Moody Mamas Debuts at Walmart

12/01/2011 at 02:00 PM ET
Courtesy Moody Mamas

Moody Mamas chic mom-to-be fashions have arrived at Walmart.

And all we can say is: It’s about time!

The simple, yet stylish collection includes everything from easy tunic tops to comfy pants that you can wear during and after your pregnancy.

The best part? Everything is super affordable.

At just $14, the versatile Maternity Essential Empire Dress is quite a steal.

Plus, the Maternity Soft Knit Pajama Set ($8) is perfect for lounging around.

To shop the full line, go to

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lifeasahouse on

That is the worst baby bump I have ever seen!

Olivia on

Okay, yay for affordable maternity clothes, but boo on the name. Moody Mamas, really?

Anonymous on

Ha pretty sure thats a Jcrew scarf! cute! on

The Liz Lange maternity line at Target is stylish and affordable too! As a expectant mom myself, I agree with Olivia…the name stinks!

Sarah S. on

What a negative name for a maternity line!!

megan on

What a ridiculous name. That’s worse than Applebottom Jeans

Anne on

I am sure thid chick made a trip to the toy dept. that has to be a ball or a really bad miss shaped baby! Oh yeah stupid name for maternity clothes!

Amanda S on

Weird name….yes.

Terrible baby ‘bump’….yes again.

BUT, I ordered a pair of jeans, and four long sleeve shirts today for just $55 shipped. Liz Lange maternity (which is just a bunch of thin layering shirts or dressy attire these days!) couldn’t match that on the sale of the year.

This is my last baby and I refuse to spend more than I spend on Christmas, on maternity clothes I’ll have no use for in 6 months.

megan on

love how they photoshopped one of her legs in. how many pregnant ladies stand up leaning back a bit, with one leg straight and the other draped around the second leg ? lol

Anonymous on

Ahhh… I’ve been laughing for ages. So off the topic but I also couldn’t believe the ridiculous bump LOL. It’s the only reason I ventured into this thread.

Kayte on

Ahhh–Looks like the baby dropped. Ha! No one involved in this photo shoot has ever been pregnant. That is the strangest looking belly I have ever seen. She has to stand that way to keep the ball from falling to her knees.

Shannon on

Marketing campaign fail!

ELO on

That bump is most definitely awful but my eyes keep going to the legs. I’m a commercial photographer and have been sitting here with my head cocked, laughing. That is one terrible photo-editing job. The feet are pointed incorrectly and it looks like both legs are coming out of the right socket.

Amanda on

I’m with Amanda S on this, bad name and bad bump but you can’t beat those prices! Liz Lange is starting to be just as overpriced (Except lower quality!) as Motherhood Maternity. I used to love Target’s maternity and nursing stuff and slowly the price has been rising. I don’t think Target understands that a big advantage their clothes had was price and that’s disappearing.

I’m no longer pregnant and don’t plan on another pregnancy but if I were I’d go with this, even with the bad name.

cris on

I appears that the baby is actually already born and in a sling under her dress-that would explain the bump! lol!

Kate on

lol at the sling comment, thanks for the laugh guys!

Cammy on

Now if Walmart would give back the healthcare they took back from their employees who work under 35 hours a week, and yes that does include pregnant Mom’s who work there….

Amanda on

I don’t know where you live Cammy but I don’t know of any company that offers health insurance to part time employees, and that includes the insurance companies themselves.

Miche on

Amanda – mine does… I get it working 24 hours a week. Company is based in Texas.

Horrible picture. Great prices. I just wish we could see more of the dress. Seems like they are hiding it under the purse and scarf. You can’t see how the top is cut or how the back and waist fits on the body.

Tee on

Wow! That’s a really unusual (read: bad) name for a maternity clothing line! And as much as I hate to admit it, I don’t care for that picture. Odd belly, odd legs… I don’t know anything about the clothes but that’s a strange advertisement!

Jillian on

Amanda, I live in the US and every company I have ever consulted for has offered health care to part employees working a minimum of 20 hrs per week. A study was done this year and it concluded that 42% of large companies offer health care to part time employees.

I think Walmart cutting all future employees under 24 hrs is wrong on so many levels. They are also cutting any new employees from covering their spouses if the employee works less than 35. Fine. Cover the employee first. I think they should implement that rule across the board for under 35 and protect all employees and children. The company pays crappy and is adding additional premium to employees who smoke up to $90 every check. I guess I should end my rant….sorry!



Alyssa on

The PJ set….who is pregnant and wants to wear spaghetti straps? I have big old mom boobs…it doesn’t look good with wide bra straps poking out under little spaghetti straps.

Amy on

I was really hoping they would be offering Plus Sized maternity clothes as well. While I am not severly overweight, I would think that once I do become pregnant I may have to go from an XL to a 1X/2X top, and it would have been nice to have that option at Walmart.

momto3boysillbe on

@ Jillian – People who smoke should pay more for their healthcare. Is there even an excuse for that rant?