Kourtney Kardashian: Styling Mason Is ‘So Much Fun’

12/01/2011 at 01:00 PM ET
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It looks like soon we may just be keeping up with Kourtney Kardashian‘s son Mason Dash — at least in the style department.

In a video tour of the 23-month-old’s New York City closet, the star of Kourtney and Kim Take New York gives a sneak peek inside her toddler’s wow-worthy wardrobe.

“I love dressing Mason more than dressing myself,” the reality star, 32, tells E!. “It’s so much fun picking out his clothes and making outfits and giving him style.”

When it comes to creating that style each day, Kardashian’s secret is simple. “I’ll pick one item to start dressing … and then I’ll build his outfit from that,” she explains.

Lately, the fashionista is loving the layered look for Mason, a trend, she says, is particularly important on the East Coast. “Here in New York I think it’s all about layering, which makes the outfits more stylish,” Kardashian shares, while pointing out a Ralph Lauren jean jacket.

Mason has also been known to have an occasional dress-down day, rocking a pair of jeans with a white tee. However, that doesn’t stop Kardashian from finding other fun ways to accent his look.

“You can make the outfit cute by adding sunglasses. He has these hot pink ones and I’m not afraid of pink for boys,” she says.

Hats are a fun way to instantly add style. Mason doesn’t always keep his hats on, but he starts with it and if he’s over it, takes it off. That’s fine, I don’t force him to do anything or wear anything.”

But the most important item in his fashion finds? The shoe collection, which include his favorite pair of soft-sole moccasins — in every color!

“These are probably my favorite ones. Every time he grows out [of them], I get a new batch and I get them in every color,” she reveals, also admitting to being “obsessed” with his gold Supra hi-tops.

“I think with boys … it’s all about shoes. I’ve seen so many little boys and their outfits are so cute and then their moms put kind of dorky shoes on them.”

And while Mason’s closet may be stocked with designer duds, Kardashian is the first to admit she loves a good bargain, too.

“Kids definitely grow out of their clothes really quickly, so I’m all about mixing and matching,” she says, revealing H&M is her favorite “really affordable” option.

As for Kardashian’s final style tip? “Let the grandmas buy the expensive stuff,” she whispers.

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— Anya Leon

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Lissette on

Glad to see you have all this money to afford expensive shoe for your son. Sorry that not everyone has as much money and they choose “dorky” shoes.


She is so fake its not even funny.

Jeana on

No one cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous on

OK. I can’t believe I just read an article about how Kourtney Kardashian dresses her child. What was I thinking!

Alison on

That poor child. Being raised into a family of superficial morons.

Anonymous on

I love Kourtney but this is a little ridiculous! Kids are kids. They are not a fashion statement. Let them be kids. My children are always playing outside and getting dirty and muddy and wearing the knees out of their pants. Who cares if they match. Let them pick their own clothes and wear hand me downs. Poor kid is going to turn out like a Kardashian.

Se on


Jillian on

Jeanna, you are wrong. She has fans who care. A lot, actually.

The more people complain about her, the more articles they will post here. Bring it on. I love seeing and reading about her and cutie Mason!

Lynn on

Kourtney, I hope you are spending as much time teaching Mason the importance of having quality values as you are on his “style”. A good child is not raised by spending a lot of time picking out shoes, jackets, hair styles, etc. but by loving parents who teach them faith, the value of helping others, loving their family, etc. I wish this for all children.

Katy on

So, is he her son or merely an extension of her brand?

lilly on

People Magazine stop reporting on these idiots!!!

E. on

When I’m finally blessed with a child of my own…there will be NO labels…except for geranimals and striderites. OKAY?

Crystal on

Wow really ladies??? Way to be that GRINCH..I can find the exact prints that she has for Mason at TJmaxx and Rosss AND make it look just as GREAT! You cant bash her for doing something with her life and giving her kids the best just like Im sure YOU do? She isnt making fun she is making a GREAT point.I read this blog because I like Kourtney so If your intention is bashing her then go away and go work harder for your kids so you dont have to feel shitty that you cant provide what she can. KOURTNEY! MASON ALWAYS LOOKS GREAT! LOVE HIS STYLE YOU ARE DOING GREAT!

Lisa on

inconsiderate bitch !!

there are so many kids in the world who can’t afford a simple pair of shoes !! I am disgusted by her … do something good and meaningful for a change and help those in need

thank-you Daniel Craig for finally dissing the Kardashians , the world has had enough of these morons who only care about themselves.

ds on

She needs to cut and comb his hair

vonnie on

Her voice…it’s like nails running down a chalkboard. So monotone. Sheesh!

Terry on

I think it is great, I love this stuff…sort of like a fairy tale. If you don’t like it get lost already.

SAL on

while yall are being so rude because she is a kardashian, EVERY SINGLE CELEBRITY CHILD DRESSES THIS WAY…DUMMIES

June on

He is a child, not a dress up doll.

SAL on


Melissa on

First of all, I don’t know what I was thinking either clicking on this page. Second of all, I couldn’t be more disgusted that she’s talking so causally about this ridiculous closest in a real fur vest. Are you COMPLETELY detached from reality, Kourtney? How ironic that you are a “reality” star. I thought you were the more down to earth one with some education, but this just shows you are a gluttonous drone like the others. Mason could not care less about the clothes you dress him in. He would be just as happy in clothes from Goodwill. So now we just need to decide what to do with the skinned animal carcasses left over from you hideous vest. They are probably in China rotting on a mountain of other rotting carcasses next to the filthy cages where the live animals are still being tortured, waiting to be skinned alive.

look on

Wow, this is a new level of superficiality and shallowness. Who goes around judging the footwear of toddlers?

Anonymous on


Sarah K. on

Lisa, I am no Kardashian fan (never even seen the show), but calling her a b*tch and a moron? Way to overreact. You have no idea how much money she gives to charity so why presume it’s nothing? Every celebrity on here spends way more money on their children’s wardrobes than any of us would ever even dream. They spend the money that’s disposable to them, just like we do. Obviously since she has more money, she spends more money on her son. It’s all relative. Please tell me that you sacrifice all of your luxuries to donate shoes to orphans. Because unless you do, you have no business calling someone else an inconsiderate b*tch for spending money on her child.

Loralee on

I have never heard the words “styling a toddler”. That just sounds very superficial to me. Nice to hear what’s really important to this mother.


In this Kardashian jungle..Kourtney is only one I like and I think she is good mom and I am happy she will be again…Rob and Jenner are ok too…Kris, Kloe, Kim = disaster

susan on

I can’t help but think the Kardashian clan waited to what seemed to be a low point in the Kris/ Kim fiasco, to announce Kourtney’s pregnancy. They have a PR firm trying to save their brand. It is disappointing that People continues to fall into the trap. I wish I knew where to go to sign the petition to get them off the air, it is time.

Jane on

Kourtneyyyy, you are like 32 nowww, so you’re really too old to be ending every sentence with an upward inflectionnnnn. The girls on Teen Mom on MTV are at your intellectual level but at least they’re rednecks from bumblef*ck. Why are you famous?

jdkf on

Shut up already! There are many struggling to FEED their children in this economy. Get some class and stop rubbing your excess in everyone’s face.

anon on

So, she must be the chosen one to do the damage control right now….HOW CONVENIENT!! Go away trashy family…just go away. The whole family lacks class and intelligence.

susan on

I can’t help but think that the Kardashians timed the pregnancy announcement to take some of the heat off the Kris/Kim fiasco. They must have a PR firm working full time.Where does someone go to sign the petition to get them off the air? People magazine needs to back off the family too. It is time we all focussed on people who actually do something to earn a living. This group cheapens us all.

Jesse on

All the people that “don’t care” about the Kardashians but took the time to click on, read, AND comment the article crack me the hell up. I agree with her about the cute clothes and dorky shoes… I was a single mom working 2 jobs with 3 sons and I always managed to find them cute shoes and at good prices to go with their fashionable outfits. And why wouldn’t you want to style your kids? It doesn’t take money to do it if you know where to shop and making sure your kids look good is not a crime. She’s obvioulsy a good mom and he’s a cute kid.

bones_addict on

The comments you people are posting on here are RIDICULOUS!! Jessica Alba ALWAYS has Honor dressed up in extremely trendy outfits, yet I don’t see people bashing her. At the end of the day, it is KOURTNEY’S MONEY!! What she does with it is her perogative.

And you guys are hating that she’s speaking about how she dresses her child. She’s talking about it because SOMEONE ASKED HER! She didn’t post this article herself.

I don’t have children yet, but I am soooo excited for when I can dress them up. Yes, they’re still children, but I can’t wait to buy cute little shoes and outfits. And you know why I can? Because it will be MY MONEY for me to do whatever I want with it and that’s all that matters.

3kittymama on

Kourtney is so stupid to buy shoes Mason grows out of in every color. He’ll keep growing out of them, and probably won’t even get to wear them all very much. She should take that extra money and donate it to an animal charity or any one of millions of other charit\ies. This kind of excess just makes me sick.

Liz on

He’s so cute and she’s such a wonderful person and mother!!

LOL at those haters who took the time to read the article and comment on it. You all need serious therapy for your own obvious insecurites and should be spending time on that not on an article. Posting nasty comments screams jealously and insecurity.

Linda on

its not that serious people…..she like clothes so why wouldnt she want to dress her son in nice clothes….you guys are really taking it out of content….its just about clothes and her opionion!!!!!!!!!

Cindy on

Wow, vapid and inane definitely apply but she seems fairly harmless. I’m not sure she warrants this much venom.

Magoo's Mom on

so it’s all about mixing and matching. That boy at not even 2 has more clothes in his wardrobe than I have in mine. And I won’t out grow them in a year or less.

In reality 99% of the population can’t afford to get a new batch of moccasins every time our child outgrows them…in every color. We put dorky shoes on our children because 3 pairs is all that we can afford. Why buy a pair of dress shoes for someone who MAY use them 3 times before they outgrow them?

Kourtney, how many items that you have for Mason have been worn more than 3 or 4 times? It’s great that you can afford to do that.

Katie on

She needs to style his hair!! That kid needs a hair cut, STAT!

Kris on

Though I don’t think it’s necessary for this woman, to spend so much money on the way her son looks, I think it’s ok to dress your kids up and not put them out in public in a diaper, barefoot, like some parents. Kids deserve decent clothes, just like any other adult. I am trying to conceive, and since I love clothes and shoes, I plan on making sure my child has decent stuff-not expensive, since I know where to shop.But she is a typical Kardashian-lives in excess, spends alot of money on different shoes for every day of the month, and I do think she is silly. This entire family is almost a joke and has no concept of reality.

mandy on

Styling a 2 year old….seriously??? These girls should really have gone to college..they certainly could have afforded it. With any luck at all the younger 2 will find it necessary but it’s not looking that way! Learn something useful please!

Cammie on

Mason is cute..

I hate those moscassin looking shoes she always puts on his feet

pmr on

Isn’t this what most mother would call “dressing their baby” ? Please, of course, it’s fun to make your kids look cute, but “styling” like he is a product?

missredreflection on

Pretty disgusting that she spends such an obscene amount of money on clothes that the kid is going to outgrow in a few months just to make a fashion statement. He’s a child, not an accessory. Do something good with your money! Like, donate some or start a charity? Some people are so inconsiderate and selfish.

guest on

Yes let’s just have babies so we can style them. She is so ridiculous.

Jaime on

Maybe she can dress baby #2 the same! Maybe her alcoholic boyfriend can help her!

minnie on

Ugh…why OH why did I even click on this link? Its a train wreck. Each and every one of the Kardashian women is unworthy of this time and devotion (not to mention our $$ supporting their “brand”). We just contribute to it all by continuing to CLICK on every article about them. Shame on them and shame on me for inadvertently encouraging it. I feel so dirty. I think I need a shower.

Christina on

Omg total haters. I have a son and I love dressing him up. You can get great stylish clothes anywhere. I happen to see some expensive clothes at target/walmart (where I’m sure a lot of us shop at). Your telling me that when you have a baby, you haters are gonna dress them crappy? I think not. You have to buy baby clothes around the clock because they are ALWAYS growing out of them. Have kids and then try and say that you won’t buy them cute things. Kourtney ignore all these “know it alls” πŸ™‚

Karen P. on

People Magazine ~ Please stop with all the Kardashian articles. Please. Stop.

Melanie on

Kourtney is the most “normal” and most grounded of all the Kardashians. She is actually stable- she is with the same guy, the father of her kid(s), she spends time with her son, she has her priorities straight. With a nutty mother, and nutty sisters, it’s a miracle that Kourtney is able to carv out some type of life for herself with boundaries.

Her one real flaw is that she sleps in the bed with Mason. That is just plain wrong, for Mason, and for her man, and for herself. A child should not be used as an emotional teddy bear crutch for the mother. He needs to sleep in his own bed.

If Kourtney doesn’t want to end up alone with two kids, she needs to get Mason his own bed.

boohoobytch on

Kris on the day after Kim’s fake awedding: “ok, Kourtney we need you to get pregnant b/c when we announce Kim’s divorce on Halloween, just in time for the show, there will be backlash…yes, I know you hate Scott but we need this – you DO remember how many covers you made when you were pregnant with Madison?!?!?!”


Kris “Money? Did you say money?”

boohoobytch on

she doesn’t bother me, neither does Khloe…

Anonymous on

I agree with Jillian!

Melanie on

Kourtney is the most “normal” Kardashian:

Kourtney is the most “normal” and most grounded of all the Kardashians. She is actually stable- she is with the same guy, the father of her kid(s), she spends time with her son, she has her priorities straight. With a nutty mother, and nutty sisters, it’s a miracle that Kourtney is able to carve out some type of life for herself with boundaries.

Her one real flaw is that she sleeps in the bed with Mason. That is just plain wrong, for Mason, and for her man, and for herself.

A child should not be used as an emotional teddy bear crutch for the mother. He needs to sleep in his own bed.

If Kourtney doesn’t want to end up alone with two kids, she needs to get Mason his own bed.

Sunny on

Her having a mommy blog is disrespectful. Do you really think she buys those shoes? Bet they are given to her for product placement. I watched her blog and it basically said that if you don’t make sure your kids have fashionable shoes then you are a poor parent. Having raised successful productive adults I know that isn’t so.

Kathleen on

My poor neglected child. I never “styled” her. I only put clothes on her. Sometimes they matched. Do I get points for that?

J on

Oh boy…..LOL!

lyn on

I am probably one of those mom’s she is talking about who dresses her boy cute and then puts dorky shoes on him. I just can’t bring myself to spend more than $20 on toddler shoes that I know my boy will outgrow or destroy quickly. We don’t live in a city so my boy gets to run around in the dirt and mud and can really tear up some shoes. Soft soled moccasins won’t cut it for my kiddo.

look on

#Christine, do you go around judging the footwear of other mother’s children, eyeing them up and down to see if they’re wearing anything dorky? Sure dressing your children up in cute clothes is fun, but placing so much importance on what shoes they wear as a toddler is not a character trait to be applauded. And yet this women and her sisters have not only gained fame for such shallowness but also enough money to last numerous lifetimes.

Shelley on

DEAR WHOMEVER THE POWERS AT BE ARE PLEASE STOP WITH ALL THIS JUNK!!! SO many people are living in their cars and can barely get their children fed this year. We DON’T care about these overly indulged, nasal talking, spoiled rotten, selfish, self centered people with no morals and no integrity. These girls are NOT role models!!! Far far from it. They are the exact reason why our society is so looked down upon by the world. Do a porno get money, get knocked up and not get married get money, marry someone for a TV show get money!!!!! Good Lord it has to end NOW!!!!

Jem on

Why do all the Kardashers play with their hair so much. It’s like they can’t talk with caressing their hair. So base!!!!!

KiKi on

First off, I’m not a huge Kardashian fan but out of the sisters, Kourtney is the most stable. She went to college, got her degree, started her own businesses(Dash and Smooch-which are HER BUSINESSES). If I had the funds to shop and buy my child a versace outfit, I will. You can buy these same outfits, in different colors at the Salvation Army, or go to Ross or TJ Maxx. Who are you all to judge her about what she buys with her money. You didn’t have the kid, you don’t run her businesses so kick rocks. Its a shame that she can’t give advice to moms about style, without saying how bad of a mother she is. Just because she is a Kardashian, doesn’t mean she isn’t a person. What about these celebrity moms that some of you guys worship and they are doing the EXACT thing going to these baby boutiques paying $$$ for a frilly dress they are going to grow out in a month?!?! I’m sure some of you commenters are doing it now.

I suggest that if you don’t like what she does, what she says, and what Kourtney Kardashian does with HER money, then don’t comment!

I think this video is cute and informative.

MomofBoys on

I’m a member of the so-called 1%, and a millionaire, and I don’t dress my kids like this. My twin two year old boys have three pairs of shoes – athletic shoes for every day, sandals for the summer, and dress shoes for church. I don’t buy expense name-brand crap for two year olds who should be busy running through puddles, playing in the sand, dragging their feet on scooters, and being normal kids. I wonder if Mason is really that normal, or if he’s mostly just his mom’s eye candy. A lot of kids by this age start expressing preferences on their own clothing. By constantly “styling” him, she’s robbing him of the right to develop independence and his own tastes. For crying out loud, he’s not a dress-up doll, let him be a kid and stop obsessing over his ‘style.’

What's the Prob? on

What is the big deal? I am no Kardashian fan, but if she wants to spend her money on dressing her kid up that is her business. I would rather see a child dressed nicely, than half dressed in t-shirts and diapers. You people would be bashing her more if she had him looking raggedy, so just stop hating. My mother ALWAYS made sure me and my sisters look great, even as babies and she is hands down the most frugal woman I know. Stop hating on this woman because she spends lots of money on her kid looking nice because the same thing can be done on a reasonable budget. And for everyone who is saying she could donate money to this or that, if you ain’t donating money to anything STFU!!

annonymous on

Kourtney – kids should be kids and should be allowed to play and get dirty and not have to worry about ruining their “summer collection”. I think it would be really amazing if you donated lots of clothes (and anything else) to the millions of children around the world who don’t have any clothes or food. Children in Africa are starving to death and don’t have parents because of AIDS – AIDS orphans are becoming far too common in Africa and soon orpanages won’t be able to take them.

Kelli on

“And then, I like flip my hair, and then I go buy some like clothes, so I can totally style my toddler, and then like flip my hair again, but I mean, like I am so grateful that my sister like totally got pissed on so that we can like, live like this. Like. Totally.” *Flips hair, carries on.

Margarita on

Why does she over-pronouce words with an “s” with a “z”? It’s annoying!

Michelle on

I don’t watch the show, but I can relate to her liking to dress her son. I have two little boys, and I love getting them cute outfits (for us “affordable” is Old Navy or Target). It is definitely more fun for me to buy their clothes than mine!

Anonymous on

If you care about articles like this you need to go jump off a bridge. It is shit like this that gives America a bad name.

It's gonna be okay on

I really can’t hate on Kourtney. She is the most grounded out of the sisters. She isn’t perfect, but who is? I love getting styling tips on the little boys. I had my boys eons ago and there were very few options, basically jeans or sweats, t-shirts, and basic shoes. Anyone remember Garanimals? You don’t have to spend unGodly amounts of money just find a style that you and your kid likes and go to the discount stores and try to find clothes that closely match up. I’m really glad boys are getting in on the fashion, why should it only be for girls? I now have the privilege of buying clothes for my granddaughter and grandson and having a blast.

joan on

Money is nice. I love how these celebrities try to act like normal middle class people. You can afford what Grandma can afford.

Romy on

I don’t even know what to say about this whole thing. I feel like it’s a SNL spoof. Those mocassins included. This is funny.

Mandi on

I love how people are bashing Kourtney saying she shouldn’t spend so much money on Mason’s clothes. First, show me any parent who doesn’t spend more on their children’s clothes then they do their own. Second, and probably most important, its her money! And just like any one of us would most likely be offended if someone came up to us and started bashing how we choose to spend the money that we earn, she has every right to spend it however she chooses. And furthermore, you can sit there and cast judgment and suggest that she should give more money to charity but unless you are her accountant, you have no idea how much money she allocates to charity. Something I always say to myself when I start to cast judgment on someone, be careful where you point your finger because there are always three pointing back at you!

fffffffffh on

The people on this site sure are scary and full of rage. Did this woman kill your puppy or something. So angry over clothes, wow!

I am no fan of the family but I can’t get angry over people who don’t hurt me!

It’s her money and she can do as she wants. Why get so angry because she wants to dress her son nicely? Not a big deal considering there are much much worse things she could be doing.

jenn on

hes a little boy not a fashion accessory!

ClaireSamsmom on

I don’t agree that every single celeb kid dresses this way. Look at Jennifer Garners kids….she dresses them very comfy and cute. I think the way she dresses her son is silly…I do not care for the style…it looks just like Scotts style..which I think is just awful. I think the pink sunglasses look ridiculous. Mason is a very adorable little boy, though…..

Holiday on

She is so superficial. If I had the kind of money she had I would be helping poor children ( We already DO that in our family, adopt families at Christmas and send packages to other countries, we have sent 5 so far this year) and we are not rich by any means. I love to shop for my son and daughter too but there is so much more to life than material possessions.

nicky on

not everyone pimps out their family so that their 2 years olf can wear ralph lauren jackets….

anon on

Spend it while you have it…your money train is running out. Soon, your lifestyle WILL HAVE to change. We are all laughing and counting the days. Move over for REAL stars! Hell, move over for anyone more intelligent…your family is a joke.

Sarah K. on

Holiday and the others, you have no idea how much money Kourtney spends on charity. She has plenty of money to spend on the poor AND to buy clothes for her son. You also have no idea whether she lets Mason jumo in puddles, etc. She can always buy more clothes if they get ruined. Is that fair? YES because it’s her money and she can do whatever she wants to with it.

Celebrities are richer than us and they all (yes, even St. Jennifer Garner) spend way more money on their kids’ clothes than we do. That’s life. Deal with it.

Jillian on

I think that almost two year olds shouldnt be wearing soft soled shoes while living in a city. Shouldnt they be wearing some sort of hard soled shoes for comfort! It must hurt to step on rocks in flat shoes. And Masons mom is so concerned for holistic ways of living and eating eating healthly and being vegan..whatever. Then why is she wearing a fur vest and her son has a fur lined jacket. Oh “Its all in the name of fashion? Okay it must be okay then.

Jesse on

Mandy you should do your research before you spout off at the mouth, Kourtney has a college degree, she began the Dash and Smooch stores with her mother and had made them into a success. And Kathleen is obviously very jealous, so no you don’t get points for that…

If Mason was a girl no one would be saying a word, I think it’s because he’s a boy people don’t think she should go all out. I had 3 sons and they always looked cute and dapper.


I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes, most outfits are from 10-25 ech for my little girl, she has many shoe’s. So honestly I don’t see what is wrong with Kourtney doing the same, she had the money let her do what she wants with it.

Seriously some of you folks are just silly to say because she has money she should give it away. grow up and get your own job, then you can decide how to spend

Lisa Allison on


Do not listen to all the jealous naysayers on here.

There is nothing wrong with a mother wanting to dress her child in cute stylish clothing.

I have two boys, ages 23 and 20 and remember well how fun it was to purchase really cute things for them. Back in the day it was Oshkosh overalls and Michael Jordan high tops.

I did exactly what you do,,,, I let the grandmas buy the expensive stuff!!!

The Michael Jordan high tops that grandma bought are now Christmas ornaments on my tree each year and remind me of a sweet time with my boys.

Really people, is there a mother out there anywhere that does not want to dress her child well?

Bella on

Shes the worst sister of the bunch….the girl cares about no one but herself…and now shes having a second one? Holy Cow.

i dont like to rag on kids but….does he looks like a little old man in the face

Shakin my head.

singlemom on

You have GOT to be kidding. Most of us are lucky if we can put clothes on our kids at all !!! Get a clue, lady.

Heather on

Awe, Kourtney is such a wonderful mommy! She is a smart business woman and funny as hell!

Everybody who is freaking out really does not get the point of the article, her comments, or what this website is.


Jenknee on

This is all about the money, showing off retail/products hoping for an endorsement deal if she doesn’t have one already. Ironic how the people who can afford the stuff tend to get a lot of it for free.

This is really getting ridiculous. Kourtney, what’s next? I’m sure you are gonna get as much publicity and money you can because of your current pregnancy.

Bobbi122 on

Who cares!!!

Quinn on

Dear Santa,
Please bring us all a Kardashian-free 2012. No more articles, silly clips, over-paid endorsement deals and artless & shallow magazine covers. Please give this family the strength they will need to be out of the limelight. Santa, help them to stay thin and waxed and tanned and Gucci-clad, as this is their higher power and therefore, MUST be on their Christmas list. May the family that will go down in history for superficiality and bottom-of-the aquarium intelligence enjoy their year off. I’m sure they will fill that time at a lovely shopping mall. Thanks Santa!

LisaS on

Good grief, Kourtney loves fashion so it makes perfect sense that she would love dressing Mason up as well. Women always seem to be complaining that clothes for boys are never as cute as girls’, there’s not as much stuff out there for them, it’s a lot harder to find anything nice for them, blah blah blah… But here’s a mom who seems to have no trouble shopping for and dressing her little boy up and I, for one, think it’s great that she so clearly enjoys doing it.

Chris on

PLEASE take your Valley Girl accent and go away!!! All the sisters – even the Mom talks like they have a cob up their a*s.

Sheila on

I love the way she dresses him. He’s so cute. I love to watch that family. They’re good looking and down to earth. They can adopt me.

Ashley on

Ha ha ha, ditto Quinn ;–)

Mara Pemberton on

When are the spoiled Kardashian Women going to go away?

sm on

In my mid 50’2 and I don’t have a Laure jean jacket…..what a ridiculous waste of money! I can’t see this selfish woman shopping at Goodwill or 2nd hand shop when people finally get sick of them and she has wasted her money buying a child Ralph Lauren! What a waste of space she and her family is.

Holiday on

Sarah here is a website showing all the charity events she supports. A big whopping none!

Amy on

Women are so nasty and catty with each other, I can’t stand it. I have 2 daughters ages 7 and almost 4 and I enjoy dressing them! I love buying them clothes and picking out cute outfits for them to wear.

Kourtney is speaking of how she enjoys to dress HER child. Not any reason to be jealous that she has money to buy shoes in every color under the sun.

She is a mother that loves her son. From what I see she does a darn good job with him.

Don’t teach your children to be so hateful.

Amy on

Oh and Lisa, Do you forgo holiday outfits and getting pictures taken of your kids? Because you know there are less fortunate families and children that do not have that opportunity either. They give to chairty a lot more money than any of us.

Sarah on

You know I thought those clothes she was talking about from H&M would be very expensive…but, they are not….they have very cute clothes for basically what they sell at Target, Walmart, or Children’s Place. Thanks for the tip!!!!!

Kourtney K on

I’ll never understand why others have an issue with the way other parents choose to dress their children.

RKF on

Do these vapid, useless Kardashian’s have anything of importance to discuss other than shopping, make-up and clothing? I think the collective I.Q. of this family is lower than dirt.

Sarah on

The comments on here are so uncalled for. I live in New York City and do you know how many people dress their kids in expensive clothes? There is a whole Gucci kids store. Do you think the Kardashians are the only ones who shop there? Who are you kidding? Yes, they have a lot of money, but there are a TON of people who have more money than they and spend it on crazier things than kids clothes. There are a lot of people out there who can relate to her advice and who can afford to dress their kids like that. Just because you can’t afford to do that does not give you the right to judge her or anyone else with money. No one tells you what to buy and she is not rubbing it in our faces, people ask! If you care this much to call people names and post negative things, you have bigger problems than how to dress your kids.

Trish on

I have a fashion statement for him…a paper bag over his head…one ugly boy!!

wearitOWNit.com on

Regardless of what every one feels about the Kardashians, Mason is a very lucky child to have family who loves and adores him. Whether Kourtney chooses to spoil her son is her prerogative. If she has the means to buy whatever she wants for Mason, more power to her.

I don’t understand all this hate and jealousy. If the Kardashians bother you so much, don’t read any related articles pertaining to them and move on to the next story!

Jillian on

She is discussing this……because she was asked.

It’s amazing what hypocrites some of you. The next time a post of some of the “perfect parents” are on here saying and buying th same things, we will have to remember.

Holiday, that website is incorrect. Kourtney, like many celebs, has been photoed and filmed at charity events. I have seen the photos on her site, shortly after the happened. You can even google, I am sure and find out. Plus, there may be things she may do that no one knows about.

Melanie on

What Newlywed couple moves in with her sister and her boyfriend and a toddler?


Why wouldn’t they get their own Hotel Room?????


Such an obvious fraud.

It's gonna be okay on

I find it really amusing with all the hatred spewed on these message boards whenever the article involves a Kardashian. I’m sorry but a lot of people actually take these shows seriously. Our mothers and grandmothers and great-grandmothers had their soap operas. All My Children, General Hospital, One Life to Live, The Young and the Restless & Ryan’s Hope just to name a few. Then there was the prime time soaps, Dynasty, Dallas, Knots Landing & Falcons Crest People actually took these shows seriously too, would call the actors and actresses by their fictitious characters name. So, jump forward to the present. We are all watching these so called “reality” shows, getting caught up in these people’s daily lives and really taking all the situations they get caught up in to heart. These “reality shows” are just modern day soap operas. They are scripted just like any other TV show. You don’t actually think that these people are being followed around 24/7 with cameras in the hope that something juicy or controversial will happen, do you? These networks, no matter what reality show you happen to watch, are in the business of making money. They concoct all these over the top situations just to get you hooked, and will tune in week after week to see what happens next. They even have cliffhangers to make sure you’ll come back next season. I really don’t understand how some people will actually “hate” certain people or families but yet read every article written about them, tune in week after week, buy their products, etc. It’s just a modern day soap opera people. The only difference between your moms soap and ours is that the characters use their own names, and try to pass off their “reality” as the gospel truth. Hating people takes an inordinate amount of energy, and these people could not care less if you hate them. They are laughing all the way to bank! People are still watching, reading & purchasing products. As long as you watch, read and purchase they will be on TV. When we all tire of them, they will be cancelled and a new bunch of people will take their place. And why do people feel that they can tell other people how to spend their money? Kourtney can afford these name brand clothes and shoes for her little one. When wealthy people buy expensive things they are actually stimulating the economy. A lot of you would have us believe that if you had money that you would spend every dime on charity. I think not. I also have a feeling that if we had cameras in our face 24/7 we would not come out smelling like rose. Bottom line is, these Kardashians, Real Housewives, etc. are modern day soaps and should be treated as such.

Melanie on

You think Kourtney is the stable one,

but then you realize she is also pimping out her life, her kid, her boyfriend to TV.

She is just another one of her lunatic mother’s little monster jr.

anon on

Keep dressing him like Scott and the poor kid with get beat up every day on the playground!! Sissy boy….

Lady on

Most of you on here need Jesus! Seriously……I get that not everyone is a fan, but the hate…I truly don’t understand. If you don’t like them, don’t watch them, don’t read articles about them and for the love of all that is good on this earth, don’t write bad comments about them. While I truly understand and appreciate that everyone is entitled to their own opinion, don’t you guys remember your mother saying “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything”? It always amazes me how people (on this website specifically) feel that because someone is famous (rightfully so or not) they are fair game for bashing and rude, spiteful and hateful comments. Why? Like any other human on planet earth, do they not have a right to live and be happy? They earn their money by endorsing products and being on tv……..seriously, there’s no difference between them and any other famous person……so Jennifer Garner is famous for acting, so are the Kardashians……..it’s tv people! Relax…..if you want stories of substance and meaning, go to CNN or HLN or something like that…….this is entertainment pure and simple. The fact that you guys are making this such a personal issue speaks volumes as to the status of your own personal lives. I have no feelings about the Kardashians or any other celebrity. They are people just like me and because they have more money than I do or because they are on tv and I’m not is not a reason to hate! Breathe, go to church and realize what’s really important in life……..is all about perspective people. WOW!

Irene on

Did anyone notice Kourtney posted a comment?? I have to agree with her. It’s noone’s business how one chooses to dress their child. Some people shop at Janie & Jack and splash 200$ on an infant’s outfit. Others buy discount label at TJ Maxx. Do whatever your budget allows you to, just don’t forget to let your kid be a kid in the process. If they need to run in a puddle and splash then you have to let them! That’s the downside of spending 200$ on a pair of shoes for a toddler!

Melanie on

Do you think they realize that the people who watch their show do so out of curiosity at seeing a freak show? That they are like freaks in a freak show?

They don’t have “fans” they have MORBID curiosity seekers watching a GROSS HORROR DISPLAY.

Amber on

I wish that we lived in a society where people cared more about helping homeless, hungry people and less about the Kardashians.

Or more about political stability that who is going to be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars.

There are other examples, but I am sure you catch my drift. I understand that she owns her businesses and can spend her money as she pleases; I just wish that she would use her celebrity status for something more worthwhile.

Alexia on

You know, there was an episode of Friends where they made fun of Rachel’s sister for trying to be a “baby stylist.” Everyone laughed because it’s so excessive to style a little kid!

ClaireSamsmom on

I actually don’t have hate for the Kardashians. I do think the way they speak, act and some of the choices they have made are definetly unique. I used to watch their show(s), but just couldn’t take it anymore. I stopped watching after I saw the way Scott treated Kourtney in Miami…I was appalled at his behavior…and that she took him back….but..her choice. Wouldn’t have been mine. I do not care for this type of ‘style’ for a little boy…I have a son and dress him very comfortably…we like Hanna Andersson, Gymboree, Janie & Jack and even Target for playclothes. He has some cute buttondowns and sweaters for special occasions…but his everyday look is just comfy…because he plays so hard (hes almost 3). I am sure celebs pay more for their kids clothes…even Jennifer Garner (who I mentioned before)…I just think the style her kids wear looks a little more kid-like and comfortable. I am sure its pricey too. Anyway…no hate for her or her family. Mason is really cute and seems like a very happy little boy.

Delicious on

OMG! So many people are out of work and she is talking about how she dresses her kid in gold tennis shoes and pink sunglasses???? This entire family is just out-of-touch! Kourtney is 32 years old and sounds like a teenager who is playing dress up with her dolly. Everyone just needs to stop watching their dysfunctional reality shows and maybe the media will stop shoving this family in our faces. The whole lot is just plain pitiful.

Jesse on

Melanie maybe you shouldn’t speak for the entire world ok? They do have fans, I love to watch them. They are funny, they love each other, they have each other’s backs like a real family should. So while you are entitled to YOUR opinion, don’t you dare try to speak for me or anyone else. Now do I model my life or anything after them? Of course not, but I hope my kids are as close and protective of each other as the Kardashian/Jenner kids are of each other. You, my dear, need to grow up.

JC on

Forget the clothes…why do you not ever see the poor little guy in SOCKS! Moccasins are not that warm and I have yet to see socks on him. Last I heard, it still gets pretty darn cold in New York!

Jesse on

So Amber because there are less fortunate people out there no one lese in the world should laugh, enjoy themselves, seek entertainment, watch tv, relax with a reality show or naything that poor people may not be able to do? Well you should be ashamed that you are on this website, there are poor people out there who can’t afford a computer or the internet. You’re just an awful person according to your statment. smdh

Anonymous on

No more kardashians People!!!!!

Sarah K. on

Um Holiday, can we stop pretending that’s an official site on charitable contributions by celebrities. It says “No Known” charities and asks that people submit any they’ve heard of Kourtney being involved in. Sounds like the wikipedia of charitable giving. If you go to her actual website blog she has a charity tag and seems to be involved in a few charities.

Some of you people are so ridiculous. She’s not asking anyone else to buy her son clothes, so why do you care? As another poster pointed out, try walking around children’s clothing stores in NYC. People do spend ridiculous amounts of money on their kids’ clothes. It doesn’t matter if you think that’s reasonable because they’re spending their own money. Also, if you don’t think Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, etc. don’t spend a ton of money on their kids too, I have a bridge to sell you.

Anonymous on

I have always kind like Kourtney Kardashian, with that said…Kourtney, you are like 32 now, so you’re really too old to be ending every sentence with an upward inflectionnnnn.

jo on

LOVE SCOTT! He is So Real, Fun, and Happy! Just Gotta Love the Guy! And He will stay out of trouble. You know what they say, behind every good guy is a Good Woman, Be good to that Man, and He will be Great Back To YOU! Scott is a Keeper…. Especially Now,,, 2 kids….Marry the Guy…. And Be nice to him,. !

Heather on

You are not a good mother like your family is saying……GOOD MOTHER’S…..do not parade their children around like you do and put him on tv……you’re all phony and living in a dream world…….trash…..

jojo on

Wow her voice makes me want to scream..

Romy on

I did read that she will be marrying him soon, who knows.

Amber on

Hey Jesse?

Blow me. You know nothing about me, or what I do to help out my community or the charities I donate to.

People like YOU make me SMDH- it’s not all black and white. I simply suggested that Kourtney use her status to raise awareness to something more important that baby clothes.

Again, Jesse, blow me.

marytza susi on


Sarah K. on

Amber, I’m going to have to jump to Jesse’s defense here. Jesse seemed to be pointing out the hypocrisy in your statement since we’re all more fortunate than someone. We would never be allowed to talk about anything nice in our lives for fear of offending someone else. She wasn’t as incredibly disrespectful as you were to her.

You’re right that it’s not all black and white. Kourtney can be involved in charities (which she is) and still buy her son nice things. It’s not one or the other.

Kris on

He’s a cute kid – but she really needs to cut his mullet off.

Shauna on

I am find spending the extra money so my daughter doesn’t look like every other kid out there. She has more clothes than me and yes she grows fast but I but a little bigger so it lasts a little longer. But I won’t buy cheap shoes for my kid they aren’t good for feet development. I buy most her shoes at Nordstroms or off babysteals.com

Kourtney earns her money and if she wants to provide luxury for her son she should be able too. She did say she shops a lot at HM the most expensive thing for a toddler there is probably a 40 dollar jacket that is better quality than the one you bought at walmart.

Caitlyn on

I think most of you that are bashing her are just jealous. I personally LOVE dressing my little girl. Her teacher even told me that she can’t wait to see what my little girl is wearing everyday..nothing wrong with a well dressed child πŸ™‚

Melisa on

My kids wear thrift store jeans and hand me downs from the neighbor. The high end clothes they DO get new are from Kohls, at best. AS for the shoes, its whatever Payless or WalMart has on sale. My kids say please, thank you, get good grades, respect adults and their momma. It’s not how you look, it’s how you act. I am not going to go so far as to call this girl a name. But really, think of all the little ones going to bed without a meal or a warm coat during the day. I can see how these stories are just infuriating for some people.

Sara on

I would like to throw up now. Really, c’mon —-WAY too much time on your hands.

Maria on

People love to watch them, read about them and keep up with them… if you do not like them then stop complaining and simply skip their articles and any news that have to do with the Kardashian! They are superficial and We love them!!!!

Mary on

How come nobody writes stuff about the man that is married to Lamar Odom? It would make for good reading. Like a story about how KK got arrested for DUI back in the day and paid HUGE bucks to keep quite that she was actually a he? LOL come on every time one of these people fart, they get headlines. Is Rob working yet? Loooooozer!

hb on

Do not like the Kardashians, but Mason is so cute and he is always dressed so adorable. I hope all the excessive clothes that she has for him after he outgrows them, she donates them to kids who need them. That actually make me respect her if she would.

Allie on

Why all the negativity? Kourtney has fun dressing her little boy & giving him all she has, what is the problem here? She seems like a very devoted mommy. This is just one tiny aspect of her day I’m sure.

Jen on

she mentions brands but don’t you think the Ralph lauren, H & M, and Nike are paying her to put their brands in her blog? These Kardashian shows are half scripted as far as I am concerned. They are advertisements rolled up as a soap opera/reality show. Really hard to take them seriously enough to hate or get angry over. But I can’t stand them just the same and am sick of this superficial stuff. I hate their valley girl nasally sound, stfu kardashians!

alicejane on

Do people come to this website to let out their rage? I kind of hope so, because if you spew this much venom in everyday life, everyday interactions face-to-face with people, then that’s scary.

Who cares if Kourtney spends this much money on her family? We have no idea how much she donates to charity….. Who’s to say that she doesn’t donate most of the clothes/shoes Mason outgrows to charity as well? But then again, if she were to start speaking about her charitable donations people would moan and complain about how she’s only doing it for attention. God forbid she should pull a Kim and feed the homeless, as Kim did a few days ago – people would cry about what a media whore she is instead of appreciating the fact that she’s lending a helping hand.

lol on

lmao at all this hate

get a life people

Shauna on

The Mocassins are Freshly Picked and SO cute and affordable. I love Kourtney and think shes doing a really good job, and all of you people leaving mean comments, really need to get a life.

Romy on

do they have a Dash line for kids? Are they starting one or something?

Sharon on

OK I get that it’s tons of fun to dress little kids especially if you can afford the adorable outfits. But to admit that “Every time he grows out [of them], I get a new batch and I get them in every color”…that’s officially obscene, especially since so many Americans (and their kids!) are suffering in serious poverty. If she donates an EQUAL amount to charity then maybe she can have a clear conscience, but this kind of excess is incredibly offensive.

Jesse on

Amber needs to grow up, really… Read what Sarah K. posted because she is right on about my comments… As for Mary, isn’t it time for your nap or something? Elementary school let out early?

Sanibelle on

Does she really need to be wearing a FUR vest indoors??? She and her sister, Kim, make me nauseous thinking about all of the innocent animals they have killed to try to make themselves glamorous, but without makeup they are all ugly. Enough already of this publicity seeking low life family. Kris Humphries doesn’t know how lucky he is to have escaped from their clutches before they sucked him into their ostentatious lifestyle, as they have with Scott and Bruce. The whole clan epitomizes the old adage that money can’t buy happiness.

Linda on

Does Scott have any say in this kids life. Seems like the mother makes all decisions about him. Also Kourtney said she sleeps with Mason all of the time. How in the world did she manage to get pregnant again? Also why does Scott let her get away with treating him so badly? Very odd family but I watch them all of the time. Don’t know why other than I find them all fascinating. Never know what will happen next. I can say I don’t really like them very much.

Tracy on

So when is it a crime to dress your child well? I loved dressing my kids. When my son was younger, there wasn’t as much selection as there were for girls. People get a grip. If you don’t like reading about the Kardashians, then don’t read the article.

Tina on

This family is an absolute disgusting metaphor for our society. Wow, look how much money they have ever since their sister made a sex tape! They should all be lauded as much as they can be! These are gross, gross people who, unfortunately in our society, are elevated to great importance.

Jesse on

I’m feeling sorry for Linda’s boyfriend/husband if she thinks the only time you can have sex or make a baby is at night in the bed… Scott has said that he’s a light sleeper so he sleeps in another room, but that obviously doesn’t stop them from enjoying each other… Try it sometime Linda, maybe even with the lights on…

As for you Tina, just in case you decided to maybe do some research Kim had a closet organizing business way back before her and Ray J’s tape was leaked. She was featured on an episode of Nick and Jessica’s Newlyweds… People who don’t care, yet comment, guess what? YOU CARE!

Daniela on

Everyone keeps saying how a disgrace they are and how disgusting they are, which I totally agree with, but this post about the people “you guys” hate so much has the most comments. They are getting more famous through the hate. If we really want them to go away, let’s NOT pay attention to them, or even diss them, and trust me, Hopefully they will GO AWAY for goodness sakes.

Michelle on

So tired of the Kardashians.

Jewel on

Surprised this boy is not called Kason Kash….

Hannah on

This is totally ridiculous. How pathetic. She’s saying people have their kids wear dorky shoes. What about those DORKY moccasins! seriously! wth is wrong with this woman!!

Treulio Bywyd on

I’m worried about getting clothes for me kids AT ALL! This sort of thing just sickens me. I’m glad she has money to have a nice life, but it just seems like her priorities are a bit skewed.

brooke jones on

I can’t believe I just spent the better part of 5 minutes listening to styling tips for a 2 year old & looking at his closet. That being said, it was my choice & I am not in the mood to do dinner dishes.

Cherie on

Will she ever learn birth control? Its always a “surprise”, lol.

wendie goode-dox on

she’s wearing fur. thats all i need to see to know she’s heinous.

Diane on

Mom advise from the Skandashians is the same thing as having your children removed by Department of Family and Children’s Services.

Kat J. on

Live and let live. How Kourtney dresses Mason is her business. I think he is adorable and she is my fave Kardashian! Go Kourt!

Lady on

Barf. I use to like them & watch the show…now it’s complete over-saturation. Not only does Kourtne treat Scott like a complete child & a little B – but Kim KarTRASHian treated Kris like her little slave & like he was the pool boy. You people changed & the world is finally sick of the bull – you’ve made your $ now go away.

Angel on

He is adorable!

Jennifer Keeling on

Why all the nasty comments. Kourtney has the means to buy her child whatever clothes she feels like. She is not the only mother in this world to buy name brand clothes for their child. I’m not a Kardashian fan by no means, but I believe she is doing a wonderful job of raising her child. Everyone wants their child to look cute in what they wear, its not a crime, and she should not be ashamed of it. She works hard and earns her money, so she is entitled to spend it however she likes. Just like everbody else in this world. There are just so many jealous people out there.

Caity on

Dear lord, some of you people need to get lives if you are this worked up on the Kardashians.

I dont really care for them, at all. But It’s ridicouls to see how people are acting towards people they have never met and probably will never meet. While they do need to go away, part of the problem is the amount of people that talk about them. More people commenting= more Kardashian. Im just as sick as everyone else is of them, but people are so stupid that they’ll continue to bash the family like no tomorrow.

As for Kourtney, let her do what she wants, it’s her kid. It’s a little crazy, but hey she has money unlike 95% of us do so she can do what she wants.

karina on

I love that people who “don’t care” and hate the Kardashians waste their life to comment on articles about them. Like if she wants to dress her child, let her. Nobody asked for you to come read about it. The people who care and like Kourtney and cute little Mason love these articles. Stop being jealous losers and hating on successful people. No matter what reason they’re rich for, THEY OBVIOUSLY DID SOMETHING THAT PEOPLE LIKED. Or else why would anyone pay them?

karina on

Haters. SMH.

Hmmm... on

After I read this, I realized that Kourtney had Mason when she was about 30 and that Kim was probably thinking that it was about time that she had a long-term relationship and children too, hence the disastrous rush to the altar.

karina on

Everyone likes to give their child the best in life. If she has money, let her spoil Mason. Everyone does the best they can. She just happens to be able to provide the more expensive things in life.

mppat on

Her monotone puts me to sleep even more than her senseless babbling.

mary on

i think mason is adorable!!!
and it’s very important to learn the kids to be stylish since toddlers.

thats how life is… you can be hot and happy as kourtney and her baby or you can a be a looser and critizae them!!!


Lindsey N on

@Crystal Couldn’t have said it better myself. 100 percent agree with you!

Magoo's Mom on

So you are saying that we need to not cast judgement on Kourtney for styling Mason and how she spends her money, and your right.

But also, please remember who threw the first stone. I was enjoying the cute video (while rolling my eyes at the amount of clothes the boy has) and would NOT have commented until she said “and then they put dorkey shoes with the outfit” or something along those lines.

Now, sorry ladies, but I can’t afford to have shoes that match each outfit. Not many of us can. We do the best that we can. And if that means that the shoes don’t match the outfit. So what? That same dorkey set of shoes may match 65% of my child’s closet. And I’ll take it because that’s what I can afford

oh, and btw, while my child puts on clean, neat, nice clothes, with in 1/2 an hour they are dirty, smudged, spilt on and in need of a change…and he may wear them for the rest of the day. My child is not my fashion accessory, he is my child.

Sarah on

These shoes are disturbing. Some of the outfits that she dresses this adorable little boy in are not so very stylish. I wish she would dress him up in something comfortable and classic. Trying a bit too hard here to make him a fashion icon. I cringe when I see what Gwen Stefani dresses her boys in and I love her quirky style! Just my two cents ladies πŸ™‚

Jules on

WOW … her Dad must be spinningin his grave to see how she and her siblings have turned out and just thinking about how his first grandchild’s life is being molded to e a ….. clothes horser4????????????? YIKES!!!

This is what my Gran called “white trash”!

JMM on

Well, if this is not a lead in–you know what’s coming now don’t you? Little boy clothes designed Kourtney. I think this family is so shallow and self absorbed but the way they market things is utter brilliance. They won’t quit until they are marketing every single thing on this earth. You just know that Kris Jenner’s greatest wish is to be the number one family on Forbes Most Rich list.

rebeccachristiansen on

I love all the people who come on here and defend their love of all things Kardashian. I read the stories and make sure to comment because I wrote my doctoral thesis on why women will always be the weaker sex. The majority of women today don’t care about morals, or decency, to them it’s all about the money. When presented with this family of grifters, instead of being offended most women just wish they could have that stuff too and wouldn’t hesitate to imitate the Kardashians if the chance arose. Women like money and it’s the rare woman who isn’t impressed by bling even when the person wearing the bling is such an amoral loser like any one of the Kardashian women or the cuckolded men. but we can still comment and we can still hope the women impressed by this crap grow up. It’s one of our rights as citizens Of this country. so e day you all will wake up..when that happens Hallelujah!! Because you were all fascinated by Paris Hilton too at one time..look at Nicole Richie? She got away from this, married..doesn’t sleep with her kids in the bed with her and has a great life. Plus she is 10x richer than the whole K family and her clothes, shoes and jewelry are all quality items not crap like what the Kardashians sell. So it can be done.

rebeccachristiansen on

Jesse, please just tell us you know they will never be your friend?? please?? Because you sound like a stalker, I’m sorry this family of grifters holds so much fascination for you and all these other women. there is a real world out there, hopefully someday you put down the remote and make real friends.

Remy on

I like the Kardashians, but this article is a little over the top.

We all know she has the money, but for those of is who dont it a bit of a kick in the face,
That being said, everything you see Mason in you can find the exact same prints and things at Target and other discount stores.

Hell, as a mom of 4 kids, a well dressed day is jeans πŸ™‚ a dress down day, which is nearly every day is sweats for my kids, well my three older ones. My kids pravtically lived in onesies til they were 18 months old. Except special occaisions.

Despite this, Mason is a very good looking little boy.

Emma on

Looks like she’s raising yet another spoiled brat. Good job.

t on

SHe is sick

t on

She is so ignorant-next Mason will have his own baby show- THis has got to stop -She is sick and has no dignoty -Poor Kris Humphries made a narrow escape- Kourtney atually pooped on his marital bed where she was laying after she had an oil enema-She is sick and disgusting

wendy on

It’s her money! She can do what she likes with it! She doesnt HAVE to donate money to charity,though she chooses to. If she wants to wear a fur vest, thats her gig. Unless you have personally looked at her tax return from last year, you dont know what she’s spending/donating, so get over it. She works, earns money, and spends it how she likes, simple as that.

Treva on

First off all you people need to get a damn life. Most of you can’t afford the things that see can and you just can’t handle it. Kardashians are people like every damn person on here. The fact that you just to lash out at someone like her is ridiculous. You need to lash out at yourselves for not reaching a goal in your life to be as successful as Kourtney. I

f you want to give all to your children, then first you need to start off with yourself and your insecurities. I bet most of you can provide the same things by just going to Ross, TjMaxx, Target, or even Walmart. You just don’t try because you don’t give a damn about your children, so you just make others feel bad about what they do with kids. When you find your life, go check yourself into rehab for a due over.

Elizabeth on

The environmental damage this sort of over-the-top lifestyle wreaks on the world around us affects all of us. How insanely irresponsible!

Carol Woodard on

Does she realize he is a human being and not a play toy???

Amy on

The point is you do what you can afford. Are you jealous of all people that has more money than you?

I will never understand people throwing a fit as to how others spend their money.

And she says about styling hime because she is a fashion person. She is using fashion speak. So, in all reality I guess I style my kids too!

Bancie1031 on

WOW some serious hating going on here! First off The Kardashian’s have their own clothing stores so OF COURSE she cares how not only she looks but her child(ren) look and dress!

I think Mason is such a cutie! I personally don’t like his “Gold High tops” …. He’s normally dressed really cute though.

jessica on

Are you kidding me? If she has the money to splurge on her child so be it! I know when I get paid ,after bills, I splurge on my son. About the shoes, she didn’t say cheap she just said dorky, which can also be expensive shoes. As a parent I must admit , aside from love, fun, playdates etc, dressing my child is one of my fav things to do. She is a good mom, she’s always with Mason, and all her decisions revolve around him.

lew on

why does she always talk like she’s asking a question? dont know why he needs shoes. can he walk yet? child is half her size and she’s always carrying him!

Jesse on

FYI rebeccachristiansen… You don’t know me but yet you judge me from a few comments… Not that I owe you an explanation but what is wrong with taking a break from my real life, which is completely full of family and friends btw, and watching a little guilty pleasure on the tv… There is enough negative in the world that taking time out to do something mindless and relaxing is not the end of the world. People are too uptight now adays… So before you judge my life maybe you should reevaluate yourself and why you feel the need to attack strangers.

jessicad on

She loves fashion, so what?? I also love dressing and styling my 4 year old daughter, clothes are a passion and it’s like a hobby for me! Kourtney seems like a great mom and very level headed, and I agree with her on the shoes. I’d like to see her with a girl next!

ClaireSamsmom on

Let’s face it…it’s not clothing or accessories that make your child stand out. Its teaching them morals, respect, manners and graciousness which in my opinion makes a child stand out in the crowd. As a former teacher, I have taught children of all races, backgrounds, status, those who came from families who have lots of money and those who came from familes who weren’t even able to feed their children meals at home. The children who stay imprinted in my mind are those who were polite, treated others with kindness and respect and tried their hardest. Not what they came to school dressed like. As a parent, I hope that my kids will take what my husband and I try every day to teach them and grow up as adjusted, happy, kind adults. I think maybe the Kardashians should focus a little less on materialistic things and more on what’s inside, not how it looks on the outside. Just my opinion….

MollyFa on

It’s her money, she doesn’t need anyone of us to tell us what we can do with it. What would you do if someone told you what you could do with your own money? I know I wouldn’t like it.

Holiday on

Its not that people are jealous of her money its that she comes off as a selfish, materialistic snob. I love to hear of celebrities who make a difference in the world, people like Ashley Judd, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt etc. She uses her big name to make money for herself and talk about how many pairs of shoes her toddler has. Other celebrities use their name to help others. I dont see why some people on here think she is so great. What has she done that makes her special?

JMO on

So I assume Mason doesn’t own any Elmo, Mickey Mouse, or Disney character shirts? I know most kids at Mason’s age do not care what they wear but many of them just like to be comfy. The way some of these celebs dress their kids (Gwen Stefani included) just seems like they do it more for the attention. Because I bet if you held up a friendly tv show character t-shirt vs a Ralph Lauren polo shirt your little kid would pick the characters. That’s what kids should wear.

As far as her comment about dorky shoes. She didn’t say anything about how much someone had to spend on shoes I’ve seen $10 Walmart shoes for babies that are far from dorky. Yet I think anyone that sets foot (no pun intended) in a pair of crocks looks dorky! It’s just opinions they’re not meant to get under your skin so don’t let them.

She’s got money she can style Mason however she likes. Doesn’t bother me. I like dressing up too. She doesn’t say you have to buy $100 pair of jeans for your kid to look like he/she is stylish.

That being said I still don’t see why this is important when there are way more things to worry about in life then how your 2 year old is dressed.

ELO on

Jesse, the way that you keep defending this woman and her family to the nth degree is almost frightening. People on here are simply stating their opinions and when you don’t agree you’re ready to slice their throats with a butcher knife. They are just words.

rebeccachristiansen, What a wonderful topic to write your thesis on. I agree with you 100%. It would be awesome to read that if you just happened to have it on a blog or something.

Romy on

It’s really funny to click back here and read more comments when I have down time on the computer. I still can’t get over HER calling other kids’ shoes dorky when she buys those gold high tops and moccasins in every size and color though. Doesn’t Mason just get to run around in some cute and comfy boy sneakers? He’s nearly 2, he’ll look back at all these pictures and be like Mom, why was I always wearing those dorky shoes??

Jesse on

Hmmmmmm, where did I defend them? I defended my right to watch them and any other mindless garbage if I choose. I also watch educational shows and documentaries, I also watch dramas and comedies… And I never called anyone names or said they weren’t entitled to their opinion. I did say they should grow up and you may want to join them.

ecl on

Rebecca Christianson,
What was your sample size? What methodology did you employ? What is your empirical evidence? Sounds like you cherry picked some info and then made it fit your preconceived notions. Like men aren’t obsessed with money? Have you taken a look at wall street lately? A love of money is a cultural value, not a specific gender value. And both women and men now value good income prospects in their partners as mate preferences converge.

Sarah K. on

ClaireSamsmom, you don’t have any idea what the Kardashians teach their son. This is what I’m failing to understand here. You guys are making some really big leaps from the fact that she likes her child to be dressed well. It is possible to wear nice clothes and still be a nice person. It’s possible to give to charity and still spend money on yourself. Why are you all acting like it’s mutually exclusive? I don’t watch their show and I never will. But, I’m not going to pretend like I’m above them or that I’m a better person when I don’t know if that’s true. For all we know, Mason could be the sweetest, most generous child who ever graced this planet. How Kourtney dresses him has no bearing on that.

Holiday, Angelina and Brad spend a TON of money on their kids’ clothes too. But they don’t work in fashion, so you don’t hear them talk about clothes. Also, they were never asked, unlike Kourtney. She just got paid to discuss what her son wears. She does use her celebrity to encourage others to donate, but she also has a right to promote her business (which is fashion).

And btw everyone, H&M clothes are really affordable, as in comparable to Target affordable. She also made it very clear that brands and expensive clothes do not equal style. It’s like you all are trying to find fault by purposely twisting her words. Meanwhile, I can’t believe I’m actually defending the Kardashians πŸ™‚

Jeanne on

I miss the days when the comments on this blog were moderated. There’s so much vileness in the comments these days, it makes me sad.

Kourtney is rich and is entitled to spend her money however she wants. If she wants to dress up her toddler in designer clothes, that’s her right. End of story.

Holiday on

I could care less how much she spends on his clothes, its just not an interesting topic! I would rather her talk about what she has done of importance (if there is anything!)

Sarah K. on

“I could care less how much she spends on his clothes, its just not an interesting topic! I would rather her talk about what she has done of importance (if there is anything!)”

You couldn’t care less, but you clicked on the link and continue to comment? Ok… Besides, I posted the link to her website blog about charity. Myself and other have said she is involved in various causes. Do you just want to ignore that so you can go on pretending like you must be right about her? It seems like she joined up with a designer to do a toy drive for Christmas last year, participated in the Make a Wish Foundation, and has also had an ebay auction where a portion of the proceeds went to the Dream Foundation. She also has something on her website to donate to a family that was in a terrible car accident, lost a child, and needs financial help. I know she isn’t saving the world like Angelina Jolie, but geez.

Holiday on

Yes I read about how she asked people to donate to the family who was in the car crash. That is hardly charity work. Why are you so infatuated with this woman Sarah?? Do you wish you were her what exactly is your deal? Just a huge fan of Keeping Up With the Kardashians?

Sarah K. on

Lol I said I’ve never even seen the show and I meant it. I’ve never paid attention to them and I’m not a fan at all, but I find it beyond ridiculous that her moral character is being called into question based on and interview of how she dresses her baby. That argument lacks any and all logic. Sorry I believe in giving people I don’t know the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming that they must be awful and selfish. Also, please keep in mind that you have commented just as much as I have and also did a search to find out what charity work she’s done. Pot meet kettle.

Have a good night!

Jesse on

Ummmm, since when did Anjelina Jolie save the world? LOL, that’s someone I’m not interested in therefore I don’t click on articles regarding her so I must have missed something…

(For those ready to jump down my throat, it’s a joke people!)

ClaireSamsmom on

Sarah K….watch the show sometime. It is kind of appalling the way this family behaves and interacts with one another. And yes, I do think they focus way too much on materialistic things. But, maybe that is just Hollywood. I am just a stay at home mom of two kids. What do I really know? It really is her business how she dresses her son. Do I think it’s a little ridiculous to have a video on the web portraying a 1 year old boys accessories? I do. Nice to hear they do have some charities they contribute to. I hope they do more of that. And Sarah, you are right…I have no idea what they teach their son….

Maeve on

I feel that the Kardashians are really getting out of control, who buys kids expensive clothes (besides for holidays or special events) I mean theyre just going to grow out of them really quickly, and/or wear them out by playing in them.
The Kardashians are just in it for the fame and it stupid, theres soo much pain and hate in the world and the only thing people care about are the Kardashians.

and Im pretty sure not every celebrity dresses their kids like that, Julia Roberts uses hand-be-downs for her kids and she has plenty of money.

Victoria Beckham doesnt even dress her kids like this. Its sick really.

Maeve on

hand-me-downs lol sorry

Jazmine on

I thought we were talking about a doll by the end of the video. seriously, I’m all for looking cute. But come on. =| I think these people need to get out in the real world and see what it’s like for the average jo.

Lora on

Oh, the thought of her bringing another Kardashian into this world frightens me…

ClaireSamsmom on

Maeve, I totally agree with you!!!

Jesse on

Hey Maeve maybe before you comment you should read up a little bit…


And OMG people, she works for her money and is allowed to spend it the way she wants. I bought my son Jordans every time the came out when he was little and unless people were paying my bills, which they were not, they had no right to comment and if they did I told them something.

ecl on

Ever notice that the only celeb moms who get attacked for “styling” their kids are the ones with boys? I see tons of girls on here all dolled up and no one makes a peep. Jessica Alba anyone?

soph on

Aww, nice to see the hateful harpies here haven’t changed a bit.

And MomofBoys, seriously? Who says “I’m a millionaire”? Lol.

Susan on

Just when I thought the K family could not get more vile. There are people without jobs, homes, health care, and food, but hey, as long as this 2 year old “has style,” it’s all good.

“And OMG people, she works for her money.” Jesse, are you delusional? She was born with a silver spoon in her mouth and her “work” consists of shopping, putting on makeup, and breeding. Let me know when she gets a real job or has something intelligent to say.

Holiday on

ecl its not about styling your kid nice and buying expensive clothes! Its just her tone was absurd saying she needs to buy him his 200 dollar pairs of shoes in “every color” and bragging about it. If she were more humble and did not brag so much I would not care.

Marie on

Kourtney and Scott lived across from me in Calabasas. They filmed without permission in the neighborhood liked they owned the whole place. one day while trying to report them to the HOA and taking a picture of them parked in the fire lane, scott came out, got in my face and starting yelling profanities and such at me. saying I was a FAT you know what etc. I was 5 months pregnant, and a size 6. Before I knew it, Kourtney was joining in on the yelling. She is only pretending people. I am telling the complete truth. She could care less about anyone here besides herself. After she had her little mason, scott would come home at 3 am and wake up the neighbors. Seriously…. It would wake us up as we lived across the street. complete drunk! Please people… REALIZE how scripted this family is. All you fans, gosh, this family is SO fake it is absurd.

Maeve on

Jesse have you seen pictures of her boys? how many pictures are there of Cruz and Romeo in super hero costumes on, I could be wrong but they look like the same costumes from party city or something like that

Im not saying that that none of the clothes her children have are expensive clothes, its mostly towards the face that Victoria Beckham lets her boys be boys, and not mannequins in a Dash clothing store

Maeve on

plus I agree with Susan she has always had things handed to her, she was born into a family with money, she was spoiled like crazy, there are a ton of people who are starving and homeless, and she buys all of these super expensive clothes when, like I stated, they grow out of them really fast.

now this may just be me but if I had money like her I wouldnt be flashy and flaunting my money like its pocket change

ClaireSamsmom on

Marie…that is horrible! I can’t believe you lived across the street from this bunch. I can’t stand that Scott. I stopped watching the show after seeing how he treated her in Miami. ugh.

Jillian on

She does work. Not sure why people say she doesn’t. Maybe bc you assume? She works daily running clothing stores, modeling, guest appearances,etc. I can think of a few actresses on here who haven’t done much acting lately…and they equally spend the same amount. I understood her comment about buying the shoes in every color. I have said something similar about shoes for one of my daughters.


Bancie103 1 on

lew – half her size?? Mason isn’t even 2 year, seriously there is nothing wrong with carrying your 1 year old ….

tina on

Everyone the kardashians are famous because they are telling you they are. They’re lieing. Jessica Alba, other celebrities have real talent, movies, singing. Their rateings are not that good compared to other stations, and their rateings for their stores are very very low. I personally am pissed because everyone is turning their back on their schemes and their false press leakages. In america we work for a living, the money courtney spends is off the public’s back. My opinion.

tina on

p.s. after this i’ll shut off. compared to other celebrities spent on weddings, Kim K OVERSPENT more than that. If that many companies, vendors, had that much money to give to the kardashians, why aren’t people being put back to work. Someone on every posting knows someone they love whos going through a hard time. Why do vendors have so much free money to give to them????? Even at minimum wage thousands of people could have gone back to work.

Romy on

Marie, I remember reading about that story online!

Kiff on

1. Her son is 1 years old and she dresses him up in all these expensive things and ‘styles’ him? omg doesnt he get dirty, sticky fingers and mud and dribble all over them?

2. Those moccasins are really ugly and dorky actually so I don’t know why she critisizes other mums putting their sons in dorky shoes when he looks like the dorkiest kid around with what she puts him in

3. Getting the grandmas to buy the expensive stuff. huh???? Can’t she afford the expensive stuff? How about you put him in normal clothes, who judges a kid for wearing what track pants and joggers and hoodies, its what little boys wear and its comfy. She dresses him like he’s going for some modelling competition all the time

4. I clicked on this article for some laughs and to comment because I just knew it would be ridiculous lol

annachestnut on

Many grandmas who lost their jobs in the 2008 recession are still not working and may never work again. They cannot afford to buy food let alone fancy things for their grandchildren.

Piccollo6e on

I remember when dressing your kids was just dressing your kids. Style? Accessorize? Oh come on just let them be comfy and kids. What little metrosexuals this generation is going to be. I can’t go to school today Mom, I don’t have anything to match my jeans and you didn’t buy me any new accessories. Oy.

Jesse on

Funny Marie says they live across the street from her yet, they bought a new house and moved this year and she talks about when Mason was born and Scott would come home loud and drunk… They don’t even live in the same place… Some people really come here and lie like they know these people… Too, too funny and sad. Pathetic too… lmao

Jesse on

And born into money? OMG her father was a lawyer, not a king or a millionaire. He made all the kids work when he was alive and even buy there own first cars. Kourtney has a college degree and so does Rob. I mean, come on people you can NOT be fans of theirs, but the jealousy and hate is so sad.

Lalaeh on

He’s a child- not a doll….

Noodles on

Yes, please don’t spend that time doing any worthwhile, like teaching him things or reading to him, it should be spent on the trivial, meaningless, errr important? things in life…. >.>

It would have cheaper and prolley better for the child if you had just bought yourself a doll, sweetie. Leave parenting to the grownups.

Alexandra on

I don’t like the Kardashians, but c’mon people…she has the money, so let her dress the kid the way she likes. Nothing wrong with it. Maybe she gives his clothes to charity once he’s grown out of them. It’s okay to style your kids as long as they are still allowed to be kids. They need to be able to roll around in the dirt, they need to be allowed to smear their pudding on their pants and they need to be warm and comfy. As long as all of that is granted there is nothing wrong with stylish clothes. If you can’t afford it, buy cheaper clothes…they can be stylish too πŸ™‚ H&M has the cutest baby shirts and pants. I usually combine hand-me-down clothes (given to me by friends and cousins) with new clothes.

cindy on

I find the K family faces revolting and insulting. By the way, this is a small world, everyone has “ran” into a celebrity, or someone on t.v. You can spot a K fan a mile away, their vulgar and self absorbed. For those who think the show isn’t having any negative influence, read fan’s postings. I went to a restaurant recently, an older lady was dressed in a big animal print fur coat drenched in makeup and high heels, talking loudly (disruptive) about how she liked the K people. Poor lady. Just an example of what I’m seeing. Crazy. Not to mention yesterday an older lady was being loud in a store demanding an apology and respect over something petty. Poor store clerk. Clones I tell you. Run.

Sandy on

I love Kourtney the most out of all the girls and I think she is a terrific Mom. I have eight kids and I can’t afford much but I will put as much money as I can afford to on dressing my kids nicely. It would surprise many of you to know how badly other kids and even other parents will make fun of the way children are dressed. Maybe not at the age of 2 but they do it because it has happened to mine. I cannot always afford the best of things and my kids have gone to school with clothes a little to short or whatever and it amazes me and broke my heart that my kids would come home upset saying kids were making fun of them and called them dirty little hillbillies that needed new clothes. They learn this from the adults I am sure. Anyway I see alot of hatred going on here over a Mom sharing her blog with us the people who are here to read blogs on different subjects and this is what she was asked about so what is the problem. I think Mason is a little doll and I love his long hair and his style and I totally love his comfy looking little Mocassins πŸ™‚ Keep doing what your doing Kourtney.

Serena Miranda on

I just love you girls! Mason is a cutie and I have a three year old little boy who just loves to dress up. We are in Hawaii so his clothes are shorts t shirts slippers (flip-flop) God Bless

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