Kourtney Kardashian Expecting Second Child

11/30/2011 at 09:00 AM ET
Denise Truscello/WireImage

And baby makes four: Kourtney Kardashian and longtime love Scott Disick are expecting their second child, a source tells PEOPLE.

Kardashian, 32, and Disick, 28, who have been together for four years – on a sometimes rocky road involving their relationship – will also soon be celebrating son Mason Dash‘s birthday. He turns 2 on Dec. 14.

As the Kourtney & Kim Take New York star told PEOPLE during her first pregnancy, “This baby was unexpected, but it’s 100 percent a blessing.”

“It’s soooo exciting!” her sister Kim Kardashian tells PEOPLE. “They are so happy and so am I!”

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Hea on

Congrats! 🙂

Melissa on

WOW congrats to them! After watching her shows premier the other night, i expected a break up announcement not a pregnancy announcement.

Nonni on

This entire family is full of ridiculous fame whores!

Amy on

Congrats! I hate the family, but Mason is such a cutie.

I’m just glad that now in the preview of every Kardashian show, they can stop showing footage of someone asking Kourtney “Do you want to have another baby?” or “Are you already pregnant?”

Heather Lynn on

Congrats Kourtney, Scott & Mason! I know this is something that they have wanted for a while.. best of luck to the whole family!

Reesca on

Great, anything to stay in the tabloids. I wish this family would disappear!!

klutzy_girl on

Congratulations to them! Mason is adorable, and I’m sure this baby will be, too.

meghan on

Poor kid.

Shawna on

According to another website they said they weren’t trying but they weren’t preventing. Guess what? If you are having sex with no contraception then you are trying! Also she is only 9 weeks along and made an offensive comment about how she knows you shouldn’t tell until 12 weeks but she is confidant in her pregnancy. Like those of us who had late miscarriages were somehow not confidant enough??

klutzy_girl on

Shawna – I don’t like any of the Kardashians, but I think you’re reading too much in Kourtney’s comment. Her pregnancy is probably going well, and she was confident enough to share the news before the end of the first trimester. That’s it.

Nicole on

I’ve never been a “fan” of this family, but they all seem to love Mason to pieces! I’m sure they’ll be just as excited about the new edition.

And I don’t particularly care for her, so I don’t know why I feel the need to defend her – but Shawna, I don’t think her comment about being confident in her pregnancy was said as a jab to anyone who has had a miscarriage. Some people are just more confident sharing earlier than others. My husband and I didn’t announce our pregnancy until I was out of the first trimester, but I have a friend who told everyone as soon as she got a positive test. It’s a sensitive subject, but there’s no reason to twist her words into something they’re not because you don’t like her.

Robin on

Well after watching the show on Sunday and seeing that they had separate bedrooms, I guess they found a way to make a baby…

Serena on

now this is a shocking announcement! especially after watching the show last weekend … was expecting a break-up announcement not a baby announcement!! Congrats to them and the family!

Anon on

Their son is absolutely beautiful, so I’m sure this one will be a stunner as well.

ClaireSamsmom on

I remember watching a bit of the show when she was in Miami and how horrible Scott acted…and how violent he got. I don’t watch the show now…just can’t really stomach it, but I hope he has changed. Personally, I don’t think I would stay with someone who acted that way. I wouldn’t want my kids around that kind of behavior or example. I hope it all works out well for them. Having another baby is definetly a big deal! Mason is a beautiful little boy, though!

Romy on

So will Kourtney and the 2 kids sleep together with Scott in the other room now? I don’t think this baby is exaclty unexpected. I mean she knows how to get pregnant and how it happened the first time. She probably wanted a sibling for Mason since he is almost 2. She may have said it on the show before, but I don’t think everything on the show is exactly real and true. I did think maybe they’d be taking a little break again soon but who knows.

Rachel on

I love you Kourt, but really, having another baby by a man you seem hell bent on treating like a child….. Watching the show made me feel really bad for Scott…. While i love Kourt, i hope she can find a way to treat Scott better….

Jillian on

I am very excited for them! People can complain about them all day long but they are successful and make money from their clothing stores, modeling, perfume, etc. Doesn’t matter how you got discovered, it’s how you make yourself relevant. There are sadly many sex tapes that have been released an those people have gone nowhere. So, they work hard, no matter what people say.

Shawna, the word try means to accomplish. If you are not preventing, but don’t care if you get pregnant that is not trying to get pregnant. Trying to get pregnant is what someone does when they want to have a baby. They can resort to checking ovulation, ivf, adoption, etc. I have been there.

Lis on

Oh goodness. While EVERY baby certainly is a blessing, I’m not sure getting pregnant was necessarily a good decision on thier end.

She has said before that she won’t marry Scott because she’s still unsure that they’ll make it for the long run. SO WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU BRING ANOTHER HELPLESS LITTLE PERSON INTO YOUR DYSFUNCTIONAL WORLD??? 😦

The only thing I can think is that she wants Mason to have a sibling/friend so if/when they DO break up he won’t be all alone when he’s shuffled back and forth between mommy and daddy… 😦

I think it is all quite selfish and I believe the Kardashians do seek any kind of attention they can get.

All that being said, I truly do wish them the best, and Kourtney a healthy pregnancy and baby. I do not deny that Mason is absolutely adorable and obviously very loved…

Micheley on

I’ll believe it when I hear it come out of Kourtney’s mouth.

But if it is true, congrats to them. Kourtney is a great mom!

Amanda on

Try does not mean accomplish. Accomplish would mean you are already pregnant…someone already pregnant would not have to try to get pregnant.
I am not a fan of the family, and Kourtney’s relationship with Scott seems so rocky that I think it’s pretty unfortunate to bring another child into that situation no matter how much money they have. I do hope that Kourtney and the baby are healthy and do wish happiness for their family…but I’m not holding my breath.
Shawna- I think you took that comment wrong. Lots of people announce in the first trimester after an ultrasound where they see a heartbeat. You’re chance of miscarriage at that point is lowered about to the point of losing the baby at any point during your pregnancy. That’d be like someone thinking someone announcing their pregnancy at all was over confident because they had a stillborn or something. I’ve announced all of my pregnancies in the first trimester personally.

Melanie on

Micheley she says it on the cover of Us Weekly. She is 9 weeks pregnant.

Congrats. Mason is cute and Kourtney seems like a great mom. I usually don’t care for Scott but I was really turned off by Kourtney in this week’s episode.

mypiecesandbits on

Oh goody.

Alise on

This pregnancy probably was unexpected if she was NOT taking any measures like oc to prevent it.

Jillian on

What I was trying to say was…..try means to attempt to accomplish or making an effort to do something. if you are trying to get pregnant, them you are hoping to becoming pregnant and will may make extra efforts to get pregnant. If you are not preventing, you are unprotected and don’t care what happens but won’t take extra steps to accomplish having a baby.

Personally, I have done both. With my first, I tried everything to have a baby. This second pregnancy, we were not trying, but were not protected for over a year and got pregnant even though we didn’t think it would happen. We were not making an effort, just seeing what would happen! This second one is very surprising since we were told we would never hav babies o begin with.

Anonymous on

Kourtney has just single-handedly gotten her show to run at least one or two more seasons.

Just what she needs, another baby to tie her down even more to that scumbag. Scott is a prick. He treats her like crap and she takes it.

Mason is the only good thing that has come from that relationship. I sure hope he doesn’t end up like Scott.

But then again, Kourtney is a big whiney, prissy brat so that boy is screwed either way.

And look out if this new addition is a girl. TROUBLE!

What a wonderful example to your son and fans. I won’t get married because I hate this man and we won’t try to have a baby but we won’t prevent it either. Guess what Kourtney, if you are not preventing pregnancy you are MOST DEFINITELY trying. I hate when people say that. If you aren’t using condoms or the pill then you know what happens and you are hoping to get knocked up.

Its not rocket science.

Kardashians need to stop breeding!

kaylaerin13 on

Don’t judge if she is pregnant. She’s not doing this for publicity. She is a wonderful mother. Be happy for her!

ShaNaeNae on

It’s disturbing to see how many idiots are congratulating them. Gag me! At least Mason won’t be the only intelligent one on the show anymore…

Erika on

Congrats to them! It would be great if she had a little girl 🙂

denise on

with the second child it’s more obvious anyway. I’d prefer if we could keep it to ourselves for another while but I’m showing so much that even wide dresses don’t really hide my baby bump.
so: congratulations to kourtney and family!! I hope all goes well!

btw: I neither like nor dislike her, she is just a woman who is expecting her child so I wish her well!

Karen on

WOW, and to add one more life into this dysfunctional family. She is so rude to Scott, I’m surprised they even have sex. This was proabably when all the sisters were competing with each other about getting pregnant. Khloe is the only one who deserves to be pg right now.

Katie on

This comes as no shock. She has said over and over she wanted a second baby. I actually am surprised it hasn’t happened sooner. I would of gotten married first, but that’s just me. Maybe she can tie the knot with Scott during this pregnancy? Congratulations to all of them. Wonder how Khloe is taking the news?

Janie on

I had a friend who did this. She knew her relationship with her husband wasn’t going to last but she wanted their young son to have a sibling so she got pregnant anyway. They eventually divorced when the second baby was very young but now she has two beautiful sons and a new husband…I remember thinking that was awful to have a baby with someone you don’t love but now I think differently.

I don’t see Kourtney and Scott lasting but I do believe she’ll always be a good mom to her kids.

JM on

ugh Kardashians. why do people watch their show feeding their belief that people care about their lives and what they have achieved with absolutely zero effort?

i hope the baby is happy and healthy as every baby deserves to be, but i wish the media would stop reporting on this family. seriously!

ourdalyplate on

I’m honestly surprised so many of you think what is seen on their “reality” shows is real! I highly doubt that Kortney and Scott’s relationship is totally exposed on the show. The majority of their shows’ drama is pre-scripted. Not saying they have a perfect relationship, but I’m pretty confident it’s far better than shown on their show…

ELO on

Janie your comment is incredible: “I remember thinking it was awful to have a baby with someone you don’t love but now I think differently”. This family’s immorality and selfishness really does rub off on people.

Speaking my own opinion here folks! It is not okay to willingly have a baby with someone you don’t love. I’m not some old fashioned prude who believes things like keeping those iron clad panties on until your wedding night but I do hold the old fashioned belief that a child is something that is shared between two people who love each other.

This may sound incredibly cheesy and cliche but there is no greater gift that a man and woman can give each other than a child.

Kaylie on

I hate her boyfriend but she’s a wonderful mother. Congrats

Brooklyn on

Congrats to them! I hope they work out as now there will be 2 children involved.

Shannon on

Its sad to have a baby to increase ratings in a pathetic show. Yep i said it, come on if you dont like the guy, dont have a child with him. And if they dont want people to think that then dont make it look so obvious then.

chelsea on

I’m sure in real life her and Scott get along just fine, sleep in the same bed, and love each other very much and both wanted another baby. What you see on the show is what is very very fake. They need good story lines. If all you see is them all mushy all the time no one would watch.

Angela on

I bet Kris Jenner is rejoicing. Not over the fact that she is adding another grandchild into her life but that she has yet another potential money maker on her hands. Eeek. This family just skeeves me out. I wish they would just go away. Sorry.

Lyoness on

Great wishes for a healthy pregnancy. I really hope that their relationship on the show is completely fake and the drama is for the cameras. I’ve seen bits and I HATE the way he speaks to her. So rude and disrepectful. I feel sorry for her in a way. She seems sweet and her son is a cutie. These kids (and her) deserve a better parental relationship.

Anonymous on

Kris probably wants it to be a girl so she can pimp her out too. But I dont think Scott would let that happen. Congrats to them!

I wonder if she will do what her mother has done and keep a first initial moniker and keep the M like her mom kept the K’s (except with Robert lol).

Laura on

I can understand that people may be sick of how overexposed this family is, but I cannot understand how anyone could possibly be so low to actually have a negative reaction toward a pregnancy announcement!

Remember the Bambi quote of our childhoods: “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say anything at all”, I think people have forgotten it. If saying bad things about people anonymously online makes you feel better about yourself, its really time that you take a serious look at what it is in your own life that leaves you so bitter.

Congratulations to Kourtney, Scott and Mason. There is nothing more special than a new addition to a family (no matter who you are)!

jordan on

Laura, I totally agree. There are many people that I don’t prefer, but by bashing this family when they have done nothing deserving of all this hate is beyond me.

Sure, they are somewhat overexposed, but to all the haters, society is what has made them so popular. If the viewers were not almost 3 million per episode of their reality show, I’m sure they would fade away quick. As long as people are buying it, they are gonna keep selling!

Shannon on

Baby mama drama…on the next episode of blahblahblah.

Bancie1031 on

Congratulations to Kourtney, Scott and Mason! Cannot wait to meet the new addition!

Ebenezer on

Yet another out-of-wedlock child for the most irrelevant Kardashian family member. I’m so sick of this annoying family already!. Ugh…

Janna on

Shawna… crawl back in your hole and stop taking something that a celebrity said as a personal attack. Do you **honestly** believe that her comments were a jab at women who have late miscarriages? What a moron.

Meela on

Kourtney is no fool, it is clear that loathes him but does recognize a good baby maker when she sees one.

She has been saying that she wanted another baby right after giving birth, so it was not a surprise to me.

They will never last but at least she will have two beautiful children and besides great timing to get the attention off Kim for a while.

Lea on

I knew she was pregnant. I saw a picture of her and Scott on another website just last night and she had an obvious baby bump and her face was bloated. Oh well, regardless of their lifestyle, a baby is a blessing. Congrats!

Amanda K on

I’m sure her mother is overjoyed that this announcement overshadows Kim’s divorce.

Kardashians=Trash on

These guys are gross!!! More monsters breeding… thats what we need in this world!

Anonymous on

ourdalyplate- Thank you for pointing that out! The thing about reality TV is that a lot of those shows are mostly fake. Don’t let the term “reality” fool you!

Anyway, congrats to them! If I’ve calculated correctly (going by her saying she’s 9 weeks pregnant), she’s got about seven months to go and is due in July. Great month to be born, if I do say so myself! 😉 Anyway, I agree with the posters who have said that simply having unprotected sex does not equal trying for a baby or even hoping for one. To me, there’s a difference between actively trying for a baby (by tracking ovulation and what not) and simply having unprotected sex and leaving having a baby up to God (or nature, chance, fate, or whatever term you prefer to use). In otherwords, basically taking the “if it happens, it happens,” approach.

That said, I have to admit I feel kind of bad for Khloe. Going by what she’s said in the past, it seems pretty obvious that she and Lamar are struggling with fertility issues. So I’m sure that hearing that her sister is expecting again when she still doesn’t even have one child can’t be easy for her! Stay strong, Khloe, and with any luck, you and Lamar will be blessed soon! 🙂

Anonymous on

By the way, I’m sorry, but I think the people saying she got pregnant just for ratings are crazy! What woman in her right mind would put herself through nine months of pregnancy, birth, and then eighteen years of raising a child just for publicity? And before anyone jumps on me, I’m not in any way trying to bad mouth pregnancy and child rearing. I happen to love kids (even though I don’t have any of my own), and I can’t think of anything more beautiful than bringing life into the world (I mean that in the symbolic sense, of course. I realize that most people wouldn’t exactly call the physical aspect of giving birth beautiful!).

All I’m saying is that pregnancy and raising a child are pretty darn huge commitments (especially considering that both can be very hard at times!), and they’re not something that most people take lightly.

On an entirely different note….Some of the comments here mention that Kourtney already looks pregnant. Is it even possible to show at nine weeks, even with the second child? I thought it usually took about three months. Then again, perhaps Kourtney is a bit further along than she’s saying.

Jurnee on

This family is obnoxious, crass and ignorant. How sad to bring a kid into an unstable partnership, with dad who has serious alcohol/anger management problems, and a family in the middle of a media circus. And I agree with the posters who said that not using protection is the same as trying for a baby. What did you think happens without protection? (For anyone without fertility issues, of course you will get pregnant.)

alicejane on

Congratulations to Kourtney and Scott! Mason is a cutie and by all intents and purposes Kourtney seems especially devoted to him.

I know that the entire family has some crazy antics (to say the least), but I like that they’re as tightknit as they are. As someone with 12 aunts and uncles (plus spouses) who I am not really close to, and an aunt who is crazy about my niece and nephew, I like how much Kourtney’s siblings clearly love Mason. Kim and Khloe have said many times that they rarely go a week without seeing him, and they are often seen carrying him or playing with him. I think it’s safe to say that any kids in the family won’t grow up with a shortage of love. Just the way I see it.

denise on

well I show since I’m about 8 weeks along. at 8 weeks I could still hide my bump under wide clothes but at 10 weeks everybodys sees ist. I have a friend who had at 12 weeks a bump like others after 6 months. with the second child you never know.

Jeanne on

Re: Kourtney showing already, she is a tiny woman. It’s been my observation that petite women like her show a bit earlier than women of average or tall height.

Lisa on

Welcome to crazy town little one, sorry your being born into such a dysfunctional mess.

Anonymous on

alicejane- Beautifully said! Others may see dysfunction, drama, or just an all around messy situation (most of which is probably just for ratings anyway) when they look at the Kardashians, but I see something different: A family who is a bit wacky but full of love (that’s not to say I condone everything they do. In fact, I was downright disgusted by the total mockery Kim made of marriage! But I also don’t think they’re the horrible people so many others make them out to be.)!

Mason and his sibling will certainly never lack for love, and that’s what’s most important, in my opinion! 🙂

Gina on

I doubt this baby was unexpected. I remember watching a bit where Kourtney is talking to her mom about wanting a 2nd baby and Kris was telling her she should get married first. I’m sure Kourtney got pregnant on purpose. Also, I think Kris only wanted her to get married just so they could make more money on a publicized wedding…

Congrats, I guess?

Doreen on

I think she is SO disrespectful to her mother!! All of the Kardashian kids are spoiled brats!! They think they can say and do anything to anyone without consequences. They need to learn respect for parents. It’s disgusting how they treat their parents.

Sus on

Love Kourtney!!! And all of the Kardashians. The love in their family is real. I am so happy to hear this news! 🙂

Liz on

If you believe everything said and happened on their shows were true, then you are all so naive. If Scott really is that kind of person, I doubt she would have sticked around with him for that long. They need a black sheep on the show, if everyone is nice to everyone else, then no one will watch it.

Congratulations to them.

jacqueline on

you can certainly look pregnant at 9 weeks. i’m expecting my 4th, and started showing around 8 this time. i’ve always looked pregnant before the 3 month mark, and i’m really not “petite” at 5’6″.

i’m also not in love with this child’s father, he’s a very good friend of mine and we’re both thrilled to be having a child, even though it was a massive surprise. i’m not ashamed, but it sure bums me out to have people judge that, and then have a little debate here on whether NTNP means you’re trying; ridiculous! like human beings aren’t judged about EVERYthing else. (and, i was JUST thinking about the “if you can’t say something nice” quite a day or two ago. that’s gone right out the window with this generation. :()

congrats to kourtney and scott. mason is about the same age as my last son, and boy, he’s adorable. 🙂 i *wish* my family was as close as theirs.

Taylor on

i’m 100% a kardashian fan so congrats to both ya’ll i hope Mason will be a good big brother he’s so cute i miss watching keeping up with the kardashians.


LuluAZ on

Scott is only 28?????? Now I understand why he appears immature – he is a baby! Go ahead and have fun – but be a responsible parent. Kourtney needs to let up on him a little.

KMD on

She’s an idiot! He’s an unstable drunk. She must have extremely low self esteem.

dawn on

There are so many haters in this world. I like this family. If you all dislike them no one is placing you in front of the T.V. to watch them. Find something better to do with your time. Be happy for the family no matter which one it is. God Bless them.

ArabicRican on

Might be a girl

shanon on

the whiny nag Kourt disses her boyfriend scott and they sleep in separate bedrooms cause she wants to sleep with the kid and now she wants another baby crazy like her family

Tangee on

Why don’t they do this the right way and get married? These celebrities are always glamourizing having babies out of wedlock, and though I am not a fan of this family or their show, there are still countless amounts of people who are fans….including, for the most part, impressionable young women. Khourtney,something for you to think about hun….. (in my best Kourtney Kardashian upward inflection tone)If Scott is not husband material, then he shouldn’t be baby-daddy material either?….LOL….everything she says sounds like a question.

J on

I don’t get this girl at all. She treats SCott like dirt now, doesn’t sleep in the same room and uses Mason as a shield to avoid him yet they are having another baby. If she wanted a baby she didn’t have to use him. I don’t care for Scott but I feel for they way she is treating him.

Jenn on

If all of you haters didn’t care about the Kardashian’s, then, why the he’ll are you commenting on this post? Don’t you have better things to do then talk the ‘hated’ Kardashians. I love them and wish them the best! Good for them. They deserve every minute of the fame and money.

Congrats Kourt, Scott, and Mason. :)<3

Gabor on

Le sigh. Okay, first off, most ‘reality’ shows have scripted scenes. Some of it is raw and real, but the other part of it is not. That is how TV works to keep viewers entertained. They add in faux drama to make it gripping or else we’d just be watching some random family just doing random things we all do in our own lives. That’s not very exciting, no matter how much money you have.

Secondly, despite her belonging to the Kardashian clan, she is a pretty decent mother and I think everyone in the family has genuine love for each other and even more genuine love towards little Mason. I’m thrilled for Kourtney even if I’m not the biggest Kardashian/Jenner fan. Her new arrival will most definitely be lucky to have such a family that looks out for one another.

Aside from all that, I still think Scott “Patrick Bateman” Disik needs to lay off on the faux tan.

Tatyana on


teresa on