Mini Must-Have: The Jolie-Pitt’s Cozy Tops

12/01/2011 at 10:00 AM ET
Masatoshi Okauchi/Startraks

Despite all their different personalities, the Jolie-Pitt kids always seem in sync.

And this was especially true as the family made their way through Haneda International Airport in Tokyo on Nov. 7.

We spotted three of Angelina Jolie‘s brood wearing strikingly similar outfits.

Big bro Maddox sported the Nutmeg Stripe Mix Zip-Up Hoodie ($97), while Shiloh wore the Wide Heather Grey Rugby Stripe Polo ($57) and Pax rocked the Melange Jersey Mix Sweatshirt Tee ($48) — all from Splendid.

The company’s yummy cotton clothing is so well-made and Jolie is such a big fan of handing things down, we’re sure we’ll see Knox or Vivienne in these pieces soon.

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Belle on

The family is lovely. Shiloh looks like she has her “Don’t mess with me” face on, LOL

loren on

This is a lovely family. Love to see them. The children are growing up quickly, they are all good looking, everyone of them.

Jen on

THEY’RE ALL FREAKS!!! Those poor kids…don’t have a chance! I wish Angie would cover up her old lady legs…YUCK!!!!

Julia on

Jen, seriously…how old are you? How can you call an innocent child a freak?!

Jillian on

Beautiful family.

Jen’s comment should be removed. I am really tired of children being called names, bashed and critiqued on this site. Bullying is out of control and adults shouldn’t be bullying children. And this site shouldn’t allow! I know this page is closely monitored bc a post was just removed after minutes on another post.

drea on

Pax “rocked” a sweatshirt tee. Really? The kids is wearing a shirt. Who writes this?

Also, I just picked up a few shirts for my son from the Shaun White line at Target that look almost identical to these for $11.99 if anyone wants a more affordable option. on

Great looking family…they are all so coordinated and stylish!

cn tower on

Drea – Good post! 🙂

Anonymous on

OMG Maddox is soooo cute with that hair do! He is going to be SUCH a heartbreaker. And Pax seems to be following right in his brothers footsteps. Adorable. The bigger photo shows Zahara and Knox too. Zahara is breath taking. She is so beautiful. And Shiloh is adorable too and getting really tall!

The twins, I’m sorry but uh…Knox NEEDS a haircut. I normally LOVE long hair on little boys….but he cant pull it off for some reason. He has an adorable face but omg his hair makes him look…I dont know, just off or something. My son is a boy who CANNOT pull off long hair either. Some boys cant do it. Others rock it. Viv is cute, but I really hope she outgrows those puffy cheeks. They make her look fat.

Anonymous on

Viv is cute, but I really hope she outgrows those puffy cheeks. They make her look fat.

Seriously! It is called baby fat and she is still a baby!!! I think her cheeks are cute.

Tee on

So one person called the kids freaks and another person called one of the toddlers fat? Seriously? People Magazine, I really wish you would monitor these comments.

Ashley on

Great post Drea, I agree 🙂

Shannon on

Why does one kid have on flip flops and one have on boots? Angie is not aging well. However Shiloh is beautiful, as always.

trinia on

I really think it’s a good thing that most of the people that are talked about on this site don’t read the blogs… the people here post comments that would really hurt anyone who read them, yes we can’t afford the things that they buy… but I believe the reason for this post is to give us a little glimpse into their lives, and I can bet that if anyone was to come to you and say anything negative about your children you would be ready to fight… but then again it’s easy to post nastiness and get away with.. hiding behide the internet, blogs, and posting things that you could never say to a person face.

stacey on

I think Knox’s hair is adorable, but seriously, does this family own any clothes that are NOT black, gray or white!

Jillian on

Some of the people do read blogs and several of them have even commented in a returning blog post. Elizabeth Rohm and kourtney Kardashian are just some of those that I have noticed.

Anonymous on

I didnt call her fat! She is clearly not. I said her cheeks make her look that way. I know alot of girls like that, who have round cheeks with like stick thin bodies. Its strange looking…I am not going to sugar coat anything. Get over it!

anonymous on

jillian, i don’t think you need to worry about a-listers like angelina reading this site. gmab.

Jillian on

Anonymous, um ok. To start off with, I would never be worried about anyone reading what write here about them because I don’t write nasty or rude things. Next, I don’t think for a second SHE is checking this page…which is why I said some people do and did NOT mention her name …..smh

Dickie on

Splendid clothing uses Modal fabric, not cotton. And it actually doesnt wash that well if you put it in the dryer. It will pill.