Mindy McCready Expecting Twins

11/30/2011 at 04:00 PM ET
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The family news continues for Mindy McCready.

On the same day she insisted that, despite reports, she did not kidnap her 5-year-old son Zander, a rep for the troubled country singer confirms to PEOPLE that McCready, 36, is in her third trimester with twins.

McCready’s spokesperson did not comment on the father of the twins-to-be, but the singer reportedly confirmed to the New York Daily News that the dad is David Wilson, her music producer boyfriend of two years.

Police say that McCready and her son disappeared after she picked him up from her father’s house in Cape Coral, Fla., on Tuesday.

The songstress, who has a history of suicide attempts, a jail visit and a stint in rehab, does not have custody of Zander, but she does have visitation privileges.

“I am working with lawyers to try to get all this straightened out,” she told Access Hollywood on Wednesday. “I did not steal my child, as it would be impossible for me to kidnap what already belongs to me! There never was any missing persons report and never an Amber Alert.”

— Dahvi Shira with reporting by Steve Helling

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dontworryaboutit on

that is one person who should have been rendered sterile a long time ago

Tieraney on

Wow, sounds like a Lifetime movie script!

Susanna on

Mindy is so unstable in her life, and she doesn’t know if she is coming or going! Now, pregnant with twins. Her life in the last how many years is sounding like a soap opera! Can’t wait to see what’s next with her. Wow!

A. on

@dontworryaboutit- I completely agree with you. This woman is always in some sort of trouble. Mindy, it’s time to grow the f**k up and get your sh*t together!

Anonymous on

She has a serious addiction problem. I hope she can stay or become? sober for her twins and her son. Really sad.

Jillian on

I hope that she gets the help she needs and that her children are safe. I watched her Celeb Rehab and she should not have custody of her children as long as she continues to have problems. The saddest thing was hearing how she tried to kill herself while pregnant with him. Addiction is a horrible disease and she needs to work on herself…..not have children.

Anonymous on

What I find the saddest about this whole situation is the fact that there is no mention of Zander’s father anywhere, and he is apparently in the custody of his grandparents. Now, I don’t have a problem with grandparents raising their grandchildren. What I DO have a problem with is fathers who want nothing to do with their children, which seem to be the case with Zander’s father. So poor Zander has an extremely messed up mom and a dad who basically ignores his existence. I feel for him, and the babies-to-be!

Sarah K. on

Oh this is just sad. She can’t steal what already belongs to her? Wow wow wow. The fact that she doesn’t see that what she did is wrong is a clear indicator that she is very unstable. I hope that poor little boy is back with his grandparents and that he’s ok and not frightened. His grandparents’ house is the only home he knows since he only visits with his mother and his dad doesn’t seem to be around. He’s only 5 and it must have been so confusing to been away from home overnight like that.

She’s made it clear that she is not making rational decisions right now. This little stunt will not convince a judge that she’s ready to have custody back. That being said, I hope Mindy gets the help that she needs and that the twins are born healthy.

mary on

Argh! He does NOT belong to you honey! your rights as a stable parent were taken from you and entrusted with his maternal grandparents! You can earn those “rights” back as soon as the court sees and has proof that you are stable emotionally and physically! You need to learn some responsibility not only to your kid (s) but to yourself as well! Good Luck

Ang on

i feel for zander. my bro has a 4yo son in california he has never met(none of us have) because his mother is unstable an ex jailbird and has another child with someone else and she is not allowed to see either child. my bro isnt allowed into US because the govt is scared he will try n stay and so my neph is in care of his maternal grandpa and a family friend. it sucks buttcheek.

mary on

Sorry thats supposed to be your rights as a “non stable” parent. I am so not good at responding from my phone!

Reese on

Wow. I truly wish her the best but I can’t help but find it incredibly foolish to bring two more children into an already turbulent and unhealthy situation. As for her comments, she should really focus on bettering herself and not giving quotes to media sources. She may have given birth to Zander but, legally, he doesn’t belong to her. He needs stability and the only ones who seem to be offering it to him are his grandparents. In this case, I feel sorry for her children and hope that she can find the help she needs before it’s too late.

Anonymous on

I believe Zander’s father is in jail.

pammy on

From what I have read (not sure if it is true or not) on her facebook page, Zander’s father is Billy McKnight. Her ex boyfriend. He apparently tried to kill her back in 2005. Mindy says her mother is in cohoots with Mr. McKnight keeping Zander from her. Her mother (according, again, to Mindy) is wanting custody of Zander to go to Mr. McKnight.

Seems like a totally screwed up situation… and not sure how stable Mindy is – or her mother – or Zander’s father. Poor Kid – hopefully he has someone stable in his life. I hope for the new babies sake that if Mindy is not well enough to raise them, that someone can get them away from her as soon as they are born. What a sad situation.

Tee on

You know, I try really hard not to let my own personal opinion of someone cloud my thoughts when someone announces a pregnancy. This time around, I can’t help myself. This woman should NOT be having any more children right now. She has way too many problems and it’s quite obvious that she can’t care for the child she already has, never mind infant twins. For those babies sake, I pray that they are removed from her custody immediately after birth.

Hea on

For the first time in, I think, forever, I am saddened by what should be a happy report here. I feel for her son and for her unborn babies. I hope they all make it through life OK. It hurts my heart to read her statement that her son belongs to her. He’s not a thing, he’s a person and the only one he truly belongs to is himself. You don’t own your children.

Kristy on

Sad…..used to be a fan….sad…

Katie on

This is so sad. She can’t even get her own life together, and she’s bringing 2 more babies into the world? So very sad and scary. Those poor babies, and poor Zander!

Brandy on

The wording of the twins’ father is a little troubling…is his identity unknown to the public or to *her*? Yikes…

Emma on

What a trainwreck! This woman needs help, not more children

miameows on

whoa, she’s only 36??

Shannon on

“According to reports, the father of the babies-to-be is unknown.”

Paging Benicio del Toro…

Lissette on

I can only imagine the impact of her substance will have on those unborn babies. If she still is taking drugs right now that’s so horrible.

The police are not the enemy, Mindy. You lost your son because of your own foolish actions and they have severe consequences.

I hope the grandparents are ready for two more kids….

Sarah K. on

Lol Shannon πŸ™‚

RachelfromBoston on

hope everything works out for them 😦

Amber on

I am NOT happy about this announcement.

Mindy needs to stabalize herself and take care of the one child that she has, not add two more to the constant drama and confusion of her life. I feel badly for all of her children.

Lillian on

This whole situation is very, very sad. I’m praying that she can get her life together for the sake of her children. She is obviously to unstable to parent these twins if she still doesn’t have custody of her son.

Sarah S. on

I agree with you, Amber.

amsjll on

Of course you can steal what belongs to you. Thats so absurd. Totally wacked out statement. You have to do something fairly serious to warrant NO custody of a child that you gave birth to, to have visitation only.

I hope they get that poor kid out of there quickly.

AllisonJ on

I sure hope Mindy can get her life together before the twins are born. I also hope she is staying clean from drugs and alcohol during her pregnancy, since I have read she has had problems staying sober. I really feel for her son, too.

Lady on

WOW…… -_-

Leah on

She has a recurring drug addiction and she tried to kill herself a few times. If I were Mindy’s mother, I would have fought for Zander’s custody, too.

Anonymous on

pammy- According to articles in PEOPLE.com’s archives (my curiosty about who Zander’s father is got the better of me an I did some digging around!), Billy McKnight is indeed Zander’s father. As for the rest of it, given Mindy’s obvious mental instability, who knows whether it’s true or not. I sincerely hope that it isn’t, though.

If Billy DID try to kill Mindy, then he more than likely did so while she was pregnant (as 2005, when it apparently happend, was, per the PEOPLE archives, when she was pregnant)….and he doesn’t even deserve to be called a father, let alone to see that precious little boy who’s life, along with his mother’s, clearly meant nothing to him!

LuvBigCity on

Adopt adopt adopt…this is pathetic. She is mentally unstable in a very bad way I feel for her unborn children. It’s one thing if she had one bad run in but her life looks so bad right now.

Sharon on

MM is a nut job.My heart goes out to her son and unborn twins. What idiot would have sex with this loon and not wear a condom? There is a reason she does not have custody of her son- she has more than a few screws loose.

Amy on

wow, there are some seriously judgmental people here. Why we all have a right to our opinion, we are nto in her situation and cannot speak as experts. I wish Ms. McCready all the best and that she gets the help she needs. To make a comment of who and who should not be a parent, well all I can say is let those of us without sin cast the first stone.

Anonymous on

Amy, lets use some common sense here…she’s obviously unstable and hasn’t shown she can provide a stable environment for one child, let alone three. I’m not going to sit and pretend that all behavior is ok just so that I don’t offend the super-sensitives.

Alexis on

Per an article on cmt.com (and Good Morning America) she’s nearly seven months in a high risk pregnancy and says that’s why she can’t take him back. If she could go and get him, she can definitely take him back. The CMT article also says the father is a music producer named David. Whoever he may be, she’s certainly not stable enough to be having more kids. So sad, ’cause she had such a promising future back in the nineties. 😦

Anonymous on

Sharon- And who’s to say that the father of the twins didn’t wear a condom? Only one method of birth control is 100 percent effective, and that’s absistence.

Alexis- I also read about the father being a music producer named David. I don’t exactly know how the system works, but if he is stable and is still with her at the time the twins are born, then I’m guessing the twins won’t be taken from her. Again, I’m unsure, but I think children in a two-parent household generally aren’t taken away unless both parents are unstable and unfit to parent. I’m not saying it’s right or wrong, just saying we shouldn’t hold our breath for the twins getting taken from Mindy if David is stable and they are still together when they are born.

And as far as not being able to travel goes…I read an article today that states that Zander has actually been with Mindy for 30 days. It is entirely possible that sometime in those 30 days her doctor forbade her from doing any more traveling for the duration of her pregnancy. Not defending her, just saying it’s possible that it’s true that she can’t travel.

Anonymous on

The father of Zander was on the today show. He cleaned up his life and is a much better position now. He doesnt have custody of the boy but sees him several times a week.

sarah on

Wow. I hope all of you who said terrible things about Mindy when she was alive are real proud of yourselves now. It is because of JUDGMENTAL people like YOU that she did not go seek help. Dr Drew Pinsky said that she was “afraid of the stigma” attached to mental illness and if anyone knew, they would judge her and she couldn’t take that. Congratulations to everyone who laughs at and judges those who are depressed. This lady had no hope & it was too painful to live – so she took her life. Like it or not? We are all responsible to & for each other, especially those who are broken. Mother Theresa said that when we judge a person, we have no time to love them. So how about we find a way to be people who love. Wouldn’t the world be a nicer, safer place then? Yes. It would. I know what it is like to be fragile and in this world – and my heart just breaks for her & everyone who was so bereft of hope that they took their lives. 😦 (And ii guess she lost one of her twins or was just pregnant with one, as she clearly never gave birth to twins. How SAD)