you people act like this to your family and friends in your real lives. Its pretty damn easy to be all big and bad behing a keyboard and screen.

Hea on

Wow, what the hell is wrong with some of you people on here? Scary.

Tigerlee on

A successful, married Black woman gets hate and ugly rumors thrown at her by uneducated baby-mamas who got fat in face from WIC check food. Lovely.

Mila on

I want to wish Beyonce the best of luck. That her child will be healthy and happy!

Noel on

If this woman is faking she is not doing a good job. Beyonce and her husband have enough money where if they wanted to fake this they could do it where nobody would be able to tell come on now. @Joyce when did you last talk to Beyonce? Do you know her doctor? Do you stay next to her? You have a private team of photographers following her around or something? How do you know when she goes to the doctor? How do you know she hasn’t been to the doctor? For the people who talk so bad about her would we be having this convo if she was a white woman? Also how is this affecting you personally, do you have to care for her child? Just be happy for her and her family.

Clara on

What’s the point of faking a pregnancy? Some of you people watch way to many soap operas.

Congratulations, to the happy family.

marie on

I am trying to like her but I just can’t. She is so fake. She seems to think the world cares about her pregnancy. As for her not pigging out while pregnant…well, she shouldn’t be wearing some of the outfits she wears. Her legs and butt are way too big. A lot of the clothes are for slender tiny woman. And that she is not.

fatu sankoh on

how sad of you hatters you all are getting mad god have blessed bey she get pregnate on her own time in natural way you all can hate all you want beyonce is love for life and their is norting you hatters can do but go back to hate hale hole were you all belong god bless you bey the baby and your family for life bey you are the most beautiful pregnate star ever i wias you all the best in the world

Bonnie on

Beyonce is a great entertainer. I am happy for her and wish her all the best.

Stella Bella on

This wins for the strangest thread ever. Can’t even read all the comments, too weird!

Toya L. on

Lmmfao. Why do some people who support artists feel that their support entitles them to know what goes on in their private lives? If celebs CHOOSE to share personal details of their private lives, cool but just because you are a die hard fan, buy a cd, concert ticket, game jersey, movie ticket etc…. Doesn’t give you the right for said entertainer to say we conceived on our own/with help, we adopted, used a surrogate etc… Your sense of entitlement should stop at an entertainer giving their fans the best of their craft. Congrats to them!

Helen on

I have a friend who would get pregnate and she would put all the weight she gained in her stomach. Her last pregnancy whe gain 40 lbs all in the front she alway complained if she could only put some of it on her legs and arms. she only weight about 95lbs

SS on

for those of you scratching your heads on WHY the surrogate controversy exists. There are OTHER celebrities who are too vain to carry their own kid. Nicole Kidman’s pregnancy fueled that rumor hard, there was NO CHANGE in her body at all, except for a well-guarded bump. Beyonce, is said to be doing the same thing because she is expected to be in a movie almost immediately after the kid is born. She is to be in A Star is Born directed by Eastwood. The rumor was further fueled because her assistant or someone she and Jay-Z know well, suddenly left the country. That person is suspected as the one who is harboring the kid. Then there’s the myth that this was really a design to help boost her record sales. Finally, Beyonce was on a show in England where her stomach FOLDED not shifted, when she went to sit down. That just does NOT happen when your preggers. Not to mention, she gave a concert in NYC and looked thin and went to London only DAYS later and suddenly had a tummy. But, when all is said and done, that’s their kid no matter HOW they got it.

jeanniB on

everytime l hear her speak l see how some education would benifit her in the way she expresses herself…at times she sounds like edith bunker.(archie’s wife)..l know that sounds harsh,but her baby is going to be listening to her speak!…no l’m not a hater just a listener…

M on

I’m sorry you guys, but I have seen photos of Beyonce when she just took some time off for awhile a little over a year ago. She wasn’t even pregnant then, and her upper arms, face and nose were absolutley huge from just relaxing, being a wife and not being on tour. Ok, cool. So NOW, when she’s actually supposed to REALLY be pregnant…she’s watching calories, has no cravings, is so upfront and personal about this baby, around for plenty of photo ops, and is only gaining very little weight in the belly ONLY? Yeah, um…ok. Oh yeah, by the way…Where has Jay been? She’s been captured mostly by herself, and he doesn’t really have to tour ever AGAIN if he does not want to. But he is doing so now that she’s pregnant. Right. Things just seem so odd regarding this pregnancy. I hope everyone is wrong, but I call surrogate/breast implants on this one.

Carrie Jo on

To the people who are accusing her of faking her pregnancy – You guys are weird. Seriously. Or you have too much time on your hands. Find a better hobby than picking on people you don’t even know.

Phyllis on

@lovetia You said Beyonce’s not a god, but you must certainly think you’re one. I’m sure even her own mother doesn’t ever think her 30 year old daughter has to answer to her, but, obviously, you consider yourself in that position to say she needs to go on twitter and explain herself to you! You’re either a pompous idiot with a very low IQ, or you’re someone in a very very high powerful and wealthy position to hold sway over the Carters,…I’m assuming you’d think her husband should explain himself to you too. Why mention God as though you serve him?? Read your bible, look at the examples of the way Jesus talked to people and maybe you can work on you before you try to check her or anyone else. It sounds like you must be a very obnoxious nosy pushy person with those you do actually know personally, if you have the temerity to say what you said to a STRANGER… cause I’m sure you don’t know Beyonce.

Shanice on

She let Katie Couric rub all on her belly. I think Katie would let the cat out the bag if it were fake. Plus, stop with the her eating and pre-pregnancy weight. Beyonce hasn’t been really thick since that master cleanse in 2006. Her body wasn’t the same after that. I could understand if she was 2004 Destiny’s Child last album thick before getting pregnant, but she was back to Dreamgirls weight at the All-Star game in Feb of this year. Solange needs to hook their mom up with a Twitter, b/c according to Beyonce, she’s TICKED about these stupid rumors about her grandbaby.

Anonymous on

Noel- Exactly what I’ve been thinking! Beyonce and Jay-Z have more than enough money to buy the best fake bump available. So Beyonce wanted to fake a pregnancy, why would she get a fake bump that could collapse?

And you’re right about the doctor thing. We need to remember that we see only a tiny fraction of celebs’ lives, and that the paps don’t photograph everything (thank goodness!).

wearitownit on

Totally glowing!

LoK on

She’s totally faking or using padding to make herself look bigger. Hasn’t anyone seen that video of her during an interview where she sits down and her belly caves in and literally folds in half? Hysterical. If she’s not faking, then there’s some serious issues going on with her gut. Here’s the video: And why the hell is she always holding her hands like that? Is she a robot?

m on

I pigged out all four times, and loved every minute of it. As Jennifer Garner once said, “I’m making up for every carb I never ate.” 😉 I always got back in my jeans eventually 🙂 Be kind to yourselves and to others!

Bancie103 1 on

I personally don’t understand the reasoning behind people thinking she’s lying about being pregnant …. why wouldn’t she just say that she’s using a surrogate …. People use surrogates all the time … nothing wrong with it.

As for people saying she doesn’t look any different other than her belly …. that doesn’t mean anything … my cousin’s girlfriend got huge as a house with their first son and with their second son you couldn’t even tell she was pregnant (INCLUDING IN HER BELLY) 2 days before she gave birth …. Every woman is different. I’ve known a couple of people that didn’t really change at all during their pregnancy or only showed their pregnancy in their belly ….

Anyways I hope that Beyonce and Jay-Z have a happy healthy baby 🙂

yo on

How many of you wore six inch heels at 8 months? How many of you did not have cravings despite battling with weight, the bulge and popeyes pre-pregnancy?

serika on

Congrats to you and Jay I am so happy for both of you and I send out prayers to the idiots, anyone that belives she is faking needs prayers for those unstable minds

risiecup6 on

for the poeple who say she is faking it, why go on people and read the gossip if you feel she is faking it? nd another thing, just because you are pregnant doesnt mean you HAVE to be showing signs. I didnt show until I was almost 7 months pregnant. I woke up one day and I guess my son decided to turn the right way, but before that you caouldnt tell i was pregnat. I still had abs! So if you dont know what your talking about, and you have never been pregnant, shut the hell up!!!! Do your research about pregnancies before you comment!

Indira on

I didn’t think that Beyonce wasn’t pregnant but, I think it is within the realm of possibility that she was wearing a prosthetic to make herself look further along than she was in that pink dress. Beyonce is a person but, she’s also a business and it’s her job to stay relevant. When 4 came out there was a lot of talk that the album wasn’t doing well. Then Beyonce, a quiet low-key person announces her pregnancy in a big and IMO obnoxious way. It seemed very out of character for someone who wouldn’t even publish a photo of her wedding until 4 years after the fact.

I think for regular folks it is hard to comprehend how weird and bizarre the entertainment business can become. It’s not a matter of us believing anything but, understanding a lot of these famous people will do maintain an image/ stay on top.

Joe on

nothing on her is getting bigger except her belly. she has the type of figure where baby weight would definitely show — in her boobs, her legs especially, her arms, her face. maybe she doesn’t want to lose her shape or simply can’t conceive and doesn’t want the world to know. if she’s really got a surrogate somewhere carrying the baby, big deal. just sorry she feels she has to fake it for the public…there’s no shame in not being able to carry a baby yourself…

Lulu on

Congratulations Beyonce…. I honestly think that anyone who thinks this woman is faking this pregnancy and has a surrogate has to be really hateful or mentally disturbed. And I am not trying to be nasty or rude, but honestly there has to be something mentally or hatefully wrong with someone who has to continuously be negative and ill mannered towards this woman because of something they THINK they saw on television. People look inside yourself and judge your thoughts. Judge why you don’t believe this woman is pregnant because “she hasn’t blown up like a balloon” when you didn’t second guess Sarah Jessica Parker’s pregnancy or Katie Holmes both of whom also maintained small figures through their pregnancies… I pray for you guys. Again, this is not me being vicious or rude simply stating that something is clearly wrong with anyone who ONLY has negative things to say about this woman’s pregnancy. Wow folks!

– MsJ on December 2nd, 2011

MsJ, I don’t know you but you sound like a great person. I could not have written my thoughts any better. There are a lot of whackos out there and some have definitely posted about this story.

Juanita Jensen on

A fake pregnancy?? I don’t believe it!! When I was pregnant with my daughter, I didn’t really show until I was 9 months!! Leave Beyonce alone!!

Niko on

Doubting toms and haters get REAL, Beyonce IS pregnant. End of story….

Julie on

You idiots… look at her face… yes she does too look pregnant in the face! You can tell. She’s glowing, she’s radiant. She definitely looks different in her face than before. Leave this poor woman alone. She’s pregnant for goodness sakes!

Anonymous on

SS- “There are OTHER celebrities who are too vain to carry their own kid.” Really? Name one (that has actually been confirmed as fact, I mean, not that has just been rumored!).

Christina on

All you have to do is look at her face. You can wear a fake pregnancy belly, but you cannot fake the fullness in the face, boobs, and the pregnancy “glow”. She’s definitely pregnant. She couldn’t pay enough people to keep that secret if she wasn’t.

Anonymous on

i like bey but after watching the interview i must say she’s not pregnant it’s ok to have a surrogate but don’t lie. i just brought her dvd at roseland good thing i didn’t open it yet because i’m taking it back to walmart in the morning.

Sherry on

Why would she fake? She’s pregnant….get over it people!

MollyF on

Guys, she’s pregnant, get over it. Look at her face and boobs. I bet those who don’t believe she’s expecting think she had plastic surgery to plump up her face and boobs. *lol* Get over it people.

andrea on

I’m 7 months pregnant and have only gained 11 lbs – all right in my belly. No bloated face, no big boobs, no swollen anything. How pregnant you look can change drastically depending on what kind of shirt you’re wearing. Why would she possibly fake it? Lots of people adopt and/or use surrogates, if that’s what she was doing, why wouldn’t she admit it?

AmandaB on

I wish I could post a picture here; I have a shot of me taken one week before my due date and people don’t believe me when I tell them I’m pregnant in it – let alone practically ready to pop! I didn’t have cravings (except maybe fresh fruit, if you could call that a craving), I never even had morning sickness. Oh, and in that picture I’m also wearing 3 1/2 in heels. I didn’t pig out during my pregnancy, I chose to try to be healthy for my baby and for myself, I excercised regularly and the only weight I gained went into my breasts and my baby belly. And a week after delivery I was back into my pre-pregnancy jeans. Is that a typical pregnancy? No. Did my friends hate me? Yes. 😉 Was I still pregnant? Absolutely 100% yes.

My point is, that every pregnancy is different. Every baby is different. Every woman is different. There were times when my baby made my belly ripple like it was a waterbed! I swear he was an acrobat in there. What I looked like pregnant is different than what my sister looked like pregnant, is different than what my OTHER sister looked like pregnant, is different than what my S-I-L looked like pregnant, is different than what you looked like pregnant, is different than what the lady down the street looked like pregnant.

Congratulations to Beyonce and Jay-Z on the addition of an amazing blessing to your already quite blessed lives. I hope that you enjoy every minute because it goes too fast!

Anonymous on

yo- Plenty of other celebs have worn heels throughout their pregnancies. Victoria Beckham and Nicole Richie (Nicole DID eventually switch to flats, but not until she was riht up to the end!) are just two examples.

dsfg on

After what happened to Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick with their surrogate, she definitely DOES have a reason to lie about using one.

Julianna on

Beyoncé is pregnant. Her breasts are fuller, her face is rounder, her butt is bigger and her arms are thicker (it doesn’t show that much in the picture because, hello, black clothes help conceal weight gain). And hasn’t Solange (or someone, I don’t remember) said she was due around Valentine’s day? That puts her late in her second trimester or early in the third. Can’t wait to see that baby!

Sasha on

I see quite a few people on this site “drank the kool-aid”…just wierd. Congrats to Beyonce and Jay-Z!

Anonymous on

dsfg- I see your point, but at the same time she wouldn’t have to lie about using a surrogate if she wanted to protect the surrogate’s privacy. If that were the case (she was using a surrogate but didn’t want the surrogate’s privacy jepordized), then she and Jay-Z could have just done the same thing that Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban and Elizabeth Banks did….Wait until after the baby is born, and THEN announce that they’ve welcomed a baby by surrogate. No need to pretend you’re pregnant to conceal the use of a surrogate!

And just so no one gets the wrong idea, I don’t think that’s what Beyonce is doing. I believe she is geniunely pregnant! 🙂

Shay on

Jen…really? We’re actually calling Beyonce a big fat pig? Get over yourself. Not every woman pigs out when they are pregnant. Some women use the excuse of eating for two, while other women try not to. Also, some women are sick throughout their pregnancy and can’t keep anything down. Anyhow, I do believe that Beyonce is pregnant. I do believe that the way her dress folded made it look as if she was wearing a fake tummy. Also, I do believe that at times she has worn a fake bump to throw people off of her actual due date – one that she admitted to Couric that she didn’t want to announce. I don’t blame her, who wants to give birth with the paparazzi outside the hospital.

CelebBabyBlogAddict on

I think her face actually looks a bit swollen so based on that, and her word I would expect she is pregnant… why would she lie?

mom on

i think shes using a surrogate. I think shes using the ‘pregnancy’ for sales. She and Jay arent as successful as everyone thinks. Gotta keep up the ‘money’ image. good luck. Used to like Jay, but have lost respect. I just dont what to think about her. After that collapsing bump video……how do you take anyone seriously after that?

Tee on

Her due date is not changing no one knows her due date. The only thing she has released is a video when she was 6 months pregnant and saying how she made it look like she wasn’t. Her and Jay are known for being very private. No one even knew her actual wedding date until she confirmed it. And after 4 years of marriage she just released a picture of her wedding dress. Everyone who say she is not pregnant are just mad because of all the years they was saying she was and she was not, they did not see it coming because of all the false stories that said she was. I don’t know why people dislike her so much. But I know it’s funny everyone is saying she is faking it, but no one else is faking it. I know they thought Katie Holmes faked hers but it was not this extreme. Let her be happy and enjoy being pregnant. Oh and she did not say cravings are disgusting, pay attention she said the craving that the flight attendant thought she had was disgusting. Anyways congrats to them and I wish them a healthy and happy baby.

Denise on

Here is my personal opinion- Beyonce is not pregnant, she have a surrogate I do believe. Why is she, all of a sudden so turned off by ‘cravings’, that’s a natural part of being pregnant. Also, if you notice, she wears big big tops, almost as if to try and hide her belly! Her stomach changes sizes and shapes daily! Even when someone asks her when her due date is, she never answers the question! There is no changes to her face or nose! Most pregnant women get that ”big nose’ look, now thats a sure sign of pregnancy! I bet we would all laugh to see her get out of that prosthetic stomach ”every night”. lol That one picture of her on the beach, come on folks, no woman has a ”six pack” along with a big belly! Go back and look at at that picture,and I guarantee you will agree with me! She’s got a surrogate mother on stand by, and just watch how ”magically quick” she gains her regular weight back, after she allegedly have the baby!She’s not gonna give up that fabulous body, to be pregnant! Why do I care? Because if she’s faking, that is just wrong! #dontbelievethehype

Denise on

Fake! Surrogate Mom on stand-by! ijs

Rachel on

If you eat right you dont have to gain that much weight. I only gained 5 pounds with my baby and he was 8.7 . All the people who gain 30 or 40 pounds have no control